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  1. No problem. Just start the Launcher. In the top right corner is a small tab, there you can choose your language.
  2. Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts playable alpha is out! https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/ Followed the development for some time. It looks quite interesting. Like a modern version of Jutland1916/Distant Guns & Rule the waves II. The more I watch the let´s plays, the more I want to get my hands on it ^^
  3. Guys, please be aware that the translations I had done is english only. So, check your speech settings ingame.
  4. Really looking forward to a first beta release!
  5. Would be cool if I can get an answer. 😉 Cheers
  6. @PatrickAWlson Okay..then I would officially request this feature for the Stuka 😁 Is there already an Stuka squad in PWCG what uses the cannons for ground attacks?
  7. We have the artist himself here in the forums? 😀
  8. Thanks for the explanation @PatrickAWlson. 2 questions about the Stuka: Does the Stuka strictly dive bombing only? IRL low level attacs were part of the mission profile for the stuka crews. (is the 4000m ingress alt. hard coded in game?) Regarding the Cannon armed Stukas. Which Squadrons in PWCG use them, and what is the starting date?
  9. Thanx mate! Like always, well written and excellent skins. I did a translation via google. It´s a bit rough in some parts but better than nothing. With your permission I share the link for those who are interested. https://drive.google.com/open?id=18ZMhNG4HHurtXO7pDaJMiJr9UbqueFhl
  10. Thx mate. Instantly bookmarked his page! He has a really impressive style. My new wallpaper:
  11. With which part of the mod did you work? There are 3 parts on the first page
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