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  1. I probably don’t have anywhere near the mastery of the RoF Dr. 1 that you do, so I won’t disagree; I’ll just state that it seems (to me) like the blip on the Dr. 1 is more or less acceptable for my use. Overall, for me the feel of the plane is just a bit different, and I’m finding the timing for things like when blipping is needed and/or mandatory takes some adjustment / re-training. Still very very fun to fly, though, and kind of fun to have a fresh start. Oh! One other thing: all the planes seem to manage energy loss and retention a little differently. It feels like you can “mush” through the air without stalling (but going very slow) a bit more than in RoF, where it felt a little coarser overall and the “flying” and “falling out of the sky” (because too slow / too much AoA) felt a little more binary. I don’t really know how to explain that better, but i definitely feel it’s different, too.
  2. Alright, a few kind souls joined me on the J5 Flugpark server tonight, and I got a better sense of the flight model changes in actual PVP. On that basis, I'd like to revise my previous statements about my perceptions of the flight model changes from RoF Having spent a couple hours with the Dr.1, my impression is that the flight model is similar but different; some things were gentler overall, but once I started throwing it around more, it definitely reminded me a lot of the old plane... and in some ways was even more extreme. Some examples: It was easier to get into back-to-back reversals (i.e. once you snap roll one direction, it felt easier to get into a snaproll the other direction if recovering too hastily/roughly) You definitely have to manage your blip switch and rudder if you're hoping to make quick turn-ins to the left (especially towards low left at low-ish speed), although left turns at horizontal or nose-high felt a bit easier than before Definitely punishes you (as it should) when you don't respect the rotary, and rewards you with pretty vicious snap and spin entries, though in such situations the handling felt initially more tame but ultimately more difficult to recover from (kind of a cool mix, actually) Still does a beautiful inverted flat spin It has a decent gunsight and the guns somehow feel even better than before It will be a fun new challenge to learn it and hopefully get better with it. TLDR, I liked it a lot!!
  3. I'm very interested in your project and have followed your updates about the Dr.1 for years now. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the rest of us! A few suggestions for your online presence, so important for garnering support for this work: - Maybe turn off comments on your blog posts, it looks like they're getting filled up with spam - Have you considered making a Facebook page for your foundation? - Any update on your 501(c)3 status? That would help the tax implications when people donate to support the work, I believe, and might help you receive more donations, more out of each of the donations, and encourage people to consider you for their charitable (aka tax-deductible) gifts. Thanks again for everything you do!
  4. So... that's what I meant: I installed the lastest IL2 client which includes the WWI planes released so far. It would be really cool if they made FC have a lightly reskinned client, including a WWI hangar for the planes... but I'm not naive.
  5. Berloga FC would be amazing. Would it be that hard to replicate something similar? Wouldn't it "just" be two airstart positions not too far apart from one another, along with some AI? I understand that this is very easy to type, and much more difficult to implement, but compared to some of the more ambitious maps out there, surely not that level of difficulty?
  6. S! to you as well, Paul. Was there more than one J5 server up yesterday? I connected to the one I found, it had a few people in it, and I assumed it was the one. It was featuring a Kuban map with airstarts and a PVP zone over the island in between the two landmasses where the opposing forces were based. There were also some non-PVP / AI target practice areas. Anyways, it's quite possible I connected to the wrong one, who knows. This was around 3:00pm Pacific, which I believe is 22:00GMT. For what it's worth: I'd err on the side of making the barriers to entry as low as possible, at least for now. I have been around and peripherally involved in the RoF community for long enough to understand how important historicity is for many players, but first you have to attract the players. Right now, if I have time and desire to sim and I have to choose between FC and RoF, it's the latter that gets the nod because it's the only place I can find any multiplayer action. Whether it's Wargrounds or Fast Food is irrelevant; you go where the other players are, and you make the most of it. Which is frustrating because I like many, many things about FC so far, and would prefer to just switch over. But between the lack of days/times that WWI servers are available, and the lack of players, and the maps presented, I just can't, unless I want to fly around empty maps with airfields and objectives placed at WW2 distances apart from one another. So I'm forced back to RoF, which does nothing to solve the problem for FC. It's an age-old quandary, I know, and I'm not singling J5 or any other server operator for anything approaching criticism. I am very grateful that there's any WWI content being offered at all, and Salute! to you all for it. But it feels like there's going to have to be a more considered effort made to provide 24/7 WWI content before we'll see more people switching over. Maybe we have to wait for the new map and more planes, I don't know. For my part, as mentioned elsewhere, I'm only just now looking at FC even though I preordered.
  7. I had a limited amount of time available to jump on, there were 2-3 other pilots at the same time. My feedback: - What's the rationale behind limiting the number of planes at the airstarts nearest the PVP zone? - The flight to the PVP zone from the ground start airfields takes a really long time at WWI aircraft speeds - For a furball (my read: instant action) server, it takes a long time to get back to the action in the provided Kuban map I understand there are those who deplore the mud-circling low altitude arcade-ish combat of some of the ROF servers, but between the limited availability of WWI -focused servers in IL2 and the lack of fast(er) access to action, I'm not sure what my compelling reason to play FC is versus ROF. My vote is for a 24/7 availability WWI Berloga, honestly, to help build up a steady player base. Only then can we hope to support more historical, realistic missions with sufficient numbers of pilots to make them interesting. Obviously, having the Western Front map will help a lot, too. Just sincere feedback, not intended to demean or diminish the efforts of those involved.
  8. I agree, the expectation is that the planes in a simulation handle as realistically and close the their real-life counterparts as possible. I guess the question is: although the handling in RoF is trickier / more difficult for many of the planes (meaning: it's easier to lose control and enter a spin, for example), does that mean RoF is "more accurate"? Since almost none of us have flown a real WWI plane, it's impossible to say for sure, so it's important (in my opinion) not to simply think that "harder=better", because it may be just as inaccurate and hence undesirable, from a simulation perspective.
  9. Oops, I meant the N.17 of course. Not a popular plane in RoF for the most part, but a fun one nevertheless.
  10. I've finally gotten around to installing and trying out Flying Circus. Was sort of focused on other things for a while, and knew that the planes were coming out only a few at a time, so figured I'd let some of the initial kinks get sorted out before diving in. For background, I have been into RoF since 2011 and love that sim very much. I've also got a fair amount of time in BoX, but nowhere near as much as in RoF. While I am by no means an outstanding pilot, I was able, with a lot of practice, get to at least a modestly decent level with the RoF planesets and became reasonably proficient with most of the planes (my favorites being both the SPADs, the N.11 and the N.16, as well as the Dr.1 and Albatros D.III). I participated in a few of the big community events and enjoyed them very much. Overall I have loved RoF quite a bit and put probably thousands of hours into it over the past 8 years. So, on to Flying Circus: overall, I really like it, from what little I've experienced so far. The planes definitely have a different and, honestly, easier/more gentle feel to them, at least on first blush. They're all just a lot more forgiving to fly than in the past, at least in my opinion. I'm looking forward to getting to know each one more intimately, but the initial impression is that favorites like the Camel and Dr. 1 are much more accessible than in the past. Surely flying them well will take a lot of practice, but simply flying them around is now much, much easier than before, in my opinion. And that's nice! Gunnery is going to take some getting used to, as in RoF I had my head positions fully dialed in for each plane, whereas in FC I'm still getting used to the slightly different head positions and sight pictures. More tweaking will definitely be needed! But overall, I am fine with it. It's different than RoF and that's OK IMHO. What does strike me as a little disheartening is the relative dearth of WWI servers. I haven't even begun to exhaustively dig around for which servers support which planes, but I was surprised there weren't more dedicated WWI maps for Flying Circus. Maybe that will change when the Western Front map gets released, I certainly hope so. And I know that operating a server is expensive and time consuming, so I have nothing but respect for those who do, and understand if they prefer to wait and/or limit the days and times that the WWI plane sets are available. So, without dragging this out even further, just want to reiterate that I'm stoked on where Flying Circus is at. I know it can get better (in terms of plane skins, flight model tweaks, etc), and I'm confident in 1C-777 that it will, with time. I'm getting solid 140FPS framerates and everything is very butter smooth. I hope to see multiplayer interest grow in the coming year, maybe when the new map comes out. Overall, it's not really ready to replace RoF, but it sure seems like a reasonable foundation. We'll see!
  11. I will try to find you guys tonight. Thanks for hosting.
  12. I've found this is the best way to kill the D.VIIF in a SPAD:
  13. Oh man, very exciting news! RoF is my first true love in flight simming and i can't wait to experience FC. There will be whining about the decision to recycle the FMs and there will be clamoring for tweaks, especially to the Camel, but for my part I am still able to have a lot of fun in RoF as it stands. There is a nice level of parity and checks/balances between the various planes, and even if it isn't "perfect", it makes for a fun and very plausibly realistic gaming experience IMHO. Can't wait, have held off investing in VR till this releases, looking forward to it!
  14. Yes, I've dabbled but am yet to fly a sim in VR, so I will take your word for it. With that said, I think, like anything, it's a question of practice and adaptation. Once HMDs with better resolution come out, I suspect more and more people will take the leap. I'm just waiting on Flying Circus to come out, and then I'm in. I think WWI bipes + VR will be a dream come true!
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