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  1. RogoRogo

    damage on the tiger

    well... if this is a tank SIM as promised.. the AI (or the player) might have been lucky and hit a weakspot (a vision port left open, turret optics, commanders hatch ports, flat angle pen into ammunition...) Theorycrafting.. ofc... no valid information about the current state of the damage model atm available (which might be more advanced than its visual representation).
  2. RogoRogo

    Tank Controls Request

    Yes it is (tank control with dual sticks and a throttle is very very immersive.. and fun) - but this should be achievable by native control settings. Your workaround is great and thank you for sharing.. but usage of 3rd party apps and input file swaps on folder-level is exactly that.. a workaround. Works great for you, for some, for most.. but not for all (also, extra RAM usage). But since we already got the separate vehicle tab we should cross our fingers and hope that they separate the tank controls on native level as they should.
  3. RogoRogo

    Turret won't turn using mouse

    Ad an additional information: I stated how problematic the linkage of the turret control motion with the pilot cam in this thread The separate vehicle tab has already become a reality... so fingers crossed the devs also uncouple the turret movement from the pilot head cam so we can fe properly assign a joystick axis to it without 3rd party programs and completely messing up any flight setups.
  4. very good point.. since they are somewhat "latch-layer-tied" to the camer movement they work with absolute movement.. and not relative movement... that is why the turret rotation and elevation currently works with native controls when: bound to a coolie hat bound to mouse and only does work with a stick via a 3rd party program (like joy2key or other)... you can get the binding even to work on axis natively.. but it swivels the viewpoint away into the black framing.. and as soon as you let go.. it snaps back.. the turret and gun never move... For a fix -- IMHO ofc - they need to define separate optional actual controls on the codelevel (expand their control scheme)... they should also really bundle vehicle controls in a separate tab... and maybe also allow an n:m binding
  5. a little update about using the NATIVE controls... On multiplayer servers you can assign the right stick (joy0) to act as a camera mouse... but when taking control of the tank turret this still does NOT move the turret or the gun. When you nestle into the gunsight it swivels away from the black outline overlay.. yet the turret and gun do not move. Using the coolie hat (joy0_b) strangely DOES move the turret and the gun once you have nestled into the gunsight/taken control of the gun.
  6. RogoRogo

    An issue with the future of tank crew

    I think it is safe to say that the player profile and product outline (for the gameplay loop sought and provided) does not overlap for Tank Crew and WarThunder (at this point) and WoT (at all, never). And PostScriptum's tank experience.... is a very mixed bag (PS is primarily a slower paced FPS which allows more teamwork on dedicated servers with the right playerbase). IDK if the IL2 engine would be able to handle more AI pure infantry assets with larger movement and reaction patterns.... but I do know for sure that Tank Crews environment is already far more populated and immersive than what WarThunder (maimed and abandoned) "sim"(in name only) mode provides in combined arms.
  7. RogoRogo

    If it did come to pass

    clientside level streaming?
  8. Thank you. I read your post there, before I made this one (I also did not want to derail that thread because it has a different topic). And your solution overcomes the problem of overwriting Aircraft controls by binding Tank functions quite nicely (but should be adressed by the product in more finished state nonetheless... aka it must be possible to assign keybinds on an n:1 ratio, and not only 1:1 or they must be separated by vehicle class in the controls) But my main query/problem/interest.. and maybe even feature request.. or thought still remains: Getting the tank turret and gun movement controls assigned to a stick It seems that those controls are currently bound to the player camera movement (freelook) - and as soon as you apply the "T" (or your keybind of choice) toggle - the turret, gun, coax (and hull) MG seem to follow the freelook inputs (you can even get the turret and gun to move somewhat with a coolie hat...it just snaps back because of the coolie hat default control settings in IL2). So the turret rotation and gun elevation seems to snatch on player cam movements when the control toggle is applied. So I tried (just for finding out) assigning the camera controls to the joy_axis_ z and y as an alternate keybind. But even that did not succeed (either the input neutering effect or some other input queuing or hardcoded effect). Since I would like to very much keep the mouse for freelook camera controls (or Track IR) I think this is an issue worth adressing - so we have at least the option to assign turret controls separately. @Thad had success using "Joy2Key" for getting a joystick to perform as a mouse.... that does not work reliably in my setup unfortunately.. (also.. this is about how controls might be mapped desirably and workable in the future by the product itself). This forum does not provide a function to crosslink specific posts.. but here is the threadlink:
  9. RogoRogo

    How balanced between arcade and simulator?

    Isn't this a rather massive question like "what is social media"? A sim game (or simulation) is never a "simulator" - and any n-number of design approaches can be a very rewarding simulation game experience. A "sim" uses actual and intellectual player skills (patience, situational awarness aso) over trained muscle memory reflexes (twitch, jerk) and has a PACING that allows the application of the former (and things like tactics, actual teamwork...) And the BoX Series (in the air at high settings) is nothing short of DCS, but the era and the assets and thus their behavior is completely different (just as a Tiger H1 does not compare to a Leopard 2A6). BoX also offers different "gamemode settings" to provide acessibility (DCS does now to with the "Flaming Cliffs" simplified planes) - which might not be necessary in Tank Crew.. since Tanks still can be operated easier in a game than a plane. Tank Crew also offers a rich gaming environment which is populated by both AI assets of various kinds (planes, tanks, guns, trucks, cars, infantry) and other players (planes, tanks). The Wargaming games on the other hand an pure arcade games (that is not a bad thing btw) - they shift various player skills to the game asset level (even eyesight) but still leave room for personal player tactics and teamwork.. but with extremely simplified controls (5-button meme. less player "workload"). And War Thunder.. well.. an arcade game that pretends to be something else... (also a horrible company with horrible owners).. which in the end fails completely at game design and is empty (and successfully got rid of all its potential and its once thriving and likeable sim community). Also... those gamegroups are free2play titles based on exploitation and addiction point mechanics... we should really not compare them in any to the BoX and Dover titles... right?
  10. RogoRogo

    Commander Binoculars ?

    Commander Binoculars would be very helpfull.. with varying degrees of necessary effort.. Starting from an added cam zoom level with a black outline overlay (easy) to added animations (if and after crew modelling is added) going direclty to that overzoom with an intro/outro animation and a more sophisticated bino overlay modelling.. Or am I wrong?
  11. Hello, this might be a little indecent for a first post, but has anyone had any success with using dualsticks for Tank Control? I vaguely remember some youtube video where someone suceeded (maybe via input files) - but cannot find it anymore. The topic is neither urgent nor "we need this nowww..." but it does hold some merit, and Il2 does recognize 2 Joysticks (or even 2 Hotas sets) as joy0 and joy1. And (ofc imho) using sticks for movement AND the turret rotation and gun elevation would make for a very immersive gameplay loop. So far - what I was able to try via the normal keybind settings: assigning Tank movement fw/bw, l+r on the left (joy1)stick on x and y axis assigning Tank movement fw/bw on left stick throttle as an alternate keybind, fw/bw works via throttle (joy1_axis_z) works but throttle even in neutral overrides the sticks y axis (joy1_axis_y) (This might be because Il2 has very precise stick input controls, DCS shows the same behavior where you cannot clone sticks for parallel behavior - they neuter each other) assigning Tank movement fw/bw on right stick throttle as an alternate keybind, fw/bw works via throttle (joy0_axis_z) works and throttle in neutral does NOT override the sticks y axis (joy1_axis_y) assigning Tank control functions to any buttons on both sticks works (fire gun and coax, ranging, reload, ammo change, gunsight nestle, hatches, coolie hat view aso) assigning Turret and Gun control to right stick (joy0) via camera bindings seems to NOT work, I tried everything I could think of. Tested with: 2 Saitek x52 HOTAS, no signalstutter, minimal deadzone for test safety Thank you for any feedback! P.S. And as mentioned in another post on this forum - a separate TANK/VEHICLE control tab would be a very organized feature in the future.