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  1. Disarray

    New update file size is really big - a problem?

    The 1.22 gig update included a lot of new content: The A8, the WW1 planes and some tank stuff. That seems reasonable considering what it all packed in.
  2. Then removing the limiter won't help you at all. If to check your 6 you have to look behind you, you will still have to look behind you. And if you don't think that there are some out there that would find a way to exploit this you may not be trying hard enough. Well, either that or I'm rather more cynical than you are.
  3. The problem with removing the limiter is that you can then stick your head through parts of the plane. Like the floor or the instrument panel and see things you would not be able to see under normal circumstances. It could be used to great advantage in a dogfight.
  4. It rotated maps, is all. It did crash a little while ago though.
  5. No it says атакован. That translates to attacked. It is a cognate. Perhaps the source text has an error?
  6. 261: Вражеский укрепрайон в Andreevskoe уничтожен! 262: Наш укрепрайон в Andreevskoe уничтожен! 263: Наш укрепрайон в Andreevskoe (1519) атакован! 264:Defense Chastsv 261: The enemy fortification in Andreevskoe has been destroyed! 262:Our defenses in Andreevskoe has been destroyed! 263: Our defenses in Andreevskoe (1519) has been attacked! 264:Defense Chastsv
  7. Disarray

    Tactical Air War

    I find it rather amusing that some are calling one team having a near constant numerical advantage 'good balance.' Go back and look at that histograph and you will see that the blue line is almost always above the red lines. Perhaps I'm deranged but when one side has that kind of advantage the balance isn't good. There are other factors at play here, sure, but you can't honestly say this isn't a problem.
  8. The newly added dynamic campaign is similar the the PWCG in most respects. The difference lies in the the background and the customization. The dynamic campaign in the game has a lot more window dressing that makes it feel a little more like being part of the war or watching a movie about someone who was. It isn't a lot but you get little background details about the people in your unit, your character has a back story and so on. In the PWCG there is some of this but it isn't as polished in my opinion. What PWCG does well is let you tweak and tune your campaign experience to a greater degree. You can influence the kinds of missions that will be generated, the number of enemies per mission, contact density and so on. Both are good at different things and can give you what you want, if you set them up right. The only downside to them both is you have to work with the game's AI which is poor, and that is being generous.
  9. You mean his fool-proof plan of changing his name ever 3 months or so isn't working? At this rate I guess he'll just have to stop being generally terrible... Poor fellow.
  10. Disarray

    Spitfire Merlin engine MKIX HELP!!!

    With the throttle position jumping up and down like that it sounds like you have more than one control bound for your throttle and they are sending the game conflicting settings. I'd check your settings and verify that you don't have it double bound. If that isn't the case go through and check all your controls in cockpit and see if something is producing throttle movement that shouldn't be. Without more information it is hard to say what the issue might be.
  11. Disarray

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    I have noticed this trend of numbers flocking to numbers, as well. It makes a certain amount of sense to me. Multiplayer isn't all that fun without the 'multi' bit. I've noticed some servers run events in conjunction with various communities, The Unprofessionals server, for example, work with Magz to get events going during Australia time. Maybe something like that could draw numbers. Prime the pump as it were. Trying certainly won't cause things to get worse. If national loyalty to a server is a thing, and I don't know that it is, I don't know how to overcome that.
  12. Disarray

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    I already said how I think this can be done. Find someone who has an audience, who likes the server, and get them to plug it. The whole 'if you build it they will come' is only half of it. First build it, job done, then tell people about it. All the people complaining that the bombs and stuff are locked on Wings? Bombs and stuff aren't locked on Finish, go there. Want to fly planes you don't normally get an opportunity to because of the plane set on TAW or Wings? Go to Finish, they are available there a lot of the time. Don't like this or that? Go to Finish, this or that isn't there, and so on.
  13. Disarray

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    You have, I think, misunderstood me. Right now there are a number of people discontent with the way other servers are running, some have said so directly while other have hinted at it. Their big problem, as they see it, is that there are no alternatives to these servers they have a problem with. Put yourself forward as an alternative. Your server is really quite good. Not entirely without problems but what is these days? The only real problem your server has, in my view, is that there aren't enough players on it most of the time. Fix that and the rest, mostly matters of personal taste or want of refinement, follows.
  14. The script is very inconsistent in my experience. I clipped a friend with a 20 mm round trying to clear his 6 and get banned. The next day I misidentified a LaGG which buzzed past me in a fight that had markings remarkably similar to a 109's and gave him every gun a Yak has in an effective snap shot and was not banned or even warned by the script. The idea behind it is sound but the execution needs a bit of work.
  15. Disarray

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Maybe get someone with an audience to do a little show and tell on the server update. I know Magz just did an announcement for a server event and those usually draw a bit of a crowd. There have been some grumbling on other servers about some decisions made and the general conclusion is the player base just has to put up with it as there is no other option. May be this server should show up to be the option?