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  1. Me too I use the TARGET software and map all the original controls as layed out in the game, I have had no issues with any of the commands. Of course there was an initial trial and error of the B, R, A commands wanting to set off when I used CTL, ALT, SFT modifiers. But I have since gotten past that and figured out how to get all of it to work as it should without knowing how to use the scripting functions. I just use the gui page. Cheers Hoss
  2. I thought that was Quantas' moto...........
  3. I have a 1060 video card and have in game AA set to 4 and I'm pegged at 60fps, never goes below that either, no matter what altitude anywhere on any map............. have a Intel i7-8700-K processor..... I have my fps in game set to 60 also, no stutters, no nothing........... I wish I could make video's so you could see how smooth it is with TIR, no shake, no jitter... DCS is another story............. runs about 40 - 60 fps on that game............ I don't play it very often though.......... Hoss
  4. Wow, Darbzy, Curious, Tuesday and Sag all in two days.... like a class reunion.... Cheers
  5. Nice video Darbzy............. Good to see you're still flying the friendly skies... Hoss
  6. Use the map with keystroke "o", it's the map everyone uses and works in all modes. Don't use the "m" key map..... Hoss
  7. He's prolly confused it with the Allison's they originally had.............
  8. got a guy in the group that's stuck looking at the back of his seat, tried this trick and it didn't work, and it's only with the Mustang. Hoss
  9. Thanks for the work Curious, it's greatly appreciated man. Now I can do some of Darbzy's navigation magic with the new Rhineland map. Hope to see you online flying some now. Cheers Hoss/Mike
  10. Watch Requiem's "How to fly" Battle of Bodenplatte aircraft and when you see the checklists copy them down. The Mustang & Lightning are pretty much all automatic on Coolant/Oil shutter door positions. The P-47 is a bit more hands on. Der Sheriff has a good "How to" on the P-47 and getting the most out of it. Youtube is your best friend for this game, some pretty nice people have taken the time and made the effort to help us neophytes learn how to fly in the virtual world. Requiems youtube page Sheriff's youtube page Cheers Hoss
  11. When I fly online I usually take a full ordnance load and around 60% fuel depending on how far the target is, but I take Requiem's advice and use WEP take off using the ADI. And it gets airborne pretty quick, but climbs like a brick... LOL. Cheers Hoss
  12. The model in DCS is supposed to be the D-30, I've been waiting for that since they first announced it. I stopped buying DCS materials a long time ago because of they have not honored the WWII Backer Package. The P-47 and Me-262 have not seen the light of day yet and I won't buy another package from them until they do. But I'm looking forward to getting in their P-47 just to see how it flies and handles. I do fly the Mustang and play the free missions you can find in the downloads section. Since the P-38, P-51 and Tempest came out it does seem like the P47 wallows a bit with full bomb load and 60% Fuel. The Lightning with four 1,000 or six 500lb bombs climbs like a bat out of hell in comparison. The 150 octane option for the T-bolt might improve on that situation. Hoss
  13. Are you going to do pre and post Aug 44 skins?............ and you need to show the 375th some love too.............. E2-H................... Hoss
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