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  1. new to TAW

    You have to join the team you registered with once you are on the server. You also have to make sure that your trying to use a plane you have available to you. That info can be found in your profile on the TAW website.
  2. Tactical Air War

    It is a different problem with the early PE-2. The closest I can come to describing it is this: When you are starting up your car and you let the key go just before the starter motor gets the engine itself fully going. It sputters and smokes and almost gets the prop spinning at full idle, then it stops.
  3. Tactical Air War

    This is doubly important when you consider that this is the only bomber available to the Soviets for some time. The new model of PE 2 isn't available until map 3, and then only in limited numbers. It isn't widely available until map 5 and the A 20 isn't in play until map 6. The Germans already have the bomber edge when everything is working, now they have the only reliable bombers on the server for the next little while.
  4. Tactical Air War

    It didn't seem to have any effect when I was trying to use the plane on Sunday. I don't get how it could have been too cold to start the plane up. It was 20 deg C. I checked both the mission weather report and the in plane gauges. If that is too cold then the plane is useless in most places at most times of year. Something seems broken with the plane, like the start up script is ending just before the engines turn over fully. What this adds to the fun of the game is utterly lost on me.
  5. Tactical Air War

    It also seems if you disco without taking damage you lose any of your kills and any combat mission you may have earned.
  6. AI flying in tight circles

    Yoyos, both high and low, are good options against a tight turning opponent. In a 109 you are particularly well suited to any number of vertical maneuvers to cut the enemy's turn off. Deflection shooting is hard, you are not wrong, but you have little option but to come to grips with it, especially fighting planes like I-16's. This thread is a good place to start figuring it out and there are some videos out there.
  7. Tactical Air War

    Morning EST 25 Red Afternoon EST 90 Red 80 Blue Evening EST 50 Red 20 Blue 10 uncommitted Total 165 Red 100 Blue 10 uncommitted I thought having the total numbers would be useful, so there you go! All in all, things are shaping up to be fairly well balanced among the groups anyway, though evening EST needs a bit of work. Who knows what might happen when the one's and two's like me throw in.
  8. what is this in the kuban sea?

    If I recall my history correctly, it was a kind of desperation strategy on the German's part that they took up after they got bogged down in the north; the hope was to circumvent the defenses the Soviets had managed to put in place in the face of their main advance. The ground work for the bridge was already in place as well. The Soviets wanted to connect Crimea to the the Kuban area for various reasons military and economic.
  9. what is this in the kuban sea?

    The whole reason for the battle at Kuban was the Germans were trying to build a bridge to invade southern Russia. Turns out bridges are really good at getting bombed though, so it didn't work out.
  10. The altitude players fly at is, I would argue, independent of navigation tools except when weather plays a role. I don't fly a Yak, for example, at between 2.5 and 3 Km because I have a GPS to tell me where I am. I fly a Yak at 2.5 to 3 Km because the plane performs well at these altitudes. Every time I've seen a 109 player why they are up at 6 or 7 Km they say something along the lines of the plane performs well at these altitudes. I've never seen any of them say they are way up there because they have a GPS to tell them where they are. If you really want to assign an advantage that one side gets where the other hasn't one the more logical argument is that the German team is advantaged by the GPS. We the GPS you never have to look at the ground so you can fly above the clouds, as you point out they are wont to do in bombers and as anyone can see they prefer in fighters as well, and still know your exact position while shielding yourself from enemy observation. Is this a huge game changing advantage? No, but it is there. At the end of the day, as you quite rightly pointed out, the fight tends to be down low. I think you will find it more logical, though, that the fighting is down low because it is much easier to shoot planes when they are closer so either the Germans have to go down or the Soviets up. Sense going down is easier and more advantageous when attacking planes, the Germans drop more than the Soviets climb, not because there is a GPS in play. You see much the same behavior on servers where there is no GPS, weather permitting.
  11. GPS gives the Soviets an advantage? And it is because the Soviets fly lower to the ground? Am I the only one who can't see how this makes any sense at all? Absent GPS the only ways to navigate are by the clock and speed or by visual observation of the terrain. Maybe this works differently in other parts of the world, but where I come from it is easier to see things when they are A) closer and B) not obstructed, by cloud cover let's say. Logically a plane flying under any cloud cover is going to have an easier time seeing the ground for navigation purposes. Landmarks can be identified from on high, supposing they can be seen in the first place, true, but the altitude a lot of Soviet players work at are perfectly serviceable for distinguishing a city or river or what have you. Taking the GPS out would change the game play on the server, certainly, but it won't grant or deny an advantage to either side. Beetlejuice, the patch kind of messed up the server browser. The easiest way to find WoL is to sort the dogfight servers by reverse alphabetical. If you do that it should be among the first few servers
  12. If the server is so obviously biased in favor of the Soviets why do I keep seeing the German team so stacked? Is that the justification for it now? I'm also a little confused as to how my posting has been biased. I've only posted the facts as I see them. The LA 5FN is available in limited numbers on a handful of maps, and there is no way to say how many 23 mm cannons were fitted to LaGG 3's with any authority. Oh, also I said that 109's are fast. I shouldn't think that would ruffle any feathers, but here we are. You are right that the 23 mm round packs quite the punch but it isn't that hard to stay out of a LaGG's gun-sights as a fighter. Bombers I could see being worried. But the 20 mm cannon packs an equally respectable punch. You can take the whole tail assembly of a 109 off with a single 20 mm round, you can also cut wings off with a handful of 12.7 mm rounds. It strikes me as odd that this one gun seems to be such a problem when there are other guns that can have the same effect on target and can do it a lot more times.
  13. It is still faster than the majority of it's competition. The fact that you can be overtaken by your friends isn't really that big of a deal. You also have no way of proving that the 23 mm gun wasn't used in production LaGG 3's. According to accounts and records the planes armed with the 23 mm cannon were not treated as a different model or variant of the plane, to wit no special designation. There could have been 5 of them there could have been 5000. You don't know, I don't know, no one knows. In any event the ammo for the 23 mm cannon is rather limited, only 90 rounds, and if you can't out fly a LaGG you are dead regardless of the cannon it is using.
  14. How much fuel do you guys take and why?

    I tend to go out on full tanks. My primary reasoning for this is I don't want to be forced from my AO with ammo in the plane. This is when I'm in a fighter; the way I see it I'm in a fighter so I should fight people and I can't do that with no gas. There are some advantages to lowering the weight of the plane I'll grant but I feel time on target is the greater concern. In bombers I take as much fuel as I can and still get off the ground, though this is only ever a concern in German bombers I've found and I don't fly them often. In let's say a PE 2 or an IL-2 the chances of taking a hit are fairly good so it is nice to have lots of extra fuel to leak all over the map on the way home.
  15. It's funny, I only find the FN on a few maps. Really only one that I can say for sure, the 1944 Kuban map. Even then there aren't very many available. I also find it rather entertaining that these German players find it unacceptable that they can't have the biggest guns along with the fastest planes. How unfair for you, there ought to be a law.