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  1. 325th_Hoss

    DD today?

  2. 325th_Hoss

    DD today?

    Two weeks Murf.......
  3. 325th_Hoss

    Det's Hangar

    Sorry to hear that Det, I couldn't stop mine from updating from 7 to 10, was afraid it would screw up everything from what all my squad mates were telling me. But I've had absolutely zero problems since Skynet took over my computer and updated it................... I hate reformating and updating, but you may need to do that again..................... that's why I have three storage drives in my computer....... back up, back up, back up..... Hope you get it sorted. Hoss
  4. 325th_Hoss

    DD today?

    I don't think they have done much lately since they have been gone on Holiday/Vacation.
  5. 325th_Hoss

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Pain Train doesn't show in your downloads, only G9-P and G9-H. Love the worn out look Det, keep them coming Cheers Hoss
  6. 325th_Hoss

    1966 carrier ops

    A little different from the US Navy......... no one brought us Tea to the berthing compartment................... The officers mess is called the Wardroom on US ships. I usually slept right below the Port Bow cat on O2/69/0Q. Cracked me up hearing them say the Time Oh, seven double oh seven............ if you said oh for zero you did a shit load of push ups in boot camp. Oh meant Oh......... zero meant zero............. we didn't use I (eye) or O in anything, so they are never confused with 1 or 0............ I got to go on the HMS Action while we were in Mombasa Kenya ate lunch while doing beach guard....our ship was anchored off shore (USS Constellation CV-64)...... about four or five months later the Action was destroyed in the Falklands.... wondered what happened to some of the guys I met. Hoss
  7. 325th_Hoss


    Was on last night, got one sortie in......... after the guys quit on me............
  8. Go here IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow/data/input/devices.txt in notepad or whichever txt program you use and you should see your controllers. Using Thrustmaster TARGET software your controllers should show up as being combined. and then whatever you are using as rudder pedals, like this configId,guid,model| 0,,| 1,%222e1e4b40-486a-11e7-0000545345440680%22,Thrustmaster%20Combined| 2,%22fec80c70-746d-11e7-0000545345440180%22,MFG%20Crosswind%20V2| 0,, If you see more than that the game could be confused about your setup. When you fire up TARGET and tell it to run whichever profile you want do you test it with "Event Tester" and "Device Analyzer"?............ if it works fine there it should be working in game. If not on the devices.txt file delete items below the first 0,, start TARGET and restart your game, it will reformat that txt file with what you currently have running under TARGET. Never start the game without starting TARGET first, it will see your controllers as two separate entities. Cheers Hoss
  9. 325th_Hoss

    It was a long way

    The game was developed by 1C:Maddox Games and published by 1C in Russia and Ubi Soft in the rest of the world, for Windows on November 18, 2001. I got it about a month after it was first released, saw an article in a gamer magazine..... been playing it ever since. Hoss aka, BeoWolf
  10. 325th_Hoss


    Can't join server Isaac, says downloading files then kicks me out to lobby.
  11. 325th_Hoss


    You could also have F2H Banshee La-11 NA F-82 (Twin Mustang) F7F Tigercat DH 100 Vampire Cessna O-1 Bird dog L-19 L-5 Sentinal Yak-18 Antinov An-2 there are some more twins for transport C47 C46 C54 C119 Boxcar I would buy Korea for myself and gift it to others that would want it too, and buy all the collector planes. Korean theater is way overdue to be done right. But we will definitely need Carriers.
  12. It's here at Tweakguides.com http://www.tweakguides.com/NVFORCE_1.html
  13. Knowing what kind of Joystick you have would help. Unplugging it and plugging it in again might help. You can always delete the startup.conf file and restart the game. Take a look in your root folder at IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow/data/input/devices.txt and see what it listed there, you can also delete that and restart your game. here's what mine says. configId,guid,model| 0,,| 1,%222e1e4b40-486a-11e7-0000545345440680%22,Thrustmaster%20Combined| 2,%22fec80c70-746d-11e7-0000545345440180%22,MFG%20Crosswind%20V2| If I start the game without starting my TARGET software and enabling my IL2 config it will show the stick and throttle as separate controllers. I have to delete those when that happens and just leave the TM combined and Crosswinds. Hoss
  14. Tazman, check your PM's
  15. 325th_Hoss


    Your PM says you can't recieve messages