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  1. PST time live in Seattle, I also see a big difference between the quality of pilots at different times, also fly in VR mostly Germans 190 A3 or 109 F4 Do you have Discord? Also fly a Cessna 182 and a CJ6 Nanchang, love Mooneys , just posted a video in the free subject section.
  2. Plane CJ6 Nanchang military trainer Engine 9 cyl radial Pilot SCG_motoadve Camera SCG_motoadve Editor SCG_motoadve
  3. The legend of Y29 mission its about an airfield attack. In this case , are we allowed to shoot planes on the runway? On January 1st 1945 the Luftwaffe launched Operation Bodenplatte, an all out attack on the Allied front line airfields. The Fw 190s and Bf 109s of JG-11 arrived at Asch just as the 487th FS of the 352nd FG were rolling down the runway; the ensuing battle came to be known as the Legend of Y-29. The pilots of the 487th Fighter Squadron took off under fire, and with the help of eight P-47s of the 366th (already in the air), the 487th shot down 23 German fighters out of 61 attackers. Several pilots made 'Ace' status that day; two had four confirmed kills apiece. For their performance the 487th received the only Distinguished Unit Citation given to a fighter squadron in the European theater.
  4. This version is fantastic, thank you! Clouds look soft and love the grey sky, good job.
  5. What % of 262s do we have in TAW? compared to historically the % that were available historically in this period? At mission start can the 262s be parked outside or in hangars in their airfields, so the allies have a chance to attack them before they even are chosen by a player? That would make for historically fun air fields attacks, and also German fighter be on the lookout for attackers.
  6. My gamma is .8 which is already low , which works best with the HP Reverb. Here is a shot over the clouds. Looks over exposed.
  7. Love the clouds and grey sky, however under the overcast or heavy clouds, there is a very bright white haze that looks very un natural, also the color of the terrain below looks bright, like if it was being hit directly for the sun light. Thanks for the mod.
  8. This is awesome, been waiting for this for ages! Thanks for the mod. Will this be a separated mod? So far I use Better overcast, and really like it.
  9. Please can you let the developers even finish the new DM,? You are already arguing and is not even done yet.
  10. Do you have any links to videos of P47s and P51s being de winged by 30mm hits? I would be interested in seeing them.
  11. Will this work with Windows Mixed Reality headsets like the HP Reverb?
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