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  1. 361st uses both mission generators, we like Pats because of AAR it provides and Vanders for the cold starts on the ramp. We fly each at least once a week. Hoss
  2. Should be awesome as usual, can't wait to fly it!........................ Cheers Hoss
  3. Thanks for the campaign JM..... in the read me you mentioned skins, do you know where I can download them, the only thing in my download was the campaign. Cheers Hoss
  4. Cold starts would be fantastic........... Thanks Murleen for the selfless work you and Pat do for the community. I'm sure it puts a strain on "Life". 361st had a really good PWCG mission last night, was ten times the intensity of anything we have run into on multiplayer. Had nine breathers flying in Yellow and Blue flights, blue high cover and we both got jumped around the same time. Lost about a third of the flight, but still had a blast. Thanks for your commitment to making fantastic options for cooperative and competitive missions. We are waiting for Murleen to finish his work before we attempt another Competitive Cooperative with additional Allied and Axis Squadrons. Cheers Hoss
  5. Get on Battle of Stalingrad Team Speak Server and have a blast, pretty sure there are a lot of people on there flying Mustangs, Lightnings and Tbolts............ Server IP: Password: bos2014 Cheers Hoss
  6. +100............. I keep trying to get our resident skinner to do these and I'm not sure anyone really wants to tackle them........ I've looked at the template and getting all of that to line up may be a buttload of work.... but would still love to see them Cheers Hoss
  7. At the rate dedicated Sim Pilots pour out their money for DCS modules is proof people will pay for what they want. No one said if it takes more resources to put out a little more detailed map that people wont pay more for it. I would pay more than the going price for a fully operational DC3, B-25, B-26, A-20G, Tu-2, if it takes more work, charge more for it. People are going to bitch and moan but will shell out the money because they want it. From the badges on the left you can see I have everything offered and don't touch 2/3rds of it. The price of these games is a pittance to what I have shelled out for new computer builds, headsets, head tracking, flight controls just to get the most out of what 1C/777/DCS have put out on the market since 2001. And if any of you tell my wife I'll hunt you down...... So in a nutshell Jason if it takes more resources to produce something the way you would really like it to be then do not be afraid to charge more for it. Besides I love hearing the whining and crying while I'm flying something shiny and fast................................ Cheers Hoss
  8. Love the idea Pat, used to do that a lot with old groups in legacy IL2, when missions were easy to make. We (361st) have used the generator for inter squad events and hosted one multi squad event using PWCG. We learned using the rank system didn't work all that great, it put people from different squads in the same flight. So we figured we would make everyone in a particular squad Captains, the other squad Lt's and we (361st) would be majors, so that each group spawned in with their own group. Same with the LW opposing side. It's the only downside we found with using your Coop generator, but easily overcome until a better solution comes along. Looking forward to cold starts in the dispersal area, that will allow us to form up into our inter-squad flights easier too. Thanks for all the hard work Pat, appreciate it Hoss
  9. I remember reading the only thing that could catch a photo recon Mosquito up high was a Me-262... the Mosquito pilots were surprised when they showed up and started shooting at them
  10. You can also fly them on the Rhineland map with SYN_Vander's mission generator too I believe............. I can't get away from the dang P-38 long enough to look... Hoss
  11. If the X56 is a twist stick I'd go with that, it's got plenty of buttons and axis, if you learn how to use the programming software you will probably be able to map a lot more functions to it with different profiles and Modes. Good luck on your choice Cheers Hoss
  12. You should be glad you can't turn around and look behind you like you can with TIR, that way you will need to turn your aircraft to get a good "Check Six" view, which means you are not flying in a straight line for too long if you are by yourself. The rule was never fly in a straight line for more than X minutes.......... Don't be lazy........... turn the aircraft to unmask the blind spots. You will probably live longer than you would have with TIR. Cheers Hoss
  13. Yep we followed them way past the target and the rest of the group was in a huge melee over the target airfield, so we turned to help. I think this is the first time we have used your Gen since the last game update. There's always some screw gets loose when we use something after a new patch Hoss
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