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  1. Well, got it figured out. The complex trigger for AI groups I was using, under "countries" was using "USSR" and since the users aircraft were all United States" It didn't "see" them and so no triggering of AI enemy ac Somehow it almost always is "operator error" DOH!
  2. I have a whole bunch of saved groups for the ME that now don't work at all since the update. Like re spawning AI aircraft. I have tried the "re save all groups in folder" option in the ME and it crashes the editor, even when there is just one group in it. Has anyone noticed this? and fixed it? Thanks
  3. Bingo! that did it. Thanks so much! Cant believe I didn't notice that. I just "assumed" those settings hadn't changed. Glad to get it going. Cliffs is getting good once more!
  4. After yesterdays patch which I think was supposed to fix the lobby issue I still cannot "create" an ac for myself on my own server. Did the way one sets a multiplayer server up change? I can start the server, click on a flag select an a/c click on “create” and it shows my selected a/c and my name under it. It doesn’t put me in the cockpit. I am doing this through the in game interface using the “Lobby” function. I have tried the “Server” function as well. I get the same result either way. I would love to get this sorted out so I could host again as I could before. Thanks
  5. I suspect many will opt out of flying the sim altogether.
  6. Chill31 Did you build that Dr-1 yourself? Is it built as were the originals? What I am curious about is if it is built per the originals, do you have to hold a huge amount of down elevator as is modeled int the sim, to fly straight and level at cruise speed? I would think they would have changed the incidence angle on the horizontal stab to fix that. Your Tri-plane is a beautiful machine , and my hats off to you for using a real rotary engine. It would take more guts than I have. My only tail dragger time is in a Citabria, much more forgiving for sure. I am also hoping that the developers are going to include some type of response curves for pitch roll and yaw, in the finial release as in ROF,
  7. I had this issue and how I fixed it was to uninstall and reinstall. I know its a pain but it did fix it for me. I don't have the steam version. If I had I would have used the"Verify integrity of game files" option. That may do the trick if you have the Steam version. I use to use Reshade and I think maybe when I tried to remove it I may have inadvertently removed something I shouldn't have, as it has to be removed manually by deleting what Reshade installed. I had it installed at the time I did the update so that may have been and issue too. Anyway, uninstalling and reinstalling fixed the problem for me. Hope this helps.
  8. I uninstalled and reinstalled..........Problem solved. Must have had a corrupted file or something.
  9. Thanks for the replies, I'm not sure what "from outside to inside home network" means, I did open ports tcp/28000 tcp/28100 . I also opened ports tcp 80 and udp 28000. I am not sure where to find the users manual but will look. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that the ports are the same for ROF which I have opened ports for and have been able to host. Its probably just me not forwarding them correctly that is usually the problem,,,,ME. Anyway it sounds like its definitely a router / Port problem from what I am hearing from you and others. If anyone think of something else I'm all ears Thanks
  10. I bought the BOX series when it first came out so I don’t have the Steam version. That may be why I can’t create a CooP or dogfight server using the new in game interface. I did see the post on forwarding ports which I did. (TCP: 28100; TCP: 28000; TCP 80 and UDP 28000) I still get kicked back to the CooP/Dogfight screen. Do I need to somehow get the game through Steam and if so can I do that without buying the whole series (which I have) all over again? Or maybe uninstall and reinstall? Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it to work? Thanks
  11. Not only can I not connect to other servers, but I cant even create one of my own. I know my ports are open because I host using Dserver for my friends all the time with no connection issues. Unless of course the new coop thing uses another port I'm not aware of.
  12. I have pre-ordered Bodenplatte, the La5fn, and 109 g6. am looking forward to pre-ordering Flying Circus. I appreciate your hard work. I must admit I was not a fan of the original BOS but boy, have you guys turned it into a really great sim! I will be looking forward to whatever you turn out in the future. Thanks again!
  13. Same issue for me. I don't seem to have a Multiplayer missions data folder to clean out.
  14. 12.OIAE_Stick-95 Wow, those look great! I didn't realize that there was a 3.5. I will give your settings a try. Thanks for posting your settings.
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