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  1. Some shots from the "Blacksea Resolved´79" campaign
  2. Cool, but why in god´s name do we need this player driven vehicle???
  3. Unfortunately,it is true. Just look at the recent steam charts. This says all.
  4. LOL. wut?? Please,see for yourself https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/99-pat-wilson-campaign-generator/
  5. Reupload please.
  6. @rowdyb00t have you found a solution for the washed out colours? nice screenshot btw...😉
  7. Yes, could, but didn´t That´s nice Really? LoL. If you still have problems to start and land even on long paved runways in this Sim "game" then you should really work on your skills. 😉
  8. Again, I haven´t seen any infos about the damage modelling. Well, that´s sad but without a propper damage modell for ships & planes = no buy. Sorry.
  9. None of them. Forget about carrier ops. They get boring very quickly with hours of flying over endless waters. I prefer the Burma campaign. It´s the the most feasible module for a pacific scenario. BtW..I want my KI-43 Back! Fighting angry tea bags over the green hell..those lovely times with the classic IL-2 series.
  10. hmm...nice gun,but don´t like the "Plastic Style" here. I prefer more the "old fashion"
  11. Some news here: Seems like MicroProse has updated their portfolio again. https://www.wargamer.com/articles/regiments-rts-microprose/ And the official trailer: Looks like Eugene´s Wargame style gameplay. But new stuff for us "die hard" RTS wanabee generals is always welcome ^^
  12. After a bit of seraching in my "Games of the past box" I´ve found both games again! Yeah! Since I dont have a Play Station 2 in 2020...😁 I've tried to find Secret Weapons over Normandy for my PS 2 emulator. It takes me 5 minutes of search and another 2 min. to download. And it works! But man, I´m soo bad in flying this arcade stuff now. LoL @Mmaruda Thanks mate, to bringing back those memories.
  13. Any chance for sound improvements for the Bf-110? Since one of the last official updates brokes the engine and RPM sounds and they are flat and weak now.
  14. @PatrickAWlson Any chance for you to bring the Velikie Luki map (Summer/ Winter) ino PWCG?
  15. Hey! Don´t be sarcastic please. This was absolutely stunning high end in 1998!! 😆 Don´t know how many hours I´ve spend with this game. Must be hundreds. Not to mention the countles hours in modding the shit out of it. If MicroProse would do a remake one day, I would insta buy it.
  16. Thanks for the detailed explanation Jason. No futher complains from my side. 😉 Amen to that bro. You´re right.
  17. I assume you won´t see any missions/campaigns/Career on the Summer version of this map, because the only relevant timeframe for BoX would be the soviet offensive from November 24th 1942 till January the 23th 1943. Which brings me to the big elephant in the room... @zeus-- Outstanding work. Really impressive and maybe the best map for the entire IL-2 series so far. But, what I can´t understand is, why you guys put so much work and love into details for a map who has little to non historical value for the Il-2 Series and on the other hand, many of us still waiting for maj
  18. Same here. This game will be a insta buy for me. By the way, @Amiral_Crapaud did you guys already started with the damage modelling? Would be cool if you provide a few info´s or screenshots.
  19. Secret Weapons was good game, back in the ´90. But I would rather like to see a modern remake of this here:
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