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  1. I have a 1060 gtx 6gb, i7 7700k and 16 gb of ram... Pretty close to what you have, I have no micro stutters at all running in 1080p (running ultra settings)... Might make sure your HDD isn't failing, or perhaps your page file is causing you issues. Could try disabling the page file in windows, or even make sure you don't have any background programs running...
  2. Lol, okay that is a way more simple explanation than I expected! For some reason I was thinking it was a mirror of your skin/pattern or Mods. My brain didn't go to the literal mirror.
  3. Thanks for the info Pat, one question... In the Pilot selection window of a mission, there is a "mirror" checkbox option which I didn't see in v5 (unless I missed it). What is that, and how does it work?
  4. I don't remember what the AAR said specifically, but it might just have counted as ditched like you said. At least one of the instances I spoke of, the 110 soft landed and the gunner was still firing at me as I was circling/observing. I had basically killed the 110 (shot both engines until they froze) but the game itself didn't even count that as my victory, to my surprise of course. For that one, neither the game or PWCG gave me that victory🙄.
  5. I don't know why it happens, but every once in a while I get a mission that just doesn't work. Upon loading the mission, it just places me in the middle of no where (no plane or AF) and no controls work (corrupted mission?). I can't change the camera, can't do anything but exit/restart the mission, which restarting doesn't change anything. Generally just creating another mission seems to solve this issue. So I'm wondering if the mission is just corrupted. 6.0 alpha 2 Missions.zip Campaigns.zip
  6. Just wanted to say, so far with v6 the cold start is pretty damn good. I really enjoying the immersive experience that it brings. Great work from both of you!! The only issue I would say (and this isn't really a cold start issue) is when you're on the runway and starting up. You can be attacked and wiped out before you ever get a chance to take off. I would say it's more realistic, but the attack is pretty obviously not random since it happens every-time (even after restarting the mission). On a normal start, the attack would be timed to around when your squadron is first airborne or in the climb pattern. It definitely seems like the mission is setup to be used with an in-flight or runway start, since the attack happens around the time our squadron finally taxis to the runway. Also, for some reason when I do get off the ground, ditch the payload, and get a kill on one of the 110s I don't get the credit for the kill. On 2 different occasions (different missions, same situation) the 110 ditched near the airfield after severe damage. This may be an issue with the game however, if AAA shot him after he landed or something. Mission is in the P40 (126th) and usually a ground attack with 2 bf110s attacking about 10min into startup/taxi. Missions.zip
  7. So I have 5.1.3, is cold start available, or do I have to use the 6.0 alpha for this??
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