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    HS 129 BoK load-outs

    Looking at the plane externally, the inboard white line points to the tip of the yellow on the flap when extended at the first setting (14 deg of flap) and the outboard white line points to the tip of the yellow when the flaps are deployed at 40 deg (full flaps) both working as a backup to let the pilot know the flap settings. Just a guess on my part.
  2. Plurp

    FW190 A-8 EC 501 - help needed

    In game you can choose bomb rack, F8/G8 and remove machine guns independent of each other except when all 3 are picked the F8/G8 gets locked in. With each selection this gives you different bomb/rocket loadouts. In the ME it's the same. If you wanted 3 250's or the 1000k, pic 2,3,4 (F8/G8, bomb rack/remove mg) under weapons mods and 3 250s or 1000kg under payload.
  3. NRB discussion reminded me of a mission I created messing around with the ME. Here is a link to a bare bones cargo run mission into the pocket in the snow and heavy overcast. It can be used just for a fun Ju-52 mission or to train on the use of the NRBs. EDIT: If mission does not load, delete the msnbin file and then retry.
  4. If the mission has Non Directional Beacons, you can fly "From" a beacon on a certain course and it will also give you the range from a beacon. See my posts in this thread (sorry they don't have the post's numbered)
  5. They light up when transferring fuel from rear tanks to front tanks which feed the engines. Above 44%, fuel fills up the rear tanks which then will start transferring to the front tanks when they are low on fuel.
  6. Low fuel light @ 50l per wing tank as the fuselage tank empties first.
  7. Plurp


    This should get you started: Chuck's Battle of Stalingrad Guide: Pe-2: RPK-2 pp.105 pp. 121 use. Stuka: AFN-1 pp.191 111: AFN-2 pp. 201 pp. 250 use Chuck's Guide: https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-il2-battle-of-stalingrad/
  8. Plurp


    what plane? Did you add RPK/Bendix equipment if needed. Only plane that you need to do anything to if equip is there is P-39 (Change radio channel to compass) Were you less than ~90km away from base and at what alt as range seems to decrease the higher alt you are.....otherwise nothing is needed, just turn left/right to line up needle like the german planes.
  9. To aim the gun, I used my #8 key snap view and modified it to look thru the gunsight, works like a charm. When ordered close to a target the gunner will fire at ground targets, but between his lousy aim and limited field of fire, he does not hit anything. Side note: While in external view, hit the reload gun key and watch the cable system re-cock the wing gun.
  10. Plurp

    Level flight with one engine out on Hs129

    Using full rich, even intermittently, will help with the overheat. It will slow you down more so it is a balancing act.
  11. Plurp

    Developer Diary 200 - Discussion

    Ask your bomber pilots to try the game again. With the new horizon draw distances, climbing to altitude is a lot more enjoyable and the view is great, especially fall/summer. I have bombed targets online upwards to 7K and yes, intercepted at that alt. Most targets are around terrain features and these can been seen from those alt's. A little recon of the target (online) or recon pics (co-ops) goes a long way for target orientation etc as yes, the targets themselves render later then the terrain. The greatest hinderance these days to bombing from high alt is cloud cover, to me this is the only limiting factor. I have also had fun with the trial and error of different bomb/fuel loads, especially on hot days to compare climb times and to be able to reach the higher alts. Examples: Just the 28 50s in the 88; A 500lb and 4 250s/16 50s in the H-6; 16 100s in the A-20; With the H-16 you get back the 8 250s or 32 50s with the 111. Long story short, I am having a blast with some high alt level bombing in addition to bombing with everything else that carries a bomb.
  12. Plurp

    How to use the radio beacon?

    Not a complete list, but should get you started. Chuck's Battle of Stalingrad Guide: Pe-2: RPK-2 pp.105 pp. 121 use. Stuka: AFN-1 pp.191 111: AFN-2 pp. 201 pp. 250 use Chuck's Guide: http://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-il2-battle-of-stalingrad/
  13. Plurp

    How to use the radio beacon?

    There are no channels to change at the moment. If they are in the mission and the plane is equipped, the instruments will work. Quick missions and the career missions usually have them activated otherwise it will be up to the mission maker. The instrument will simply home in on the nearest beacon without turning anything on save the p39. In the p39 you have to change to radio channel from axis/allies to compass. Some aircraft come with the instruments by default, others you have to add them in the loadout screen.
  14. Plurp

    Fw190 A8

    You can switch first, middle, last but it seems to drop only first or last...middle settings still drops underbelly last. You can also select manually: all with 70 ms delay: or all at the same time with the drop bombs delay toggle under weapons bindings.
  15. Plurp

    Think im gonna give this one a chance.

    KV-1: While in the commander's seat, open the hatch, hit shift T and you pop outside. If you are in the cupola, just opening the hatch will pop you out. Commander can fire the rear facing gun also.
  16. Just confirmed they worked for me after checking both aiming and bombing assist in the realism settings. Key also works to turn them on and off.
  17. Plurp

    PANZERKNACKER - Scripted campaign

    While slow (20-25 kph seems to work), use 100% brakes (meaning no rudder) just a tap here and there to keep it on the taxiway. On the runway pull forward to make sure the tailwheel is straight and stop. Hold both brakes and with boost on give it full power. After the engines have spooled up and you are starting to creep forward, release the brakes and at first steer with the brakes but pretty quickly you can switch to just using the rudder for the rest of the takeoff.
  18. Dipping my toe into the ME and want to do some NRB training missions just to start getting my feet wet. Attached is a bare-bones Stalingrad Pocket cargo delivery mission to have proof of concept of 2 NRBs working per airfield. It would be #2 or 3 in a series introducing people to using Rad/Nav for various missions. Another reason to include this now is: Is there any way to increase the cloud layer or have multiple cloud layers as in the mission you can just fly to 1k and get out of the soup. Question 2: How do you reset the measuring function while not exiting the measuring function to get a new measurement, not just add to the previous measurement? Mission: Proof of concept to have 2 beacons per airfield to serve as an outer/inner beacon system to serve as the waypoint to turn to final. 0830 Kalach to Gumrak cargo mission in a Ju-52. Weather heavy snow with overcast. Takeoff flying 090 to 150m to the outer beacon. Turn left to 082 (262 in the OBS dial) to fly to Gumrak. Gumrak has NRBs also so the signal will flip halfway to Gumraks outer beacon. At the outer beacon turn left to `70 deg towards the inner beacon and runway. Deliver the cargo. Takeoff and fly to the outer beacon. Turn right to 262 (82 OBS) and fly to Kalach outer beacon. Turn right to 270 towards inner beacon and runway. What do you think of the 2 beacon system to take the place of a Lorenz landing system? BeaconTraining.7zip
  19. Plurp

    BF 109 G-14 Radio Compass

    Both are working fine, just have to be on the deck for the best reading. As alt increases, it gets less accurate until it loses the signal. Good to about 90 km on the deck. Range markers are 25, 50, 100 km on the AFN-2.
  20. Plurp

    Ju-88 A-4 fuel tank logic wrong?!

    It doesn't drain the inner tanks completely if you switch the switch (2 to 3, 3 to 2). Whether 40% fuel or 100%, the inner tanks (currently #2) that feed the engines drain down to about 180 liters per tank, the V light comes on and about 5 mins later the pump switches come on. The pumps will stay on until the outer tanks are empty or the inner tanks are full (green L)
  21. Plurp

    Ju-88 A-4 fuel tank logic wrong?!

    I believe there is an easy fix to take care of the most glaring problem. All that needs to be done is switch the switch, 2 to 3, 3 to 2. @ 20% fuel, there is fuel only in the inner tanks, reading #2 on the switch atm. This runs until empty with V lights on. Should read 3 on the switch. @ 22% fuel, less fuel in the inner 2 (3) with ~60l per outer tank 3 (2) V lights on and immediate pumping until outer tanks empty. @ 40% `280 per inner tank and `60 per outer. fuel drains inner tanks until V on gauge, V lights come on, fuel pumping begins `5 mins later until outer tanks empty. @60% `240l per inner tank 2(3) and `250 per outer tank 3(2) : Pumping for some reason begins immediately until inner tanks full, green L's come on. Acts as @ 40% from here on. @80% `240 per inner, full outer: immed pumping. @100% All tanks full, green L's on: Pumping switches on, but no pumping occurs until V is hit: pumps until green L's on, switches turn off. So, fuel to the engines only happens from one set of tanks, currently 2, should be 3 on the switch. All pumping occurs at various times, but just to feed the other 2 tanks, never the engines.
  22. Plurp

    Bendix Radio

    Main controls: Radio receiver: channel toggle. Right above Eject. Only needed for p-39. switch to compass