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  1. The 5 is for the flare pistol, 5 green flares. Put up the flare pistol to get rid of it. Check your controls for a orange square in flare controls to see if you have a double key bind somewhere. No aileron trim.
  2. Fortress on the Volga "Although a completely independent campaign, "Fortress on the Volga" continues to tell the story of a German pilot that began in our Ten Days of Autumn campaign." Also, you being a duck pilot, I believe you would enjoy Lions of Kalinin by Juri_JS. 09 E-7 Jabo. " Everyone who played BlackSix's "Ten Days in Autumn" campaign will be familiar with this battle, though my campaign begins a few days earlier and the focus is on the missions flown by the Schlachtflieger of II.(Schlacht)/Lehrgeschwader 2." LIONS OF KALININ - Bf-109 E7 scripted campaign -
  3. You have to change the radio axis/allies to compass
  4. In this track, the side. Flaps down to help get as close to 0 degrees dive as possible. Works for the rear also. Otherwise, normal 20 deg dive for top down on the engine compartment.
  5. I tested some more. Dropped 2 then 4 bombs at 3k and still fell short. So from 3k I would only drop all 8 with a 20 meter spread for this method to work. From 5k, dropping 1 bomb, it fell short, but dropping 4 at a time hit where expected.
  6. Tested in quick mission. 3 Kvs. Hitting the top engine deck at 20 to 30 down angle, kills the engine and then the tank with enough rounds. Also middle between the treads takes a lot of rounds, so I tried hitting front 1/4 between the treads, which did the trick. I got all 3 KVs with the 101 this way. Here is a track of just the tread attack. Duckvs3Kv.zip
  7. There will not be any reload dialogue when reloading from the pilot seat. You can do a test before firing any rounds. Hit reload from the pilot seat, you should see the 4 red machine gun lights flicker as if re-cocking. This will indicate that the reload key is working.
  8. Hit the trigger one more time, then hit reload from the pilot position and verify in the ammo counter on the dash (look around the gunsight) a light will come back on after the reload sound. You can also verify in gunners position and see the rounds reloaded.
  9. They are hard nuts to crack. I hit middle between the tracks or the rear, or take the 2 50kg especially when armed with the 101
  10. Got the same result as you. The 111 at `3k and below has been off hence the 20m spread. I ran out of time to test more, but I will later tonight. Things to try are: drop at least 2 or more if from 3k to get the spread involved. Try from 5k and single drop (more accurate from up there) Some side notes: I have always used the sc bombs, sd are fragmentation bombs i believe. If dropping less then the total number of bombs, you need to turn off bombsight auto as soon as your bombs drop as it will drop again when the bombsight reaches 0 degrees.
  11. Plurp


    Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but Control F1 is wonder woman view that has the gauges available with no cockpit and works with external view also.
  12. Just did some tests with the 88 a1 @ 3000 meters. IAS was 320 and bombsight airspeed was 370 to keep the crosshairs on target. 4 250s and 28 50s set on salvo, hit with 1/4 beyond the crosshairs and 3/4 short of the crosshairs. For me, the same place they have always landed. (Just dropping the 250s or 500s, it will be off target) 111 H2: 8 x 250s with spread of 20 m (works great for all altitudes) IAS of 290 and bombsight speed of 340-350 to keep it centered. The furthest bomb hit at the crosshairs. For me, the same place they have always landed. (For the 32 50 kg bombs, I
  13. Quick mission builder. Listed as quick mission.
  14. Do not use auto mode, only manual. As far as I know it has never tracked properly vertically. If still drifting left/right in maual mode, then your wind setting is off somewhere. Use qmb and start with no wind and bombing assist on and lock down the accuracy. Then add some wind.
  15. Try deleting the cache folder and delete after every update. Not on gaming comp or I would give you the location of the folder.
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