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  1. Wow with flaps this thing turns like a Spit, even better!
  2. In MP with short distances and low fuel load it could rock the boat...
  3. Try as guys above stated, if it's not working, try to verify game files!
  4. DCS is doomed, whole simming community were waiting for "RShift+E" to come in Il2 🤣🤣🤣 I like how they added throttle and mixture manual startup requirement but selecting engines on startup in VR hmmm could become annoying very fast, looking trough that nose gap on your VR headset to hit the key on the keyboard..... Either add clickpit or avoid additional startup keybidings which is also unrealistic so adds nothing other than the problem for VR user.
  5. Wow those are nice news....time to revisit FVPDW I like the map change, Kuban map become a little boring. I hope server will get populated......i'll try to bring in some friends in!
  6. RIP Kwaitek Condolences to the family
  7. Reading that reminded me on this cartoon https://youtu.be/4vqF1KbUCOc
  8. All of them, but i was given a choice to fly or take bullet in my head!
  9. So crowd, how do you feel knowing 262 is coming tomorrow?
  10. Maybe it's a new thingy, i purchased mine few years ago! Overall he just need to logg in into his existing profile and make a purchase
  11. It's not forum profile i'm talking about....it's official il2 store profile, under acticated keys and purchases section!
  12. Hi Hunter, maybe your accounts are already linked, if ypur ingame nick isn't "player1234" instead it's =VARP=Hunter than your accounts are already linked. Next; go to il2 store and logg in to your il2 profile, just in case check your purchases or activated keys, there you should see your BoS steam version purchase with key. After that go in store section and buy BoBp, key should be activated by itself. Run the game normally trough steam and enjoy BoBp planes. S!
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