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  1. I bought today ju 52 because is something different in this game. it needs a particular mind approach to have fun with, cruise speed is 240 km and make a 350 km mission could be boring, being a game I was hoping to find some strong turbolences or some enemies for going in the turret, anyway I dont regret and now is part of my collection
  2. Today I began to start missions from that base and I have 2010 version. I didnt give orders, tomorrow I'll try giving orders. thanks
  3. there is a strange behaviour of friendly Ai, I fly with BF 109 G interceptor mission, but my squadron don't fire at enemies, don't hunt the enemies. I fly with medium difficulty. any helps?
  4. I began to fly this few days ago but I still feel it difficult, it is slow so the flak is mine and hard to turn, maybe I load it too much, with rear gunner I feel it a lot worse in manovrability. due to the large wings, speedy has a large impact on lift so I have to adjust often elevator trim. in every ground attack I have to close oil radiator and then open it again
  5. if there isnt a discount I can wait when it will be released. to buy something before it is released without some advantages is beyond me
  6. excuse but what's the meaning of pre-order? I dont see any discount, 10 dollars like days autumn
  7. hai letto qui? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12113-launcher-has-stopped-workingpart-2/
  8. intendi la versione "non steam"? a me parte, pero' non so dirti come risolvere
  9. ciao, riuscite a partire da Surovikino per esempio, con la bomba da 1800? quando monto i cannoni cosa significano le ogive blu o arancio?
  10. thanks a lot for assist,it was fault of water and oil radiators, now I have set the buttons and I can fly with this Ju 87
  11. thanks for answer, yes and the instrument on the right is almost 130 degrees...but if I decrease rpm or ata for lowering temperature I cant climbimb and I have only 1000 kg bombs, not 1800...what could I do? I have radiators on automatic
  12. hello where I could be wrong? I blow the engine also with 2250 rpm and 1.15 ata
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