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  1. Okay. Thanks for the answer. Then I will stop buying this time. I really like your work, and own every previous campaign but flying with the same clones without tactical numbers & cammo over and over again puts me out of immersion every time. Maybe you can ask your Boss again for an unlock of the commercial campaigns? Would be cool if we would have the opportunity to edit the missions for our own private use 😁
  2. Ditto! It´s not only the missing Ruhrgebiet. Dont forget the huge amout of repetive textures all over the map. This looks so weird. IMHO it can´t be left to the modding comnunity to halfway finish the complete map for free.
  3. @BlackSix are you planning to include custom skins this time? Would be a reason for me to buy the Campaign.
  4. Better forget it.... Edit: I think you have two option here: Going to DCS, which has the far better european map(s) but less content for it, or stay here with a rather primitive map design but with more and better content. At the end, it´s up to the user what suits him better.
  5. @Jason_Williams if you find the time for it, can give us some infos about the current developent status for the Rheinland map? The map is now out for a while, but, to be honest with so many assets are missing, the quality of the map falls way behind the ones we have already in the sim. So,I like to ask now what updates are in plan? Can we expect a major overhaul of the map in the near future? (like the repetive textures,the missing Industrial zones, Landmarks,Villages ect,ect..) I know you´re limited in Time and manpower, and Corona didn´t make it better. But a few words from you would be much appreciated. Greets & stay safe
  6. Oh..nono. It´s just a Vid I´ve found on YT. Better ask the guy at his YT channel.
  7. Well. I didn´t test every plane after the recent patch. If it´s true, kudos to you an the Dev´s... and shame on me.
  8. 😄These are not really reflections . Its more like an static transparent "reflection effect" (looks nice but is non dynamic)
  9. Generous man I must say... you like to gift a copy of a game what is still in Alpha/early Beta stage and it´s not even forseeable when this game will be released? Cool stuff 😁 Sorry..couldn´d resist
  10. X-Plane 11 on the newest Vulcan beta. Feat. Piper P-31/P-28 Turbo Arrow/Beechcraft Dutches76
  11. Any chance for bringing the campaign to the Rheinland map? I´m not for this fantasy stuff...😄 Cheers
  12. Thx. Problem solved now. Oooookay.....😄
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