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  1. Not happening, or at least not right now. New pilot models are much more expensive than a few special aircraft skins. It's not really comparable. Plus, many other personnel that were very relevant to the game's theatres have yet to be created. However, I'm sure that someone in the "Mods" section would be willing to create a nice custom pilot texture if it were suggested there.
  2. Keep in mind that the enthusiasts on this forum like to push high-end hardware that could be totally overkill for your needs. For a good experience at high settings on a 1080p display, you don't need an expensive system with the latest Intel processors and RTX 2070 GPUs. Don't feel pressured into spending 2,800 USD unless you really need the performance to drive a 4K monitor or VR device.
  3. You need to link your accounts to integrate the online store purchases. Once that's done, the BoN content will become available when you launch from Steam.
  4. These videos are a joke. The "thermal imaging" is just inverted colours. The other has a blob of dark pixels added in a few frames. I could make all of them in literally five minutes.
  5. That's not exactly true. The models are stored in binary files, but they are not encrypted at all in the cryptographic sense. Some modders have found ways to take advantage of this. Of course, the possibilities are still quite limited without available mod tools, but it's an important distinction indicative of the developers' mindset.
  6. Don't buy a laptop unless you really need the portability. A desktop will generally perform better for the same price. Plus, it will give you upgrade options down the road. The rest really depends on your location and budget.
  7. In most cases, the CPU and RAM usage is negligible. Nevertheless, I still try to avoid Steam and all other publishers that require Steam-like clients. I find it insulting that I can't install software without unwanted background processes, advertising, or "social" features. I really respect the relatively few publishers that do provide alternatives that let me just buy the game and play it without the additional client garbage.
  8. As far as I can tell from a quick glance, the site is just using Yandex Metrica for analytics. Nothing really suspicious about that.
  9. Yes. The skin situation can be slightly confusing because there are two classes of skins Built-in skins shipped with the game - replaceable by loading mods (see for example this mod for uncensored skins) Third-party custom skins that you download - simply choose uncensored versions or don't use custom skins.
  10. The problem is that the options are not exhaustive. They cannot capture all possible answers to the question, potentially missing important results. The lack of alternative options can also induce responses that are not entirely accurate. Suppose that there are many people that haven no preference or predominantly enjoy a time period other than the three listed. That's relevant information that the poll creator should know. Including "Do not know" and "Other" is just the standard design for this type of question.
  11. This poll is not designed well because there are no additional options such as "not sure", "don't care" or "other". People that are indifferent or prefer some other time period have no opportunity to respond truthfully. This largely invalidates the results. I will happily fly in any time period, although I prefer scenarios where both sides have enough resources to effectively operate a wide variety of aircraft.
  12. As stated in the product description, Normandy is in Early Access, meaning that you can use features as soon as they are ready. Currently, only the P-47 D-22 is available. The "Announcements" area is a good place to find out about the development of the Normandy module and future game updates.
  13. The 4790K would increase your CPU performance by roughly 30 percent thanks to the much higher frequency. This puts you approximately halfway between the 4460 and the faster modern CPUs. Whether it's a good idea depends on the price of the 4790K that you can get compared to the price of a modern CPU + MoBo + RAM. This can vary significantly.
  14. I think he's referring to alternative head armour on some G-2s as on the G-1. I have no idea how common this was.
  15. With only one axis behaving strangely, perhaps you would be able to swap the X and Y sensors as a test? If the problem follows the sensor, you could be certain that the sensor is faulty. Although I have no experience with these particular sensors or this stick, hall effect sensors are generally very reliable. I wouldn't expect them to fail unless they are abused electrically or mechanically.
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