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  1. Maybe have 3 maps then, the big one and two smaller ones, no idea if it is possible or too late now though.
  2. For me its not a problem in VR. Yes sometimes a scratch looks like a contact, but funny enough that also happens in real life, a scratch, bug, or dirt looks like another far away plane. I think the effect looks great
  3. Maybe they are looking into it to help visibility of the contacts ? which is pretty bad.
  4. Il2 runs 10 times better in VR in my PC than DCS does. Also looks better.
  5. To drive the tank, fire and look for targets, how does it work? I drive then switch position? to gunner? then the tank will stop? Then to commander? then cannot fire or drive? Can I do all from commander and gunner view? Or do I have to give commands?
  6. I suggested in C BOX to add wind and turbulence now and then, and many people complained saying no, and asking why did I wanted it.
  7. Not that I have noticed.
  8. Better overcast mod is great. Much better than default overcast.
  9. Reverb at 60 Hz very smooth and great resolution. You need to run a previous version of WMR and Windows 10, because the latest one give you distorted graphics
  10. Terrible performance. Was pretty happy with latest Nvidia drivers, then downloaded Nvidia inspector and played around to make VVR work. Now I get terrible performance, not only Il2, my whole computer. In Il2 when I start a quick mission , starts in slow motion, then 2x times faster, then normal, and its a stutter fest. Went back to older drivers and that did not helped. Uninstalled Nvidia inspector, but there are some files that the PC wont let me uninstall. Any ideas are welcomed.
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