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  1. I try other missions and other players. Same problem. I will keep doing testing. I have a second computer and I will test hosting from there... i will post my findings.
  2. There was one base, no objects, one host and one guest. Nothing in the background at the same time. My line is 100 megabites (nominal, around 70 real). And no, it was NOT through the server but the inside options. It was a testing mission and there was nothing but a spawn and one option of unlimited lagg3.
  3. I host the game, my guests do join but when they try to start they never got to the plane. They are stuck on the map page. The start botton is back to green, if they try to start again they have a message that says "already spawn". If they select spectator they can get into the planes but noone sees anybodys planes... please help. I tryed to reinstall and same happens again. i74770 Nvidia1070 windows 10 karpesky antivirus (i tried to pause protection...)
  4. Using only ONE checkzone will not work because you can not link just one check zone to every plane individually, one per plane is necesary. I tryied your system before, but I do not know why it does not work with me. When I tried it it did not detected my onTookOff. I will try it again. (few minutes later...) Ok. Now I have discovered sthg. Your mission works fine (I was sure it will) so why it did not before with me? The answer is I did linked a subtitle to the took off event to see when it detects teh take off. Apparently if you link a subtitle to a ontookoff event, the subtitle does NOT work. Weird. OK, I am officially an idiot. I know why it did not work in my first attempt. I linked the trigger deactivate directly to the delete MCU. So it deactivated it on took off, but it was still linked to the timer, so when the timer went of, it again activated it and deleted my plane LOL. I have to link the on Took off event to the timer LOL... Thanks JimTM, your solution is clean and easy. Thank you very much.
  5. I have change the system. There is a delete MCU with a 10 minutes timer linked to each plane. There is also one Trigger Check Zone in front of every plane. Every time a player takes a plane, he or she moves the plane to start the taxi and activates the Trigger Check Zone so the delete trigger is disabled before it deletes the plane. When the timer gets 10 minutes, every plane which has not been moved (ia) gets deleted. Cooperative.zip
  6. I have not finish doing my testing and at the moment is just a plane in a coop mission with a onTookOff event linked to a message. There is no message when i take off... I am afraid there is nothing else.
  7. I have a simple coop and I am trying to do as follows: A group of planes in a coop mission. There is no waypoints whatsoever. I select one plane and I want the remaining planes to disappear. What I have done is use the OnTookOff Event linked to the plane I select. The problem is it seem the game does not detect i am taking off. What do I have to do so the game knows I am taking off?
  8. I tried with deactivate (after an onPlanetookoff event) but my plane keeps being deletes even after taking off. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Will Moscow be ever "flyable"? I would love to!
  10. Everything is being moved to the new server and its new website. Be patient. The new site: http://il2expert.ru/en/
  11. ... or in the same way there is a button to zoom x2, just 2 buttons, one to peek what is in our left six and another to our right six. So far turning my head until it hurts only allow me to check just a bit behing my wing. It is OK with a bomber, but with a fighter is a killer.
  12. i will reinstall and see what happens. It goes until the password screen and whatever I do there (connect or offline) it does not launch the game (the wheel speens forever, i let it for 10 minutes)
  13. i did, but it does not work even with the OR disabled
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