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  1. I believe 80 or 100m spread is default. Use 20m spread for accuracy at all alts (not 0 m) and increase from there if you want them spread out more. (Bomb distributor delay key binding)
  2. Right now it does act as a quasi system if you put the ndb inline with the approach to the runway @ about 300m from the end. As you fly over the beacon, if you are lined up directly over it, a light will flash (in the AFN-2 gauge) indicating the time to chop the throttle for touchdown. One would just have to know speed/alt for each aircraft for this to work properly (ex: 200 meters at 220 km/h) This beacon signal can also be accessed from the gunner station in the repeater compass. It has a needle that indicates course to the beacon/from the beacon (P to/S from) that lines up with the aircraft icon in the gauge.
  3. Contact altimeter: Plane controls: Near the end of the list; Contact altimeter increase/decrease. Once you hit the dive brakes you can adjust the trim to control how you want to dive. Once you hit the bomb release button, start trimming to control the pull out.
  4. New dive procedure to work around this: 88: Set trim for dive. Open dive brakes. Immediately turn off auto system (trim reverts to your dive trim) Drop bombs as required (no auto pull out) 87: Set trim for dive Open dive brakes Drop bombs. Auto system will activate, but will revert to your trim. When dropping all the bombs in one go and using auto recover: Trim beforehand for the recovery pullout.
  5. ~90 km on the deck and ~250km at 5k
  6. From the spec sheet: Climb power (up to 30 minutes): 2400 RPM, 1.25 ata Take-off power (up to 1 minute): 2600 RPM, 1.42 ata For all but the last added planes: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25993-aircraft-flight-and-technical-specifications-and-operational-details/ Tech chat can be spotty if you spawn already in flight. Sometimes you have to throttle/rpm down and then increase again for the chat to act correctly (i.e. tell you that you are in boost mode) For the jumo engines, climb is 85 85, throttle/prop. Between 2-3k is a supercharger dead zone so you can throttle up. Above 5200 to 5600, you can again go to 100% throttle and adjust rpm to get into continuous mode.
  7. Yes, you reach take-off power at 2050 rpm, but you can only reach this in level/diving flight with these fixed pitched props. It's just another way to say max power 5 min @ 2050. Climb/Combat power for 30 min etc. With variable-pitch props, they probably could have reached the 2050 mark. Course setter: Are you referring to the rotary dial directly below the vertical velocity indicator? There is no key binding, but this is used to determine the course to or from a radio non-direction beacon used in radio navigation.
  8. Thank you for the building draw distance increase. This makes lining up a high alt level bombing run much easier.
  9. On the arming page, skins tab, there is an arrow down to change from default to custom, the skins should be in there. Otherwise you may have to move them manually into the Hs-129 folder. For some quick tank busting practice you can also d/l the single player mission pack from Jade Monkey. There is a duck tank busting mission with unlimited ammo. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25593-jade_monkeys-single-player-sp-missions/
  10. The testing I have done, you get close to the time limit by using the setting stated in the specs not the max on tech chat (1.3 @ 2400) I would test that in a map at sea level in autumn and go from there. Not at gaming comp at the moment or I would test it. Cockpit clock seems spot on so you can speed up to say 4 min and then go back to real time. Do several tests at each alt. After each test, finish the mission as restarting seems to cause some quirks.
  11. Set fuel mixture to 50% for auto mode and reduce rpm to get out of boost ( I run about 90%) with this setting you can run full throttle on the nominal setting (no timer) For full boost, put the mixture to 100% and prop to 100%. From the spec sheet which you can access this tab from the map screen (letter O) or from here: Engine mixture control is automatic when the mixture lever is set to the intermediate (50%) position. It is possible to manually lean the mixture by moving the control lever to less than 50%. This will lower fuel consumption during flight. No matter what plane you fly the tech chat will tell you to enter combat to climb, or to get out of combat while enroute. (A no win situation, so just run the engines according to the spec sheet and disregard the tips)
  12. For Hs-129 fans. You can order a new revised edition of Pegg's Panzerjager here: 296 pages and 415 photos. https://www.chandospublications.co.uk/hs-129/
  13. I messed with this a little bit trying different settings, double bindings etc. and I believe you are right that if you want to use an axis that you have to add a 3rd one. So the choices I believe are: 1. Make a 3rd axis with the generic mixture setting 2. When flying the duck, just you the keyboard for the generic mixture setting as you set the mix to 66% and leave it there for 99% of the time. The other times are 100% for an overheating condition or lean if you are trying to save fuel. If VR, just set at the start and leave it. 3. I use the generic setting for all the mixtures. Works well for the duck and multi-engines/single engines. Then if you want to change a mixture on a non duck multi-engine you would use the select engine toggle to adjust the mixture on only one engine at a time.
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