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  1. Thanks i didn't know that! (Sarcasm) I don't have problem with new G-system....i like it! Why ppl here need to make discussion about realism from everything, OP asked and i give him answer so he can disable it in options! And i stated the fact that now (even more realistic it is) advantage gap become greater in axis favour so i understand some players....did i lied? Btw i fly both sides, but it's silly from individuals to attack OP cos they think devs will remove G feature cos someone dislikes it. Help the guy for a change!
  2. How about relax, maybe guy is SP oriented so instead attacking everybody in every thread you help him by saying he can disable G-loc in difficulty options and the rest is on server admins. Not everybody here is MP oriented, don't be THAT guy! Also i understand some ppl cos turning was the only advantage VVS had and now that is almost unusable giving axis players big advantage in a dogfight (early/mid war planes). Nobody is going to take away that advantage from you don't worry, you'll get your airkills in a far superior planes. G-physiology is here and it won't go away, populated servers will keep using it cos it's realistic so no need for forum war!
  3. Map looks fine to me, we cant expect every detail also having a bunch of towns every mile will be stutter hell....it already is performance heavy, unless they polish engine!
  4. I don't see your vision blacking out in that video....you liar😂😜😜 I too think it's way better than before but one thing is missing from calculation when modeling these things; we are sitting in front of the pc and don't have sense of G's on our body so that we can adjust our maneuvers to it and even react on time in some situations which again derives from IRL pilot would do, in short we can't include all our physical senses when flying a sim. Therefore imo best solution is for devs to take RL data on those tests, model it ingame and than reduce it by 20-30%, cos test results in RL copied into sim cant and are not realistic as in RL cos as i said you're missing something in equation and that is G-effect on our physical body. Same goes with visibility, devs took RL data and model it into game, but IRL our eyes and perception can spot and distingish moving objects easier than few pixels on monitor. So imo most realistic devs could do is take RL data and reduce/increase it by 20-30% to compesate monitor/sitting in fron of pc limitations (making it a bit easier).
  5. This sim evolved so much in the last 2years and keeps evolving which is great but the most important things i'd like to see is engine improvements regarding stutters and performance when there is high amount of units (player and AI) in scenery. Believing PTO is next i hope those things are on schedule and priority so we can have even greater battles or at least current ones in VR with good performance! Thanks and keep up the good work
  6. That was my first thing i did, deleted startup.cfg.....no luck same problem. Then i edited .cfg file to 1440p but other settings were lowered and setting them up ingame brings back low resolution. Annoying! I give up and switched back to VR!
  7. Can you give some guidance how to switch from steamvr to opencomposite? Thnx!
  8. Maybe Jason can just put p51 pic on Battle of Stalingrad cover and problem solved😜 Seriously maybe they can rename steam title to il2:Great Battles and put cover pic with various theatre planes (Spit, p51,109, yak)!
  9. Now you're making me to go dig inside game files and ME and i will probably corrupt or change something that will force me to reinstall the game.....you don't want that burden on your soul so send me that screenie via PM
  10. Who knows, as final patch is closing in maybe Jason will reveal something about future of the genre. From his posts they already have clear sight on it, however those posts made me sceptical about PTO, it sounded like it will be something else more easier to develop, more like compromise. Well hope dies last so i'll keep my fingers crossed for PTO!
  11. It's time for PTO announcement, don't you think? Checking forum every dan in hope to see pinned next expansion announcement thread!
  12. True, last two years game evolved a lot, i hope they'll continue that trend, perfect scenario would be PTO preorder with prolonged development due to engine improvements and netcode. It could expand community by lot, build it and they'll come
  13. It's not down to just one guy, engine needs some polishing to sustain more ground units and planes at one place. I would support devs if they plan to do it, i will support them if they go to PTO but if some plans regarding performance and engine upgrades are on list i will buy kite simulator if needed and gift it multiple times. So far i bought everything except TC cos i don't want to give false immpresion for game direction. Since i bought VR and amount of units around me dips down performance (heavy stutters) i really wish they rework engine regarding that so it can sustain greater battles.
  14. Read again, i edited post.....seems while doing tests "alternative settings" were enabled by default.....i thought they were disabled. I did test again on realistic settings and couldn't see enemy past 10km max in VR. And my vision is perfect, i do medical exams every 2 years in airforce medical institute.
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