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  1. First they need to release flyable b25 this year which can be used in PTO! Take her off from carrier if you dare 😉 PTO planes, Zero, Val, Kate, Danutless, Devastator...means nothing to me without scenery they belong to...but i'd buy them whatsoever I hope after BoN Jason will find enough data on Val and Kate so Midway can be possible...or any other pto battle regardless guesstimation on those planes.
  2. Funds and time shouldn't be a problem, they had it for 3 titles at once....."resources" as available info on IJN planes is different story!
  3. PTO ghost is haunting the 1C house🇺🇸🇯🇵 👻
  4. I'm sure general specification data for Japs planes is available, translations might be a problem but il2GB doesn't have clickpits so there is no need for detailed aircraft systems modeling. Il2 already have good general FM so even with some assumptions i'm sure planes would be top notch and 99,9999% playerbase wouldn't notice if anything is off. Also unlike so far there wouldn't be forum whining cos nobody from community have translated materials they can reffer to! 😆😆 Looking at those performance details and their accuracy community usually applies for fighters and Zero is perfectly documented with some of them still flying around the world. Dive bombers and torpedo bombers are....well...stiffer.... regarding FM so modeling fidelity is less noticable. Also devs don't need to go for 5 IJN planes +5 USN planes. If Midway is going to be first pto dlc than 3 planes for IJN side is enough (Zero, dive bomber, torpedo bomber), same can go for USN (or add few army/inland ac). Also carriers and ships doesn't need to be modeled with 100% historical accuracy since we dont drive those ships and we fly past them in high speeds....nobody will notice if something isn't as it was. Even if ships data is fully available why spend time and resources to perfectly model something nobody will give attention. So i'm perfectly fine with some assumptions on IJN planes and i'm pretty sure they would be top notch!
  5. Same here! Around 100m from vehicle looking and flying directly into it and it's invisible until i use zoom. Trucks are hardest to see, than tanks...etc. especially on green Kuban fields. This problem was always present but with new LOD's and visibility system it got way way worse.
  6. I understand that, it was good only for a freak like me 😜 hehe
  7. As i noticed each bridge brings 3km to the frontline, no matter of their placement
  8. Thank you very much, almost perfect, why almost...look bellow! NOOOO for the bridges distance, even it was on the other side of the map i loved those missions and flew it .....it was only chance to fly in mountain area of the map. I still hope if axis ever advance further that those 2 bridges between mountains are objectives. Pinacle of il2 maps is unused! Two weeks ago there were 35min left on the map and i went for those two bridges, on the way there AI jumped me and damaged one engine so i struggled to get there on time, destroying second bridge 2min before mission rotation. It was best sortie i ever had!
  9. I'm late for BoN😖 Here everybody wins, supports further sim development and possibly expanding MP community! Congrats to others and thanks HerrMurf!
  10. 1.medium bombers (b25/26) 2.torpedo tech (ju88a17, ju188e2, he111D something) 3.improved netcode and game engine Btw there is already "suggestions" forum subsection with bunch of look alike threads S!
  11. I've got hit by ju88 rear gunner last night, first few hits and my p38 was in pieces, falling out of the sky. This plane needs DM revision ASAP!
  12. Best thing i've learned and adopted; CLIMB! Always enter in a fight with higher E-advatage, upon takeoff if in MP, gain alt over your airfield no matter what plane you're flying. Than when over battle area evaluate situation bellow you and work step by step down......also check your six frequently no matter where you are. But main thing is to have E-advatage over enemy which will make him defensive and to you it will give chance to run away if things go wrong!
  13. Before flight look at the map and check landmarks you're going to use for orientation such as: -cities/villages and their shapes -rivers, river crossings -lakes -forrest shapes -roads/railroads and their crossings Know that map north is the ingame compass north and use that as reference from start. You can use GUI compass in the down left corner or aircrafts compass that's up to you (for me gui compass is easier to use). So for example if objective is east from your spawn airfield check for landmarks ypu're going to use as waypoints and rough calculate at what degrees are they from north (compass 0-360°...north=0°, east=90°, south=180°, west=270°) so if landmark or objective are strict north-east your going to fly at 045°. Every map grid marked with number is 10km so it takes about 1-2min to pass it depending on speed you're flying so you can calculate how much you're going to need time to target.
  14. I've tested it ingame....it's brilliant! (And addictive😉) If only il2GB engine and netcode can sustain larger number of players and units this would be epic (already is!)! Suggestion: You could make 3rd party mod out of this, like PWCG.....dynamic war campaign for SP, just boost number of AI planes. It would be far better and more fun than career or any other scripted campaign all together. This is what il2 needs and you nailed it!
  15. Yes you can...here on forum by being Luftwhiner or Redwhiner...just pick your side 😂😜
  16. Spotting and rendering is one big problem this game have! Planes become invisible on short ranges, their camo being from same colour palette blending too well into the background....devs took RL data but didn't consider and include hardware limitation resulting in even less realism and even more frustration. Ground vehicles and objects being invisible and disappearing in certain angles on very short distances. This is an old bug/limitation being present for years so instead more collector fighters or another crucification on 3 titles they could should fix graphic engine and rendering.
  17. We found 2 bugs! Allied artilery in 1216 destroyed completely but it still shows 26% which didn't allow us to move the front line. Same thing happened with front depot in 1319
  18. +1 Also it's a blessing to like many aircraft types no matter the side they belong! Imo guys flying only one plane are missing a lot of fun, it's not all in stats!
  19. Really cool, you hit the spot with new server logic while keeping simplicity for new players! It's a TAW without restrictions, too bad others can't see it so we can have it populated more. Also nice job putting objectives such as bridges in the southern mountain area, it's a long way to fly there but worthwhile...that part of the map while being pinnacle of il2GB is unused elsewhere which is such a shame.
  20. Don't know about visibility bug, don't have such problems elsewhere... will try alter my graphic settings abd see if it helps! Didn't know about AI taking off from airfield, was jumped few times by it over ships....sneaky bastard that AI😉 One question; i know frontline is moving when enough damage (80%) is done on both sectors (ships, troops, artilery). But how does destroying bridges, railway stations and depots affect frontline since they are deep in enemy teritory? Do they respawn after mission restart?
  21. I really like the new mission logic, really good job you did there! Turnoffs i've experienced; -with visibility, being few hundred meters or less above enemy plane with everything from the base shooting at him and still he's invisible, one second he's there i can see him but getting close on him he becomes invisible. Maybe it's my settings but i dont have such problem elsewhere, maybe too much ground units affects plane rendering on my pc....i don't know and would like to know experiences from others. So flying from distant bases in 109g14 and fighting invisible Tempest, p51, p38 and Spit9 is suicide. Planeset balance seems a bit off too, p51, spit9, p38 and Tempest vs. 109g/2/4/6/14 and 109a3/5/8 is one sided fight when ppl on server. Saying this as mostly allied pilot who fly both sides. It is less rewarding when flying allies and suicide when flying axis (when server is populated) bit didn't flew long enough trough all planesets so i don't know does it goes vice versa. Also on empty server going bomber role isn't fun since that AI fighter spwans on your high six which makes it nightmare since there is already all that AA shooting at you. Otherwise it's nice to fly again on ypur server S!
  22. It would be nice to jam Bismarcks rudder with a torpedo😉
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