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  1. It depends on your reasons for wanting an upgrade. Is your GPU hitting 100% utilization? If it is, those changes won't help at all until you get a stronger graphics card. Assuming you mean i5-4460, the Ryzen 5 2600 will offer a small improvement in the type of performance that matters for Il-2. 32 GB of RAM is completely unnecessary for Il-2. 16 GB is already more than enough.
  2. While I absolutely agree that there is no "agenda", these statements are incorrect. "It depends" really is the only correct description. Outside VR, many common system configurations will be limited by the GPU much of the time. For example, a GTX 1080 will frequently be fully utilized at 2560x1440 with an i7-6700K (by no means imbalanced). This is even more visible with common GTX 1050 or 1060-class GPUs.
  3. This CPU vs GPU benefit argument is silly. I'm sure you're all aware that the correct answer is "it depends". The relative strength of your components as well as the display device will determine which component becomes the bottleneck. A MBP with 2880x1800 display and GTX 1050-level GPU will end up GPU-limited much of the time.
  4. With increasing core counts, base clocks are lowered to fit within a certain power/cooling requirement bracket. That doesn’t matter much, as neither base nor boost clocks accurately represent the speed that you’ll actually get during typical usage. To get an estimate of real performance, look at reviews with benchmarks in relevant workloads. That said, the extra cores are useless for Il-2. However, a strong GPU is also necessary for good performance. None of the MacBook models have GPUs sufficient to run Il-2 Ultra at anything near native resolution. If you want good graphics performance, don’t get a MacBook.
  5. I won't get too excited until I see how they handle DLC, third party addons, and casual/hardcore audiences. As we've seen before, good graphics alone aren't sufficient to make a successful sim. It would be amazing if they were to release something in the spirit of FSX, but I fear that it is unlikely in the current situation.
  6. A - D should all be 28000, and E - H 28100. Server IP Address should be set to the address of the (local) computer that you're using to create the coop. If it still doesn't work, don't give up. There are many weird things that might need reconfiguring with particular router models or Windows firewall configurations.
  7. I agree that it is rather odd. A blank surface with no symbol is generally much less noticeable. However, reworking all the skins probably wouldn’t be worthwhile unless accompanied by a decal system for completely customizable markings.
  8. There have been no statements from the developers regarding plans for new graphics technologies. Adding DXR effects would require a huge rewrite of their rendering system, so it's not a feature that's likely to appear any time soon. In the past, the developers have said that they prefer to avoid features restricted to certain hardware from a single vendor. That's a problem with things like DLSS. However, top RTX cards are still the strongest in traditional rasterization workloads, so they're not a bad choice if you need more power for 4K or VR.
  9. What you describe is not the typical experience; the game should load normally with mods enabled (assuming that no bad files are present). It's possible that the process of installing or uninstalling mods (or some other action on your computer) went wrong somehow, leaving behind files that cause the loading to fail. Unfortunately, I can't think of any solution other than a complete reinstall. If that doesn't fix it, something extremely strange must be going on.
  10. Although you can comfortably play Il-2 on a laptop, I would suggest a desktop unless you absolutely need the portability. Laptops generally provide less performance than desktops at the same price. Furthermore, they often suffer from limited upgradability, noisy cooling, and insufficient I/O. As you plan to dock at a monitor, I don't think it makes sense to use a laptop. If space is a major concern, desktops with smaller form factors are a possible solution. If you do choose a laptop, make sure to read some reviews before buying.The specs never tell the whole story; performance, quality, and aesthetics can vary considerably between seemingly equivalent models.
  11. Do you have the resolution set to your native screen resolution and antialiasing set to 4x?
  12. Absolutely. This game is meant for joysticks. You won't have a good experience without one.
  13. If you're willing to adjust some settings, GTX 1080-class cards are sufficient. Otherwise, try to get the strongest card you can get.
  14. Unfortunately with that motherboard overclocking seems virtually impossible. Knowing that it's an i7-920, you're almost certainly right about the CPU bottleneck. That CPU has roughly half the single-thread performance of popular gaming CPUs today, so an upgrade is certainly justified.
  15. That's quite possible. Perhaps someone can suggest an alternative monitoring software that you could use with your operating system. As for overclocking, people may be able to help if you post more details, such as the exact CPU and motherboard models. Sometimes, there are guides for specific motherboard/CPU combinations that tell you what to do step-by-step for a moderate overclock. Also, some people have claimed that using SSDs instead of hard drives reduces stuttering issues in some cases, although I have never been able to verify it myself (haven't installed games on a hard drive for almost a decade).
  16. That's not necessarily true. There have been many posts stating that the 3 GB version is insufficient for Il-2 at certain settings. That can be verified by checking GPU usage in the 'Performance' tab in Task Manager. If it's hitting 100%, you'll know that the GPU is limiting. Of course, it's entirely possible that the CPU is indeed the problem. However, it's always good to double-check. I'd suggest dropping to 'Balanced' settings and changing Distant Landscape to see if anything changes. From earlier discussions of tests, I know that certain settings affect CPU-bound situations, probably via the cost of draw calls.
  17. Have you tried a fresh Windows installation with only the necessary drivers? That's the first thing I do when I can't understand a performance issue. If that doesn't fix it, you can be quite certain that you have either a hardware problem or incorrect expectations.
  18. If performance in Il-2 is what you're looking for, 8 GB of RAM is perfectly adequate. For other games, it can be a different story. Be aware that the 4690K and GTX 1660 Ti are low-end when it comes to VR performance. The GPU may be inadequate depending on the resolution of the headset. Alternatively, the weak CPU may hold you back.
  19. No, it is working as intended. The game does not feature any system that could generate aircraft markings; you only see what is painted on each skin. It is an unfortunate limitation.
  20. It sounds like something isn't quite right. You shouldn't be seeing stutters that frequently. Some stutters are normal, but I've never felt that they were extremely annoying. Perhaps the problem is associated with a weak CPU or GPU?
  21. No, it won't. Going from 8 to 16 GB will not improve performance significantly unless you are running out of memory due to other programs. In a heavy mission, I see Il-2 using only about 3 GB of memory. Although there will be no performance gains, it is nice to have 16 GB to avoid running out of memory when using multiple programs at once. It's best to check memory usage in Task Manager to get an overview of the situation. 32 GB is far too much for the vast majority of consumers. However, faster RAM with higher frequency and lower latency can certainly make a difference in performance, depending on your CPU architecture.
  22. PCIe 4.0 will not significantly affect gaming in any way. Recent graphics cards do not even have problems with PCIe 3.0 x8, let alone x16. Furthermore, the awfully slow connections used for external GPUs only have a small performance cost. It's absolutely not worth waiting just for PCIe 4.0. There will be other improvements that are much more significant, such as increased performance from Ryzen 2 CPUs. Whether you should wait really depends on the strength of your current PC and the amount that you want to spend in the future.
  23. You could integrate the acceleration data to find speed and even position, but it would probably be inaccurate. Errors would appear over time due to discretization unless the output data exactly matches the internal calculations done by the sim (it probably doesn't). Also, you'd have to find a way to handle non-zero initial conditions, e.g., an air start with some starting velocity. Furthermore, the result would be ground speed rather than airspeed.
  24. I know it's not ideal. FFB data certainly couldn't be used directly, but perhaps some things could be inferred from it after some processing. You'd really need additional data to cover all possible devices effectively.
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