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  1. EAF_Ribbon

    DD today?

    =Jug= week
  2. EAF_Ribbon

    Developer Diary 207 - Discussion

    It should be called Dandelion instead of Dora
  3. EAF_Ribbon

    The game needs a trailer.

    Both are awesome fanmade trailers, even better would be mixing them both into one trailer with better background music and audio (not to dramatic/dark and not to modern, more ww2 era). Some feedback; -DED trailer really shows game potential as amazing ww2 combat sim, background music don't fit so good, with more appropriate background music and title on english covering more maps/fronts (Kuban) it would be bloody perfect. -Shamrock's trailer is full of beautiful sights showing Kuban map beauty. Man got an eye for sights and editing! Could be added more combat scenes and shorten the intro with invidual fighter flight scenes. Both trailers could add more cockpit views too. Mix of these two trailers would do the job with AAA trailer quality.
  4. EAF_Ribbon

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    PTO next, than i hope one day BoB will come in mind despite CloD. After that maybe Italy and Malta?
  5. EAF_Ribbon

    Would You Purchase?

    No, not one of them! B25 yes!
  6. That B25 cockpit that will become flyable one day! Maybe devs should delay Me262, 109 K-4 and Dora in favor to start developing B25 flyable 🤣😆😆
  7. EAF_Ribbon

    A-20 template?

    Can we expect it, is it WIP? Thank you!
  8. Was flying on Finnish dynamic war server last night, trying out new naval bases and objectives. Hats down to server admins for constant improvements! I was flying yak7 and after i dropped the bombs on a ship and while rolling out dodging bullets flak managed to hit me and tear off 1/3 of my RH wing. It was so immersive struggling with plane stability and landing home safely. Next sortie i took A-20 and tried my luck again, can't wait for PTO and torpedo tech.
  9. EAF_Ribbon

    Con/Smoke trails and 9.5km view range

    Hehehe well one bush was rendered for sure ;)) funny moving bush. Here it would work, no ghille planes hiding behind trees and bushes. P.S. i spent all rep for today so here you go; +1
  10. EAF_Ribbon

    Con/Smoke trails and 9.5km view range

    I'm sure if it's easy devs would do it by now! However it will have to come on schedule at some point if they aim to develop PTO. Short view range rendering aka view bubble makes spotting ships even harder, they just pop up in front of you and that will be problem in PTO where big part of warfare was enemy fleet positions and scouting. Flying Cathy and looking for ship trails on open sea! I already seen this problem on servers with naval missions, nothing and sudden fleet is bellow you. So at some point object distance view should be separated from enviroment detail distance view. In Arma settings problem was solved by having "object view distance setting" and "terrain view distance setting (detailed aka bubble in il2) separated and unrelated to each other.
  11. EAF_Ribbon

    DD today?

    P-51 or P-38 nudes!
  12. EAF_Ribbon

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Problem is that one airfield that is right next to factory. (Not quite big problem) Real issue is respawn times and even more number of sorties to take down factory and depot, as map progress tells by itself in the last month since Kuban map is out. I really like new implementation that @Untamo posted and will add immersion to the server, only thing IMO is missing a bit more/easier progress. And that can be achieved by either factory DM rework, respawn times a bit more lasting or reducing AA over TB by 2 (from 10 to 6-8). Saying this cos there is no server with such feel of ongoing campaign like yours. I remember days when real progress were made and it was really rewarding, now would be even more with new implementations. Now players are forced to engage factory than depots first while back in the days ppl would find and choose between objectives what suits them the most, they had more choice. Some went bombing factory/depot while others engaged TB's. Also at some point having naval objective like merchant fleet with destroyer cover like in KotA would be awesome.....maybe instead of factory or depot. Once more thank you guys for your work and contribution to this sim.🙂
  13. EAF_Ribbon

    Realism of zoom

    VR headsets have much more narrower FoV than we have in real life hence to check your six in VR you need to turn your head at least 45° more than you would IRL. VR~145°-150° IRL~95°-100° And those last 40° out of 145° is painful.
  14. EAF_Ribbon

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Even with tactics above it takes many sorties to destroy factory, time which most of us don't have so when joining server next day everything is respawned. It could work only if there is a high number of players online attacking it, which there isn't. And if there is than airfield proximity makes it suicide with enemy fighters defending it or players just do other stuff. Going for depot without destroying factory is no go too....respawn times again. Last night i tried to attack tankbase but next sortie everything respawned despite depot and factory were far away, so i left. Problem now is those respawn times which makes progress non-existent taking away any reward. Also factory building placement and damage demands high number of sorties. So when joining server only objective is factory, than depots and finally tankbases which give real progress but currently untouchable untill you deal with factory/depot. Solution: -distance between factories, airfields and tankbases. -respawn times -factories and depots more easy to destroy
  15. EAF_Ribbon

    Boots under Pe2

    ATC #1 and #2 (transponder), marker or maybe VOR antennas?