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  1. Used was replaced 3 weeks ago, (have receipt) like new. $350 + shipping.
  2. I dont have the option of VR Graphics , do you have it?
  3. I was just going to cancel my G2 order (Have the G1) but order already shipped. Will probably keep the G2 and sell the G1 which was replaced just a month ago. How does the G2 runs compared to the G1?
  4. Wind noise increases exponentially with speed. Even diving at full power, at 700kph wind noise will be very very loud.
  5. Sorry didn't want to offend you, and do not doubt your flying experience, I just think this can confuse the other members of the community.
  6. This is key, now all of a sudden we have few experts pilots that now how loud or quiet plane are, love the complaints, my ears hurt, I am getting tired and cannot play IL2 anymore? Someone can get ride on a P51 once, and become an expert, did you dive to 400mph? Wind sounds are great in game, if at all they should be even louder at top speeds. How do I know? the wind noise saved my life when I was a beginner pilot, and tried descend thru a hole in the clouds (clouds do move) and I dove towards the hole, in a high bank angle, was starting to spiral and fixated on the hole, wind noise became super loud, this is when I looked at the ASI , was over redline I assume more than 400KPH, I straightened the aircraft , pulled power , and started to pull very gently ,so my first instrument meteorological experience was at VNE (never exceed speed) on a bank (scary). Wind noise is loud and gives a pilot a cue of the speed, want a sim , want to experience how it was, this is how it should be.
  7. This sentence is key, thanks for doing this, the wind sounds are very loud in real aircraft, specially at high speeds. People who complain about the wind sound that have never been on a prop plane at 300KPH or faster, needs to be more open minded, sorry if you want to hear the engine, but its a simulator and from 300KPH onwards it gets very loud in real aircraft , its actually a good cue for the pilot (you dont fly looking at the airspeed indicator all the time, do you?). WWII fighters and military planes are also different than GA airplanes, Cessnas and Beechcraft have insulation for sound, between the panels and the aluminum skin, some even have inflatable door seals, and they have less powerful engines, fighters are bare metal, no insulation so are a lot louder. Part of the fatigue for the pilot was the loud engine and wind noise, after a flight and landing everything feels very quiet , this is realistic now.
  8. I rather have less content (Planes) but even more detailed (hydraulic damage, fuel management etc.) and realistic G forces FM and DM, (which are great now) than a ton of airplanes not detailed and simplified , there is War Thunder for that, please DO NOT go that route. I would not play this sim if it goes the simplified route.
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