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  1. Then they seem fine and might be a matter of aim, and convergence. Have not had any issues in MP showing that .50s are weak either. Another possibility its maybe the people having problems are with high ping connection? Are people also complaining about the effectiveness of .50s in single player? If that is the case , proper convergence and deflection shooting, actually makes .50s very effective.
  2. For that amount is totally worth pre ordering. In the US pre order is $599 and seems to be the retail price will be $599 so no advantage to pre ordering other than getting it quicker, someone correct me if I am wrong.
  3. Must be a MP issue, testing the P47 in quick missions against 109s and 190s I would get 4 to 6 kills consistently, many of those planes set on fire, .50s seems lethal. .50 cals convergence is important , also deflection shooting helps.
  4. I dont trust his reviews anymore, everything new its amazing and mind blowing. I will probably get the G2 anyway but not pre order it.
  5. You might have Simplified physics checked, I just tried it in a Mig and blacked out like it was before the patch. Works fine on my end.
  6. Torque is very under modeled in Il2 series. And torque is something that you needed to master. I wish some day they increase torque, it would add lots of realism. Some might not like it, but unlike real pilots , they have infinite amount of planes and lives to learn it in IL2.
  7. People posting about VR are interested, this is why they post, are potential customers, its good for TF to know lots of people want VR implemented, no reason to get mad at them. I just re installed Blitz to get back into it, its a great sim, but 2D and hatswitch view was like going back to the 1990s, and this confirmed I am used to VR now. I am sure Desert Wings will be amazing, this guys have been working hard, lots of passion has been put into it, and they already mention VR will be ready by the end of the year.I will buy it to support it from the start.
  8. When Desert Wings gets VR, will that allow us to play Blitz in VR also?
  9. Once you get used to VR is hard to go back to 2D, I sold my Track IR, so as soon as its in VR I will buy it. It says will be included.
  10. No I am talking about P38s, P51s, and Tempest, BOX already has late war historical matches. Again like the server except when we have those missions, IMHO no need to add those planes.
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