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  1. The cannon with the muzzlebreak which has holes big holes in it and is shaped like a cylinder is the 50mm gun. The one with the the cone like ending without holes is the 37mm cannon. On this picture it seems that this Me 410 is armed with a 37mm cannon. This picture shows the 37mm cannon on the Stuka.
  2. Turning down the gamma a little bit can bring minor spotting improvements. I can now see a little bit better at longer ranges, but when they get closer at around 4-5 km they get almost invinsible.
  3. This would be awesome, but i doubt that there are many situations in which this armament can be useful in IL2.
  4. Sorry my mistake. I mean it wasn‘t available in time.
  5. The Me 410 A2 was also planned to have 2xMK103‘s, but the MK103 wasnt available in time so it was cancelled. The Me 410 A1/U2 was also planned to have the MK 103, but had the same problem as the A2 variant. I am not shure if some versions were able to equip the the MK 103 as a modification. So probably no MK 103.
  6. That‘s how you get a good reputation 😁 Just joking great idea, I give you a Thanks
  7. Another really interesting version would be the Me 410 B6. It has 2xMg131, 2xMg151/20 and 2 Mk 103. But i highly doubt that we will get this version as it didn‘t see combat just testing.
  8. I wonder if BOBP will be included in the next campaign.
  9. I agree with you. There are not many pilots who really want to reach much in their sortie. It is just too slow, underpowered and weak.
  10. Guys this is should be a discussion about the server not about insulting teams/players or anything else.
  11. No i enjoyed the first Stalingrad map the most.
  12. I had a ton of fun in this campaign. This was the first one i played from the start until the end. I just love how rewarding TAW is when everything goes right and how frustrating it is when nothing goes right. It really makes you overthink some things twice. I am really excited for the next campaign! Thank you guys.
  13. Thats way to near to the front line. In my opinion the position of the german warehouses are ok right now. However the red warehouses are way to far away from the front. There should be a limit to how far away from the front warehouses can be.
  14. A legendary german song which is really bad but entertaining. Edit: Another german classic came to my mind.
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