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  1. Looks pretty close to the real thing......... except the Shooter doesn't dance............. Need to see the brown shirts weighed down with Tie down chains... Hope the Air Boss is yelling at people too....... Hoss
  2. Crap, what all you have crammed into yours Roblex, mine show 54.5Gb. My DCS file is at 120Gb........... Hoss
  3. 361st_Hoss

    B-25 or B-26

    I'd like to see the closed nose with guns installed. But the one you left out because it's not on the menu is A-20G, which I would take over the other two. Hoss
  4. buy another drive, SSD or HD and leave OS on the one you have now. Install game on new drive............. easy peasy.... My set up is a bit overkill......... I have a 300GB SSD with OS on it, a 1TB M2 SSD with games on it and a 500GB Raptor HD with all my back up stuff on it. My game drive still has 739GB left on it.... So come on Jason lets fill this bad boy up with GB goodies... And if you buy BoBP I do believe all the other content of GB is there, but you only get to use the planes available on BoBP, so it doesn't matter if you just want the Rhineland map and planes.. Hoss
  5. LOL Mobile, almost everybody runs just as fast as they can to not get caught, so they are going to have the exhaust smoke. I try to keep it just under optimal operating limits and usually get rid of the exhaust ENGINE LIMITATIONS: RPM MP Stage 1/Stage 2 MAX LEAN CONTINUOUS 1705 27.5” / 30” MAX RICH CONTINUOUS 2300 36” / 40” TAKEOFF POWER (5 MIN LIMIT) 2400 45” Hoss
  6. What you see there means it is running, "Device name set to Thrustmaster Combined" means the profile is running. There is a brief little audio note when you see "main returned to" if you don't have speakers or your headset on you won't hear it. Always make sure you start TARGET before you fire up the game. Another thing you need to do is go to IL2/data/input/devices.txt and delete everything in that folder, close the game, start TARGET and go into game and set up your Roll/Pitch/Yaw and Throttle/brakes if you have pedals. Tune all your axis the way you like them. Run a Quick mission and make sure it's working properly. The devices.txt file you will see; configId,guid,model| 0,%22d53184a0-c0fa-11e9-0000545345440580%22,Thrustmaster%20Combined| 1,%220e2280d0-c0fa-11e9-0000545345440180%22,MFG%20Crosswind%20V2............... or what ever your pedals are called if you have them Which ever one you set up the axis for first will be the 0, controller. Make sure if you wipe and reinstall your game you save that Input folder Cheers Hoss
  7. In the Associate Configuration field, click the Browse button and select the profile that corresponds to the selected simulator. The T.A.R.G.E.T profiles are .fcf or .tmc type files. Don't listen to naysayers, I use TARGET and get much more out of it than just by clicking on the control I want in the Settings gui. I have IN/OUT and UP/MIIDDLE/DOWN functions enabled. If you use VR you can get everything on the stick and throttle you need to control this game. It's not hard to do, I don't know how to script by hand, I'm no programmer, but I use the gui and read the TARGET software users manual and have gotten it where I like it. And you can build profiles in DCS individually for each type of aircraft you want to fly. Cheers Hoss
  8. Yeah, but is that Dresssss right?............ or At a close interval Dresssss Riiiiiiight... I still mill about in a military manner though... Hoss
  9. LOL, realigned......... I was realigned for 20 years in the USN........ Airedale Navy...... or Wingnuts as black shoes called us...
  10. I didn't see any with the Mustang listed, thought they may be some of the ones that just have mission name and no Plane listed. Hoss
  11. What's your roster count now Buddy?.............. I think we have 13 for Sunday's mission with Some other groups, 40 allied planes if everyone shows up, and some actual LW breathers. Should be fun and very chaotic.. LOL Cheers Hoss
  12. Some of your missions say which airplane is featured in the mission and some don't. Could you please edit the post that do not tell us which planes are "Player" Thanks for your enthusiasm in mission making Cheers Hoss
  13. Very nicely done again. Is Chris still skinning for A&A? Hoss
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