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  1. I hope NOT! IL-2 GB interface looks so off with its modern "app" style. It´s the worst UI for an WW2 combat sim. PWCG would be an good example how CoD could look like.
  2. +1 Exactly my observations. Maybe some very minor improvements, but the AI in general & the interaction with them is still a mess.
  3. Guden. Na dann will ich mal versuchen dir eine Kerze an zu zünden... Folgendes tippe ich jetzt frei aus dem Gedächtnis. Wenn ich blödsinn erzählen sollte, korrigiert mich einer. Die neue Abfangautomatik ist natürlich nicht korrekt umgesetzt. Der Sturzvorgang in der Stuka lief folgendermassen ab: -Kontakthöhenmesser auf gewünschte Höhe justieren -Kühlerklappen zu, der Jumo Motor kriegt sonst ne Erkältung beim Sturz -Je nach Angriffsvariante, Rollen über die Schulter oder Direktes Abkippen nach vorne... -Ausfahren der Sturtzflugbremsen,das leitet den AUTOMATISCHEN Sturzvorgang ein -Flugzeug trimmt sich Automatisch auf voll Kopflastig (12 Grad Trimmwinkel) -Korrektur war ab dann nur noch mittels Rudereinschlag möglich/ Höhenruder Blockierten vollständig um die Gefahr des zu harten manuallen Abfangens zu umgehen. -Propellerdrehzal voll zurück, das erhöte die Bremswirkung -Höhenlader sperrt sich Automatisch -Beim erreichen der Sollabwurfhöhe löst die ATOMATIK alle Abwurfwaffen aus. Glaube es gab sogar ein kurzes Akustisches Signal. -Flugzeug trimmt sich Automatisch auf 3/4 Hecklastig -Die Stuka führt den Abfangvorgang solange aus bis +/- 1g erreicht werden -Sturzflugbremsen fahren Automatisch ein -Danach ist der Flugzeugführer wieder Herr über seinen Fliegenden Untersatz und der Bordfunker wischt sich den Schweiss von der Stirn. Bei der Ju-88 war der vorgang nahezu identisch. Zur Animation: Ich hatte noch keine gelegenheit die Stuka oder die Ju-88 zu testen, aber in der realen Maschine wurde der Kontakthöhenmesser über ein Rädchen direkt am Instrument eingedreht. Fun Fact: In Cliffs of Dover ist die Stuka nahezu 1:1 Umgesetzt. Zur Funkmessanlage kann ich leider nichts sagen, ausser das die Funknavi in IL-2 nur recht rudimentär umgesetzt wurde. In CoD kriegste da schon eher das volle Programm serviert.
  4. Well, I know all your points, but it has little to do with my initial question: What are the problems in making a Ju-87 Campaign? And how can this possible problems be solved? I´m pretty sure I´m not the only one here who want´s to fly this bird in a scripted campaign. For example: I know from PWCG that the dive altitude is fixed to 4000m.
  5. This is more a question for the mission and campaign builders. We have 2456830043 Bf-109 ( and a few Yak,Mig) campaigns but not a single playable Stuka campaign after all these years. Why is this so? IIRC, Netscape did a really good one, a few years back but it was deleted by the author himself for some reason. My questions are: What are the difficulties? Bugs in the AI? Bugs in the Mission editor? Bugs in general? No support from the community? Too little beer in the fridge?
  6. Oh...is the white outline "feature" back? I remember it back in 2016 as I came over from Il-2 ´46. Tbh, better the white halo than the pixel soup we had previously.
  7. Yup. Congratulations, you´re the only one. The dive recovery system in Ju 87/88´s is no "arcade mode" this is how good old german engineering works 😁 If you wont belive us, Wiki is your friend here.
  8. 100% Same here. But hey, you cant have it all. Agree! But how many versions of the Normandy theater did we had over the last 25 years of PC flight siming, or PC gaming et all ? 10..20..30..even more? Sorry but it´s hard for me to understand the Dev´s. decision in this point. It´s like combat flight siming´s groundhogs day. 😥
  9. @PatrickAWlson I like to know how the spawn mechanics for moving objects works. Maybe I´m a blind sometimes, but I´ve never seen any kind of moving things in a mission. No Truck or Tank columns, not on the way from or to the frontline. Even directly above the front seems everything static. IIRC I´ve never seen a moving Train on the map? Maybe you can improve the mission design here a bit?
  10. The flight sim porn goes into the next round:
  11. From IMDb: " Follows the lives of a Soviet fighter squadron on Eastern Front. They fly Yaks out of a remote airfield against air and ground targets. Rather than being an all-out action movie, it looks at the relationships between the individual pilots, their commanders and ground crew. In WWII Soviet both men and women were pilots. The series is well made with good production values and the air battles are realistic and believable. It also does a good job of showing the realities of war, the dilemmas faced at times by those who fought and surprisingly, for a Russian-made series, it doesn't demonize the Germans to any great extent " https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3563130/ Hmmm....looks like I have to refresh my amazon prime account again. Edit: LoooL...the TV Series is already 4 Years old. You can find all episodes on YT: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=The+Attackers As expected, very cheap CGI animations with a lot of drama baby. Not my playground. Sorry.
  12. How good this sim can look after all the graphic enhancements in the past 2 years
  13. Playing WoW sometimes. Even if I dont like the MMOG style, it can be very funny and the 3D modelling is still outstanding.(the damage modell not so..) On the other hand, when it comes to surface vessels, WoW is the only modern Marine style gaming title on the market. Which is a truly shame... Love the dreadnought class behemoths! Kaiser Class S.M.S. König Albert Gangut Class: IJN Kawachi Class:
  14. You´re surprised? Why 😁? Dont underestimate the raw power of the AMD Piledriver architecture. These chips where quite good for it´s time and it can still handle all my games and most of the actual gaming titles at high and sometimes very high settings. It´s all about getting the heat out of the casing. For this reason I´ve set up my system with 6 air coolers to keep the temperature inside the case and above the southbrigde as low as possible. But let´s be honest, the FX generation will reach the end of its lifespann in the next 1-2 years, ever for budged systems like mine. The next CPU will be a ryzen generation ones. Not sure which ones, but I will definitely stay with AMD. There´s no need for me to support Intel´s expensive price politics. ..and yes, IL-2 runs fine:
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