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  1. Disarray

    Brakes on IL2

    How are you trying to get the differential breaks to work? I don't know that the left/right break button work on that plane as it only has one break lever, like nearly all the Soviet planes. The way the system is supposed to work is you press your master break button and use rudder to apply breaking force to one wheel or the other and leave the rudder in the neutral position to have the force applied evenly. The tail wheel should unlock, but even then you should only really need to do that if you want to turn more or less on the spot. Another thing you can do to improve ground handling of the plane is set the RPM limiter to 100%, you'll need to for takeoff too. That setting should make the plane less prone to spinning around on the the ground so readily.
  2. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    I assure you that there is. I went so far as to look at the first page before typing this. It is there. First post near the bottom.
  3. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    There is a link on the first page of this topic
  4. Disarray

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    In a plane that has better power to weight ratio and better top speed doesn't need to commit to a head on like that. The 109's and 190's fit this description when you compare them to most of the competition in the game. You can simply extend away for about 1000 m, climb up a bit and reengage on your terms. If you do it just right you can minimize or completely eliminate any time you spend in the enemy's gun sight. On the other hand if you are in plane like that and you elect to take a head on pass with an inferior enemy aircraft you are effectively putting yourself in their sights and gambling that you are a better shot than your adversary. This shifts the fight from one you can control wholly to a roll of the dice, and if you roll the dice enough you will eventually come up a loser. To answer the OP's question, I find it is best to shoot at the enemy until you are reasonably sure that they are dead or are at least damaged to the point where they are no longer a threat in the event there are other enemies in the fight.
  5. Disarray

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    The P-47 is a good anti shipping plane if you start your run from high enough. You can get that thing really moving and it maintains enough maneuverability at high speeds to juke the flack; and if worst comes to it the plane can take a hit well enough. I've found skip bombing to be particularly effective in it. I think it edges out the 190 in this role due to the better bomb load. With 2 1000 lb bombs and 1 500 lb bomb you can effectively kill 3 large ships in a single sortie. The only down side is that it can take a little while to get the plane up high enough to make an effective run with all that ordinance strapped on.
  6. Disarray

    When the P51 will be available?

    We have pictures of both the inside and outside of the D9 in the last few DD's. So far all we have seen of the 262 is some exterior shots. From what I have seen of the Dev's patters they tend to start showing the inside parts of the plane a little before the plane is released so the D9 being next in the barrel tracks.
  7. I've managed to put out a fire once by diving and turning the engine off; the engine even came back on too as a bonus for me. I think it was in a MiG or a LaGG but I can't remember exactly. It was an engine fire, not a fuel tank fire though. I've never been able to put a tank fire out in game and don't know that I have seen anyone else do it either.
  8. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Maybe it is the way you are landing? From what I can see of the new system in is classing any plane without a working engine that is on the ground as a dead plane. It seems both criteria have to be satisfied, planes with no engine but are still in the air are often not called dead now I've noticed. A dead stick landing my credit with a kill now, or if you botch the landing and kill the engine that way. A buddy of mine put a plane down on one of these 'empty' fields and was only dinged for a forced landing not a killed plane.
  9. I use a set of headphones that do credible surround sound, not as good as distributed speakers though. If I turn my head the engine sound gets louder on the near side, if I shoot a rocket off one wing I hear it on the proper side and when someone makes a pass on me or a wing-man flies close enough I can pick out the direction by sound fairly accurately. All in all the game plays well with surround sound set ups. There is a little issue with the balance on the various channels but that might be an issue with the way I have things set up on my end.
  10. Disarray

    Rear view mirror broken?

    The mirror looking a bit down can come in handy from time to time too. I've seen a few guys sneaking up on my low six that way.
  11. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Then I must have imagined all those times that both fighter fields were under threat at the same time. Silly me. Or do you suggest that I fly out an A-20 or IL-2 to counter the high altitude fighter threat? While I have you here why don't you tell me what I had for breakfast too. Wouldn't want to get that confused too and you seem to be ever so knowledgeable about the things I've seen and done and seemingly all the things that happen everywhere else too, what with your 3000 hours of play. And don't give me that crap about people sitting just outside of gun range watching fields not being vultures. You know as well as I that they can be in, make the attack and be out with virtually no threat to them. As for dictating things, I don't follow. If anyone is coming in and dictating it would be you. 'Don't talk about this' 'Don't say anything about this thing I like' 'Don't have this rule or that' and so on. Meanwhile I'm here asking for things. Simple requests and feedback. And if asking for a little civility and fair play is 'crying' and 'whining' I guess I'm guilty of that. The shock, shame and horror of it all. If all you are looking for is a fight there is no reason that the fight has to be had on one team's doorstep. The only reason it would have to be there is if you are looking to shoot fish in a barrel.
  12. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    If your idea of fun is shooting up people on the parking area, or on the take off/landing run I'm really not all that concerned if I'm 'ruining' it. Don't come bitch at me if you can't handle an opinion that isn't yours. But while you are here maybe you can enlighten me as to how I should spawn at a field further back when all of them are being camped? How should I attempt to limp back to the airfield after a fight when there someone watching all of them? Why should your 'fun' be prioritized over everyone else? While your at it explain to me the historical context of sitting just outside the known detection range of the enemy guns attacking with impunity with no alert fighters, no spotter corps and none of the other defensive measures that were there historically? I'd also be curious to hear your opinion on my monitoring your comms and feeding valuable intel to my team. I mean that is historical and maybe that is just my play style. I'm sure you'd be fine with that, right? You wouldn't want to be one of those people screaming and ruining other people's fun, would you?
  13. Disarray

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Tapping communications was common during the war too, hell it is still a major thing. If I found out where you do your team to team communications and started listening in and feeding that info to everyone on my team, specifically targeting you and those with you, would you be OK with that? And as for your 'just use another field' theory, what happens when all the fields are covered? I guess then you just sit there and 'enjoy the exciting gaming experience' of simming fish in a barrel.
  14. Disarray

    Guuner re-load/Fighter Bomb Selection

    The gunners in the PE-2 carry no extra ammo. The animations you are seeing are likely the jam clearing, which is basically the same as reloading with the substantial exception that no new ammo is involved. It is indeed a pain in the ass when your gunners run out of ammo. The only way I know of to mitigate this is to set the gunner AI to not engage until the enemies are at close range. This can be done by hitting tilde, then F3 then F1 and F1 again. That will keep the gunners from shooting at things that they really have little hope of hitting.
  15. Disarray

    Bombs getting stuck in trees

    Depending on how a cannon round is fused it could be set off by a tree branch. It would have to be a substantial tree branch though, say an inch or 2 thick. That may provide the resistance needed to trip the fuse as it passes through. A bomb, though, even a smaller bomb, should go through. Depending on the size of the tree though it would slow down, or even be deflected in the case of smaller bombs. MG fire can be stopped by a tree, especially if the round is fired from a few hundred meter's range though this is more likely to happen with the smaller caliber rounds. Stopping a .50 BMG round with a tree is a bit of a trick unless that round is fired from a considerable distance. I have seen cannon rounds and rockets detonate in the upper portion of trees and seen MG fire turned by trees in game and never been all that bothered by it. I always considered it to be within the realm of possibilities. I've not seen bombs effected by trees but I usually don't drop bombs so that they have to go through trees to hit target, too much risk of my running into the same tree and that would never do. I would expect a 250 Kg bomb traveling around 300 kph to make it out of the tree at the very least, though perhaps not on target. Even a 100 or 50 Kg bomb getting stuck in a tree at the speeds we are dealing with is a stretch.