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  1. I think tank is great addition. make sure it has complex engine management as well and multi crewable.
  2. Hi VPK . Is ther any vvs squadron speaking english in Mother Russia ☺? Would love to fly? My timezone is gmt+8,9
  3. Am with 69.giap fly utc but my timezone is gmt+8. Now dlst so +9. Would interested in to join im the air
  4. summer map? even it is wip doesnt even close to Clod hope it get better
  5. We need to see the trailer of BOM to preorder at least
  6. Since when the user and squad name disappear? Am i too long away from BOS . Is there any possible option to put it back with user preference? just asking cus I like that shit
  7. Great news just as i hoped for. I really wanted to fly over red square with my yak or mig3 whatever i16 ☺
  8. is it only me or what? ma track ir5 no more usable or working with game. that last update didn't say anything about it.
  9. how many players own hotas u think. most begginers will use cheapest joysticks. so there gotta be clickable cockpits sooner or later. it is inevitable for OR.
  10. spotter sounds great for using arm when OR that means clickable cockpit right cuz there is no way to find right button on keyboard or even some remote buttons of hotas lol from my brief experience in warthunder OR
  11. it is a great option and it wont take much resource for basic driving tank and ground troops to strafe
  12. now include aerial view of stalingrad map will be sweet
  13. damage model doesn't look final, it now almost like warthunder ish kk hope it will get better to the level of CloD. gunnery is very easy IMHO
  14. I would love if they put people as many as possible
  15. do you get view distortion for ouside view for your TV. I get view distorted on my 27inch wide hd monitor. how do I choose resolution for real world pic like view. now lagg from outside view looks so strange stretched out of shape
  16. hey fellow pilots, any operational big map of Battle of Stalingrad available from archive? would love to print it out and stick on my wall
  17. since we will be most likely touring Stalingrad map. do we have printable large BOS map available? if not what should we use instead
  18. Great update! as usual. Very happy with poll result Awesome screenshots and wallpaper
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