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  1. II./JG77_motoadve


    Something in favor of AI in a way seem more realistic the maneuvers they do , at least they looks real. Go to Berloga and you see some stuff that is totally unrealistic. Never ever seen a gun cam footage of that type of maneuvers. Impossible for real pilots to pulls those Gs turn after turn after turn and even looking backwards sometimes.
  2. II./JG77_motoadve

    Sell Throttle GVL

    I will post a picture when I receive them and install them.
  3. II./JG77_motoadve

    Sell Throttle GVL

    Looks great!
  4. II./JG77_motoadve

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    Dont care for the start, but fuel management is important, you get hit in the left fuel tank, switch to that one until runs empty, then switch to the right one to keep flying. This could be complicated or not, dont know if how many tanks some of the planes had and also which ones had an electric fuel pump you need to turn on when switching tanks. But just a simple modelling left and right tank management would be really an improvement. I prefer this to new planes or tanks.
  5. II./JG77_motoadve

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    Red Baron 1997
  6. No it does not, 109 E 7 yes, 109 K yes. The G models , you get a message engine overheat in tech chat and see the gauge and its in the same place below the red.
  7. II./JG77_motoadve

    T-34 2018 Movie

  8. Temperature gauge on 109 not working (works on the 109K only.)
  9. II./JG77_motoadve

    T-34 2018 Movie

    This one is a good movie.
  10. We have the very same setup even the GVL 44 , I should receive this month. Something that made a world of difference in the Odyssey + was putting the velour padding, replacing the original, not only more comfortable, but your eyes are closer to the lenses and the sweet spot its increased by a lot, plus the gap under the nose is gone. Totally worth it.
  11. II./JG77_motoadve


    I am not referring to your case, just in general.
  12. II./JG77_motoadve


    I have seen the 109 AI flying vertical, but never do a left shallow climbing turn which is meant to leave most russian fighter in the dust if you try to follow. Have any of you seen AI doing this?
  13. II./JG77_motoadve


    People get lost in perspective. Fun is what matters. MP guys think they are cooler and more skilled than SP guys, skills? who cares? is just a game not real life. If guys are having fun in SP let them. I used to like SP, but with the AI being so easy , it became boring and very unrealistic to me doing a career and coming back with 3 or more kills every mission. Better AI I will be back in SP. So nowadays I fly mostly MP, TAW can be very immersive (its about surviving) but still dont think any less of SP players.
  14. II./JG77_motoadve

    Effects of Inertia on pilots head

    I agree is not realistic, I fly a real warbird and 2 days ago while doing loops, rolls, immelmans, spins and splits S. Was thinking exactly this, would be nice if this was modeled and make it more realistic. Technology is there but you will hear complaints to no end, like right now some people who fly VR complain that they cannot check six and are asking for some sort of implementation. I fly in VR , and Checking six in VR is very realistic, this is exactly how it is in real life, even a bit easier since you are not strapped to your seat. Only hardcore simulator fans will enjoy this, but the gamers wont,and they will whine.