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  1. Oh I can't fly them either...…. But In RoF I used to be able to crash them really elegantly!!!! 😲
  2. All these suggestions (which are all good BTW)……… And not a one of you mentioned the total lack of Nieuports!!!!!!!! 😮
  3. Just found this on YouTube so thought I'd share. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM9qz-XAekg
  4. Reading it back, my post did come across as being quite negative in tone. Sorry about that, it wasn't intentional. I should have also said that it's fantastic that the team are taking the time to recreate as near as possible the actual town layout and landmarks. Thanks for sharing that photo BTW. My comments about how it should be "dirtier" were based off photos my grandfather took whilst serving in France with the RAF in 1918-19. You can see some of them in THIS thread on the ROF forums if you're interested in that type of thing. 😀
  5. Very cool indeed...….. But just to be really nit-picky, the buildings and cobbles are too clean. With every house heated by coal fires and most if not all factory steam engines powered the same way, those buildings should be black due to all the pollution in the air.
  6. Yes. Really. Steel Beasts was developed in conjunction with the US and Danish armed forces. Of course it doesn't portray a WWII battlefield. It was never intended to. The version released to the public (SB 2 Pro) was a somewhat "diluted" version with slightly less functionality and certain sub vehicle sub systems removed for security purposes.
  7. I played Steel Beasts as well. Fantastic sim, especially when playing with active servicemen who knew the real equipment. But SB was developed primarily as a military training tool, so as you say, to compare the two isn't fair (to either really). I expect that, like IL2, the main comparison will fall on how the completed game stacks up to historical documents about the equipment and the memoirs of the brave men who used it.
  8. Ok guys, problem seems to have resolved itself with the recent hotfix. Thank you for taking the time to help with this. Your time and input are really appreciated. 😀
  9. Hi Spartan. I'm starting from the launcher, but have tried starting from the .exe as a test and had the same problem.
  10. I'm not posting this in the bugs section, because I suspect it's a problem with my PC config rather than an IL2 bug, but I could use some input to solve it: I just installed the latest update, and on start up the Windows 10 "Wait" blue circle remains stuck on screen after entering the game. I can only get rid of it by getting back to the desktop and then going back into the game (alt-tab doesn't work... I have to lock my pc, then unlock it, then click on the IL2 icon on the taskbar to get back into the game). After that IL2 works perfectly. As I said I have a feeling it's not a game bug per se, but it only occurs with IL2 and only since the last update. Has anyone else seen this and maybe knows how to fix it? It's not a major issue, but it is an irritating one.
  11. Regarding your question about the Davis gun: If I remember correctly, the AI can't use it. You need to move to the front turret and fire it yourself.
  12. Learned a few new things here. I never knew the MK IX and the MKXVI were so similar. Nor did I know the MK IX got a bubble canopy (always thought that was just from the XVI and 18's onwards). I need to brush up my aircraft knowledge. Can you recommend any books or websites for reference (especially for Spits and Hurris, but also generally for any British aircraft of the time)?
  13. Western Front scenario? Rebooting RoF in the IL2 engine? Tank crew/ ground warfare? I have officially died and gone to Heaven!
  14. Thanks for sharing. Are they planning to restore the Brewster Buffalo or are they keeping it as it is?
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