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  1. So I've been doing some textual analysis of this statement and I have some questions. If the pilot is 'always, ALWAYS' killed in the first burst how are pilots surviving to have the plane entirely on fire? It seems to me that the one precludes the other. Second question! If the plane is entirely on fire, is it really all that important that the wing fell off? Last question! Why is it that your description of being shot by a plane with 4 20 mm cannons on board sounds a lot like getting shot by a plane that has 2 13 mm HMG on it?
  2. Right, got it. So it was fine that one time they did it but now it is bad and wrong and never to be done again. Cool. I simply can't understand why that might be a problem for people.
  3. So people should post things to the bug reports section to get attention until they post something disagreeable and are told to stop and that posting this kind of thing isn't going to get the devs to move on the issue? I can't imagine why people are a little confused with this whole process. I feel like you think we are expecting imitate action on all our issues. This isn't the case for most people. It is the case, however, that after a year of pointing to this glaring issue with no movement on it at all people are starting to lose patience. This is compounded when a person in thei
  4. The reason you don't find much in the way of satisfactory fragmentation damage from a round like the 13mm round is the mass of the round. There just isn't that much material to turn into shrapnel. The whole round is only 34 grams and about 2 of those grams are the HE filler; so you have about 32 grams of metal that can become shrapnel. For reference this is a little more metal that is found in a AA battery. Contrast that with the Hispano 20mm HE round, that was notable for very good shrapnel production, at 260 grams 14 of which were explosive filler leaving 246 grams to be zipped about as shra
  5. Sucks to suck I guess. Maybe they should just get good too. After all that is what I'm told when the server is stacked 50 to 15.
  6. The reason the 262's are limited, and I am legitimately shocked you couldn't see this on your own, is that even in the hands of a moderately skilled player the plane is nearly impossible to counter. In the hands of someone who is very good with it, like Kruppinski for example, you can run away with 13 kills unopposed in a single hour long sortie. If the 262's were handled like every other plane on this server when they are available you would see them sitting over the top of every Allied spawn point camping the server into the grave. In short, the damn things just don't make for fun game play
  7. Seeing as the server opps have no intention of making a historical simulation on their server based on the mission lay out and plane sets, I'm almost certain I've seen them say that somewhere, none of that historical data maters in this context. The fact remains that in terms of in game impact and performance the 262 is in no way comparable to the Tempest and the closest counter part to the Tempest is either the 109K4 or the 190D9. Now factor in to the matter that the number of every plane available, with the exception of 262's for reasons that should be obvious, is unlimited currently and it
  8. Han said this in the bug reports section when this damage disparity and the general under performance of the AP HMG rounds were brought up. How it was determined that an insignificant HE charge should make a hole this big when rounds packing ten times that much demonstrated this same characteristic, I cannot even begin to speculate.
  9. The reason the 13mm rounds are so much more effective in the game is they are doing damage, according to the devs, that is equal to the damage done by 20mm HE rounds in testing done during and after the war. They have said that a 13mm HE round will punch a 300mm hole in a plane; and if you know how to get 2 grams of PETIN to make that kind of hole when packed into a 13mm cavity I'm sure there are people that would like to talk to you. You could place such weapons in any location on a plane and as long as you could bring them onto target they would be as effective as they currently are.
  10. They went with the internal gun configuration that the G-6 had because the gun-pods, both under wing and center mounted, were objectively bad for maneuverability and speed; a problem not evident in the game as a 109 with underwing pods is as maneuverable as ever but that isn't the point. The final nail in the coffin for this project was the MK-108 cannons coming on line. As much is said in this video. The whole idea behind the cannon pod was to give the plane more firepower and that was better achieved with a bigger gun. This holds with German design philosophy from the war as well: Keep the p
  11. If the Tempests are to be limited, surely the K4's would have to be limited too. While the Tempest is a fine plane it is in no way comparable to the 262. Personally, I think it would be a great idea to limit the top end planes of every plane set. It would add verity to the fighting, rather than just seeing the best plane each side has to offer slugging it out. It would also be nice to see a roll out on the optional extras for more planes, gun pods and so on.
  12. Is asking for a fix for a problem that has been identified, explored, and known for a year that effects multiple planes really rushing anyone at this point? I mean, it isn't like all of this is happening the day after the DM 'upgrade' was rolled out. I kind of feel entirely justified in asking for a fix at this point, being a paying customer and all. Similarly I understand the frustration in the total lack of movement on this issue; the issue that has been an issue for a year now. Other issues have been fixed, entire new mechanical systems have been put into the game and revised in this same y
  13. You are missing the point; perhaps intentionally but I can't tell. The point is, in very simple terms, the devs have displayed a willingness to make 'short term' 'make do' fixes in the game while the work on the issue at hand is done for a permanent fix. At least they have been willing to do this for 5 planes. Now it has been demonstrated that there is an issue in the AP ammo as it pertains to causing aerodynamic and other damage and a lacking of the historically correct kind of ammunition and this issue affects 8 planes and is likely to effect an additional 4 planes that are under development
  14. Sure, every round shouldn't be a fight ender, but the little effects that even the simple bullet sized holes should add up eventually and they simply aren't. And has been outlined in the 6 pages proceeding this one many of the rounds hitting a plane aren't going to be leaving a simple bullet sized holes but all kinds of aerodynamically unkind gashes in the skin. But we are doing it again. Talking in circles like we have been for the better part of the year that this has been an issue in the game. If only someone could break the cycle... If only someone had that power... Oh well. I like circles
  15. As it applies to planes I imagine the time factor is the key still. An explosion may well rip open the fuel tank but the time that energetic reaction is going on is so short if the conditions are not already present and ideal to start a fire you won't end up with a fire by the time the reaction is ended. If the incendiary charge takes 10 times as long to burn all of the reagents, for example, it has 10 times as much time for the conditions needed to develop. Additionally, you have the greater thermal aspect of the reaction working to the advantage of an incendiary round. Given the nature of in
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