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  1. No offical answer for this issue? It is quite strange. Everything was fine before I updated video card driver. why the BOS need dx11.dll?
  2. I updated My nVidia driver to version 355.82 for windows 10. But when I start the BOS. It kept telling me Entry Point NOT FOUND!, What is wrong? ROF is OK, Only BOS gave me this error
  3. NEXT must be another Eastern Theatre! I just hope it will be some battle in 1944, such as Operation Bagration
  4. If they have more time to develop flyable Ju52, I hope they can develop more unflyable plane.
  6. You really don't need download, because you can find a file called DServer.exe in /bin/game folder.
  7. ? only P-40?? No any update on BOS? What is your next step to improve BOS?
  8. BearCat, It is clear a lot of players will keep asking for the FMB and Dserver until it is released. The reason is simple, without these two main parts, BOS is always a semifinished stuff. The biggest task for the developer should be finishing the BOS as soon as possible, not start a new project. BOM? it is correct direction. But I don't want two semifinished productions.
  9. That is good news, However, I am not so care about the future, I hope you guys can finished the BOS development, such as FME, DSever and FM fix, as soon as possible. If NOT, I don't think there are not so many users will buy BOM....
  10. Yes, I belive zak and the developers. If you doubt the FM, SHOW the Data you have. We cannot say it is wrong just because it cannot fly as we expect.
  11. I don't think most of the people who purchased BOS want it to be a flight training sytem. They just want a stuff same as old IL2. A kind of game or sim that can let player focus on the combat , not a complicated cold start procedure. No doubt, BOS does provide some parts. But BOS missed DS server, FULL ME. The worst part is the UNLOCK system. The developers ever remove 4x time compress to force the player to play the boring single play campaign. That crosses the red line...
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