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  1. Semor76

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    ok. thx. I ask, because AI behaviour depends on the skill level. Higher AI level= more variation in tactics. Thats the reason why I want a adjustable slider for the career mode. It is. of course. Peace. 😉
  2. Semor76

    Model Pilot

    Feathered is right here. You dont need a superduper high end Airbrush for learning and to archive good results. After I had to sold my HANSA Aero Pro, I by a cheap Iwata knock off (Agora-Tec for 29,95€) and a relatively cheap Compressor (Fengda AS-18A for 69,95€) from Amazon...yes, I know, the capitalist thing...and both did their job very fine. Little hint: You dont need to buy these expensive Airbrush cleaners. They are all based on Isopropanol. (pure Alcohol like the ones you can buy in every drugstore) Just by a bottle of cheap Window cleaner. My one costs 0,70€ and its perfect for cleaning my brush from acrylics and enamel paints. On top, as long as you work with acrylic colours, you can use it for thinning as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting a new project today. The S.M.S Koening from ICM in 1/350 as a Waterline modell. It´s a very nice kit with a lot of details, but definitely not suited for beginners. As if those over 560 parts are not enough, I decided to add a PE set from Tom´s Modellworks and gun barrels from ABER. First steps here: Filling, sanding, filling, sanding, more filling...more sanding. Yeah, did I mention the good quality of the ICM kits here? 😋 Sorry for the bad picture quality. Light conditions in my House are not the best today. My Airbrush "Cleaner" ..and the brush The Compressor I think this little boat keeps me busy till christmas 😄
  3. Semor76

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    What was the AI level? LooL...sorry, everytime I read this I still think people play a entire different Version of IL-2. I noticed some very minor improvements with the last 2 patches,but all in all the AI is still a mess. (but it´s getting better. in very,very,veeery small steps) Playing PWCG & Career mode and my AI still cant do split S without crashing into ground. They still have massive problems in formation flying/rejoning formations. Going vertical is still very rare, and 99% of all angagements ends up in NASCAR AI vs me. This is only from my perspective as a player. Just ask the mission builders, they can tell you more storys. 😉
  4. Semor76

    VeteranenCampaign -- JG51 over Velikie Luki

    Something from one of the last patches broke the campaign. I´m unable to get my bird in the air. The slightest rudder input kicks the players plane off the runway. I did a quck test in QMB with the FW190, all works normal. So, it must be some of the campaign parameters.
  5. Semor76

    PWCG Bug Reports

  6. Semor76

    [MOD] Damage decals

    Hmmm...dont want to be the showstopper here, but I cant see any difference. Looks like the same unrealistic low-res stuff than before.
  7. This is what I mean with "artifacts" and I´m not on VR.
  8. Is there a way to "strip down" the mod? I didn´t use VR or Icons, etc. There are many buttons who collide with my personal keyboard settings and I get weird artifacts on screen. The only thing I would need is the cloud fix.
  9. Semor76

    DCS news

    Stream is up & running
  10. Semor76

    PWCG Bug Reports

    Bug Report: After Pilot gets serious wounded PWCG wont generate futher missions. Error Message =0 popps up. Hope I have the right files attached. Btw...is it possible to restore my campaign by hand,or is this specific campaign lost, due to the bug? SovietCampaignStalingrad201811240311266.zip
  11. Semor76

    Official Poll: Theme for the next historical campaign

    @BlackSix ahhh,I did read it multiple times. Sorry, totaly forget it. Well, if Bombing and Divebombings are out of question....then I would vote for a Bf-110 or a Lagg-3 Campaign.
  12. I really whish I was wrong, but after a few missions, it teaches me the opposite. Yes, it is disappointing and frustating that the Ai improvement take so long, but I´m confident these Dev. Team will find a way till BoBP gets released. Otherwise this IL-2 Series will end up in a desaster if not...^^ On the positive side, it seems like the ground attack logic is improved. I did a couple of flights in a P-40 career, and the AI behaves really nice this time. They split of in pairs and attack from different directions. I was in the 2nd pair and stick to my wingmen all the time. It was really a surprising Experience. 😉
  13. Semor76

    Official Poll: Theme for the next historical campaign

    To be honest,I would prefer a La-5 or La-5FN Campaign. We already have a Il-2 Campaign,and this Planes get way to less attention in the Box Series I think.
  14. Sorry if I cant sound thankfull, but the AI was the weak spot in this sim and it will be for a long time. I did 8 missions in the career mode today, and the AI is still a mess. AI still knows only on direction (La´s & BF109ers) LEFT,LEFT,LEFT..okay to be fair, there is a little variation in this...RIGHT,RIGHT,RIGHT. Still no vertical maneuvers, not a single time. AI still crashes into ground with no reason. I did simple scissors against BF109,AI brake off and dive into the ground. This happens multiple times. AI still has visible problems to keep up in formation. Look at the bomber formations... etc,etc.. Sorry to say that, but in therms of AI improvements,yes, they are there, but only very minor and the main AI issues are still prominent and this keeps the frustation level still high for me as a single player only. It sounds disappointing? Yes, because it is what it is.