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  1. Its not only annoying for level bombers... ever tried to climb on lets day 10k ft with a Jug with Bombs ? 😂
  2. Nice to see one more Bodenplatte Map! But the Mission design is a little off for me because,... 1) the airfields are to close together 2) the groundtargets are way to close to the the airfield and to much in a clouster id like to see a more spread out map design
  3. I know that TFS are doing that, but they work on a base that is more then 10 years old, and is already pretty rusted ... imo. I just said id rather like to see that instead of more ETO ...
  4. Before we see one more eastern Front theater.... i‘d rather like to see -PTO Midway, Guadalcanal e.g -Early Westernfront like airbattels over to Low countrys, over Sedan, even over Dunkirk ( this also could have the Tanks of the area in it) -Italy and or north Africa - last but not least nightfighters fighting Lanc‘s over the Ruhr ( as a „Mini“ addon with 4 Planes Lancaster and Moskito for the allies and the BF 110-G4 / Ju88-C6 and for the fighter Jokey‘s FW 190 A8-R11 (i think thats the NJ Version of the A8) I know that for the Theaters i mentioned we have basicly every german plane in the Game already, maybe two more 109‘s as Fighters E1 and E3/E4. Plus an early StuKa ,Bf110 and maybe an flying pencil... And still i would pay the full Price for the Titel!
  5. hey folks, does anyone has any idea how the "bombsight" works?
  6. @Jason_Williams @Han can you guys tell something about the Ruhr Area ? With all the coalmines and Steelplants? And btw... Köln looks amazing!!!
  7. Hey Pickles, I bought TC at the beginning of last week, and i did spend a lot of time since then on the Server and had a lot of fun. But i have a few questions 1) is there a pattern when the Server is online and offline ? 2) why are the standard skins on the Tanks look e.g. Winter-Skin for the Tiger? 3) I don't understand why one has to take 100% fuel on a plane? But overall its a great Server! i can wait to see more missions and new tanks
  8. Type of improvement: Gameplay/Historical accuracy. Explanation of proposals: Addition of Binoculars for Tanks, Benefits: With this one out observe the surroundings way better than with the way it now is, i could be added for example like the flairgun let say STRG+4 is using Binos as a Tankcommander, this would give more imersion and overview to the battle.
  9. Who of us is not a lazy writer, thats why were "Pilots" but... https://drive.google...lptBkn6YAKFsJXP is read in my interpretation in the following way: "A post flight inspection revealed that there was a 10mm crack at cylinder 14. The crack proceeded between the two spark plug housings towards the injection nozzles an divided the cylinder head into a half. While checking emergency power, ÄA133 (no idea what that means), it was discovered that 2 screw - something one 1,8mm and 2mm ( i can't find a translation for that, aperture like things to regulate the air intake to the cylinder itself) were missing, instead there was a normal connector piece with a 4mm drilling. As a result of the bigger drilling the air intake was so high that manifold pressure reached 1,8 ata. On 4 more planes of this unit, on cylinders 8, 11, 12 and 14 cracks occurred. For changing the cylinders the Aircrafts were designated to the manufacturer. In flight testing was not possible due to fuel shortages and enemy activities in the area." So 1.8ata was not wanted, was more likely a production error or sabotage Edit 1: BTW: Guys lets just, add our sources, so there is no " i don't believe it" and we even can compare source Edit 2: Emergency power is only limited to 10 minutes due to thermal reasons
  10. Oh cool! did`t knew about that page =)
  11. I´m sorry to be the super correct German, but... The ETC 501 was moved 200 mm not 150mm ( from Baubeschreibung 284, Page 2, 27.11.44) on low altitudes its cleared to 1.58 ata and 1.65 in gear 2 ( from Baubeschreibung 284, Page 3, 27.11.44) on the A5 at least there was a no outer canon modification: it is called Verwendungszeck II, (from D (Luft) T.2190 A5/A6 Teil 0 "Flugzeug-Handbuch" Chapter 1.B.4 Page 11.) I have screenshots on that, but I´m to stupid to upload them right know
  12. Do you might have a source for me ?
  13. I can't find anything about a factory added ETC501, yeah im wondering about that aswell, IIRC because the F4(very late)/G2/G4/G6 should normally have the GM1 ...
  14. Well as in every german Plane, there were a lot of Modifications. 1. FW 190-A8 Normaljäger (default fighter) armament: 2 MG131(475 rounds each) + 2 MG151/20 wing root (230 rounds each) + 2 MG151/20 outer wing (140 rounds each) , + GM1 Injection ( still a default fighter) 2. FW 190-A8/R2 default fighter + 2 30mm MK108 internal in the wing (55 rounds each) 3. .../R3 default fighter + 2 30mm Mk103 mounted under the wing (35 rounds each) 4. .../R7 unarmored default fighter ,same armament 5. .../R8 is R2+R7 no special designations ( or i can't find them right now) - ETC 501 Bombrack -> 1 SC500 or 1 SC250 - one WGr21 (Werfer-Granate 21cm) under each wing Edit: that would be a /R6 -1 300l Droptank, I think on the Bombrack / Droptankrack
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