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  1. I bought today ju 52 because is something different in this game. it needs a particular mind approach to have fun with, cruise speed is 240 km and make a 350 km mission could be boring, being a game I was hoping to find some strong turbolences or some enemies for going in the turret, anyway I dont regret and now is part of my collection
  2. Today I began to start missions from that base and I have 2010 version. I didnt give orders, tomorrow I'll try giving orders. thanks
  3. there is a strange behaviour of friendly Ai, I fly with BF 109 G interceptor mission, but my squadron don't fire at enemies, don't hunt the enemies. I fly with medium difficulty. any helps?
  4. I began to fly this few days ago but I still feel it difficult, it is slow so the flak is mine and hard to turn, maybe I load it too much, with rear gunner I feel it a lot worse in manovrability. due to the large wings, speedy has a large impact on lift so I have to adjust often elevator trim. in every ground attack I have to close oil radiator and then open it again
  5. if there isnt a discount I can wait when it will be released. to buy something before it is released without some advantages is beyond me
  6. excuse but what's the meaning of pre-order? I dont see any discount, 10 dollars like days autumn
  7. hai letto qui? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12113-launcher-has-stopped-workingpart-2/
  8. intendi la versione "non steam"? a me parte, pero' non so dirti come risolvere
  9. ciao, riuscite a partire da Surovikino per esempio, con la bomba da 1800? quando monto i cannoni cosa significano le ogive blu o arancio?
  10. thanks a lot for assist,it was fault of water and oil radiators, now I have set the buttons and I can fly with this Ju 87
  11. thanks for answer, yes and the instrument on the right is almost 130 degrees...but if I decrease rpm or ata for lowering temperature I cant climbimb and I have only 1000 kg bombs, not 1800...what could I do? I have radiators on automatic
  12. hello where I could be wrong? I blow the engine also with 2250 rpm and 1.15 ata
  13. I unlocked the standard version of BOS with a key bought at G2A...if I bought a non steam key anywhere, it should unlock also the premium planes, shoundn't it?
  14. hello, thanks all I found also the answer in the user manual at page 3: "Note: if you buy the game from the IL-2: BOS Store, any premium planes you buy must be bought there as well." So, If I want to upgrade, I have to buy premium planes only at http://il2sturmovik.com/store/ , or buy a key elsewhere but activable only at http://il2sturmovik.com/
  15. Gladiator pro is without the 3rd axel for rudder, so I should need also pedals... any tip for pedals? any button box also with throttle prop mixture flaps trim levers? thanks
  16. thanks guys - I didn't know Force Feedback joysticks are no longer manufactured, it's a little of years I am no longer in fly simulators. - the gladiator appears very looking good My first idea was to buy only a joystick with the possibility of replace it quickly in my G25 steering wheel cockpit, and in this case Gladiator wouln'd be suitable because of the permanent attachement to surface with screws . But now I'm thinking to make another cockpit only suitable for flight with pedals and throttle pass mixture quadrant. what do you think about these? http://www.saitek.com/uk/prod/flightsim.h
  17. Hello I have a key that permit to play only with the launcher the standard edition of BOS. If I would like to upgrade to the premium edition, is it enought to buy 2 steam keys, one for LA3 and one for FW190?
  18. Hello my old MS sidewinder joystick is not working well anymore, can you point me a good joystick? thanks
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