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  1. Comparing a rested , trained, with a slower and lighter plane aerobatic pilot to WWII pilots , with long missions, long days, combat stress and faster heavier airplanes is not a fair comparison. Aerobatic pilots have a routine, the onset of the G pull is anticipated, WWII you were fighting for your life or to kill and enemy either evading or attacking, improvising maneuvers on the go, one after the other, not setting for up each maneuver like an aerobatic pilot do for his routine, the aerobatic is prepared before the G force pull,he can anticipate, he trained and knows, what each maneuver will feel like one after the other. This is a WWII simulator. Seat angle of the airplanes I dont know how much of a difference will make and if the developers have modeled this into pilot physiology or not, would be nice , so some planes might have a slight advantage over others like IRL. Here is a study. In itself, high speed does not produce harmful symptoms. What can be dangerous are high accelerations; expressed as multiples of gravity, or g's. In pulling out of a dive, for example, a pilot may be subjected to an acceleration as high as 9 g. If a force of 4 to 6 g is sustained for more than a few seconds, the resulting symptoms range from visual impairment to total blackout. Protection is provided by a specially designed outfit, called an anti-g suit, which supplies pressure to the abdomen and legs, thus counteracting the tendency for blood to accumulate in those areas. Proper support of the head is essential during extreme acceleration in order to avoid swelling of the sinuses and severe headaches. While facing backward in a seated position, properly supported human test subjects have been able to tolerate a deceleration force of 50 g without severe injury. [The first paragraph of this student's essay is entirely plagiarized from the Aerospace Medicine entry in Funk & Wagnall's Encyclopedia. I did not discover this until a year after it was submitted.] The acceleration that causes blackouts in fighter pilots is called the maximum g-force. Fighter pilots experience this force when accelerating or decelerating quickly. At high g's the pilots blood pressure changes and the flow of oxygen to the brain rapidly decreases. This happens because the pressure outside of the pilot's body is so much greater than the pressure a human is normally accustomed to. One human body handles g's different then another. The areas that are under investigation of the maximum g-force are: seat back angle, layoff (time away from the cockpit), and comparison of female to male tolerance/endurance. Work on a special suit to increase the g's a human body can handle had started during World War Two. Pilots at that time experienced blackouts when coming out of fast turns or when dropping altitude quickly. The work on special g-suits still continues today. Modern fighter pilots can handle g's that a human body would never have been able to tolerate previously. Phillip Andriyevsky -- 1998 Aerospace Medicine" Encarta. Redmond, WA: Microsoft, 1997. "If a force form 4 to 6 G is sustained for more than a few seconds, the resulting symptoms range from visual impairment to total blackout." Aerospace Medicine. Funk & Wagnall's Encyclopedia. "If a force of 4 to 6 g is sustained for more than a few seconds, the resulting symptoms range from visual impairment to total blackout." 4–6 g
  2. Setting trim for take off is part of checklist of the preflight routine. I make a habit of setting trim for take off in the sim and in real life.(In the sim I put it on neutral, have not seen a mark for take off trim) Wrong trim can be scary in real life ,once I got my plane worked on , and the mechanic serviced the trim. He re assembly it backwards, so on take off it was nose down, I got a nasty surprise when airborne , the plane dived down instantly after being in ground effect and it took a quick reaction and lot of strength not to crash back into the runway.(was a close one).
  3. You cannot be doing a 500 or 600 kmh do hard break and not get a blackout, that kind of flying worked before but was very unrealistic. Defensive maneuvers do work now, you can try scissors ,rolling scissors and you can evade, have done it online against Yak 1Bs, Tempest and P51s and it worked, before it was useless because the other plane was glued to your tail no matter what. Modify your style, and you will get rewarded, now you need to fly more like real pilots do.
  4. So why not leave it to the developers and trust their job.
  5. We are fortunate to have a sim evolving to be more realistic, its an option, its affecting some flying styles which used to take advantage when this was not modeled, , now they are blacking out often , kills dont come as easy anymore ,so some people want it modified , so you can pull higher Gs. Which means again super human pilots, UFO maneuvers etc, immersion killer and unrealistic. Its the same physics for everyone, level game, just more realistic flying, less gamey. Instead of asking for modifications, why not adapt your flying styles to a more realistic flying, if turning it OFF is not an option, learn to take advantage of it, its very rewarding , more tactical and fun.
  6. Thanks for the replies, been very useful and I have proven them online, and this tips do work. So we cannot use 100% power above 6,000 meters? just combat power? Do this tips also applies to the G14? How different is the G 14?
  7. Oxygen system hits are rare, I got once a message in a Yak 1 B ,Oxygen system hit, or something like that.was at high alt, but nothing happened since it was not modeled at the time. But now that is modeled I wonder how is the lack of oxygen on the pilot at high altitudes. Anyone have experienced it?
  8. Why do people distrust the developers decisions so much? They want to debate it to no end. People who dont like it just turn it off, if you play SP or in MP look for servers that have this option off. Read the book the big show, Pierre Closterman he blacked out many times in dogfights. Steinhoff also talks about blacking out in another book. Plenty of accounts of fatigue G forces and blacking out. That text does not mean anything, trying to impress saying is evidence , there were hundreds pilots accounts in WWII talking about blacking out in lots of books. For me no turning back to the old pilot physics model.
  9. Actually higher speeds is where blackouts happens more often, you cannot have high speeds and Gs and not blackout, that is how it was before and we used to see all those incredible and unrealistic maneuvers, which ruined immersion big time.We dont see them anymore, and now looks like WWII guncam footage. This is not an aerobatic simulator where pilots train for aerobatics and G forces and are rested, have lighter airplanes that fly slower. This was war, long missions, no rest, long days, strees of combat, fatigue, faster airplanes, very hard controls at speeds which requires effort and makes you tired already. I fly for real and fly often, and can tell you G forces gets you tired, and faster speeds require lots of strength to pull maneuvers, and G forces happen easier at higher speeds , add to this long flights , fatigue and being shot at. Asking for fitter pilots is like asking what we had before, superhuman pilots. I recommend adapting the flying style to a more realistic flying, which is what we have now.
  10. Not boring , much more realistic and fun, now you fly and think like a real pilot, and defensive flying now works, like sissors etc do work now, you can get rid of your opponent , has been fun fighting Yak 1Bs online and beat them at their game. Current limits are spot ON in my opinion. No more UFOs. You always have the option to turn it off.
  11. I hope developers dont change the physiology. Dont want to fly again in MP against UFO maneuvers. The way MP feels right now is pretty realistic, why people want to change it? Also to compare a WWII fighter with an aerobatic pilot is not a fair comparison. An aerobatic pilot trains for it, is rested , is not scared and being shot at, goes up do their routine and lands, no long missions, lighter and control surfaces, slower speeds, lighter airplanes, all that allows the aerobatic pilot to pull higher Gs. If some people want UFO maneuvers again and thinks that is how it used to be, then turn Physiology OFF , go fly in a server with that option OFF. Or play SP with option OFF. Lots of people posted they are liking it a lot, its very popular ,as always a few want to debate and start showing evidences and all, trying to convince developers they are right.
  12. Thanks for taking the time and post this. Excellent advice.
  13. Its not that bad of a turning fighter surprisingly, but I dont see it out climbing Spit 9s. Was in a fight against 3 planes ,a Spit 9 , P47 and P51 on the deck, initially tried to outclimb the Spit 9 ,and it did not worked, Spit gained on me, then started turning, it was doing pretty good and evading,until after all this turning I blacked out , was shot down while sleeping, Spit also blacked out and crashed. Does it out climb P51s, P38s or Tempests? What are its weaker points and strengths ?
  14. With my Pimaxx customer experience of lies and delays, when I ordered mine, which they sent the headset only as soon as I canceled my order, they never replied e mails, and to get a refund I had to do a claim via PayPal to get my money back. I am not buying Pimaxx ever!
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