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  1. If the bombers are getting taken out too quickly or too often in Mitchell's Men why not turn up the gunners' skill? I've watched some attacks made on bomber formations in that mission that should have been doomed from the outset, but not only managed to make it through the attack run, landed hits and killed some of the planes. By 'an attack that was doomed' I mean low speed, climbing up right through the filed of fire of the whole formation and staying there for a good long while. Attacking lone bombers that are player controlled is a much more dangerous prospect in many cases.
  2. There is a max ping but it is fairly high, I'm not sure what it is off hand. I have noticed that this server is having a hell of a time lately. On missions where there are bots the server lag is becoming intolerable. I can put up with a little stuttering every now and then but this is a pause in the game for a good half second. After a while I was completely unable to rejoin the server when the mission rolled. My ping to the server should only be around 100 on the high end.
  3. This is an older bug. It used to be fairly common but has fallen off in the last few patches, though I still see it from time to time. As near as I can tell there is some association between the spawn slot a plane popped into the world in and that plane as it flies around in the game world. Sometimes when that plane is hit by gunfire the spawn slot will also display the hits. You will often see and even hear the effects of those hits on the plane. In so far as I know the effect to any plane in or near the effected spawn slot isn't applied. It is purely sound and visual, no actual damage. It could be tied to server performance, but I'm not sure. Most of the time I recall seeing this it was on servers where those 'multiplayer server overload' messages would pop up a lot. Or it could be something in this last patch triggered it more frequently than in previous patches. Long story short, it isn't something that you need to be worried about in terms of your plane getting broken by invisible baddies.
  4. Or perhaps a compromise: Set up light AA guns, just some MG's scattered about the place. And then just set a number of buildings that need to be blown up to close the field for the remainder of that round. The MG's would make the target somewhat defensible but not so much so that a determined attack won't be able to overwhelm them.
  5. A way to shut down those fields would be great. Especially on maps like Kuban where there is a big gap of fields where one side won't get any benefit from opening the temp fields. In those situations depriving the other side of a forward field is almost as good as having a forward field of your own.
  6. There is an indicator on most Soviet planes for flaps and also wheels. It is a little stick that is painted red and white, one for each system. The top, the part you can see when it is all the way down and flush with the wing is painted red and it is located about half way down the wing. It isn't very big so it can be easy to overlook if you aren't looking for it specifically. The flaps for most of the Soviet planes only have two positions, up and down. The Yak's flaps are pneumatic, the others might be as well, so they won't deploy if the plane is going so fast that the system can't push them out against the force of the air.
  7. I find it interesting that you take exception to this as you have berated people on this server. Calling people idiots and cheaters and so on with no evidence. Maybe you can learn something from this little experience.
  8. Even a .30 round, or the near metric rounds, hitting a person absent any intervention from armor or major plane components is going to likely kill them or put them in such a state that they will kill themselves being at the controls of a plane. The fact of the matter is bullets hit hard and bodies aren't good at absorbing that kind of impact. Some people will survive it for some short amount of time, maybe long enough to put the plane down safely. But before long that person will die. Does it suck when it happens to you in game? Sure does. This is why I try to avoid bullets where possible, they are bad for your health. The effects of cannon shells might bear some looking at, particularly the shrapnel form these shells. But as I understand it this is being looked at so hopefully it will be better with the next patch.
  9. The adding of other planes for supply is great, but I think there might be an error in the planes available. There are 2 types of PE-2 but they are both the older version. Surely you meant for one of them to be the newer version of the plane?
  10. So you don't see getting a plane that has no counter, out side of some very specific circumstances that can be avoided or circumvented with proper planning and coordination, in greater numbers as a blue advantage? Interesting. What would qualify as an advantage, if that doesn't?
  11. Comparing the fight between the 262 and anything the Allies have to counter it to fighting 51's in 190 A8's and 109 G14's is silly. It is in no way similar. Yes the 51 is faster than those planes but the gap is nowhere near the same. If you are attacked by a 51 or attack the 51 in either the G14 or A8 you have options that can maneuver the fight to your advantage. I have seen that particular fight from both sides and come away winner and loser from both sides. I have also seen the fighting against 262's. The only hope of winning that fight as the Allied ride, even in the much feared Tempest, is for the 262 to let you win it. How they can let you win it varies based on situation but at the end of the day it is in their hands, not yours. And even a player of moderate skill can figure out how to avoid letting the other guy win. It is very much like fighting G4 109's in a Yak 1: Yes you can win but only if the 109 botches things horribly. I also find it interesting that when I ask for more closely historic availability of 150 fuel for Allied rides I'm told off for 'trying to engineer a fight I can always win' or 'campaigning for red side advantage'. But when these guys rock up asking for an obvious blue advantage the issue is debated as if it has some other merit than that.
  12. The breaks on the Tempest work the same way they do on the Spitfire: One break handle with a system to divert break power from one side to the other via the rudder controls. Seems the Brit plane designers found this system better than toe breaks for these planes for some reason, but I don't know. Someone here might have insight on that, though. There is also code in the game that lets people who don't have pedals with toe break axis to work by sorting out toe break input the same way, hit the master break button and shift side to side with the rudder. Works for 109's, P-51's the whole lot.
  13. The best way to deal with the spitfires on the ground, as they are in game right now, in my experience is as follows: Set your RPMs to full, give it full break and push the throttle forward until the plane starts to move then leave the throttle there for the duration of the taxi. While holding the breaks you can transfer break force from wheel to wheel with the rudder. Go slow and you will get there. Try to go fast you will probably break something and have to start over again; slower is faster. This works for the Tempest too in my experience. I don't know if this is a true to life method, and I rather expect that it isn't, but it works and at the end of the day that is what counts here.
  14. I specialize in translation from Russian to English and those subtitles are fine. The issue stems from English being, generally, less wordy than Russian; though sometimes Russian is less wordy than English. It is kind of an odd dynamic in translation.
  15. The ability to maneuver in the 110 is 'special' and that is me at my most diplomatic on the subject. I wouldn't use that particular plane as a yard stick for evaluating anything.
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