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  1. Ala13_ManOWar + BoN Thanks for the initiative man . S!
  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Terrific!!
  3. :lol: :lol: Bueno, seguimos sin cambiar de bando por la campaña que esperábamos volar con vosotros, a partir de Septiembre a ver si retomamos la idea, pero ya sabes que no somos exclusivos . S!
  4. Pues está complicado volar la campaña. Esta noche estamos intentando entrar y después de muchos intentos lo hemos conseguido, pero ha costado al menos media hora. Supongo que es tema de misión muy cargada, mucha gente dentro del servidor e intentando entrar a la vez, y cosas por el estilo, pero si esto es así habitualmente desde luego no es nada práctica la campaña. Es una pena, pero si en una noche consigues volar una salida con suerte después de media hora, o más, intentando entrar, echándote el servidor una y otra vez, cuando consigues entrar no te deja espawnear, a veces se queda bloqueado el botón de comenzar y hay que salir y volver a entrar… En fin, un desastre, se te quitan todas las ganas de volar. S!
  5. Pues qué bien. Bueno a ver si la próxima . S!
  6. ¿Cómo os está yendo el último parche? Parece que ha mejorado la fluidez bastante, aunque personalmente aún no lo he probado a fondo. S!
  7. Of course you did, that's fine. But coming to say Lagg-3 works flawlessly after doing what others found before to work isn't "doing nothing at all" . I usually have no problems landing or taxiing but I have a bunch squadmates some newbies and some coming from old simulators and they do have problems, should I say everything is perfect and nothing happens at all because I can do it myself? That's my point. S!
  8. Yeah mate, nice landing. Funny enough you had no problem doing exactly what you have been told a hundred times before, you even look for 20% power after touch down what isn't need at all in 109 to land properly. Yeah, first time, and yeah you "did nothing" to land perfectly and make a video "showing your mastery" . S!
  9. Well yes, technically you should be able but IRL not all the countryside is suitable and not all the aeroplanes are prepared to do so. Also remember about that "all directions" they used circular airfields to be able to do so, here in BoS we only have runway airfields available. S!
  10. If that's the reason they didn't achieve it, I can take off easily out of the field. S!
  11. Is it untrue? Was it their goal ever? Is it any bad? Whatever, I can enjoy any sim I want the way I want like everybody here. Can't I? S!
  12. Of course mate, your opinion is fine . I don't try to "know" what's on devs head, but they are clearly aiming different things, isn't it? Il-2 never intended the hardcore flight simulation at all, they didn't even tried to go for the clickable cockpit and full systems resemble, that's right? So they have different goals in mind, and it's fine there are different options out there. I don't agree with you in the "better scenery", well if you mean about map theatre yes, definitely BoS and BoM have their adequate and logical maps, but if you mean how they look IMO right now DCS engine looks way better (and more realistic now we talk about realism) than the comic like graphics in BoS/BoM and that's with a 10 years old map. Of course realistic doesn't mean prettier, but RL isn't so pretty many times. I see them both quite different what doesn't means we can't use them both and get the better of everyone, but BoS isn't a hardcore simulator at all IMO nor they wanted it to be I think. And that's fine of course, just every sim has their taste and not everything has to be ultrahardcore looking for the ultimate realism. S!
  13. Nice story by the way . I think you mean C-47? Old argument, yes they were in a Spit in 20 hours, but no, Spit wasn't their first ride, they learnt to fly in some others aircraft and that wasn't just 20 hours. They already knew how to fly when they reached Spit, it was just too soon to go into combat with it. IRL a tail dragger is tough to handle and that's plain truth, just BoS behaviour IMO is weird and doesn't match that tough RL, BoS is tough in a different way and that's weird. But still BoS can be easily mastered IMO. They are incomparable at all, one a thorough study sim looking for absolute realism with the pros and cons that means, the other a more generic sim looking for playability and oriented to a wider players range. They just aim different goals and it's even unfair trying to compare. It's true there will be a problem, as time goes by they will cross each other at some point, theatres of war, aircraft models… and comparisons will come. But it's soon yet I think and even then they aim for so different kind of players they both will have their own followers. S!
  14. You can give a try, DCSW base is free and you get a TF-51 . Anyway I don't fully agree, you know DCS comes from LOMAC and they were and still are quite focussed in combat, just jet combat until few time ago, and now they are able to enhance the realism with current PCs they are doing so also going into prop combat (and we agree still lacks some points but they are on it). People seems to forget we asked for that realism all the time since old Il-2, of course with Oleg ignoring us , but that was the reason behind CloD try (and they failed miserably ). Yes, Targetware was quite nice, it's really a pity it's over now. I would like to give a try again to Targetware, shame I didn't saved the files, but now having something like DCS I think it was probably still far away, may be something like BoS is, just BoS and Targetware were focussed in different realism point of view, so they look for it in a different way IMO. Still Targetware were a community project, we can't compare with a professional dev. S!
  15. You mean torque as DCS is modelled, right? I see many people there despite torque . Funny thing is people there usually talks about how rewarding is learn to master and tame those beasts, with only a few complains. Here I see the complains but I don't see people talking about how rewarding is to tame the sim. May be users age range? Dunno. RL experience here. No, in my own experience BoS ground handling isn't real at all. Have you tried DCS? That's real world, and also no, it's real but IMHO it isn't harder to taxi than BoS at all (may be knowing the real thing helps, Ok, but). Anyway also IMO BoS taxi, even though I don't like very much how it works and I don't find it to be quite real, isn't so tough to master. People just needs to get used to it. The big problem is most people have no experience in going ahead the aircraft and that's what you need, you have to make things in advance forwarding the aircraft reactions. Once you know the behaviour you can easily foreseen what the aircraft needs and act in consequence. So practice, that's all. S!
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