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  1. To celebrate your birthday in style, I just bought the only vehicle missing from my collection, the Sd.Kfz. 10/5 Flak 38 😉 Thank you for continuing to make us dream in this beautiful simulator 😎
  2. Is the pilotable C-47 Dakota more likely to see the light of day ?
  3. Very good news ! You forgot to number this developper Diary N° 277 😉
  4. I love this very practical mod for VR and my goldfish memory. I hope to see the P-47 D22 one day. Thanks for sharing
  5. Nice screen of Le Havre for the Normandy map. Good news about the time taken to improve the Bodenplatte map. It still needs some fine-tuning on some points like the marshalling yards but also: - the absence of the autobhanes from where the Me 262s took off. - The absence of small villages and hamlets I hope that all this can be corrected one day...
  6. I've just done several tests with the whole FW 190 family and I have absolutely no problems with Otto. I had fun from 10,000 m on full throttle, switching off my engine, slowly then violently diving with or without the engine, starting again in candle light until stalling, re-diving, cockpit open or closed, tilting my head to the right or left, starting in a tight turn, in short all possible situations. And for me the result is much better than before the patch. I can hear very well the sound of the engines (maybe a little lack of bass) but most of all I can now hear much better
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