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  1. It is noticable, in career or whatever mission when you fly toward the objective you can tell when AI spawns or enter in proximity....it's like your plane hit denser medium than air or enters from air into a liquid. In MP it is more in form of stutters, like radar, once someone gets close to you stutter occur for a moment or longer depends on how crowded area is. It's always been like that!
  2. Not saying il2 devs are bad or not capable, in fact this is one of the best dev studios when it comes to communication with community and fixing things. Not that i know anything about game development but from customer perspective engine is quite limited in MP as well in SP even with high end hw. Performance problems in MP are daily thing, for server and clients. I just think little is missing for il2GB to be top notch flight sim both for MP and SP taking in mind reasonable expetations.....engine optimization, AI optimization and some medium bombers providing variety of gameplay. My 2¢!
  3. I think i saw ju52 in yak1b career, it wasn't target objective however....i could be wrong, it was a long time since i played SP
  4. I think not, it's up to mission level design! Even if you don't own those planes they still are available to you as an AI, just not flyable for you.
  5. I still hope devs will change development plans and swap ju88c6 or me410 with ju88a17! Ju88a17 would bring new gameplay feature (torpedos) unlike just another boring/vunerable ground attackers that are terrible at it/closer to fighter role than bomber.
  6. Better fed army will win the war, you can't fight on empty stomach🤷😆 Now that wololololo priest would finally fit in il2!
  7. Flag is missing in the menu, pilot belt and hat isn't historical, this bolt and rivet is not where it supposed to be....etc. That is what is ruining games these days, ppl complain about irrelevant cosmetic things drifting away devs from actual gameplay feature development!
  8. Instead of that we'll get trucks😆
  9. Corsair vengeance lpx 2x16GB 3200MHz C16 XMP 2.0 high performance....i just enabled xmp in bios.
  10. I'm MP guy also! I prefer smooth 90fps and more details ultra settings provide over higher resolution. In steamVR 50% resolution (will try 60%), motion reprojection enabled and under developer section (steamvr settings) i opted for openxr runtime (this removed stutters for me and my friend). Ingame settings: -Ultra -scaling 100% -1080x728 -shadows off -mirrors off -landscape distance detail: x4 -clouds: high -msaa x0 -sharp -terrain roughness: off Thicked boxes: hdr, ssao and sharpen With fpsVR i get mostly avg: 86-90fps
  11. VR tests: Reverb G2 i7 10700k 5.0GHz (no xmp profile) 32GB 3200MHz corsair lpx msi meg z490 unify evga rtx3080 ftw3 ultra VR test 1- 50% resolution per eye on G2 Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg 3599, 60000, 49, 86, 59.983 VR test 2 - 100% resolution per eye on G2 Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg 3389, 60000, 48, 77, 56.483 I thought that going from 50% to 100% per eye resolution would affect performance a bit more 🤔
  12. I hope we'll get the one with both wheels....or prop torque is so strong that we need only one wheel😜
  13. Using fpsVR lately i never seen ram usage goes above 10.5-11GB.
  14. I think Il2 doesn't support DLSS, in Cyberpunk DLSS save the day.....it does bring a big smoother performance boost while keeping image quality. They say DLSS isn't hard or too much work to implement, i don't know what il2 devs are waiting for!
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