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  1. You are right! I don't know why I didnt think of that. I'll see if I can find what squadrons were at OB. Thanks!
  2. According to Wikipedia, the P38s were from the USAAF 36th Fighter Group, 373d Fighter Group, and the 363rd TRG but I can't find examples of those paint schemes for the P38s.
  3. Why not limit joysticks so people who fly with a mouse are not at a disadvantage? Just because you chose to fly with VR doesn't mean you have to drag everyone else down to your level.
  4. How is the AI? Do they still slowly spire down when you try to dogfight them?
  5. How come on now, quit being so harsh. At least they tried. A valiant effort considering their low budget. They didn't let their dreams just be dreams.
  6. My biggest problem with MP is my wife. I need to press escape and pause the game at random so I can give out a quick, "Yes dear" or "I don't know where your phone is honey" or a quick respite from the action while I take out the trash. There is no way I have the opportunity to truly concentrate on a MP match.
  7. Only thing I don't like is the BOB location. Been kind of done to death. Would of rather seen the ETO or Pacific!
  8. I'm thinking about getting it to play around with, is the AI better now than ROF? Or is it still being worked on? I always wanted exciting aerial battles, not slowly descend in a circle, then circle around on deck lol
  9. I really want to dive bomb on a ship in a Dauntless or a Helldiver. There is no where to get that experience outside of the old IL2 games.
  10. That was so well done, I wish it was a full movie! It was directed by the actor Robert Taylor, for those who are into old movies.
  11. VR can't match the detail of a real monitor, the technology just isn't there yet. Trackir ftw.
  12. Lol to all the people who say it will flop. I mean, they already have a successful WWI DX9 sim published, and that is a niche in a niche. If they just reskin WOFF it will be great, because online isn't the only mode sim players prefer. There is something to be said for a great single player experience with challenging AI. Plus, their recoded graphics engine in WOFF looks pretty darn good, while not photorealistic like IL2 BOS, it has a charm to it. I'm going to get it! I can't wait!
  13. Got it! Thanks so much! For some reason I didnt see that big list of names on the right!
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