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  1. I think it could work just fine in a GP match. In other games where a similar sounding system is in place, particularly Squad and Post Scriptum, it works very well. Yes you get the odd instances of people not playing ball with the system but you will always find those types on the internet. The thing that will make or break the system, I think, is utility. If the Air Martial system appears to be useful to the average player they will work with the system, if it is actually useful while also appearing useful that will be even better. It will also depend on who is in charge, their leadership style and the results they provide. On the whole it should be interesting to watch play out.
  2. You won't find any bot planes in the skies, this and the lack of navigation aids are the biggest departures from Coconut's. The pings from the US are fine in my experience, I'm on the west coast and haven't had issue with connectivity to this server. So if you are east of me you should be fine, you'll likely be fine even if you aren't east of me in all probability. As BubiHUN mentioned an attempt is made, sometimes, to balance the teams but you will find a heavy axis slant, like you see on most servers, at times. In fairness you will also see some numbers on the Soviet side too but that is somewhat rare.
  3. The odd toggles you are talking about in Soviet fighters are for the pneumatic systems that work the guns in case of some failing, yes. On some planes they are replaced with red turn handles. In some cases, like on the PE2 there is an extra one for fire suppression systems. A screen shot should clear this up finally though, most of the things are labeled.
  4. I never said they are the best in rolls. I said they are good at it. Sure if you compare a plane that has a good roll rate to a plane that has one of the best roll rates it will look bad. The point still stands, a 109 brought into a rolling scissors or other, similar, maneuver at the right time can walk all over an opponent. It will certainly fare better than if you just point the nose up and hope you can out climb bullets.
  5. Don't confuse a good sustained climb rate for better at climbing in any situation. Generally speaking, German planes climb faster than Soviet planes, yes. This doesn't mean that you will be able to just point the nose up and get away every time. Even though a Yak can't keep up with a 109 in a 5 minute, max power, climb it can hold out long enough in a climb to get guns on target and as you slow down in a steep climb you become easier to shoot. At the end of the day you can't out climb a bullet so you shouldn't try. One thing you can try, rather than climbing like mad and hoping not to get shot is something 109 player's seem convinced is a terrible idea: turn. Contrary to popular belief the 109 is fairly good in a turn, and rolls decently. These facts along with the climbing performance mean the plane is good is scissors, better in rolling scissors and very good in yoyos. The low speed stability imparted by the leading edge slats make for wicked overshoot potential as well.
  6. Radar wasn't super common, true, but spotters were. For example, at Stalingrad, the Soviets had a whole system put in place with radio and telephone equipped forward observation posts specifically placed to spot Axis aircraft as they were on the way to hit targets. Even the Brits used this kind of system when they had radar set up as the systems were easy to put out of action. Knowing the general location, as in a 10 km^2 area, is often less information than real pilots had to work with. It is a good compromise, I think, between reality and entertaining game play.
  7. It looked like an ammo explosion to me. A big store of .50 ammo is located right about where the explosion occurred. You see similar things in 190's, with the 20 mm and 30 mm mags stored in the wings.
  8. Or 300 KPH is just about 186 MPH and 400 KPH is just about 248 MPH. Generally speaking if you divide KPH by 1.6 you will get MPH or reverse the numbers and multiply. To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit just move to a place that uses the proper, Fahrenheit, system.
  9. I wouldn't worry over much about the limited number of planes available on a field. With the exception of the more powerful planes there is typically plenty of them to go around. I'd just grab a plane you want to fly with and go. Even if you pick a plane that is low on numbers, if you bring it back in working condition (I.E. the prop is still spinning and sometimes that isn't a strict requirement) the plane will go back into inventory; but you have to be sure you land at a spawn point where there is a spot for it. This means if you land a bomber on a fighter field your plane will effectively disappear. To bring up the map you can hit the letter 'O' on your key board. In the non-VR mode this brings up a full screen map, I don't know what it does in VR though. That is as good as navigational aids are going to get, aside from radio compasses. Even though I'm a competent navigator I still pack a radio compass myself when I have the option; it is just way easier to find home after a protracted fight that way. There are two ways to find active airfields, spawn points, on this server. First they tend to be built up. The inactive fields won't have many, or any, hangers, buildings, ammo and fuel depots or parked planes on them. The target fields will though, so watch out for that. The second indicator will be fires. The active runway, if there is a runway and not just an open field, will have a bonfire at each corner. You may also notice planes with nav lights on but that is not a guarantee. If you have a radio compass equipped you will only be lead to active fields. Do keep in mind that it will be the nearest field which might not be the one you want to go to.
  10. One reason you will see the engine getting knocked out in combat more often is the placement. The engine is, more or less, right at the center of mass. This makes it likely to get hit in high rate deflection shooting that the 109's and 190's favor. The other aspect is when taking fire from dead six. There is very little between the engine and the incoming rounds to detonate any penetrating HE rounds or deflect or stop the AP and MG rounds. This results in a lot more ammo finding a new home in your engine block and the engine will not wear such damage for long, unlike the engines in an LA-5 or Yak which will take a bullet fairly well all things considered.
  11. From what I have seen keeping the 30 cal guns might be viable and extend the combat usefulness of the plane. They don't hit very hard, granted, but they do set planes on fire fairly regularly. And even if they don't spark up the enemy if you peck at the enemy enough even the little guys can take down a plane. The down side is the obvious weight these guns bring, especially if you pack the extra ammo, but if you don't plan on mixing it up with the enemies in a close turning fight that weight won't hamper you much, mostly you will notice the difference in roll rate, maybe climb too but the plane climbs like a dog in any configuration. By far the best situation you can find yourself in with this plane is behind your enemy when they are trying to dive away, the plane dives like a champ and will run down just about anything in the German arsenal in a dive but it will lock up hard.
  12. Sorry to break it to you Ribbon, but most of the money wasn't paid out. What was paid typically was sent to the pilot's parents or wife and kids. What with the war and all the money was welcome back home to buy things they needed and there wasn't much use for cash on the front anyway, something to do with everything being blown up I guess. I did some reading on this a while back and the consensus seems to be shoddy record keeping is the reason for most of the lack of pay out. There were even some implications that a pilot such as yours, who racked up a whole bunch of kills, and thus a boat load of cash, was expected to refuse to take payment of the money in a show of communist zeal and patriotic fervor.
  13. There is a Discord server linked on the fist page.
  14. A system like PS, where you can segregate your coms channel from the whole team is the only way integrated coms can work in an environment where so much talking is done when things kick off. I don't know if limiting it to just four would be required though. Having a full coms suite might be viewed as somewhat anachronistic by some though. I could see it being done as part of the air marshal system though.
  15. It has to do with the gyros they used back then. They were somewhat more fragile than the modern types so maneuvering with an uncaged would throw it all out of whack and could cause it to stop working altogether. I'm not sure why the compass should foul, unless it was just poorly seated on it's spindle.
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