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  1. I can see planes on expert mode. Even on the winter maps. I must be special like my mommy always told me.
  2. I was talking with some people about ways to mark that maintenance area and an idea occurred to us that may work well, provided it is possible. Can a source of colored smoke be placed, like red or blue smoke, in the center of the zone? That would make it very hard to miss. I just don't know if there is such a thing in the game that can be placed like the white smoke you are using to mark the spawn fields already.
  3. I don't know that this is a fair assessment of the late war German planes. Granted there weren't that many in terms of total numbers but they weren't simple curiosities being tinkered with. Where they were deployed their presence was surely felt. I don't want them to become the majority rides for the Germans though. By the numbers G-6's and G-14's should be the most common.
  4. I thought about it a little and I still think the ground target kill rate is a useful metric, skewed though it may be. The claim that Allies are winning because they have better bomb loads that are just better in every way is false. It isn't the case that the Axis team can't keep up with ground target destruction the numbers don't lie. There is obviously something strange happening or the mission outcome would look more like the ground target destruction rates, but it cannot be that the Blues don't have the capacity for destruction the Reds do. Figure out why the Blues are killing as many or more ground targets as the Reds but aren't winning at a similar rate and you will have the answer.
  5. I guess we will have to wait for more accurate data then.
  6. Wasn't it mentioned that those kills don't translate to the stats page? I thought I saw that but may have misread it.
  7. Why should it change anything? The ground kills are basically even between the two sides this month. In point of fact the Blues have slightly more kills in that respect. The shortfall isn't in equipment or capability of the available planes. The problem lies elsewhere. Perhaps targets that have been destroyed are still being struck? Perhaps there is an excess of ground kills on things that are not mission critical? At any event, having bigger bombs won't solve this issue and could hardly be called balance when the corresponding Red planes are having their bomb loads trimmed down in spite of their netting fewer total ground kills.
  8. As Kestrel points out the time plaid for each side is about the same. This tells me it isn't team disbalance that is the root cause for the outcome disparity. It seems to me it is a lack of adaptation to the new environment on the part of the Blue team. No matter how you 'balance' the P-38's ability to bomb stuff that won't change. Further the numbers indicate that the Blue team have killed more things, both in the air and on the ground. That is parity in spite of the "OPness" of the P-38's bombing capability as it has only recently been addressed, and the Tempest being reportedly unkillable by many on the Blue side and all the other things one might see in the chat or in this thread. So whatever Blue is doing it isn't working. Perhaps trying something new is the answer?
  9. I have said this before but I think it stands repeating: Why is it that things that were a problem for Red teams in the past were just fine, 'historic', all in my head, or just plane not a problem. But now that the Blue team is encountering some of the same problems they are things that must be addressed? I will grant, up front, that this isn't particular to this server but more a general trend but this seems to be one of the places this is playing out. When the Red team was outnumbered in frankly stupid proportions it wasn't an issue for the Blue team and even bringing it up as something that could be looked at could result in hostile responses. But now that the Blue team is seeing some small imbalance it is a super important issue that someone should really do something about. When 109's and 190's could blitz targets with half the bomb load of a PE 2 or more and still be capable fighters after the fact that was just a historical fact that shouldn't be changed for balance in any way. And do keep in mind that 109's and 190's can still do this bombing, they are just a little more vulnerable to intercept now that they are facing planes that aren't markedly slower than them. It seems to me this is a little of the shoe being on the other foot and people not liking the fit. If it wasn't an issue before why is it now?
  10. At least you let him get off the ground. Many of the 262 jocks will shoot up planes on the ground. Because of skill or something I guess.
  11. Why would you expect to see the tracers first? In reality, during daylight hours, tracers aren't that bright and can be fairly difficult to see even from close range unless you are behind the shooter. At night or dawn/dusk they are easier to see but they aren't exactly a major light source.
  12. Calling it a review is a bit generous. Reviews, typically, have a reasoning or at least some details. This seems more like disgruntled rambling.
  13. Could it be a lack of room in the cockpit? I've heard that German fighter pits were on the smaller side so they might not fit inside. And perhaps they didn't see the value of the mirror as being high enough to off set the extra drag that putting it outside would cause?
  14. From what I can tell in game it seems to be an effect of the light reflection layer as displayed in game. At long range this layer appears to be a kind of light colored outline on the contact perhaps meant to simulate the effect of light reflecting off of glass or metal. As you get closer or zoom in it looks like this outline goes away or changes color; I notice a kind of black outline taking place of the white but that may be something particular to my setup. I have played with it some and found there is a definite break point where this change occurs, but I haven't been in a position to measure where exactly this point is in terms of absolute distance; if I'm being perfectly honest I haven't found it all that necessary to find out what that distance is either.
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