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  1. 20th would work for me, how cool is that will check here if and figure out later where Jason you'll be able to meet some of us
  2. Joyeux Noël à tous! vivement 2018 et les belles évolutions de notre simu
  3. Thing I find super funny in that video, is that we can really clearly see where is the impact of the first shot: on the left wing (1..42 on the video...). It's really really clear but then suddenly by magic, it's the engine which is having problems...as usual. Not saying that it's not a nice shot, but I find your video so good in showing the issue with modeling impacts: even if you take a shot on a a wing, on the rear body of the plane, it's almost always the engine which is damaged. I find it so frustrating and hope one day damage modeling will evolve in that marvelous game.
  4. I have the same issue...maybe they install a new patch correcting the mouse cursor and GUI?...
  5. Hi folks I confirm the same issues: my mouse cursor is disappearing suddenly, some of the GUI elements move to the top left corner...and I don't have any VR seems to be a common bug then...
  6. Great mission yesterday!! thanks for hosting Cipson and looking forward to flying the next one!!
  7. eh ben quelle violence dans les retours.... Un gars revient vous dire qu'il est (un peu) déçu et vient le dire sur le forum de discussion (discu quoi??). Certes comme il est déçu il parle des trucs qui le chagrinent. Et forcément c'est du ressenti et pas forcément objectif. Certes. Mais bon grosso modo il dit: graphisme: il attendait mieux (et oui beaucoup utilisent EDFX...et oui il y a une sorte de flou/brume à laquelle on n'était pas habitué) les sons: il est vraiment surpris de certains rendus (ie. on entend mieux le son des avions sur lesquels on tire que des bruits dans son prop
  8. No we are frustrating because we don't have the full set of features we had with the previous IL2 1946, and because in 2015 we have a 32bits game and because it seems no one cares when we try to tell we have some performance issues. what do you mean significant? you mean more than 1000 like on Hyperlobby some years ago? but yes let's hope for a better future and the dev team to improve and fix all potential issues.
  9. Same for me, suffering performance issues and fps losses...please fix it quickly so that we can enjoy flying again...
  10. pour info chers amis francophones, j'ai posté là: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/18090-time-load-new-game/ pour dire mon interrogation sur les temps de chargement des missions online. Je ne sais pas pour vous mais perso je trouve ça inconcevable, et vraiment bloquant en particulier pour nos missions du mercredi et autres...bref je n'arrive pas à m'expliquer ça, ou bien c'est le stagiaire qui a fait le codage, et le stagiaire est le fils du patron et personne a rien dit... bref...les nouveaux planes, nouvelles cartes et tout et tout c'est beau c'est bien on attend, mais rés
  11. Have you tried on a massive player game, like Wings of Liberty when the mission loads and all players try to join simultaneously? Give it a try and please get back to me then... I remember the original IL2, when again massive games where organised, game was launched within seconds...so if the intention is to do a single player game that's fine but for a successful net game I have big doubts it will fly long term...
  12. hi guys Could someone explain me why it takes such a looooooong time for all players to join a net game? I mean I am not talking about 2 or 3 minutes, but for 20 pilots, we are more talking about 15 good minutes. And you need to press 10 times (or more) to join the game from the lobby...so I cannot imagine when the servers will be open to more than 64 players.. I remember the old IL2 time, when limitation was on our modem speed, but now I suspect it is not that issue. Then whatever the server, being a good one or not, it seems to be equivalent. I really find it limiting, frustr
  13. hello Habu et merci pour les réponses. Finalement j'ai trouvé, le problème ne vient pas du jeu mais de mon casque: c'est un casque 5.1 et je n'avais plus activé le surround, une fois fait le problème disparait. merci encore pour le support
  14. Hi there, I have a very weird sound issue since the last update: once in the cockpit of a plane, I can only hear the sound of the engine on the left side, not on the right, the sound being not in stereo (I mean not even in mono as I can only hear it on the left side). All the other sounds from the game are in stereo (both sides). If I look at the plane in external mode, then the engine sound is like all the others, in stereo. Does anyone else has experienced any such issue? and any clue of what could cause that? thanks a lot for your support guys.
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