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  1. Old dreams echo.....ahhh, now i would be more than happy with just flyable b25, but even that seems not gonna happen soon or at all. I remember threads on this forum dreaming about PTO, heavy and medium bombers, torpedos....big hopes for il2GB had shrunken a lot in the last few years. "In the spirit of il2:1946" has been replaced by trucks, TC and FC. But i can see good scenarios in MP on Channel map using a20, ju88, he111 and it will add a bit more naval objectives....looking forward to that in MP!
  2. Thnx, i wishlisted it 😁 Seems i'll be going back to Arma Eden editor full time once again! Yeah, making campaigns in Eden ME is fun, testing it and updating after every patch not so much!
  3. Out of reactions for today but this is epic.....hahahaha!
  4. Very good points made from guys above! Since BoK, bomber pilots have less and less place in this sim....sadly! So much missed potential and deterioration from il2's biggest strenghts.
  5. Ju88A-17, would fit BoN perfectly! It shouldn't be much work for your team since it is modified version of already ingame ju88A-4. You said some cool collector planes could fill Normandy......B-25 and Ju88a17 TaaaDaaaaa 😁 Happy birthday Jason!🍻
  6. In summer 2014 during the retreat Jason moved all the art work and gold bars to the unknown location somewhere in the hills of Bavaria (or Mojave desert).
  7. Ypu can use it for driving to the work
  8. Magic words that open my wallet are B25, B26, Ju88a17, B17 and PTO💸 😁
  9. IMO with the current business model it's highly unlike they can devote time and resources for those packs since every expansion also acts as standalone game (needs planeset plus map). And now with TC, FC2 and combined arms there is even less chance....just look at the BoN, 16 months since announcement and only 3 copy paste planes are out. Best i expect is filling those possibilities with collector planes. Also their approach to collector planes is to fill the existing fronts and time periods so i guess BoB and such are off the table even i'd like to see it. What would be ni
  10. CW Spit looking great! V-1 will add to gameplay variety which is highly welcome. //B-25 and ju88a17-reminder//
  11. Me too, no flight gear just m&k and in SP! Was in high school back then, Operation Flashpoint and il2 being my main occupation beside girls. Was picking fighters by the look, loved and hated(cos of FM) mig3. Was fascinated and obsessed by endless TO and landings in big birds (bombers), when in fighter starting shooting at enemy from 1km distance (unlimited ammo😂). Later on i fell in love with PTO!
  12. MP servers would be full of Lady Gagas, Trumps, Adolfs and whatever! I know it's stupid but i would prefer B25, torpedo bombers and such to dip my fps performance instead of damage visuals, pilot shadow, mole and eyebrow generator. For the latter part i'll just download 40's/ww2 mod for Sims city.
  13. This is not simple subject to the devs and from gameplay reasons i get it why they relied on pilot manuals even it's nonsense when it comes to DM and RL tests.....engines just don't die like that. Operator and manufacturer engine limitations are given to max prolong life and increase realibility till next overhaul (prolong times between overhauls) and reduce malfunctions as much is possible. Research on each engine tests would take time as well advantages and disadvantages between planes in game would be way less apparent since we're simmers who will exploit that heavily and w
  14. Guy commenting it being a bit hassle to import manually from FSX to msfs2020. Haven't fly FSX so i don't know how well it is developed regarding clickpit and FM. For me it just looks beautiful and i hope we get a sim where we can fly b17....il2, dcs or msfs going for ww2 combat version.
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