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  1. Thanks Lucas. This did the trick. Max. 10% throttle, not 11 or 12% like I did. Cheers
  2. Saluté. Dont want to sound too nitpicking here, but you know this is a common "workaround" from the old days for a very, very old and nasty bug in CoD? I thought this would be fixed already with the release. Anyway, good to have you around here and congrats to your campaigns! A lot to fly for the next days/weeks 😉
  3. Feel like a blody noob here, I can´t get the Wellington´s engines to run. Even if follow the Flashcard word by word. Any tips or a short "how to video" ?
  4. Yup. Confusion cleared up😉 Already found out which campaign supports cold & dark mission starts. Thank you for taking the time to provide support. One last thing: This is more a wish...can you provide optional cold & dark mission starts for the following campaigns: Desert Hawks, Eagles over Tobruk, On ne Passe Pas and Rising from the Ashes. See it more as a "bonus" for those who didn´t like the (more arcade style) spawn on runway thing. Greets
  5. Thanks mate. But I´m courious now. How can it be that you are spawned in a parked plane and me already on the runway?? Did you have a different version of the campaign?
  6. ....in SP campaigns? Because there is no option for this at the pre-flight screen.
  7. LoL. We´re talking about the "Desert Hawks" Campaign, right? Because my first mission starts on the runway, with engines already running
  8. Saluté Ezzie Looks I´m the first one to report some bugs. P-40 campaign: Mission 1 - Player starts as flight leader. ATC denied the start request. After a while, Player decides to start without permission. The rest of his flight followed him till all planes are up in the air. From this point on, the AI goes his own way and the player is only a wingman 😄 It's the other way around on the way back to base: The Ai joins the Player and I´m the wing leader again... Same goes for the D-520 campaign, but I didn´t had the time to test the other campaigns as well Possible solution: Let the Player be the wingman all the time (which I would prefer) or let him be the the flight leader. But not both in the same mission.
  9. I would second this. The price in germany is set to 64,99€ -15% discount. Dont get me wrong here, I highly appreciate the work Team fusion has made to bring this broken piece of software to acceptable standarts. But I think the price tag is too steep for a sim with that desatrous history. IMHO 30-35 maybe 40€ would be fair. The 90$ price for an old game like CoD is, will scare many potentially new players away and leave only the small bunch of die hard simmers as customers here. I will have to pass Tobruk at this time as well and have to wait till a sale is on. It´s too expensive for me right now and I´m sure I will not allone with this decision.
  10. Easy task. Just monitor Steam spy over the next Days/weeks. IMHO to sell 50k copies could be ambitious with that steep price tag for an DLC for a game with a nearly 10 year old engine under the hood. The comments on steam seems to prove me right.
  11. Horrible scenes. The blast radius is insane. Those poor people. Found two more vids. I better put them in a spoiler. The social media cannels are full of them. This isn´t fun anymore. Edit: From what I´ve read in the german press: The Lebanon Government says it was a 2750 ton Ammoniumnitrat explosion. The death toll is now 73 dead with 2.750 injured and they are still counting.
  12. Dude, this was posted over and over again. It was only a test mission with more or less long announcement time. It´is not representative for "daily use" of CoD Blitz. Just look at the SteamCharts: https://steamcharts.com/app/754530 101 peak players in the last 30 Days. ( I´m one of them 1-2 times a week) Between 70 to 80/90ish players in average. I can understand everybody´s wish to see a gain in player numbers, but those numbers don´t lie unfortunately. Let´s face it, this game is dead since a long time. I really keep my fingers crossed that with the release of Tobruk those player numbers will grow over the time. The Dev. Team and the Game itself deserves it.
  13. Unfortunately, no. But I would like to see this in the GB series at least as an option for the player.
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