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  1. I've just done several tests with the whole FW 190 family and I have absolutely no problems with Otto. I had fun from 10,000 m on full throttle, switching off my engine, slowly then violently diving with or without the engine, starting again in candle light until stalling, re-diving, cockpit open or closed, tilting my head to the right or left, starting in a tight turn, in short all possible situations. And for me the result is much better than before the patch. I can hear very well the sound of the engines (maybe a little lack of bass) but most of all I can now hear much better the sound of the wind which depends a lot on the speed. Under 200, 250 km/h the sound is relatively discreet but after 250, it becomes much more present and increases gradually. It becomes a good indicator of the wind speed between the 250 km/h and the 700 km/h that I almost reached. So of course, this is subject to debate according to our own perception of things, our own real experience, etc... I will continue my tests.
  2. Best wishes. And good health to all.
  3. A very beautiful plane! Can't wait to get out
  4. The continuation of FC 1 would be good news !
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