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  1. Well, I give them points for trying. Usually turning it off and then turning back on can fix a lot of things.
  2. I was so disappointed when Squadrons launched without TrackIR support and with very poorly implemented HOTAS support. Was pleased when the recent patch added that, and this weekend I've spent some time giving the game a second chance. I'm so glad I did: all of the problems have been resolved. TrackIR works perfectly (you'll need to update your list of games, of course) and HOTAS support was very much improved. Completely playable, and so much more accessible that something like Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen. Plus there's crossplay with Xbox and Playstation, so a much
  3. Built a new, rather indulgent "quarantine PC" with specs sufficient to run IL-2 in 4k at 144FPS+ with max settings, including HDR. Did some quick missions over Cambrai at sunrise, and was blown away at the visual experience. I've been invested in IL-2 BoS since the beginning, and was a big supporter of RoF before that. I just want to give some kudos to the team for the great work. Even after hundreds/thousands of hours with the Digital Nature engine in its various iterations, it can still take my breath away, even today.
  4. Without doubt, the planes in Vol. 2 will in all certainty be brought over from RoF, same as was done for Vol. 1. As much as I wish we were getting new planes, I just don't see any financial chance of that happening. Jason probably had to work hard to get a Vol. 2 to exist at all, honestly.
  5. Due to reliability problems with the SPAD XIII's engine, the SPAD VII saw service well into 1918 with many units, if I'm not mistaken. So it's not completely unreasonable to add it as an option, alongside the Fokker D.VIII / E.V. Plus the SPAD VII was a super fun hotrod to fly in RoF, I won't mind at all to see it come back (along with the Fokker D.VIII for that matter). If we get a HP 0/400 I hope that means the Gotha is coming too. Both of those are great multicrew planes and lead to all sorts of cool missions and fast action shenanigans. I would love to see the N.11
  6. I've been away for about a month - has anything at all changed with the damage model, or is it still "1 random bullet from across the map = your elevator is gone LUL"
  7. I will gladly buy more WWI content, be it airplanes or maps. I hope we can continue to see revision and improvement to the DM as part of that.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. I did a couple QMBs and with these tips was able to deal with the cars and trucks much more effectively (aiming for the engine does the trick). And 5 second delay on the bombs worked great. The locomotive continues to elude me, but I have faith I will prevail next time!
  9. And the locomotives? Am I just a tremendously bad shot, or do they take bombs to disable as well?
  10. Thank you. One last question: is it necessary to explicitly arm the bombs prior to release, or is the 5 second fuse sufficient? I'm not clear where the WWII ends and the WWI begins, in other words.
  11. I spent a little time yesterday doing some ground attacking, to see how it differs in FC from RoF. My initial impressions: - Machineguns don't seem to do as much damage to unarmored cars as before. It can take quite a few bursts to disable your typical lorry truck. - You can disable the flak truck with machineguns but it will take a lot of passes, relatively speaking, even with decent on-target gunnery. - I have no idea how bombs work now. In RoF, you dropped the bombs, they blew up. Now there are all these WWII-style fusing options and I guess there's either buggine
  12. I'm going to need a toggle-able option to select these as the cannon ammunition, please.
  13. I mean, it actually doesn't, because no one is going to be out there selling the merits of FC on the basis of this DM. And the devs barely make any effort to promote FC at all; sure it exists on their website, and yeah they mentioned when the map was finished or the full planeset launched, but besides that? All drowned out in favor of the WWII content. So it falls, as always, to the customers to do the selling, and if this forum - and MP chat - is any indication, they are currently doing the opposite. If this was a stock market show, the FC stock would have moved from the "Wait and
  14. Not using the blip when landing the Camel or the Dr.1 is going to result in extremely long approaches and potential overruns. Now, if you don't survive long enough to get to the landing part, this is nothing to worry about, of course.
  15. I would like to clarify one thing: my tantrum (and it's quite fair to call that outburst a tantrum, borne out of 10-15+ hours of frustration over this weekend) was not Entente-exclusive. I try to fly and enjoy all the planes in the far-from-overwhelming 10 item palette of choices. The issues I've seen in MP are experienced by all of them, though of course the wingshedding is more pronounced in some than others. Honestly, I enjoyed RoF quite a bit post-nerf. I have always enjoyed taking the "less good" planes and trying to do what I can with them. A Nieup 11 or 17 versus a Dr.1, or
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