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  1. I don't see the issue. If there are Hurricanes available and also later planes you can just pick the not Hurricane. So what is the problem exactly? I'm also a bit confused as to why having earlier missions in the rotation is a bad thing. I mean, sure, fighting K4's in Tempests can be fun for a bit, if you can get one of the 6 Tempests available. But when it is just some variation on that? It gets a bit stale. And I'll say this for the earlier settings: The fewer 13mm HMGs shooting at things with their absurd HE rounds the better as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Aren't the targets further back weighted to be more impactful if destroyed? From a logistics perspective that could make sense depending on how much time is supposed to pass between map rolls. They didn't tend to keep a lot of supply close to the front lines for various reasons, to include losses due to air raids or bombardment. If you lose a small front depot the material can be replaced from the local larger store house fairly quickly without too much disruption to the fighting end of things. Lose the big store house though, well then you have to find new supplies from further away and that all takes time. That means more time with the fighting end being low on food, ammo, fuel and replacements; in short worse fighting performance and likely withdrawals from positions.
  3. Except there are other things in the wing that can be hit that will affect the plane negatively other than the spar. First and foremost, the skin of the plane: If you disrupt the surface the increase in drag should cause a loss of speed. And if the round were to come in from any kind of angle other than perpendicular the disruption to the skin of the aircraft is going to be more than a half inch hole on either side of the wing. This isn't happening in an appreciable sense. Next you have control systems and those are not being damaged with any frequency in so far as I'm aware. In some planes you have pressurized tanks in the wing, the 109 has a nice oxygen tank nestled into the wing on the right side for example. Strike one of those with a round and you can get a nice explosive decompression that would cause all kinds of bother for a plane. Some planes have guns in the wing and the associated ammo box but neither the guns are being broken nor the ammo being detonated with any great frequency. The mechanisms for the flaps and landing gear extension are in the wings too but they never seem to break or jam up. Now, all of these things are bigger than wing spars, perhaps with the exception of control linkages, but we don't see them getting damaged. Instead we see planes regularly taking hits that should result in damages to these things, by virtue of volume of fire if nothing else, but persist in being combat effective. Curious that.
  4. I hate to break it to you but most of the maps on CB are alt history to some degree. And, no, I'm not talking about player numbers. Also, I lied. I kind of like to break this to you.
  5. That is a fine theory you have there. Except that bursts in that video clip did hit the engine and the cockpit too for that matter. The canopy was shot off the plane at one point and it still took a significant amount of hits to bring the plane down; a plane that is no known for being robust in terms of damage absorption at that. But the problems run deeper than that. The wings, where a lot of those rounds hit, are dense with things that would fail if struck by a round and impact the performance of the plane. Except that isn't happening. The enpanage has fragile things in there too but those don't seem to mind the bullets hitting that area either. And then there is the issue of basically zero aerodynamic penalty to hits. Rip and tear into the plane with AP rounds an it will fly on with no speed loss, no maneuverability loss, nothing.
  6. The guns are less effective, yes. The rounds haven't changed. A 13mm HE round hits just as hard as it ever did.
  7. It is a field manual. It is all in German. Surprisingly unhelpful unless you can read German.
  8. I don't think that every other mission needs to be Soviet-German even. One in three or four could do the trick. Just something to break up the sameyness of things. And I say this knowing full well what is likely to happen on these few Soviet-German set missions: A part of the population will complain a lot about it, a smaller part of them will just leave and a significant portion of the server pop will shift to the German team all the sudden because of rather unflattering reasons in my opinion but I'll be charitable and not say what those are explicitly. Even knowing this is likely to be the case I think more verity would be nice. And I think I'm not alone in wanting this verity. In the same time the CB was dropping population Fins was picking it up. There could be many reasons for this, true, but I think a significant component of this is verity. That the CB pop ticked back up when things were shaken up, I think, speaks to this.
  9. Prop hanging and shooting form improbable angles over unrealistic distances? Sounds a lot like a 109, or 110's for that matter. I also find it interesting that this 'unbalance' requires immediate action to address according to the waffle brigade but other aspects of balance and fairness are laughed at by these self same people. Are the numbers wildly and consistently out of balance? Tough luck for you, guess you'll just have to deal with that; or you can just enjoy a 'target rich environment'. Why should problems for the German team be addressed? No, really, why? For years the attitude of the German only players was deal with it. Well, the shoe is on the other foot, if only in some small way. So deal with it.
  10. I kind of like the earlier match ups. Sure flying the high powered stuff is fun but it gets a bit old when it is the same planes all the time. I'll go so far as to suggest that adding some more Soviet-German missions in would be a good idea.
  11. I think something might be going a miss with the background scrip. The response from the script is very slow. It is to the point that people are getting kicked for taking off from fields that are out of supply but the warnings are not coming through in a timely nature. In some cases the script comes in 10 minutes after the event that triggered it. There is also a considerable amount of lag coming from the server especially in areas of the map where there are a lot of objects.
  12. For a lot of the stuff you don't really need to be all that involved. The turbo can be turned up to 100% and left there unless you are going above 15,000 feet or so. The temps self regulate with speed fairly well, keep the plane going about 200 mph and it shouldn't get too hot on you. If it heats up simply open the cowl up a little bit and it will cool off. For the rest of the cooling systems just leave the intercooler flap at the back set to 50% and open the oil rad a little if you like; for the oil rad you can get away with leaving it fairly closed if ambient is on the cool side. The majority of the engine management work is going to be adjusting the RPM and throttle levers. In this respect it isn't so much different than say a P-51 or P-40.
  13. I don't know how much wiggle room has been built into this system they've made for themselves here, but I can't say it sounds bad based on what little information there is available. Having found myself consistently on the short stacked side in this game over the years and seen little in the way of willingness from many in the community to do anything about it at best and open hostility towards those that point out the at times absurd team numbers that they produce, I think something like this has been a long time coming. The only thing I'd very much like to see in such a system and don't know if it is in play here is a minimum number of players before it turns on. Say like 10 people have to be on the server before the balancer starts enforcing things. If you find yourself on the wrong side of this new balance script thing and can't join the side you normally would, take it as an opportunity to try something new. If you have some ideological hang up preventing you from playing a game on one team or another, I'd suggest you get over yourself. It is only a game, and I think you will in fact find that playing for the 'bad guys' really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. If you don't know how to work these new fangled machines the 'other side' has, ask someone for help (shock horror) you'll be helped by someone I am sure.
  14. The issue with this statistical sample is that it only shows a part of the picture. The issue with the AP rounds isn't so much that they can't kill planes. They can, obviously. The issue is if you hit a plane with AP rounds but don't kill it outright there is little to no effect on the plane. There is little speed loss and in so far as I can tell no loss to maneuverability. I don't know if there is a way to capture this phenomenon in a statistical analysis of damage events. Perhaps looking at planes that were damage by .50 AP only firing planes who then go on to win fights? Something closer to a bench test would be a better way to plumb the depths of this occurrence.
  15. A little more punch sure, but what we see in game is over the top. I'm fairly sure I bought fireworks with more oomph than these rounds as a kid.
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