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  1. Disarray

    looking for russian interpreter

    Are you looking for someone to translate the text? Or just type them out in a text doc? I can do both, though keep in mind that some of them are not in Russian and I can't help there. If I recall correctly there are some that are in Georgian, the kind of round looking writing, and I think one in Spanish.
  2. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    I don't think you will find many who will get mad if you form up with them out of the blue. The only thing that bugs me when people do that kind of thing is if they come in on an aggressive line, like they are attacking me, or if they fly right behind me, again like they are trying to attack me. If you avoid doing those things I don't think you will run into much trouble. And if someone gives you a hard time for trying to help keep them alive, well maybe they are better off alone if you know what I mean.
  3. Disarray

    Tried out soviet birds yesterday

    You made general claims about the 109, nothing to do with beginners. I simply wanted to provide an accurate view of the plane and it's capabilities. I don't know where this myth started that the German planes require more skill and knowledge came from, but I'll push back when I can.
  4. Disarray

    Tried out soviet birds yesterday

    I don't get your logic here. If you take turning with a Yak off the table you are left with diving from high up and running away; and if you are feeling truly bold you might turn around after about 4 Km to reengage. What is so hard about that? What superior cash of knowledge is required for that? You don't need to know all the details of plane systems management, the plane does that for you. You don't have to worry much about time constraints on engine modes, they are generous for the most used modes and if you don't get yourself into trouble you won't find much use for the more limited ones. The guns read out exactly how much ammo you have so you don't have to keep track in your head with trigger time vs. mag size and fire rate. The superior climb rate, and energy retention in a climb, allow for an equalization of altitude advantage in most cases. And unless you are diving from a fantastic height you don't need to even consider the structural failure speed of the plane as you will likely hit the ground before that is an issue. So where is all the extra skill and knowledge? As for not being able to turn with a Yak in a 109, you are wrong. The 109 can hang with the best of them in a turning fight if you are smart about it. Use high/low yo-yos to get inside a Yak's high speed turn rate. Make use of the leading edge slats to beat the Yak in low speed turning or to force an over shoot. Make the power to weight ratio that the 109's have in spades to your advantage to rapidly switch from low to high speed tactics quickly and unpredictably. Is it harder than the aforementioned, dive-shoot-run away, 'tactic'? Yes. But it is way more fun.
  5. Disarray

    Mk108 Damage model (Not accured)

    One thing to keep in mind with demonstration photos and video is that it is only showing what happened under those specific circumstances with that specific round. In essence it shows what is possible. Small variations in the shell, the fuse, the high-ex filler, the casing can alter the outcome significantly. Throw in changes in the plane, material defects, wear, the angle the round hits the plane at and the effect can be very different. It would be interesting to have splash damage from a HE round affect parts of the plane around it but I don't know how easily that could be implemented. It sounds like a lot of math.
  6. Disarray

    Gunsight sun filter

    Hitting that same key combo will also move the gun sight closer to you in an IL 2. So that's fun! It is also a little more useful than the sun filter which is superfluous at the moment, though it can help a little when shooting at ground targets in the snow.
  7. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Just a possibility here, but how about the ability to open forward airfields via some mechanic (transport planes or something like that) and have those available as targets. This way a team could open opportunities for rapid deployment to the front or deny the other team the same ability. This would keep the long range airfields protected while adding some dynamic aspects to the maps without totally screwing a team over by eliminating one of their two spawn points.
  8. If you use a 5 second bomb delay you can do short drop bombing in an IL 2 or any other Soviet plane. The timer being that long bypasses the safety systems on the bombs so they will arm. This means you could, if you wanted to, fly right over the top of your target and drop the bomb so it hits it right in the side, obviously the bigger the target the easier it will be to hit. Due to your lateral velocity you can also drop the bomb a bit early and it will skip and bounce a bit and come to rest near the target; with a little luck it will come to a stop right next to the target. One thing that can help is having someone observe the bomb drop for you, that you way know if you are dropping too early or too late. I suppose a recorded track would work for single player. For rockets, well rockets are a little different. I like to shoot the rockets from really close. Like stupidly close. I fly through the debris cloud close. This is the only way I've found to make single fire rockets from an IL 2 viable. I prefer the ROS 132 rockets for everything, the little tiny rockets you can put on Yaks and stuff are generally useless unless you are hitting soft targets or infantry and the ORFS 82 rockets require a direct hit to kill a tank with their shaped charge and that is hard. The 132's fly true enough at less than 150 m range and the hit hard enough to kill most things in one shot. If you get real close you can aim the rockets with the first hash-mark from the center left or right depending on the wing that will fire, starting from the left wing. This is anachronistic, of course, but effective.
  9. Disarray

    Zoom while Shooting

    I do both depending on circumstance. If I'm in a big fight or doing some high angle deflection shooting I'll only zoom in a bit to get a bitter view of the gun sight but still keep some awareness of what is going on around me. If I'm doing long range shooting or perusing a single target I find I zoom in a bit more to more carefully place shots or more clearly see a target and where the rounds are landing at range.
  10. Disarray

    Why has ammo bug not been fixed yet???

    You don't need to fire a round. You can just let your instrument panel tell you if there is a problem. Above the ammo counters, those white bars, there are circular indicators showing if the the individual weapons are charged. If you see white in the circles the guns are cocked, locked and ready to rock. No white in the circles, no go. This is somewhat anecdotal though. For all the sturm and drang about this issue I've not had it happen to me, but every time I've started up a 109 and seen those indicators show weapons ready they have gone bang when I said so.
  11. Disarray

    Recommend a collector plane!

    Well there is that, and the poor elevator authority, but we can't have everything. And the full power being limited is only a downside, in my opinion, when compared to the LA 5F's unlimited full power capabilities. While the FN produces more power on the top end then the F you could, in theory, run an FN into the ground if you could drag the fight out long enough and press the need for maximum power throughout; probably would have to have a few opponents to do that though.
  12. Disarray

    CdKey and question on the La5FN

    If you have access to the plane in game, as in you can fly it, you are good to go. You might be able to get your key, if you think you need it for some reason, from your store page profile but I'm not sure on that one. As for the FN, it is a fun plane and very effective. If you like the LA-5 you will like the FN. The FN is, basically, everything the LA-5 is but with a better engine and better cockpit. WoL runs missions with FN's in them but the numbers are somewhat limited. The plane is available on TAW, according to their plane lists, but you have to earn it through play.
  13. Disarray

    Recommend a collector plane!

    On the Soviet side for Kuban it is a bit of a toss up, especially when you throw in MP server availability. The Spitfire mk 5 is a good plane but when put up against 109 G's and 190's it is a hard fight, the engine just isn't quite powerful enough for a strait fight. In pairs they can work wonders with maneuverability though. The other option would be the LA-5-FN. The engine is a power house and at full power settings you can climb like a rocket and run down even 190 A5's if you fly well. The down side is you can only run the engine at full power for 10 minutes, which is a long time but still. Fuel is also an issue as the FN downs it like the stuff is going out of style. The MP availability for both these planes is heavily dependent on server. Some servers, like Knights of the Air, run maps with both these planes available in numbers regularly. On other servers, WoL for example, run missions with them available less often and sometimes their availability is limited.
  14. Disarray

    Why has ammo bug not been fixed yet???

    Sometimes when a 109, it mostly seems to be 109's but sometimes Yak cannons will do it too, will spawn in with what seem to be empty magazines. In the case of 109's the ammo counters will read full but the weapons won't charge and thus won't shoot. It is rare, it is even more rare among Yak's, but there seem to be some who won't let that stop them from causing a fuss about it.
  15. Disarray

    Recommend a collector plane!

    Of the single engine planes on your list CCIP, the P-40 is the best fighter-bomber. The Spit 5, if I'm remembering properly, has no bombs available in game but if it has bomb options they probably won't be very big bombs. The 202 can carry some small bombs, but it is a fighter first and foremost and not bad in that role.