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  1. Semor76

    The Game Screenshot Thread

    Some X-Plane shots..
  2. Semor76

    Something goes a bit wrong

    Yes please 😉
  3. Semor76

    Something goes a bit wrong

    Think I messed up some ehhm...things, between me,the mod enabler and the sim and I dont want to do a complete reinstall. Can a good soul send me these two files please via PM? LANDSCAPE_Moscow_a and LANDSCAPE_Moscow_w
  4. ....LooL. Head--->Table. We are not! Belive me... Back on topic.. https://www.gamestar.de/artikel/hakenkreuze-in-videospielen-usk-hebt-generelles-verbot-in-videospielen-auf,3333259.html Only in german.
  5. Thx for reply guys. I was already experimenting with the advanced settings as well but never know the exact numbers what PWCG (or the IL-2 engine) can handle. So, let´s see what Pat can do with this weird AI.
  6. One of the last patches must have change the AI behavior in that way that every Bomber in PWCG now only flying circles in a specific area on the map. They didn´t drop bombs,only do endless circles untill all gets shot down, or got the "fly home command" This happens for He-111/Ju-88/Pe-2/A-20 and possible the JU-87. This breaks every mission in PWCG so far and make it useless for me. Can somebody confirm this, and @PatrickAWlson can you please have a deeper look into this issue. sec. question, it is possible to increase the number of Bombers without getting those anoying slowdowns ingame? I fly with medium air density and the max. Bombers in a flight is 4. This is far away from realistic.
  7. Semor76

    BOBP Premium and FC Drawing 1200 US Central

    Congratulations for your first 10k. Let´s hope for the next 10k. Battle of Bodenplatte if possible.....
  8. Semor76

    Green Moscow map

    Once more, the problem sits between the chair and monitor.. now it works. Thx
  9. Semor76

    Green Moscow map

    +1 Same here. I doubble checked the installation path.
  10. Switch between PWCG & IL-2 via ALT+TAB is the worst idea ever. The sim tends to crash every time. Better close IL-2 comletely, generate the next mission in PWCG and fire up Il-2 again.
  11. Semor76

    PWCG - Luftwaffe theme

    Forums Software didn´t allow me more "emotial reactions today" so...take this:
  12. Semor76

    Adjusted navigation lights Mod

    Well, then I like to request it 😉
  13. Semor76

    Adjusted navigation lights Mod

    Looks good. It is possible to dimm the Nav Lights to 0 or close to it?