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  1. Zargos

    Zargos Skin Factory diary

    Hello, I'm really sorry but I'm currently have serious problems with my site hosting. As a result, the Zargos Skin Factory is unavailable and I really don't know for how long. If you need to download an old skin of mine, just send me a MP and I'll send it to you. I hope to solve the problem quickly. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Hi ! I can't find the link for the template ? Did you remove it until you'll release a new update ? Cheers.
  3. Waooh ! Nice work indeed. How did you manage to make this template so quickly ?
  4. Zargos

    Skins WIP ET RC

    Joli, joli ! Je suis en panne de motivation pour les skins ... j'ai Fw190A-8 en plan depuis des semaines ! 😧
  5. Zargos

    About bare metal in Battle of Kuban

    When I open this topic, I was thinking about how to make "operational" bare metal skins like these ones : I must confess that I haven't tried anything yet.
  6. Zargos

    A Big "THANK YOU!" to All Skinners

    👍 Thanks.
  7. Zargos

    I made a little mistake and...

    It's certainly a matter of alpha channel. If your alpha layer is plain black the whole skin appears transparent in the game ...
  8. Zargos

    P-39 Skins...

    Bloody Hell, you're right ! Sorry. The problem is now corrected !
  9. Zargos

    P-39 Skins...

    I'm going to check ...
  10. Zargos

    P39 4k Template

    Hello, I've updated my P39L with major improvement comming from Pierre64. More details here : By the way : can a moderator pin this topic in the list of templates please ? Thanks in advance.
  11. Zargos

    P-39 Skins...

    Dear all, I've updated my template to include Pierre64' work. Now the template includes : - All the former features (paint scheme, weathering, shadows, etc.) - My original panel lines and rivets - Pierre's panel lines and rivets In addition you also can download the normal maps that go with either panel lines set. It is important taht you select the normal that match with the panel line set you've chosen otherwise the panel won't fit with the corresponding bump. : - Structure Zargos goes with P39L1_B (Zargos).dds bump map - Structure Pierre64 goes with P39L1_B (Pierre64).dds bump map Don't forget to rename P39L1_B (xxxxxx).dds into P39L1_B.dds when copying it in the appropriate directory. Download link at ZSF : http://www.unbound-frogs.org/zsf/p39l1-template/
  12. Zargos

    P-39 Skins...

    I'm sorry Pierre, your file has a PSP (Paint Shop Pro ?) extension which is not compatible with Photoshop. Can you save it as a PSD file ? By the way Raptorattacker : how did you manage to open Pierre's PSP file with Photoshop ?
  13. Zargos

    P-39 Skins...

    Hi Pierre, I suppose that your pannels lines are closer to the real ones than mine. So I can replace my panels line by yours and also replace my normal map by yours and update the all package in the first collaborative template of IL2 Great Battles.
  14. Zargos

    Zargos Skin Factory diary

    By the way ... a last word : I'm on holliday in Italy for a couple of weeks. I won't be able to work on any skins.