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  1. Disarray

    motors control

    In the game options there is an selection box that says something like 'techno chat and pilot help'. If you switch this to 'techno chat only' or off entirely those popups will go away.
  2. Disarray

    Wings falling off

    In a way that might be exactly what happened, damage accumulating. As I'm sure you are aware wings, well the whole plane but the wing particularly, is under load. The wing spars, the main structural support for the wing, are holding much that force. When a bullet or cannon shell hits these spars they will be damaged, weakening them. The initial damage may not be enough to sever the wing instantly but that pressure is still being applied. As the spar flexes under this force the damage, perhaps a crack or hole, will expand or widen. Eventually this can progress to the point where the member can no longer hold the force and POP. No more wing. This is why you see wings come off a plane when it pulls high G maneuvers after taking damage that was survived initially. There is probably a lot more intricate detail to this that someone better educated on the subject could elaborate on, but that is the basics of it.
  3. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Well, that is why it is called a bug, isn't it? And it happens some times of the Soviet side too, though not for all the weapons and not so frequently it would seem. There are times when Yaks will takeoff minus cannon ammo. Kalbuth, I think you have misunderstood the framing of my argument. I'm not saying that being able to pick your team, plane or set up are good or bad. I'm simply pointing out that they are not realistic, that they are anachronisms. To say that the navigation aid should be turned off because it is anachronistic means that all these other things should be addressed as well. It isn't a matter of 'two wrongs making a right', but rather 'what is good for the goose is good for the gander'.
  4. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    For what it is worth, here is my 2 cents on the GPS issue: What makes better game play for the most people? Do that. If the server does the most good for the most people more people will use the server and be happy while doing it. On other servers you see constant complaints about this or that setting or choice: This weapon is locked (or not), the airfields are in the wrong spot, the airfield as equal-distant from the front, the other side gets this plane and this side hasn't that plane, and so on. While you may not be able appease everyone you can make the majority happy and that is often good enough. I don't buy into this argument of realism and anachronism though. The game is rife with anachronistic things that nobody seems be have a problem with; in fact some will complain when realistic conditions are imposed on them - just lock the head armor on a 109 F and watch. Being able to pick which side you are on for a start is a huge one. If this were 'realistic' you would be assigned the side you would fight for, by virtue of you being there when the war started, or be arrested or shot dead on the spot. Being able to pick your plane and how it is configured to some very fine detail is another. If this were 'realistic' you'd fly the plane you were assigned and like it! 'Oh, you wanted be be a fighter pilot? Well we need cargo transported and bombs delivered. Hop to!' Another big one is the impeccable supply and maintenance staff backing up the planes. I've never once found my plane to malfunction out of the blue and I've never been told the magazine was short loaded because there isn't enough ammo on the base to go around. This list goes on, I'm sure.
  5. They haven't said much about what will be in BoBP aside from the map and the planes announced. One could logically conclude that some of these weapons and vehicles would be added, it would be kind of silly to go to all the effort of recreating the planes and terrain of the battle without doing so, but they have not explicitly said they will be adding them in so far as I'm aware. I would expect to see this kind of information, if indeed it will be made available, in the dev diaries before they release the final elements of BoBP, perhaps just before the map is released.
  6. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    The difference between historic realities and the in game scenarios is stark. The amount of anti-aircraft firepower in place to defend airfields is lacking in game vs. historic counterparts, for a start. Then there is the issue of inadequate early warning systems in game, historically such air raids were often seen coming and planes could be made ready to defend the field and those defenders would know the general direction the attack was coming from and have an ETA. There were also dedicated units set up to defend the airspace with coordinated support staff, this is also lacking in game. The engine limitations on player numbers make dedicated air defense squadrons unlikely, if enough people are put up to defend the spawn points there will hardly be anyone left to attack objectives, this is doubly so if you consider a team that is outnumbered which is often the case. The lack of sufficient anti-aircraft guns is tricky too as it seems there is something of an upper limit to the amount of such guns. Placing guns here means they can't be over there. Both of these points are compounded by the fact that the objective has nothing to do with the spawn points. The objectives on the front lines are what the missions are about. If the bulk, or even a sizable portion, of a team are guarding the spawn points they are not contributing to mission success. If the limited number of anti-aircraft guns are disposed to defending the spawn points they are not contributing to mission success. Early warning systems for attacking aircraft can be done. The system Finish Dynamic Warfare uses might be worth looking into if that is a direction they want to take the server.
  7. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    If they can't figure out the "ever so complex" Soviet engines they should probably reevaluate their lives. They aren't that hard to work out. I mean if people who had never driven a car, let alone seen one, could figure it out while getting shot at I'm sure these players can too. Then again, asking people to try might be too much for the sake of a better game play experience for everyone.
  8. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    It would be nice if everyone would help to balance the teams, but we all know that will not happen for some damn reason.
  9. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Something around half way would be good for the attackers. It would pick up the pace of combat a little bit, which I think is needed. With fighters needing to fly to the front wining the air to air fight is super valuable as there is a window where fighters aren't going to be available to cover an area. But it is very difficult to capitalize on this win, turn it into results on the ground, because the ground attackers won't make it to the target before the enemy can reestablish a presence over the target. With the available fuel reserves they can't linger long waiting for the target to be cleared so the only option is to make an attack and hope. Pushing the attackers closer to the front would allow for exploitation of the time the fighters give them.
  10. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    This is quite true. I've effectively or constructively rammed bombers in the past when the situation was entirely out of my control. I've had control linkages shot out by the gunners on the bomber making it impossible to not hit the bomber, technically making it the bomber's fault it got hit. I've had bombers turn or roll in such a way as to make a clear exit blocked by big 'ol bomber booty too; and then watched them bang away in chat about being rammed and how it is sooooooo terrible that they got rammed. Now, I'm not 'victim blaming' here, but sometimes it is the victims' fault and I'll totally blame them for it. At the end of the day there is risk associated with these activities, a hint would be all the guns sticking out from the planes. If you can't accept those risks, well..... And look on the bright side, if smashing a fighter into your bomber is the only way they can effect your downfall, at least you took enemy assets with you.
  11. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    But the points, much like the pilot's lives, don't really matter in game. That is essentially handing out 'good behavior' points in a school room and if you get enough points you get a gold star. Shun and shame is more likely to hit home; you'd be surprised how effective telling someone they are being a bad person and ignoring them totally until they stop being bad can be. It is also a lot easier than coming up with all the scripting and code needed to implement a system, you don't even have to go to the effort of kicking them and then go through all this rigamoral on the forums.
  12. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Perhaps a north and south group of fields would solve the problem? They could still be set back from the line, as they are now, but eliminate some of the transit time North and South.
  13. Disarray

    Did aircraft fly without gunners?

    I know gunners and guns were left out for very long range missions but this usually coincided with absolute, or nearly absolute, air superiority. The bombers that were making runs on Japan, for example, at times had to shed weight to make the trip when the island hopping hadn't progressed far enough to get serviceable fields close enough. The Enola Gay, as an example, only had a tail gunner when it dropped Little Boy, the plane would have been too heavy with bomb and full crew/equipment; but the threat wasn't exactly all that pressing as the only thing flying above Japan at that time was USAAF.
  14. Disarray

    Help regarding bombing targets

    Every time I've used the bomb site I just plug the numbers in direct from the bomb site and they fall more or less where I want them to go. I typically only use the bomb site on larger targets though, so 'more or less' where I want them to go is typically enough. I have noticed that the altitude numbers are different, even in planes that use all metric instrumentation, I figured it was simply a matter of the bomb sight adjusting things differently than the flight instrument for some technical/bomb aiming reason.
  15. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    I raise it because there is a large player base that use that language in game. It would be a shame if part of the community felt they were not welcome based solely on language. It is also an area I can be of help if it is needed and I'm a helpful sort, I guess. If it were Spanish or French that I could help with I'd bring them up too, but sadly I can't bandy them about with anything approaching proficiency. If I came off as critical, or negative, that was not my intent.