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  1. I have a friend who had a P47 for real, apart from P51s and many other warbirds. He tried it in VR in IL2 and said performance and handling was pretty realistic, he was impressed. Although he didnt dive it at high speeds or turned it real slow with flaps because he did not do that in real life. The cockpit and sounds are real nice in Il2. With that being said, the damage model is fragile, engine is fragile, wings are fragile, so in that respect a disappointment. Many topics about the P47 DM in the forums.
  2. Thanks for your great work. That kind of weather will add some immersion. Also any plans to add Prokhorovka map?
  3. What about higher overcast ceiling, like 3,000 meters?
  4. I was hoping P 47 DM was going to be revised before the release of BOBP, but still the same. BOBP work is not finished yet as improvements are being made, so still there is hope the P47 is not forgotten and left like this. Its DM and wing breaking clean out of the root, its an immersion killer .
  5. Snow weather . If you do snow weather without precipitation (snow falling) it would be a great overcast setting. And if you can do it on a non snowed map would be even better. Much better than what we have now in game forecast, can this be done in PWCG?
  6. Is it possible to edit some file and do 3AA instead of 2AA or 4AA?
  7. 3.08 had the best damage model IMHO. But later on was changed. Some wings in some airplanes are too weak, P47, FW190, ME110s, wing come apart clean from the root too easily, seeing a big explosion before they whole wing comes apart would make it more believable to the eyes.
  8. I shoot a flare and the gun stays in the cockpit. I assigned remove flare gun key command via keyboard, and two different joysticks and in keymapping screen the commands work. But in game they dont. So once I shoot a flare I am stuck with the flare gun in the cockpit. Any ideas how to fix this?
  9. Great addition, thanks. Is there a way to increase their voulme a bit? With new sound engine , they are quite low.
  10. Did some more testing in 60Hz. Its super smooth , and very clear. The problem I have is that depth looks a bit strange, no anomalies, or artifacts whatsoever This is how I can explain it. If I close one eye , looks perfect, depth, colors , clear, everything, with both eyes open , depth perception looks strange fish eye. Dont know if this is possible to fix or not, 3D Migoto had one eye mod?
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