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  1. Semor76

    PWCG 5.0.2 Released

    They did. IMHO there will be no changes to the better as long as the Dev.stick to the current FM for all AI planes. By the way, if we are talking about Bombers....did you found a solution for this issue: Greets 😉
  2. Semor76

    EffeDB Mod: SplashScreen Editor

    Thanks! Nice work. Hoster is Megaupload?? LoooL. This reminds me on my old file sha.... the old times as I was younger ^^
  3. Semor76

    Single player Campaigns translated

    Good idea. I will set a link to this topic in the ATAG forums
  4. Semor76

    DCS news

    The new flight model for the Mig-29 is official! ...and I must say, its a bit...well...ehhhm....different
  5. Semor76

    The Game Screenshot Thread

  6. Semor76

    DCS news

    TOP GUN incoming...this is a hell of a trailer! Like the Viggen, 100% pre-purchase! Those Dev. deserves it.
  7. Semor76

    campaign save

    Simple solution: Check my thread over here: Download these (fixed) campaigns, follow the install instructions and enjoy! I already lost my faith in single player development for IL-2 BoX. CoD still has many bugs, but the single player part ist far more enjoyable than the basic stuff here in BoX.
  8. Semor76

    Splashscreens mod

    I got a black screen as well. Will have a look at it tonight. Maybe I can fix it.
  9. Semor76

    Huninthesun campaigns

    Many thanks mate !
  10. Semor76

    Huninthesun campaigns

    Thanks for the link. Totaly forget about Mission4Today. Unfortunately,the campaign isn´t part of the archive. So,I´m still searching for the Huninthesun campaigns
  11. Semor76

    Huninthesun campaigns

    I´m still collecting campaigns for CoD So,has anyone a working link to the Huninthesun campaigns? The one over the ATAG forums is dead. Thx
  12. Semor76

    TheEnlightenedFlorist Dynamic Campaign

    ..the first one with a plausible answer since september 23rd. ^^ Thank you
  13. Semor76

    TheEnlightenedFlorist Dynamic Campaign

    Nope. File structure seems a bit different this time. Where I have to put the "Src" folder?
  14. Semor76

    TheEnlightenedFlorist Dynamic Campaign

    Dude,you miss some proper install instructions. Without it, your upload is useless.....