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  1. 8X MSAA and SS150 with the Reverb looks amazing, but can only do 1 vs 1 dogfight with no clouds, or else its a slide show. And this with a 2080Ti, so yes in my case I would like a super powerful graphics card to be able to run Il2 at this quality.
  2. I am with you here , either a 3080Ti (I assume they make one) or a 3090. Want to see the reviews of how good is for VR.
  3. From 5KM and closer, and its much better than before, you dont loose planes so easy against the ground, but planes are way to easy to see compared to real life past 5KM, seeing a single engine plane at 10KM should be very difficult, its like being on the ground and be able to see a P51 flying at 33,000ft, or 20,000ft even, and in game we can easily see them that far. Still this is a great improvement from what we had before.
  4. Same here, dont not like it at all.
  5. I also pre ordered it, have not received this e mail. Dont have high hopes, probably will receive it late November, I guess, same as a 3090 hopefully.
  6. I have been wishing for an option for the player to be able to turn ON or Off the propeller animation, since in real life 99% of the time you dont see your own propeller or other airplanes propellers, and the 1% is when sun is at low angles and even then looks way different than what we have in game.
  7. If you see the poll 64% of people like the way things are modeled with G tolerances, you must not really like it by seeing how much you insist.
  8. This is the only aspect of the Gs simulation I would like to be addressed, rest is great IMHO.
  9. Will the 3090 fit in a same motherboard as a 2080? is it the same kind of connector? Will it be compatible with Gigabyte Z370 AORUS GAMING mbo? https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Motherboard/Z370-AORUS-GAMING-WIFI-rev-10#kf
  10. Most Red Bull air racer pilots and Reno air racer pilots are in their late 50s and even 60. When some people say they are better pilots than the average WWII pilot, please this is just a game, not even close to reality of war ,not physical at all,not dangerous at all, its pretty easy, and you have infinite times to die and re start. FM is a lot easier also , the torque, the tricky tail wheel handling is simplified for playability, or else half the guys will die trying to take off or land a virtual 109. With that being said, I think its an awesome game, the best WWII sim/game specially in VR, and developers are making it better and better. If some people insists on having Ace G tolerances,(Which I definitely dont agree, instead of average pilots, this will be a sim of only aces pilots, kind of arcade and not realistic at all) In that case every time our virtual pilot dies , our new pilot should get the G tolerances of a newbie, not even the average pilot.
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