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  1. I'd rather they went for 60$ B-25 as collector than yaks and hurricane. BoBp is missing bombers and feels empty without it!
  2. Ah i was hoping for planes carrying torpedos loadout in Kuban as a step closer to PTO! And with pto as main project that 3rd party studios could model submarine sim, one for each side! Uboat in VR 😍
  3. You only need to own BoS on Steam and the rest of the stuff (collector planes, BoM/BOK/BoBP) you can buy from il2 store and everyrhing will be linked and incorporated with Steam BoS version. I play from Steam, bought BoS and F190a3 from it and everything else from il2 store. You don't need to wait for steam release!
  4. Would be nice to have torpedo tech on a planes! Was there any usage of them in BoN/Bok and on what planes?
  5. It's too early....for the next friday DD!
  6. Well on Kuban when flying alone i get excellent performance in VR on high settings, problems appear when there is more than 10 AI units. That is also big problem in BoBp career, flying p51 cover is always 5-10 p51's plus 5-10 bombers add to it enemy fighters and ground units it become stutter hell. To the subject: i sacrifice shadows, gras and visibility bubble (forrest rendering bubble).
  7. Shorelines, rivers and atols needs improvement and maybe throw in some industrial facility and pine trees. Regarding villages and other things to populate map everybody forgets how it will affect performance. Those big cities already cause small stutters so adding villages and stuff will make map unplayable for some (mostly VR users), so i see it as a compromise. Having every single detail is unrealistic expetation. Btw if devs said they'll improve it than i have no doubt about it, given to their development history. Devs said they'll improve map and career!
  8. Depends on many factors! -When over friendly AF and deep into friendly territory checking the map is there any enemy activity while scanning horizon all the time and occasional check six. -quite dependant on how many players are online and checking their stats to determine their objective focus. (Fighter/bomber or what kind of targets they concentrate on). After all that taked in mind if server is populated and fighter roles are high on numbers, when defending friendly objective checking six at least every 30sec to minute, also dependant how many friendlies or teamm8 are around you so they will warn you. When over enemy territory or objective taking in mind how close is their spawn AF i check six every 5-15seconds and a bit less when on the run for home. Scanning airspace around you is as important as checking six, do it all the time and adjust checking six to it, if you have good SA than checking six doesn't have to be quite frequent.
  9. Yeah, must be A20's from lend-lease program on the way to Russia. Or they just wanted to get back to their expansion of origin.
  10. Well i'm pretty sure they'll fix/improve it, this thread and comments guarantee that. So far devs listened and reacted for even less fuss!
  11. Found AI bug in career mission! Played first p51 mission in career, escorting A20 bombers. We had few enemy waves on the way to the target, got them all but than problem appeared, bombers just flew over the target and continue flight in a straight line toward the end of the map. Fighter cover following and crash landing when run out of fuel. Mission failed!
  12. DCS Normandy map is complete ripp off, terrible map plus ww2 assets for 60$. I regreted buying that! But again PG map is no better, plastic terrain and textures. 1C devs said they will continue work on Rheinland map and if above said by others is true about Urga media i hope BoN map will be made by 1C cos that map alone is the reason i'll buy BoN.
  13. Type of improvement: Rheinland map performance boost for VR users Explanation: Ingame option (in game settings) to flatten cities and villages (it's buildings), already saw that is possible in ME. Benefits: avioding stutters and fps drops on Rheinland map due to many cities and villages.
  14. -BoN (2020) -fullface mtb helmet (2020) -PTO (2024)
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