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  1. I usually have between 2-4MB/s download speed for games such as WT, AW and DCS: World, but I am struggling to even get past the 200KB/s mark. Anyone have any clues as to why? I am not running any background tasks either.
  2. DX 11 basically puts less pressure on the CPU, and more pressure on the GPU (rightfully) to perform tasks, which means an increase in FPS and Graphics for PCs/Laptops that match the minimum specs of the game in hand. DX 12 is more of the same, and IIRC it allows more SLI support.
  3. I see; although was the 450Ws for a fully maxed out 1060, or a standard 1060? Does that also take into account the CPU, RAM and HDD/SSD (talking about the last link there). So what is the max that an i5 6600K can be OC'd to anyway?
  4. A K would be to expensive for me, being $50 more expensive, something which I don't really want to use as the PC is already close to being "over-budget".
  5. Ok, I have a hard time choosing between an i5 6600K and an i7 6700 (Not the K version, and yes; with a Z series MoBo). What I have chosen for everything else is: GPU: GTX 1060 (Either ASUS or MSI), RAM: 16GB DDR4-2133MHZ (Either Kingston FURY or FURY or G. Skill) Storage: 1TB HDD (Undecided manufacturer though), 128/250GB SSD (Maybe no SSD at all, and like previous; no decided manufacturer), Case: Deepcool TESSERACT BF ATX Mid Tower Case MoBo: Either a H110M or a Z170M depending on whether or not I get a K series i5 or i7. PSU: Anywhere between 500-550W PSU, as 600W+ starts to get a bit expensive for me. OS: Windows 10, 64-bit Monitor: Asus VP228H 21.5" 60Hz Monitor Basically, the system itself would be able to play BoS, WT or DCS once I indeed get the system build, just that the i7 6700 vs. i5 6600K seems a bit to close for me. Doesn't Dx9, or IL-2: BoS/BoM in general benefit from a higher GHZ, no matter the CPU? And does BoS/BoM use hyperthreading? Keep in mind, I will do light, if any video editing, photo shop editing. I will be playing mostly WT and IL-2: BoS, perhaps with a little bit of DCS: World as well Thanks
  6. Yes, but the Fi-156 wouldn't be all that faster then the Po-2 .
  7. I see what you did there. But all aircraft would stall at the Po-2s top speedd .
  8. Would the Po-2 even work? It's so slow it'd crash! The mains ones seem to be: P-39 (understandable as that was quite a powerful aircraft below 4-5km, where the combat on the eastern front occurred), IAR 80/81, FW 189, P-40B/C's (AFAIK the P-40E has as nearly as much armour in terms of weight as the IL-2, but nowhere bear effective as the P-47D, much less an IL-2 and was the worst performing outside of the P-40A... I think), Hs 129, Yak-7B/-1Bs, early Yak-9s, Bf 110F/Gs and of course, Bf 109 G-4/-6s).
  9. Wasn't the G-1 a G-2 with a pressurised cockpit? If it could strip down and lose armour/fuel pods/ammo/etc. That'd be an excellent fighter .
  10. So the G-4 was a G-2 that was redesignated after late '43? IAR 80/81 would be fun. Fast, fast to climb, an alright Turner, and good armament.
  11. We have the FW 190 A-3 in game. Yes it might be underperforming, but it is still in game.
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