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  1. Is there a way to solve the issues with the pop up Cities on this map? Maybe ingame or with the config. File? It is anoying as hell to see this every time I try to fly a mission on the Bodenplatte map.
  2. Saluté Any news from the Winter texture front?
  3. Jeeez...Sorry mate. I´ve nearly forget you. Thanks for your work!
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=18ZMhNG4HHurtXO7pDaJMiJr9UbqueFhl Here mate. The campaign plays really nice. But be aware, the english trans. was made by me via google. So it could be funny to read from time to time. 😁
  5. Here, from my old WarthunderLive profile (which is still active? LooL)
  6. I still have the translated version. But I have to find it on one of my cloud storages. I will report back tomorrow evening
  7. Mate, dont be so sceptical 😉 I´m in the recent alpha tester cycle as we speak, and I´m pretty sure that the people around the Asobo team will do their homework right this time. Just look at all the previous Dev. blogs/Vids. It speaks for itself. This will be the flight sim what so many of us dreamed of for years or decades.
  8. And they release the next Dev. update today!! Once more, all I can say is: R.I.P. X-Plane & P3D. These guys are totaly crazy...
  9. hmmm. and how about scratches in the canopy and raindrops on the windshield? IMHO this is standart in 2020 flight sims
  10. This is the story of the End Time. We know this, because the Third Core has been found... Under the dark influence of this Core, the Taiidan have risen under a new leader, a Vaygr Warrior-Lord named Makaan...He calls himself the Sajuuk-Khar...the Chosen One.
  11. @ATAG_Pattle Impressive guys, really impressive! Did you already included the new weather & Clouds system?
  12. Stunning! Impressive shots. You guys rock it! Really looking forward to the release. But I hope you can do something against the sky banding at night. It´looks horrible and doesen´t fit to the rest of quality. Greets
  13. Impressive trailer. It´s really hard to see how primitive and cheap the Bodenplatte map looks, compared to the DCS Normandy map....not to speak from the Il-2 ´46 like FX effects what GB series offers. I mean, competition in the gaming market is always good, but the IL-2 Dev´s really have to keep up or they fall behind very quickly. Just my2€
  14. @PatrickAWlson for the sake of immersion, could you please add ships & boats to the Bodenplatte map and a few more trucks and static planes to Airfields, at least for the Airfield from who the player spawns? Thank you.
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