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  1. Agreed 100% avoiding wake turbulence in a fighter is a big part of flying and specially dogfighting that its missing in IL2. In the sim you can cross the wake turbulence or even just sit at dead six of the enemy plane and you feel nothing. I wonder how difficult will it be to model it, hope they can do it some day.
  2. I agree with the OP, cannot fly without SimShaker anymore (also a real warbird pilot here) specially I like the AoA feel, its great, it gives you feedback as a real plane gives you feedback. Engine rumble, hits, flaps etc, makes the simulation a lot more immersive specially in VR. The G forces in Simshaker I toned them down quite a bit, they do help for sure and gives you an advantage, but in real life your plane is not shaking when you are pulling high Gs, on the other hand I think its impossible to simulate G forces on a home simulator, so at least we have some sort of feedback.
  3. This looks great, the fog, haze, light, and very realistic IMHO, good job, wish I could test the VR clouds, but will be out of the country until mid March.
  4. Used was replaced 3 weeks ago, (have receipt) like new. $350 + shipping.
  5. I dont have the option of VR Graphics , do you have it?
  6. I was just going to cancel my G2 order (Have the G1) but order already shipped. Will probably keep the G2 and sell the G1 which was replaced just a month ago. How does the G2 runs compared to the G1?
  7. Wind noise increases exponentially with speed. Even diving at full power, at 700kph wind noise will be very very loud.
  8. Sorry didn't want to offend you, and do not doubt your flying experience, I just think this can confuse the other members of the community.
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