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  1. On the website steam chats IL-2 is also growing continiously. Even though it shows just a portion of the players since many have bought it on the official website it shows the growth of the community!
  2. My perception of TAW is about having a fair, hardcore and ongoing tactical campaign. Historical accuracy is great! I also love it when historical accuracy can be accomplished in a game, but historical accuracy dosn‘t mean balance. So we have to find a compromise between both. Thats why planes have modifications excluded on certain maps. However the Me 262 even with modifications excluded and in low numbers still has such a high combat power that in my opinion it should be excluded.
  3. I think it should just be excluded from TAW. Everyone with a common sense knows the Me 262 cannot be balanced with availability. No allied plane can destroy a Me 262 if the pilot knows that speed is life. The emergency speed of the Me 262 is the never exceed speed of the Tempest which has the highest never exceed speed on the allied side. How can someone think this can be balanced?
  4. I agree! The west front was a interesting and little journey, but on the eastern front the campaign is a more fun in my opinion. Also I have a lot of freetime now so I need TAW 😄
  5. I have noticed that the fuel regulator valve is available for the Me 262, but the manual says it is excluded.
  6. The strict live system is one of the key points why TAW is so popular among the „experienced“ playerbase. This system makes the virtual live more valuable, so you have to plan more and not go on suicidal missions.
  7. Do you mean a G14, because you wrote G4?
  8. I highly doubt that many Me 262 pilots will blow up their plane on TAW. On Combat Box some blow it up thats true, but i would say on TAW there is the more „experienced“ playerbase. I also don‘t think that only a handful of people will be effective in it, i think only a handful of people will perform bad in it..
  9. I don‘t see a problem with the 110 on the BoBp campaign?
  10. As far as i know he sometimes plays IL2
  11. It doesn‘t make you invincible but it makes you almost unstoppable as long as you keep your speed up.A unexperienced pilot can perfom well in a Me 262 with the simple trick „speed is life“. However in order to shoot down a Me 262 with a tempest the pilot needs to know what he is doing and has to strike in the right moment. In my opinion if you get shot down in a Me 262 by an enemy plane you either made a serious mistake or didn‘t look around enough.
  12. If the Me 262 pilot doesn‘t notice you there is a chance that you get him, but if he notices the Tempest there is a really small chance that he can kill the Me 262. The Tempest pilot also only has one attempt to get the 262, after that he has the climb again.
  13. As much as I love the Me 262 (it‘s my profile picture😄) I don‘t think it should be allowed on TAW. This plane can‘t be shot down if the pilot knows a little bit how to fly and that‘s not the point behind TAW.
  14. And i thought that i will suffer at the start of the campaign, because i just flew on Combat Box
  15. Great the campaign is starting on sunday and my new joystick won‘t be delivered til then😄
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