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  1. EAF_Ribbon

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Rome was not built in a day, give them time! Between updates we easily forget how much game improved over the last year and a half. Remember "month of suprises" and improvements in last few updates, it is going forward and they are addressing issues (even slowly). I just hope BoBp will pour money in so they can expand team so other projects won't slow down ww2 content.
  2. I use alt+tab all the time and no problem switching between programs (win10 and VR).
  3. EAF_Ribbon

    DD today?

    One important thing Jason revealed in his comment in another thread. P51d aimed for June following Tempest and P38j being last means BoBp official release is at the end of the year....also means dora and 262 could be released in April/March. Before next planes arrives there will be two updates, my speculation is on lot of improvements and maybe map coming with it.
  4. EAF_Ribbon

    DD today?

    I thought nothing can make me to throw up, until i saw that clip 🤢💩
  5. EAF_Ribbon

    When the P51 will be available?

    Jade Monkey is right, it's up to server admins to make ti historical or balanced and it's up to us shall we play on those servers, at the end power is in our hands. If server is going to be German biased than allies can leave the server and let axis fly alone/one sided. Il2 devs goal is to recreate historical great battles which has nothing to do with balance nor it shouldn't. Majority of playerbase is SP (and axis pilots) so it makes sense. How MP crowd is going to use it it's up to them. 150 octane fuel was there wide used so it should be ingame and i hope it will be otherwise it will be quite unhistorical. They released k4 1.98ata (which i believe will be barely seen in career and if), a8, g14 and upcoming 262/D9, axis planes are no longer fragile so at least we don't see LW crying on forums anymore.
  6. EAF_Ribbon

    When the P51 will be available?

    I think JadeM's post was in sarcastic manner
  7. EAF_Ribbon

    Forced landing and survivability!

    I've spent all emoticons for today. 😂
  8. EAF_Ribbon

    Forced landing and survivability!

    Yeah that could be the case, server was full. I had situations where i performed crash landing and quit flight but never while engine was on fire and waiting certain death. Yeah running away from crash site would be great, also to avoid enemy fire cos those guys love to confirm kill on downed planes. If devs ever implement it ingame, it would be nice to have procedure (like on that p51 vid) where you need to open canopy before crash landing so it doesn't get stuck and reduce escape time.
  9. I was hit while flying on low alt (multiplayer) and my engine went into flame so i had to perform emergency landing. I landed nicely and tried to leave the plane by bailing, didn't work so i tried to finish flight which also didn't work (finish flight button stayed grey)......so i was sitting there in plane waiting to die for another 15-30seconds. I wasn't in this situations before so i don't know is it meant to be that way or it was only MP issue. It would be nice if pilot can leave the plane or at least finish flight if animations are too much work to do.
  10. EAF_Ribbon

    When the P51 will be available?

    They said they will do it when time and resources allows them. They are missing Merlin 70 +25boost charts. Merlin 66 on 150octane fuel charts are available and i hope they will give us that within next 2 updates, for M70 i don't care too much. K4 with 1.98ata which was barely in operational numbers is ingame so 150octane fuel for Allies which was standard at that time is something they must do to release BoBp.
  11. EAF_Ribbon

    When the P51 will be available?

    Yes spit ix really is uber nice and currently best match for K4 even K4 1.98 ata is really superior. My point was ppl think K4 and other 109's are best planes so they fly it and we have quite inbalance on certain servers. But other reasons are axis fly more in squadrons and are better organized covering each other unlike lone wolfing allies which end up leaving server. About rewarding thing as i said in original post is when you get away alive while outnumbered by superior or even matching planes. Flying Spit vs. K4 1on1 is rewarding for both sides, even it's more rewarding for Spit pilot. P51 will for sure bring balance due to it's popularity rather than performance capability cos as always fight won't go up high.
  12. EAF_Ribbon

    When the P51 will be available?

    That is server design problem and it's allready out there, unlimited K4's with 1.98ata so usually you have 50+ axis vs. 25 allies given that allies use bombers more so end result is you have 4-5 K4 on 2 spit....slaughter lol. At least my MP experience was like that every time i join MP (i usually end up alone against squadron of K4's)! Now with unlimited 262 and Dora joining the wolf pack it will be interesting, axis will start to shot at each other for stealing the kills LoL. Look at it this way, if you get the kill and get away flying allies it is really rewarding, while flying axis in much higher numbers in uber planes is not much rewarding nor means you are better pilot. Most ppl go for better weapons, that is the human nature!
  13. EAF_Ribbon

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    Nakajima B5N Kate! (flown by Toshiro Mifune) 190, p47, pe2, a20, ju88, 110 all with 250kg+ bombs. I usually dive past them, when reaching low alt i make turn on them in last moment avoiding flying in straight line for too long. That way you can evade flak hits. After drop expand, ragain alt and prepare for another attack.
  14. EAF_Ribbon

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    suggestion and some observations bellow: What i noticed flying online on a few servers is ppl run away from complexity and are lazy to read server mechanics while others go away if their preferred plane is locked. I've noticed that in chat and from some EAF members, also respawn feature is a bit discouraging cos nobody want's to fight time, especially when low number of pilots is online. Me among others if i don't have few wingmans granting we will spend time actually destroying something and make progress. Ppl like simplicity, shot and destroy something in their precious free time flying il2. KOTA server become quite popular even being focused on airquake giving hard time for bomber pilots and WoL as always popular for new players and those going for numbers. But only Finnish server give us dynamic war, so how to use that and fill the server? Suggestion for maybe server No.2; -no award points and locked planes -no objectives respawn -no tankbases as we have now -objectives not related to one another....no respawn -historical planesets -historical distances (till some point) -no gps -simple objectives like on Kota (naval fleets, ports, factories, columns, artillery, bridges...etc) so few objectives on the map till they got destroyed, once destroyed map is updated. It will give needed variety for bombers while fighter pilots will find their fun hunting. Basically it is map design like KOTA, WoL or Random Expert regarding objectives but with dynamic war/progress. I'm sure that would populate server 84/84 like we have KOTA now, and even bring il2 on another level as a online campaign.