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  1. And the next one. Hehehe, german engineering at it´s best. Really impressive.
  2. I've stumbled across this a few minutes ago..what the heck 😍
  3. LOOL.... Head--->table You are the best consumer.
  4. @HappyHaddock I follow your thread from the first day 😉 Nahh, Kudos to our cloud Wizzard. But be aware, If you have bad luck this can happen to you aswell. This is how software works, we´re living in a WIP world 😉
  5. Nope. I´ve found the issue. And I think you will not like it, because it can happen to any of you guys. 😉 For more infos, take a look in my thread in the technical issues section.
  6. @HappyHaddock mate, I think you´re right and I was a victim of these sky.ini files with it´s aggressive noise profiles. I did a couple of tests in the quick missions builder with various cloud settings on various maps and seasons. Some of the mission generates this ugly clouds, some not. But I can´t tell you the numbers. It seems more or less random how the QMB choose this specific sky.ini files. I also spend some time in the screenshot section and watched the ingame shots from other users. I would say that roughly each 4rd to 5th screenshot who was taken with clouds in the background shows the same problems that I have. Here are 2 of my fresh ingame shots with an average cloud setting on the Stalingrad winter map. Looks quite normal.
  7. Also meine Glaskugel sagt eindeutig Ja! Der Rheinlandkarten Thread im Englischen Forum war schon Heftig. Bei den Russischen Kollegen ist die Kritik noch deftiger. Die DCS Normandy Karte zeigt jetzt aber auch gnadenlos alle schwächen der IL-2 Version auf. Voll gemein das. Was erlauben sich DCS 😋 F
  8. @Elem Well that is the weird thing here, the AA is Application controlled. I´m 100% sure. I´ve doubble, tripple checked this last evening and even now. No matter which ingame setting I use, or which driver settings I have (even to turn everything off). The look of the clouds stay more or less the same. Even if I roll back my drivers to the ones from November takes no effect. The last possibility would be my graphics card itself. But the Card runs fine with all my other games. This is crazy.... Again. I know I repeat my self: But to isolate the issuse. Please, if somebody here has the same RX580 Card. Post a screenshot of your Radeon settings and how your clouds looks ingame. (Plane on the ground,Cloudy situation.) Thanks. I will try this.
  9. You say it! 😆 I have absolutely no clue what´s going on here. But my Graphics card runs fine with every other game on my rig. So it must be something with the Patch/Driver/the way the game renders the clouds now.
  10. Fun fact: I tried all three settings: low and med & high and I can´t see any difference! That´s why I ask for other Radeon users here at the forums if they have similar issues since the last patches.
  11. Update: The cloud rendering issues still remains. Even after a complete driver reinstall. @Jason_Williams or any other from the staff, could it be possible that the new Radeon drivers or the Radeon Cards itself causes incompatibilities with how the games renders the clouds after the last update(s) ?
  12. Oookay. So I reinstalled the whole game in the last 2h. Still the same cloud issues..... what the heck is going on here?? I will reinstall the radeon drivers now. Question: Have anybody else here the Radeon RX580 Nitro too? Did you have the same problems? Can you please share the driver version number and your driver settings?
  13. You´re probably right here. I´m reinstall the whole game now and see if this may help.
  14. Thanks for the help guys. Yup. Here. I think it looks even worse. Maybe for comparison reasons: Red Tide campaign, mission 01, this is where I did the screenshots. Do the same and post your result here please. Good tip. My config was still from 2017 despite numerous reinstalls over the time. The game runs better now...😁 but the clouds still looks ugly as hell.
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