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  1. Well, it seems they are running a test cycle of the expert vis settings. So now this server is alternately playable or unplayable depending upon who you talk to.
  2. Wiring could be the issue, though with enough work that could be overcome. I think the issue is more structural. In order to lift something heavy like a bomb you need a good solid mounting point. It would also have to be close enough to the wing root so as not to break or bend the wing and with most of these wings not being designed with hard-points in mind there are going to be limited options. In other cases, such as the P-38, it is a matter of space. With the 6 bomb load out there wouldn't be room for the rockets because the inside bombs are in the way of the rocket tubes. In the case of the 2000 lb bombs, the reason is the same, the bombs are just too big to accommodate the rocket tubes.
  3. In my experience, admittedly mostly from the other side of the fight from the OP's perspective, the performance gap between the K4 and the late war Allied rides is very narrow overall. The major departure from this statement is in sustained climb rate, the K4 is better there by a comfortable margin, unless you are involved with a Spit 9. This narrow performance gap means a few things for the fight but mostly it means it is down to player skill with their plane and tactical choices. Personally, I like this kind of fight. It isn't a mirror match but one side can't just do X and know the outcome from the outset, very much different than fighting against Soviet rides. This being the case I'd advise two things. First know the limits of your plane. Get a good feel for how fast it will go around a corner under various conditions. Know how hard you can turn at speed and not pass out. Know where you are comfortable shooting. Know all the things, in short. This will allow you to make proper decisions in the moment. This is, I think, the easy part. You can learn this with a little flying around and pushing the plane to the limits. The hard part is learning how to read your opponent. If you can figure out what they are doing you can react to it quickly and correctly. You can even start getting inside their decision making and start to force them to react to you. With the narrow performance gap there aren't go to tricks, or at least fewer of them, to fall back on. If you can read the situation better than the other guy you can win the fight, unless you get unlucky that is.
  4. The American planes do have an automatic regulator for the fuel air mixture but you have to activate it. About 70% on both the 51 and 38 seem to do the trick. It is 88% for the P-47 though.
  5. While the Tempest is a fine plane, and unarguably the harder hitter of the two, the P-51 is better for me. I find I am more able to get into and stay in fights for longer with the 51. When I try to force the issue in the Tempest I almost always end up asleep at the wheel and that is not conducive to winning. The guns, while not individually as powerful, come together in such a way to make their presence known. The only time I find myself wanting to be in a Tempest is when I need to run down a 262. If you can catch them at a bad time or get them turning you can eat up the distance and get into striking range with the Tempest in ways you simply cannot in the 51.
  6. I can't speak for everyone, but there is teamwork happening. People are on Discord and TeamSpeak working together and coordinating actions but this is just not seen in the game unless you are at the target getting hit or are the target getting hit. When you get into a fight with a guy and all the sudden, seemingly out of nowhere another baddie comes into the fight there is a good chance they were talking to each other. If you are chasing a guy and they are doing all the right things to make life for you hard and life for the the other opponent you are facing in the fight super easy you can just about guarantee they are talking to each other. Lastly if you see identical parts of names, typically alphanumeric tags in front of names, there is a very good chance they are all talking to each other somehow. There are also ad hawk teamwork situations where two people happen to be in the same patch of sky and work together to help each other out of a bind or to tackle a target too big or well defended for either of them alone with no communication at all. Those have been some of the best fights I've wound up in, though I prefer closer coordination myself.
  7. I'm using an Asus 1440p monitor with a 144Ghz refresh rate. I run the game at native res.
  8. My only issue with the pre-hotfix spotting was the extreme range spotting. Sitting some 30 or 40 Km laterally, and another 4-5 vertically, and being able to watch ground operations on the other team's spawn field while still being over the target I was defending was too much. That seems to have been toned down, somewhat, in this alternate view range setting, or I just haven't been paying close enough attention to distant air fields. I suppose this could be mitigated, if it is in fact still the case, by pushing the spawn fields further back from the line. Longer transit flights, sure, but more tactical options due to not having your whole flight observed starting from taxi. For what it is worth, the post hotfix spotting wasn't as dire as some were making it out; at least not in my experiance. I was still spotting planes, under the right conditions, at ranges I'd estimate were 20-25 Km. And from what I have learned in reading and talking to some pilots I know, that is about as far out as one would expect to see a plane as small as many we are dealing with in game. On occasion I was catching glimpses of planes at longer ranges but they were larger, 110's and 38's mostly, and then only when they turned in such a way that would cause light to reflect off of them. I found it rather amusing that people were making proclamations of the game being 'unplayable' but maybe it is a quark of their particular set up. I don't know.
  9. I like the voices. One thing I did notice, though, is that they seem a bit on the quiet side. It is almost like they are whispering in my ear. This is in multiplayer that I noticed it, if that makes any difference.
  10. In so far as I understand the service area can be anywhere that the mission maker wants it to be.
  11. For those asking for a detailed explanation of how the rearm, repair and refuel system works I found one! Though this is only end user. There is nothing on how you are to set this up.
  12. I did a little more testing and some side by side comparisons with the help of a friend and we determined that the 'problem' with the Tempest was in fact all in my head. Largely it was a mater of not realizing exactly how fast that plane moves.
  13. Is it just me or is the G-loc effect more pronounced with the Tempest? In my playing around with it and other planes I've noticed that the malefactors of G loading set in earlier and last longer in turns with the Tempest when compared to similar tuns in other planes.
  14. So are there two winners? I'm so confused. I do know that I'm not one of them though. Hooray for disappointment!
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