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  1. well.. I have never encountered really "high level" bombers on a strategic route on KOTA. The bomber formations I saw were sometimes above the cloud layer but way below 5k. Also KOTA always creates missions around historic backgrounds with what the game engine can offer. So (from my PoV) they also try to purvey realism by the AI planes being the least predictable possible and not constantly advertized during a mission - with the players having no information, occasional informaton but always imperfect information about them for immersive reasons. That not only applies to AI planes - I witnessed in a fully populated map mission how exactly that broke any "meta" most loud voices in the community seemingly push or accept for a variety of reasons.and instead created a lot of spontanteous teamwork in chat and unpredictable behavior on both sides on the same map mission from. But when it comes to Bombers, afaik they always go for a marked map target, be it an airfield or something like a depot or industrial - but never a big city per se, and never at that much altitude.
  2. The AI planes on the Bodenplatte and Hürtgen Forest missions are mostly attackers or bombers in attacking mode as far as I know. So from 5k you might have trouble seeing them. Also the "spotting towers" on the ground have a natural delay (to simulate the delay in communications and trickling through the chain of command and different services aso). So from my PoV the high calibre air-bursts and low-calibre tracers are helping with spotting the AI planes.
  3. wow.... what "shows up in this forum" as badges means that a linked account has also recognized purchases cross-plattform (aka eligible for use via the proprietory launcher) usage of the proprietory launcher has the prerequisite of registering any purchases in the il2 game account (to make them plattform independent). This was once done via key extraction (no longer applicable) and now is often not possible (as shop plattforms look for ways to pool-bind potential follow-up purchases. The PDF-guide offered on the IL2-website often does not apply. Keyless steam purchases "should" work in the proprietary launcher.. but they do so arbitrarily. The many scenarios that might happen are shown in the many threads where players have exactly this problem.
  4. as stated fe here (and in many other places available via the search function): The usual procedure would be: log onto the il2sturmovik.com website (not the forum, that is a separate account) with your ingame-credentials (which should be the same as your forum account) - https://il2sturmovik.com/account/login/ merge this website account with your steam account (that is an option offered on the first login) Alternatively: sign in via steam on https://il2sturmovik.com/account/login/ and merge the other way round (probably the better way) - your game credentials are now your steam-credentials check your profile on the website https://il2sturmovik.com/account/ that should now show your BOPD and the products you own via steam MAKE SURE your content is shown in https://il2sturmovik.com/store/license-keys/ as "activated" MAKE SURE your series title badges show up on your forum account profile. You can still use https://il2sturmovik.com/account/ to create any "Gazadude" display name you want (has nothing to do with the login-credentials THEN download the universal il2 launcher offered on the website (for many reasons) - https://il2sturmovik.com/download/ start IL2 via the IL2 proprietary launcher instead of via steam ALWAYS use the proprietary LAUNCHER, do not manually create a shortcut to the il2.exe in the folders Everything should be now available (also you should not fe show up as "player-123456" when joining a mulitplayer server). Caveat: if it does not work (because there is always a slight possibility to mix something up) you might still need to contact support. In this case you need to provide details and be concise. As for sole discount usage refer to other posts in this thread or elsewhere.
  5. @-DED-Rapidus WTR(way to reproduce): Multiplayer, online with no other problems present (apart from the current baseline, fe arbitrary invisible plane bug). Setting up a new server for testing or joining an existing community server with RRR function (currently only KOTA-Knights of the Air has RRR available for Multiplayer). As stated in OP bug occurs on any airfield on any map in any season for the P-38 airframe. Trackfiles recorded for loadouts: 6 x 500 pds 4 x 1000 pds (2x from 2 different map missions) Trackfiles provided via DM (Direct Message) including the text of this post. Workaround: After completion of the rearm the player can restart the rearm process. The missing (dropped) first bomb will be loaded and this time it will NOT be dropped. Workaround only applicable if player before or has not testfired his guns - otherwise the rearm process will start unloading and reloading all belts first.
  6. Brief description: Using the RRR function for BOMBS on the P-38 Lightning rearms 1 less Bomb. Detailed description, conditions: Using the REARM for BOMBS in any loadout on the P-38 Lightning (any server, any map, any season) result in THE FIRST BOMB to be rearmed getting immediately dropped on the ground (player can hear release audio clinch in the cockpit, outside you get an impact audio line and a visible impact splash goes up in the air - the bomb itself sinks into the ground and is not visible, it also is not armed thankfully). The rearming of bombs continues in sequence and the player gets a completion message (aka the "rearming bombs" message disappears). The player is left with one less bomb than the loadout should provide. I have noticed and seen this since RRR was introduced but this was the first time I got screenshots viewing a different plane and receiving confirmation from other players about this happening to them too. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Screenshots in sequence attached, I missed the splash unfortunately. The first screenshot shows when the third bomb is getting attached in sequence (and they do get attached in balance sequence, so if a player would abort and scramble the plane would not be off-balance - great oversight and attention to detail!). The first bomb on the right on the central rack on the right got dropped and splashed, then the first bomb on the left got loaded correctly onto the left central rack. The rearm then completes in the correct sequence with the central rack on the right missing its bomb. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): WIN X, Intel Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 CPUs), SSD Hitachi HDS721050CLA660, 16GB, Radeon RX 570 8 GB, Graphic driver version 26.20.15015.1007, DirectX 12
  7. well.. if you look in this section there are actually a few people having this very same problem... just look at some of the !older" threads.. since I just happened to glance at your then still unanswered OP I simply wanted to help out. There are no YT-guide videos about this or any other guides afaik. Good news on the account - but do not forget, your main website account and your forum account (jep.. just another Il2 thing) are just about your ingame description and any product badges - so you do not show up as player-12345 in Multiplayer but with a textstring NOT being your username/accountemail. The important part is that you have your stuff in steam, and get it running via steam - this works even without any account or account linking on il2's website (well... if and when it works). Because even if you use a steam-related purchase from before update 4.003 in the universal launcher it may work.. until it sometimes does not work (that was the syncing issue I was refering too). Any steam-related purchase after update 4.003 (applying to your case, although I typed the version number from memory.. so please read that one with caution and caveat) - see my original advice from above, be fully in steam.
  8. well.. hold.. STOP. That the website does not sync the Steam licence ONLY means you have no forum badge and it does not activate in the universal "greates battle launcher" provided via download on the website. Please read my advice again. BOS (or whatever you purchased on Steam) shows up in your STEAM library - your keyless Steamkey purchase is intact and available. And as i typed before. Download and install the STEAM version via the STEAM app (it is a different launcher... looks the same.. but it is the game version that installs itself in your" HHDletter://Program Files(x86)/Steam/Steamapps/common " folder. You can launch this IL2 via Steam and it will show your content correctly - and you will have access to your content and all Multiplayer servers aso. And you might want to check this.. because it is well possible that you are using IL2's universal launcher (added into the Steam library.. which is one of the Steam functions available) - which is why I gave to the advice to uninstall and redownload and reinstall via the Steam Launcher functions to make sure you have the STEAM version of IL2 running (the interface looks the same, so you cannot discern which version it is save for maybe the install location - which also can and could have been changed manually)
  9. if you purchased the game via STEAM you should launch it via STEAM (as you can see yourself with your forum account the keyless Steam licence did not sync back to the website), aka download via your steam library, launch it directly from the steam-app using the content created in the /steamapps folder. (but check your profile on the main il2sturmovik.com website, not the forum profile, the one on the MAIN website nonetheless and look at "purchases" and "licence keys" nonetheless, just to be sure). The universal launcher offered via the download section on the il2sturmovik website is better (steam treats the other titles in the series as DLC, while on the main site everything is a separate game, and all are properly synced into the universal launcher) but there seems to be a constant snyc issue for Steambased purchases since Steam switched to a keyless system (most likely to make all their games as proprietary as possible and to keep follow up purchase likelyness within their plattform - seen from a consumer perspective).
  10. just be advised that IL2 always tries to install in the "Program Files (x86)" 32-bit folder by default - so make a note to change and check the folder path in a fresh download of the 64bit version. While it should not be an issue... with IL2... one can never make sure enough. The fresh install should be in a different folder/directory anyway (for unrelated reasons), maybe not in the root, but in the "Program Files" for 64bit installs. Check after you uninstall that there might be a remnant in there (Battle of Moscow folders if you would own BoM) which have to be deleted/uninstalled separately to clean the registry. Also install you GPU drivers only in the "recommended" release versions and no "beta" or "optional" releases, make sure you create gameprofiles for IL2 in the GPU managment and maybe run the il2 exe with admin privileges.
  11. if you bought BOS from the website store (and maybe FC later) I would recommend to use the IL2- Greatest Battles universal launcher, and not the Steam version (you can add the game to the Steam library nonetheless if you with to do so for social functions) The launcher can be found here https://il2sturmovik.com/download/ and integrates all titles into a single launcher (Steam does treat some titles and content of the current Greatest Battles suite as DLC and there seemingly is a licence key sync issue all the time). As for Team Fusions rework of "ye 1C of old sans 777 SoW:CoD" - you better contact support.. but be advised... I did that once.. and received a rather puzzling short message many months later. Since my Blitz boots - from Steam, in WinX (and I have not once played is unfortunately) - I'd recommend to just uninstall it and redownload it via Steam.
  12. oh dear... regedit.. well.. i can only wish all Nvidia users best of luck. As an update for AMD/Radeon users - after reading some former and current patchnotes I tried to just disable Radeon Image Sharpening. The game loaded to the UI music with some artefacts in the black screen.. the login screen never appeared.. but the "failed to open .... /folder/folder/xyz.dds" exception catcher textstrings were gone, replaced by a "proper" recurring: Progress! Somewhat. IL-2 also remained resonsive in the system tray/task manager instead of crashing down. All testing has to be done with "fullscreen" option in the launcher game settings disabled, or your system will lock. So if some fellow Radeon user gets lucky from here on out, please do not hesitate to post. Of course if I should get lucky I shall also not fail to do so (well.. I guess I have to spike my tea now... oh how I miss coffee...) Of course the responsible choice is to simply stay on the "recommended" 20.1.3 suite and associated drivers and not try the "optional" 20.2.1 release - although in all fairness it must be put into perspective that on my end neither an extremely mod heavy ARMA campaign, DCS, Star Citizen (of all things) were affected in any way, unlike IL-2. UPDATE: after I could not isolate the cause (which I was looking for to better understand other potential issues) any further I did a driver rollback to 20.1.3 and a fresh install into a different folder - I now adjust my settings and inputs 1 by 1 trying to discern how the game behaves with certain settings. It works.. but it still should be more resilient to changes other complex products are not affected by.
  13. you get the same message when updating to Radeon Drivers in the latest version 20.2.1 (DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED (0x887a0005)) The only difference is that the exception catcher textstring refers to missing textures.. fe: Graphics/Textures/Effects/Oil.dds ... then different subfolders with files like ScreenBorder.dds Those files and subfolders do (currently) not exist or at least I was never aware of them and they got somehow removed. I presume that a future update will somewhat fix the issue and we may get a workaround instruction shortly. In the meantimer running the DX repairer in the game files via IL-2 Great Battles/data/updater/3rd party/dx/DXSETUP.exe can't be a bad idea as stated here:
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