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  1. We all had great fun on the HUERTGEN and BODENPLATTE map missions this evening - some of us got a strike group together via chat and discord - and we met heavy resistance. There were intense dogfights near Aachen and on Bodenplatte all over the place. We had great fun with almost a full server, and when teamstacks got out of hand, the AI supplement immediately kicked in perfectly - so we all stayed for as long as we could. Also all of us on comms liked that the AA is not just scenery - but actually dangerous and a challenge that protects and airfield.. and is a big hurdle to take out on a target airfield . The Canadian and US players that dropped also told me that hey had perfect conditions for play on the KOTA Server, as much as this is the only server where fe for me everything actually renders perfectly (on top of being the ONLY server with RRR ) So thank you and keep up the great work!
  2. Those are very prudent rule changes HRAF! So just in case I will mention them related to spawning an RRR here at the end of the thread too. Vulching any player planes on any airfield that is not marked as "destroyable" on the map is an absolute NoGo! (they are seen as pure spawn airfields that also offer RRR). Any airfield marked as "destroyable" (and offers RRR on top) is seen a a combat airfield / forward airfield - so spawning and using RRR there is at our own risk. You can directly hop to all the rules in the OP post via this link:
  3. I had great fun on the Kerch mission again tonight - including RRR and feeling bad for the Stuka i caugh on the Feldflugplatz. But... he enjoyed the full Feldflugplatz experience too as he told me in chat. Later 2 of us flew on the Don Map - and the 30-40 of us on both sides were ambushing each other and had as many attacks and dogfights as playing mindgames on each other. We really like the targets that matter, things that are not easy to spot, the frontal airfields now having more meaning and all services.. and we are really taken with how immersive it is to RRR at the fields.. and all the decisions related to chosing which will be the right one. Great server - keep up the good work KOTA!
  4. Thanks for the great event HFRAF - everyone seemed to have a lot of fun on both the Huertgen and then Op-Bodenplatte map! I noticed some further question on both teams in chat and in the discord (at least for the allied team) about RRR, so before i forget them.. and although it is late.. I will just copy your guidetext (I hope that is ok for you) and extend it in a separate post for you to have a fixed link (including what you told us in discord before the event started). And again - GREAT fights and fun - THANK YOU! RRR (Repair, Rearm, Refuel) - HowTo use it? (extended, ©HRAF) IL-2 now offers a new function for an immersive gameplay experience with the RRR (Repair, Rearm, Refuel) function. Instead of "respawning", we can experience our planes getting a "scramble turnaround" on the ground. But how can we use this feature and how is it implemented on the KOTA - "Knights Of The Air" Server? First of all you have to identify if an airfield offers - or still offers - RRR Services. That does include forward or mission airfields (but maybe not all of them) - even in partial destruction. The presence of a service are is marked by a GREEN SMOKE COLUMN (green smoke marker). The RRR-area is big, so any scenery next to hangars is included, you have to taxi near the green smoke along the airfield taxiways aso. Also look out for that smoke marker when flying over the airfield, and land in a direction for you to have the shortest taxi to the RRR area. You touch down with your plane and taxi to this area - a brief service message will appear ("You are entering the service area...") and a small green (i)-icon (even with techchat turned off) will appear on the right side of your screen (where the techchat messages normally are), Come to a stop and turn your engine off (stop first, then turn off the engine). You are now able to use the RRR-services. The RRR-services work in IL-2 as follows: REPAIR automatically starts and stops after you have come to a stop and the engine has shut down (in fe cold weather is might repeat minor repairs) REFUEL is started and stopped via Keybind (default bind is "RCtrl + F"), the pilot can precisely control how much fuel to refuel REARM is started and stopped via Keybind (default bind ist "RCtrl +A"), the pilot can decide to fe not reload bombs Bombers - you do not "need" to open the bomb bay for your bombs to reload, although it surely "feels" nice. REFUEL and REARM work simultaneously, so you can start them at the same time. REFUEL has a litres and percentage message so the player can control the amount of fuel the plane takes on. REARM starts with reloading your guns, one by one (in planes with ammo counters you can "see" the belt being unloaded and then reloaded) and then moves on to the bombs, in the bombsight you can "see" the bombs being loaded one by one with the external bombs being the last to be loaded. After all services are finished, do not forget to "reload all guns" aka "cock" them (default keybind is "LAlt + R") and to reset your flaps, taxi back to the runway and take off! The "cocking" is technically necessary at the moment and even has in-cockpit animations and/or sounds on most planetypes. Notice that after "cocking" the game offers you the "do you want to reload" prompt again, but you can safely ignore it. The truck in the RRR-area is the current "service object", it is - currently indestructible (until the mission builder or HRAF have found a way to destroy it and the RRR service and the smoke marker with it). On a cold map Il2 currently starts the repair again even after your plane is repaired - seemingly because fe the cooling system takes slight damage when the engine is not on temperature. So if RRR is done you can ignore that too and just start your engine, taxi and take off. All plane types can be RRR-services on all friendly airfields offering RRR services - current exception is the 262 (immersive explanation - low volume plane with non-disseminated parts and special service requirments, fe jet engine pack swap instead of service). When an RRR-airfield is destroyed (including spawn airfield on many maps) a destruction message appears for both teams as for the other mission targets - the icon remains on the mission map but when you click on that airfield/try to spawn on it you will only get a small black square (a future patch in IL-2 will offer better options - HRAF hopes). All destructable airfields are currently marked with "...-destroyable" on the mission map. To destroy an RRR-airfield you need to really destroy most of it, that may include targets like the NDB (Non Directional Beacon), AA, buildings, hangars, fuel tanks, control towers parked planes and objects in or in front of hangars. So you may look closely around the field or even at a destroyed hangar. The AA at RR-airfields does not respawn or spawn only when the airfield is triggered - once it is destroyed - it stays destroyed. So an empty AA-pit will stay empty! RRR is an integrated feature of KOTA'S quest to be an immersive server - thus we encourage the use of RRR by timer offsets for "instant respawning". Sortie awards currently trickle in later in Il2 - we expect a future patch to solve this. We also hope to maybe provide a better experience by ground crew running around in the service areas in the future - See you in the Skies! default keybinds in IL-2: Right Control + F for REFUEL (RCtrl+F, RStrg+F, F for Fuel) Right Control + A for REARM (RCtrl+A, RStrg+A, A for Ammunition) Left Alt + R for "cocking" weapons / "Reload all guns" (LAlt+R, R for Reload) direct link to this step by step guide: © HRAF, 2019
  5. wait - actually even server admins that specifically tried to get the P-39 Bendix to work (because they use NonDirectionalBeacons on all their airfields for all plane types and sides) never got it to work for the AirCobra. Since the P-39 Bendix is more a less a copy&paste keylog of code with some modifications it is very likely that there is some sort of coincidental typo that has the P-39's Bendix bugged. But - since unfortunately there is no formalized bug reporting system for creating an actual ticket and even creating a forum post according to the template a dev posted "at some time" "somewhere" (maybe not even in the bug reporting session or in some of the more extensive threads) is subject to opinionating of interested IL2 players acting on imperfect information (by defaultr) any bug that is not "on the nose" or only gets noticed by "a minority" can linger for years (as is the case here). What we do know is - it does not work, it does not work via mission builder on a clientside basis and it does not work when a multiplayer server tries to get it to work. The rest is not up to us, since we cannot do anything but try to keep reporting it.
  6. Hello @ROCKET_KNUT - yes that was fun indeed. And no, you do not have to open the bomb bay, the rearming part of RRR works without doing it (it is very immersive though ). Notice that one blue planes you can see the white ammo counters go down ("belt is unloaded") and then creep back up ("fresh belt is reloaded") gun per gun - since not all red planes have counters you can simply wait and enjoy the scenery
  7. and furthere examples how there must be something wrong (maybe just as coindicental and accidental as a decimal typo) with the blue HE filler yield in code atm: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=89501&name=[_FLAPS_]RogoRogo one impact, ONE by a german cannon round (the others were MG hits), in this case like from a 151/20 leads to instant plane destruction and instant pilotkill (ignore the player who did it, although let's say he has somewhat of an attitude history). As for anecdotal evidence how it might be the HE filler code, and not the or any ammunition type code - look at fe at this sortie. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=82196&name=lala9000 This is a random player in a random bomber, his gunners, not the player shooting at a peshka longrange on exfil (both not aware of each other and the latter thinking AA is attacking him) and my peshka in a high closure low 6 pass (so only the bathtub could fire at me), spraying both his wings and engines and trying to hit the gunners (one pass, not more). Notice the long range airkill on the first peshka, the damage difference between my peshka and the 88s gunners - in which I subjectively rate the damage done by my peshka as likely adequate btw. (and for those in the business of goalpost moving, strawmanning and other forms of intentional misinterpretation and misunderstanding here is a disclaimer: gunners have to effective, for many design reasons, and this is not the topic of this remark) Also notice the overspray damage blue-on-blue of one the blue bandits mach1 diving on me and the first one missing me solely due to compression and hitting the 88 hundreds of metres off my wing at this point. Since 1C does not offer any tools for bug reporting or any formalized and structured bug reporting (something which a much much much smaller company like Magnitude 3 LLC manages to achieve with free tools, or almost free since they use functions of the Windows SBS suite) this of course might have a fate like fe the P39's Bendix - unless it would happen to garner a lot of notice, and a lot of threads aso created, it might not even come to the awareness of the product provider. And it is the product provider that would need to look into it, since even datamining would not help find any source issues while acting on imperfect information about intent in design and code versus outcome. That the issue is very much in the awareness of a certain gamer-mindset as an "OP #winharder factor/exploit " to be protected is fe demonstrated by instant narratives like this one: Players throwing each under the bus who were very much coordinating their gameplay to protect their narrative. Well, and this is what makes any further discussion meritless, since the prerequisite for any bug-related discussion, or even the very process of discussion itself is not possible when the social media style exchange behavior of #win and #anythinggoesfordawin trump facts by feelz and the feelz of being subjectively right by quota of populism is preferred to an intersubjective research of factor interdependencies and causalities. Since Il2 is an air combat, tanks, combined arms simulator and not Fortnite, very unfortunate.
  8. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=71081&name=[_FLAPS_]RogoRogo Unlike the impression the log is giving this was a single 20mm hit (witnessed by 2 friendlies right next to my plane) from an intentional PK "specialist" (Berloga trained ?) going for nothing but the armored (and closed) cockpit of my Sturmovik. The behavior shown does not warrant any further comment while the code behavior does. This was the first and only impact, no tracers before or after (save for the rest of the F-4s strangely surgical burst missing my wreck spinning away). Instant PK and instant complete plane destruction, gunner strangely survived completely unharmed (even though the hit was on the armored sections of the cockpit area) and was killed by the "finish mission" bailout into the ground. While inevitable this will be written off as some statistical outlier by the usual contributors it is nothing but another incident showing anything starting from the necessity of further coding QA to hit registration iteration to damage packet queueing revision to a possible decimal typo somewhere.
  9. technical question at BL - descriptive preamble: this sortie: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=67999&name=[_FLAPS_]RogoRogo I was attacked on final (the usual attempted instant PK that seems to be in fashion and trained for atm [40:11 blue:red #nocomment] ) - when my pilot came to after the injury blackout, my transport was still in auto-level in level flight, not streaming, and engines only slighty damaged, attacking plane somehow shot down by my turret (for once, normally they would not take any damage in a high deflection dive aiming for the cockpit.. so purely coincidental [attacker bled energy, leveled and stayed off my left wing for some reason] save for demonstrating the neutral motivation for UI usage). Pilot could not bail (but also not bleeding out), plane control inputs could no longer be given, autolevel could not be disengaged (and transport was trimmed on top so would have kept level flight nonetheless), no more attackers present and transport heading on a vector into an empty part of the map. "Finish mission" also not possible - plane would have continued on a very very very long flight eventually hitting the far far away map border. So I had to "leave server" via UI (not Alt-F4) and got the DISCO sortie attributed to my account log including the 20hr cooldown (working as intended, no irritation from my side). Question: What would have been the correct procedure or is there any intended behavior for a situation like this? @=LG/Dev=Skyman_ @=LG=Kathon
  10. "Weapons controls" - binding for "Reload all guns" Default binding is "LAlt+R"
  11. This normally happens when for either unknown reasons or by pure bad luck a different "quickview centered" was saved for those planes - and there is no reset function. You just have to set and sace the correct INGAME centered view manually ( move head, press F10 - reset viewpoint) or delete the coresponding file in the folder structure to "reset" the view to default (standard caveat disclaimer: at your own risk) - the files will basically recreate themselves when the game is launched again. program files(x86)\1C\Il2\data\LuaScripts\snapviews\lagg3s29.svc program files(x86)\1C\Il2\data\LuaScripts\snapviews\il2m41.svc program files(x86)\1C\Il2\data\LuaScripts\snapviews\<<the other 4 il2 files>>.svc (or in the "steamapps" subfolders if game is run via Steam). Notice: you should make sure all opentrack toggles are far away from native Il2 keybindings.. also the newer opentrack release do support joystick inputs for those toggles.
  12. Well.. purely speaking from memory as a hint for looking it up, so I might be very wrong but AFAIK the RadioPeilKompass was not an ILS-like or supporting device. It was purely for actually finding a location (airfield) via instrumentation by giving you and offset (not a direction to, unlike the Bendix) from and a range towards a radio beacon. This beacon was very often not actually located directly at the airfield (especially if it was a forward airfield, like a "Feldflugplatz" or "Notfeld") but at the nearest facilities handling communication (Funkmesstruppe, Platzleitung or Luftstab aso). Some servers even consider this when they found historical data (KOTA fe IIRC) on some of the mission maps. Thus you navigated to a prominent location or landmark from which you would and could not be mistaken in flying towards the nearby airfield. In Il2 the distance needle does move - sometimes. But as most of the mission maps esp. in Multiplayer have the fields extremely close to the interaction zones you do not cover any distances where it triggers it to move, most of the time. But I am pretty sure that on this forum there are many people with more detailed knowledge and direct links to sources who might want to chime in.
  13. Just to be sure - Did you check the Window 10 "SoundMixer" in the Control Panel when IL2 is loaded? It sometimes randomly lowers the base volume of certain programms (and keeps the setting) - so your sound might be "normal" on Discord, or Youtube or in a different game, yet IL2 might run at 25% of Windows OS base sound volume (and your ingame settings just max it to that value).
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