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  1. I will gladly buy more WWI content, be it airplanes or maps. I hope we can continue to see revision and improvement to the DM as part of that.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. I did a couple QMBs and with these tips was able to deal with the cars and trucks much more effectively (aiming for the engine does the trick). And 5 second delay on the bombs worked great. The locomotive continues to elude me, but I have faith I will prevail next time!
  3. And the locomotives? Am I just a tremendously bad shot, or do they take bombs to disable as well?
  4. Thank you. One last question: is it necessary to explicitly arm the bombs prior to release, or is the 5 second fuse sufficient? I'm not clear where the WWII ends and the WWI begins, in other words.
  5. I spent a little time yesterday doing some ground attacking, to see how it differs in FC from RoF. My initial impressions: - Machineguns don't seem to do as much damage to unarmored cars as before. It can take quite a few bursts to disable your typical lorry truck. - You can disable the flak truck with machineguns but it will take a lot of passes, relatively speaking, even with decent on-target gunnery. - I have no idea how bombs work now. In RoF, you dropped the bombs, they blew up. Now there are all these WWII-style fusing options and I guess there's either bugginess or user error or (mostly likely) both. Any tips appreciated. - The trains are now bulletproof? I did a QMB and put dozens of bursts into a train locomotive with my Camel's guns and there was never any visual effect. Anyone care to chime in with their tips and tricks? Especially as regards bombing. I typical do shallow glide bombing at low altitude, this seems appropriate with the planes in this planeset (I suppose you can level bomb with the Bristol and Halb but I honestly don't know which is more realistic for WWI) Thanks and S!
  6. I'm going to need a toggle-able option to select these as the cannon ammunition, please.
  7. I mean, it actually doesn't, because no one is going to be out there selling the merits of FC on the basis of this DM. And the devs barely make any effort to promote FC at all; sure it exists on their website, and yeah they mentioned when the map was finished or the full planeset launched, but besides that? All drowned out in favor of the WWII content. So it falls, as always, to the customers to do the selling, and if this forum - and MP chat - is any indication, they are currently doing the opposite. If this was a stock market show, the FC stock would have moved from the "Wait and see" category to "Sell", and is surely nowhere near a "Buy" recommendation.
  8. Not using the blip when landing the Camel or the Dr.1 is going to result in extremely long approaches and potential overruns. Now, if you don't survive long enough to get to the landing part, this is nothing to worry about, of course.
  9. I would like to clarify one thing: my tantrum (and it's quite fair to call that outburst a tantrum, borne out of 10-15+ hours of frustration over this weekend) was not Entente-exclusive. I try to fly and enjoy all the planes in the far-from-overwhelming 10 item palette of choices. The issues I've seen in MP are experienced by all of them, though of course the wingshedding is more pronounced in some than others. Honestly, I enjoyed RoF quite a bit post-nerf. I have always enjoyed taking the "less good" planes and trying to do what I can with them. A Nieup 11 or 17 versus a Dr.1, or an Albatros D.III versus a Camel or Pup, whatever. It's fun to have the challenge. But right now? You can be in the uber plane from whichever side and it won't matter. Spray-and-pray at the tail will see 1-2 bullets magically pierce ALL of the redundant flight control cables of one or more of your primary controls and then you can either wait for your opponent to finish you off - if they're nice - or you're faced with the prospect of wasting 10-15 minutes of your time limping home. That's fun to do - maybe - one time. It doesn't feel epic, it feels cheap and meaningless and boring. I just hit eject because it... doesn't matter?
  10. Drookasi fired one burst, hit my elevator control cable with approximately 1-2 bullets and that was that for my flight. That came on the heels of multiple similar instances, flying in a Camel, a SE5a, a Dr.1 and an Albatros. It was disappointing to say the least. The dying I don't care about; the feeling like I'm not even an active participant in the proceedings was the part that made it feel so bad. But anyways, enough spewing. I'll go spend my time and etc. elsewhere.
  11. Once upon a time, it was those WWI nuts who largely made Battle of Stalingrad possible. That's a long time ago now, and maybe the devs have forgotten but we oldschool RoF players - who spent literally hundreds on planes, and backed BoS as soon as it was announced - have not. At least with the (nearly) dead servers in RoF you can still have some fun - here, it's just a ghost town.
  12. True the 4.007 DM changes affect all of the planes, not just Entente. Cumulatively 4.006 - 4.007 has taken a neat dogfighting simulator and completely transformed it into RNG. Even if these changes were realistic (which ample evidence suggests they are not), they are not fun. And fun comes first when it comes to digital entertainments. I'd held off getting back into Flying Circus while waiting for all the planes and map to be ready, looks like I can go away again because there's nothing to do here, when every encounter results in a diceroll. I want to dogfight and maneuver and have something besides whoever spammed the most bullets at the other's tail determine the outcome.
  13. The cumulative impact of the 4.006 and 4.007 DM changes have made Flying Circus a "non play experience". Spray and pray has supplanted skill. It has disproportionately impacted Entente aircraft, but it's taken what should be an interesting take on WWI dogfighting and turned it into Yahtzee (pure RNG). Pretty frustrating, nothing in RoF was ever this bad. It's turning off this nearly 10 year veteran customer and many others.
  14. Yeah I've been flying Entente all morning and it's the same. I also had my wings tear off at about 2G load. Flying as Central, all you have to do is spray at the opponent and their plane will either have the wings tear off the first time they put any amount of load, or one or more of their control surfaces will stop responding, or both. It's taken what should be a skill-based experience and turned it into Yahtzee or Candy Land. It's not even a "negative play experience" it's a "non play experience" I think the Entente squadrons are being very highly respectful here, they could and perhaps should rightfully be up in arms.
  15. I spent the better part of my day in mostly underpopulated FC WWI servers only to discover that the dogfighting has been in the forum the whole time.
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