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  1. Unfortunately,it is true. Just look at the recent steam charts. This says all.
  2. LOL. wut?? Please,see for yourself https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/99-pat-wilson-campaign-generator/
  3. Reupload please.
  4. @rowdyb00t have you found a solution for the washed out colours? nice screenshot btw...😉
  5. Yes, could, but didn´t That´s nice Really? LoL. If you still have problems to start and land even on long paved runways in this Sim "game" then you should really work on your skills. 😉
  6. Again, I haven´t seen any infos about the damage modelling. Well, that´s sad but without a propper damage modell for ships & planes = no buy. Sorry.
  7. None of them. Forget about carrier ops. They get boring very quickly with hours of flying over endless waters. I prefer the Burma campaign. It´s the the most feasible module for a pacific scenario. BtW..I want my KI-43 Back! Fighting angry tea bags over the green hell..those lovely times with the classic IL-2 series.
  8. hmm...nice gun,but don´t like the "Plastic Style" here. I prefer more the "old fashion"
  9. Some news here: Seems like MicroProse has updated their portfolio again. https://www.wargamer.com/articles/regiments-rts-microprose/ And the official trailer: Looks like Eugene´s Wargame style gameplay. But new stuff for us "die hard" RTS wanabee generals is always welcome ^^
  10. After a bit of seraching in my "Games of the past box" I´ve found both games again! Yeah! Since I dont have a Play Staition 2 in 2020...😁 I've tried to find Secret Weapons over Normandy for my PS 2 emulator. It takes me 5 minutes of search and another 2 min. to download. And it works! But man, I´m soo bad in flying this arcade stuff now. LoL @Mmaruda Thanks mate, to bringing back those memories.
  11. Any chance for sound improvements for the Bf-110? Since one of the last official updates brokes the engine and RPM sounds and they are flat and weak now.
  12. @PatrickAWlson Any chance for you to bring the Velikie Luki map (Summer/ Winter) ino PWCG?
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