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  1. Had to reinstall,still,libcurl64.dll is missing,must launch as administrator.
  2. I'm all for it.I never fly without it in CLOD.
  3. I will give it a try on the weekend and let you know guys,thanks for the replies.
  4. I use Firefox.Whenever I attempt to plot a course that has it on a small monitor,the game on my main monitor in minimized to the tray.
  5. I find that it does'nt work as well with Windows 10.Is there a fix or is it just me?Thanks.
  6. I had the same problem,pilot sitting low and farther back. I did the C/progranx86/lua script thing where you delete the offending aircraft.It helped a little.
  7. You are right about the steamapps\common\BOS\data\graphics\skins,it has been a while,thank you.
  8. Can anyone tell me why I do not have a skins folder in my Steam version?
  9. I can't find my skins folder after switching to Steam.
  10. Got it,unplugged x-55,did a restart,that seems to have fixed it.Can anyone tell me how to save the profile?
  11. After upgrading to Windows 10,my key mapping is erased everytime that I log off.Any ideas?
  12. My ingame cameras do not seem to work in my fresh install of Windows 10.But they didn't work in Windows 7 either.Anyone else?
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