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  1. Sadly campaign isn't dynamic, someday.......i hope!
  2. Yes i know even i never had chance to work on helicopters, i would say it is much closer to heli pedals (more than half way there) than they are to airplane which are pure push. Anyway for ppl with limited roomspace and those using spinning office chair and VR that want easier check six i think VKB rudder pedals are way to go (quality and precision are high end too).....other than that MFG crosswind and Slaw pedals are wow! S!
  3. Hi wildbill! I went on to check it out for you, first with only left eye and then with only right one and it's definitely possible with some minor downsides such as reduced field of view by ~10-15% when using only one eye and i had a bit motion sickness but it may be due i'm not used to fly with only one eye, also same as rest of us you'll need to adjust gunsight view (move your head to desired position and press f10 to save view as default).....other than that i found it quite good and bareable experience even i'm not used to it! NOTICE> i did test on Oculus Rift S which uses single LCD display for both eyes so i don't know how it'll work with VR headsets that use 2xdisplays (one per eye) such as Reverb G
  4. This is the most powerful derail i've ever encountered on internet😂🏆
  5. Maybe devs should add Meth and other drugs to modification bar for german pilots increasing their G-resistance or slowing down time like in RDR2.
  6. I'm not in a hurry to get it but if some here interested seems there is some in stock at normal prices: https://www.gputracker.eu/en/offer/334156/evga-geforce-rtx-3080-xc3-ultra-gaming-10gb-gddr6x
  7. I never noticed during the gameplay VKB rudder 4 pedals noise, not even once! And i don't use headphones or earbugs, just crappy Rift S open audio! When =VARP=Tvrdi said he had problem with them being noisy i wen't and checked mine without any background noise and there was some noise but only when you instantly keep pushing full left or right, nothing serious. When using them normal there is no noise at all. Mfg crosswind was one of my options when upgrading from CH but went for VKB since i'm quite limited with space. I found that vkb pedals are perfect choice if flying in VR, it's press-in system makes them firmly in one place not sliding like other push pedals, and most important it's way easier to check six in VR as you can use them with rotating office chair while still having feets on them (not possible with other push pedals), offers soo many sitting and feet positions unlike push pedals making it more comfortable and last i'm much more precise with them due to press-in/heli system. Downsides: no brakes but it's software allows it to bind switch button to use them as brakes and rudder when button pressed, irrelevant for me since i use brake on MCG grip. Second downside is immersion since heli system isn't used in airplanes. IMO for VR users VKB rudder mk.4 is best option!
  8. Il2 alone is the reason i bought Rift CV1, then Rift S and now preordered Reverb g2, still waiting 3080 to get in stock....this game made me bankrupt 😅 Now...B25 cockpit with animated copilot in VR, that would be a blast! //ju88a17 too// 😉
  9. Just want to apologize to @[Ladds]Lama for friendly fire, my ID-ing was total crap, mistaken him for earlier damaged 109 so i damaged him quite badly....😬! Sorry Lama and hats down to you for staying cool! S!
  10. I had this happening the me few times, but it stopps by itself during the flight or after respawn! Rift S
  11. Seems smooth and nice, even with shadows enablend, seems quite improvement over Rift S! How about pixel density? With Rift S what bothers me the most is i can count pixels and flickering
  12. Bigger screen is bigger screen, more immersive...while 2k still looks great on 34". For me personally too crisp picture (ground textures and objects) feels plastic in il2.... Middle one by ratio looks best, more natural than 3rd one.....first one not worth mentioning
  13. Ok, thnx guys drifting away some doubts i have! I also preordered G2 and was intend to upgrade pc (gpu, cpu, psu and mobo) but this "out of stock" fiasco with 3080 and scalpers made me postpone it for a while till it get's in stock and within reasonable price range. If 3080 10gigs will be enough i'll go with it instead waiting for 20gig version for increased price taking in consideration higer price and 20GB (if) overkill is not worth for someone who upgrade pc frequently. By the time 20GB vram is needed in games 3080 could/wpuld be obsolete card. Same with intel's rocket lake....i also hope amd and ati will help this situation!
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