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  1. In the titles tab you need to find IL2 Battle of Stalingrad and make your profile the default so it sees it when you start your game. Otherwise it will just see what ever is default. Do you have a profile for IL2? and know where to install it?.... Look in your PM's Cheers Hoss
  2. Can't leave "Willie the Wolf" out of this mix
  3. Delete startup.config, and go in and reset all your graphics settings. I'm not running AA or Vsync on nvidia settings, but running 4x AA and vsync in game only.. Have low latency set to On.. might try the Ultra though. Hoss
  4. 361st_Specktre is building the entire Fighter Group I believe, he's got the 374th almost done now. Bugsy is doing the personal skins for the group, and only the 375th, but he may have plans to help Specktre out, I'm not sure.... We need to get another event going once the final maps are out and Bugsy and Spectre have time to do some maps and get a server going for a one day war... the last ones were a blast.. Cheers Hoss
  5. No, did not know about the default that wasn't in the post up top so didn't know to go there... he ended up reinstalling and his problem is fixed.
  6. glad you liked it............... you can start TIR and leave it running on desktop, start the game and get in cockpit, put it on level stab and look around, do different head movements and Alt Tab out and adjust which ever axis you would like to fine tune, as long as you have a back up copy of what I sent you it's no problem to start fresh again.
  7. Me too I use the TARGET software and map all the original controls as layed out in the game, I have had no issues with any of the commands. Of course there was an initial trial and error of the B, R, A commands wanting to set off when I used CTL, ALT, SFT modifiers. But I have since gotten past that and figured out how to get all of it to work as it should without knowing how to use the scripting functions. I just use the gui page. Cheers Hoss
  8. I thought that was Quantas' moto...........
  9. I have a 1060 video card and have in game AA set to 4 and I'm pegged at 60fps, never goes below that either, no matter what altitude anywhere on any map............. have a Intel i7-8700-K processor..... I have my fps in game set to 60 also, no stutters, no nothing........... I wish I could make video's so you could see how smooth it is with TIR, no shake, no jitter... DCS is another story............. runs about 40 - 60 fps on that game............ I don't play it very often though.......... Hoss
  10. Wow, Darbzy, Curious, Tuesday and Sag all in two days.... like a class reunion.... Cheers
  11. Nice video Darbzy............. Good to see you're still flying the friendly skies... Hoss
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