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  1. I fly with the BF109's. Before the patch I could put my head out of the cockpit seeing of course the polygons of the glass out of the plane (of course as an example I don´t do that). Now, with the "Limit VR" option under camera category untick so it is OFF I have limitation of the view to the cockpit. As soon as I touch the glass "all" image moves. Before this didn´t happen with the option in OFF. Turning "Limit VR" option under camera category "ticked" so it is ON it does exactly the same thing as OFF. Now I don´t see any difference with ON or OFF always is ON. Not sure if this is only happening to me or what... 🤔 I hope it is a bit more clear.😉
  2. I fas flying yesterday with the new patch and I noticed the "Limit VR view" is not working. It is always .... ON? I have been flying with the option off as It drives me crazy when my head touches the boundaries and pushes the full plane off. I don't see any difference between on/off now... Is this a new bug/broken?
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