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  1. I need help with the mission "head of the snake".
  2. I keep having this happen to me, 3 times today. I am not running any mods, but I did have discord running idle in the background. Is there a way for me to enable a crash log of sorts? I looked in the IL2 gamedirectory/data/logs, but there is nothing in that folder. Would like to get past this mission. I am running standalone version 4.009. EDIT: I tried double clicking the EnableErrorReporting, it required me to use my admin account, but I play using a regular user account. So Maybe that is why the dump files don't show up when double clicking the ViewCrashDumps? Also odd to
  3. While I want a realistic sim, I also know that the real pilots were selected from those having the most excellent eye sight. There isn't a way for us all to have excellent eye sight like the real pilots had. For me, having less than excellent eye sight is one of the reasons spotting is hard, and why I wouldn't have been chosen as a pilot. So if the sim goes for ultra realistic does that mean that those outside the less than 1% who have good eyesight, shouldn't be pilots? Personally I prefer a simulation that replicates the flight of the aircraft and conflicts while relaxing some of the req
  4. Is windows home fine or do i need pro? My last computer was win 7 and only pro allowed full ram usage and full featured compatibility mode. What is the state of windows 10?
  5. Hoping to build a computer for VR in the future but playing at 1440p 120+ fps is near term goal. CPU: I7 10700k MOBO: MSI Tomahawk z490 MEMORY: Gskill 2x 16 Gb CL14 3200 (32Gb total) SSD: Samsung 970 evo nvme 1 Tb COOLER: Noctua NH-U12A PSU: Seasonic focus gx-750watt gold plus CASE: Coolmaster HAF 912 GPU: Hoping to use my msi 1080 gaming 8 Gb from dead computer till 3000 series Nvidia comes out Will this run 1440p well? With an updated GPU will this run VR well? Do i need windows 10 home or pro for gaming in VR?
  6. Flying through scripted campaigns some times we are given task to take out a bridge or HQ building etc that dont fit within ground units order. I have found that if i give the order to copy my actions they will drop their bombs near but not on target. It seems they drop same time as me rather than follow intent of dropping on target/area i dropped on. Really notice if they are out of formation their bombs are way off. How do i get them to attack primary targets?
  7. I would just like a way to check out the plane after a mission, damage condition etc. They seemed to do this in RL after a mission. Currently if you fly on expert you cant see external, so multiplayer and sp flying expert you cant do this
  8. I like to have my zoom set to an axis with a center point, friction lever on the warthog throttle, or you could do this with an axis that auto-centers like the dlc on one of the f14 stick(s). My question is: can I change the default zoom in game (the zoom when axis is centered) so that my Field of View in game matches the field of view of my monitor? Is there a setting I can set in a config file or something?
  9. I have american voices in the first mission now! I performed these steps: 1) Opened the ".mission" files went to edit drop down menu selected "replace..." and used the replace all selection to change "Country = 101" to "Country = 103" in each of the the .mission files and saved them. 2) Opened the mission editor went to the tools drop down menu select “convert all files in folder to binary” and then browse to select the Achtung Jabos folder (as recommended by Jaegermeister) Opened the first mission, they spoke english with american accents. Thanks
  10. Oh, does anyone know what the american code is?
  11. I just did edit>replace...>replace all for "Country = 101" changing them to "Country = 103" in all the .mission files and saved them. Is that all I needed to do?
  12. Is it possible to change voices of wingman from russian to english? Its weird to hear all the wingman and ground controller talk in russian while flying the stars and bars USA planes.
  13. In the last developer diary dcs talked about a voice chat feature they are working on for me. Sounds like they are trying to make it somewhat realistic with ground occlusion, distance affecting the clarity.
  14. I am upgrading my tiny hard drive to a 1tb size, how do I move my save data (controls, career, scripted campaigns, etc) to the new drive?
  15. Thanks, I must have missed that. I could tell it wasn't working right as the total size kept changing. I deleted the contents like you suggested and the update size is staying solid at 1.62 GB, and the transfer size is greater than zero. Looks like this is going to work! Thank you!
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