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  1. In the last developer diary dcs talked about a voice chat feature they are working on for me. Sounds like they are trying to make it somewhat realistic with ground occlusion, distance affecting the clarity.
  2. I am upgrading my tiny hard drive to a 1tb size, how do I move my save data (controls, career, scripted campaigns, etc) to the new drive?
  3. Thanks, I must have missed that. I could tell it wasn't working right as the total size kept changing. I deleted the contents like you suggested and the update size is staying solid at 1.62 GB, and the transfer size is greater than zero. Looks like this is going to work! Thank you!
  4. Was hoping to update and play today 6/16/2019, I can't get the update to complete, it keeps going into "Failed to update". Running windows 7 pro. I have tried restarting as well as running as admin. Any ideas?
  5. As I am going to have to upgrade my video card regardless I was planning on the correct pairing. My question is: do freesync and g-sync work about the same? Are the issues that several people posted regarding flickering with freesync solved? Specifically I am looking at pairing the samsung c27hg60 with a Radeon RX Vega 56 OC. Will this work well, or do I need to use a RX vega 64, or should I buy a nvidia 1070 ti?
  6. So while I have been looking around for 27" monitors the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q (Newegg $699) keeps coming up as top recommendation on review sites. However I have been looking at the Samsung C27hg70 (Newegg $499). The main differences is the samsung sports QLED, curved screen, HDR, and freesync 2. The QLED and the curved screen sound nice. While I like the idea behind adaptive sync I have no experience of it working. It should be noted this uses Freesync 2, rather than g-sync. Review sites say that Freesync 2 is supposed to fix the problems with freesync 1. I have found older reviews stating that freesync had flickering problems in both IL2 and DCS but some of which may have been fixed with later patches. Anyone have a recent experience with freesync 1 or 2? Does it work in IL2 and DCS? I am trying to find a 27" 1440p 144hz monitor with nice color, open to suggestions.
  7. So measuring things out I think I'll go with the 2560x1440 as the ultrawide requires my big speakers to point 45 degs off from optimal. I have tried this and it is noticeable. I also like that it will be less taxing on my computer. I would love to have a 3440x1440 ultra wide but I think cramming it in my space makes other things too goofy. I am not a competitive gamer, I play flight sims with limited single player fps but stopped playing fps in mp years ago. So I lean towards an IPS but my current is a TN and I am hoping I won't notice a major difference. I am very curious about the freesync/gsync since it minimizes tearing which when the screen tears I often loose track of target in flight sim. Also interested since it can help when computer outputs lower frames per second.
  8. Getting tired of using a single 22" (1680x1050 res) for flight sims, mainly DCS and IL2-BOS. I am interested in two things: 1, upgrading to a single 2k monitor, 2 what do I need to upgrade to run such monitor. Was wanting to get at least a 27" 1440p 144hz monitor, but looking into things turns out they have curved ultrawide monitors now and G-sync is interesting to me. I don't live in a city that has a computer store to see these things. Largest size I could fit on desk would be a 34" monitor, but would have to have speakers at weird angles to do so, a 27" would fit nicely without having to put speakers off weird. While I don't need to play on ultra I would like to play on high settings. Looking into things seems like i might need to at least upgrade video card, was thinking getting a GTX 1070 could run a single 2K monitor. Currently I have i5-4690k at stock 3.5 ghz, ASUS Z97-A, 32 Gb ram, EVGA GTX 770 dual super-clocked 4GB, with both games installed on OS SSD. What do you guys think 27" or 34"? What will i need for other upgrades to run? (Will post similar in DCS forum)
  9. Excited for both bobp and flying circus, but I have a request, the number of planes in quick combat are getting pretty full, and I'm concerned campaign and others may get clutter too. Is there a way to have WWI be a sub menu or have simple/high level filter(s) for eras or range of years to help keep things organized and managable?
  10. I figured out that a short on the mode select switch on the g940 throttle was causing the problem. I have already taken it apart and did what fixes could be done, last time I replaced all the wiring. But I have never been fond of the pedals anyways cause they don't start moving smoothly. Sooo after pleading the miss Christmas just arrived. I'm pretty happy, way smooth compared to g940 pedals, and now I can finally unplug it and be free from weird shorts or the Logitech profiler crashing.
  11. Wherever it takes place if it involves carriers I want to see LSO somehow implemented for carrier landings. Not only increases immersion but also really helps with landing.
  12. All: I am trying to set a slight dead zone to the brake axis in game. I go in and set say 20% then push accept. Then immediately go back to the response it is back at 0%. I checked that all the files in the input folder are NOT set to read only. Anything else i can try? I am a still using g940 rudder pedals but saving up to replace them. Appreciate help.
  13. I have looked at those. I should say that I am in the us. I know the vkb are available here although their function is very different from plane rudders, I understand that they may be more hello oriented. I really like the slaw and Bauer offerings but they are in other countries seen different reports on if available to us or not. So of what's available in us ch or vkb seems like the main options. Are those okay for flying ww1 rise of flight, ww2 il2, and dcs sims?
  14. Okay with playing around more I discovered that as I moved that right throttle the mode selector was jumping from mode 1 to 2 and back constantly. Switch it over to mode 2 and it stays there as I move the throttle. I am really sorry I bought this, this the second set, first was returned under warranty cause the rudder pot went crazy within first year, I've already redone the throttle wiring at least once to get it to last this long.... I was mainly using it still cause the rudder pedals, only set I've got and can't be plugged in separately. Guess I need to find new pedals and use my warthog....does anyone have a key mapping profile they like with the warthog or can recommend rudder pedals?
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