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  1. Guys... If its too much silence for you now, I´d highly recommend VVS & LW Ambient radios chatter by @Feathered_IV !! His thread is from 2015 but the links on page 2 still working: I think it´s one of the "must haves" as SP.
  2. 15. AI keeps the formation much better; Yoar...I would say THIS works as intended 😉 Close to Airshow quality now. And the "rejoin formation" order works veeeery quick now. Your commrades are left and right from you in no time.
  3. I was on the move to post the same link. 😁 This annouce trailer came out of nothing. It is really true, Microsoft is back in the flight sim biz? I´ve watched the trailer 5 times now but I can´t belive it. The graphics are breathtaking... P.s. now watched the 6th time...I still can´t belive it! I’ve been waiting so long for this. This will impact the civ.flight sim scene like an A-Bomb! ...and will crush X-Plane to dust. (and this from a 101% X-Plane fanboi)
  4. is unfortunately dead... Wish we had a 2nd talented sound guy around here
  5. Sorry..hahaha. Head--->table. omg...
  6. LooL...I truly think you completely misunderstand my post. Do you know the concept of irony? If you label my as the "guy with 500+ posts" you should better read some of previous posts regarding the AI development and the current situation for us Single players. I will tell you a little secret: It´s the opposite of beeing a "fanboi" 😉 Peace.
  7. Easy to change, if you didn´t know it already. Go to: PWCG/BoSData/Input/Aircraft/bf110e2.JASON and change the cruise speed as you like. I set mine to 380kph too.
  8. Yo...marketing speech at it´s best.
  9. ....aaand we´re in the forums trash bin again. 😂 This is so hopeless ^^ See ya next week when the next new guy drops in and write the exact same stuff.
  10. Shifting to the complaints section in 3....2...1.. By the way, welcome to the forums Milan 😉
  11. Semor76

    Cold starts

    Found some issues with Bombers & co. Seems like the bigger the plane, the AI have more problems to taxi to the runway. Try it out. Put 8-10 He-111,Ju,88´s etc on a mission, let them cold start and taxi to the runway. 50% chance they get stuck or it takes more than 20 min till they reached the runway threshold.
  12. This happens to everyone since the new cloud & sky system was introduced. It´s a major drawback and a shame for a company who called their product a "hight quality flight sim". IIRC one of the dev´s already sad thad this issue will probably never been fixed due to amount of work, small team, etc...etc.. The "priority list" thing..you know.
  13. yes, this happens every time. A video is a bit complicated here, but I will make an .trk file this evening.
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