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  1. I used Heinkel as a dive bomber for soo long, was lazy to learn lvl bombing! Survival rate was not good!
  2. What is DD and why is it too late?
  3. This^^^ Canopy glass filter when compared to open canopy view feels a bit too strong. And yes, one of the main things ground crew does in preflight checks where VFR is crucial is cleaning the canopy glass.
  4. When player ratio allows i jump to the other side, but still knowing something is unfair takes away enjoyment. Let's hope it'll be fixed in upcoming patch! S!
  5. I don't have anything aginst death penalty timer but i don't see anything positive from it. Some will stop flying and others will be more careful and when it happens just wait to respawn. In my case i'll just stop doing ground objectives and go pure fighter role. So i'd rather have some idea to encourage bombers instead to punish them cos for sure they will get killed mostly. It will drift away bombers since many Hartmans just camp over the objectives and around spawn airfields waiting for easy kill. Biggest problem is not in server (balance and loadout) it's rather in game, plane LOD's are bugged; Allied planes with camo skin shine like christmas trees on higher distances making them easy targets while axis planes camo blends in and sometimes you can't see plane 100m up to 2km from you until it's too late....flak shooting on invisible planes.
  6. EAF_Ribbon + BoN With 666 in my forum reaction points i've lost hope to win😂 Good luck everyone and thank you Doc!
  7. There is also a problem where allied (uk/usa) planes shine like a christmas tree when looking from above....camo skins doesn't help. In MP you can easily distuingish allied from the axis on great distances. Axis planes you can barely see due to rendering perfectly and blending with the ground, while allies will render in white pixels making them easy target. Changing to dark camo skins doesn't help they still render like nav light.
  8. I'd like to hear about it too but maybe they have nothing to say. Maybe BoN was natural and logic decision to go after BoBp so they didn't even think or discussed PTO as next expansion.
  9. Wrong....wifes know everything! Now go and take out the trash from He111, and buy milk on the way back! Well there must be someone able to translate those manuals, also no need to translate whole manuals as we don't have interactive clickpits and many systems aren't managable.
  10. Yup, already ingame but i think it would require more attention to bomber FM than usual bombload....other than that drop part with speed/angle/alt parameters to acivate torpedo shouldn't supossed to be problem (i think).
  11. Well, recently i'm raping forum for torpedo bombers that could be included in BoN such as ju88a17, ju188e2 and he111 variants. It would fit BoN nicely and provide new gameplay element since there are enough inland bombers in planeset. There was up to 90 ju88s running torpedo attacks on allied supply ships and ports. So ju88a17 or ju188e2 instead of ju88c6(heavy fighter blah) would be more than welcome!
  12. And how about performance? It sure would be quite immersive to have that, flak like in Catch 22!
  13. Balancing planeset/loadout is never ending proces! At first there were way more allies on server than Axis, server admins had to attract other side somehow, now there is a lot of axis and winning, maybe time to unleash allied loadout/mods! Or novelty for allied planes just wore off! It is how it is, it will go back and forth...as it always did, on every server! But i agree that objective distances should be balanced always, even there is no greater challenge and fun going with a bomber and sneaking through enemy teritory, dropping bombs and get away alive.
  14. Imagine all that flak set on ACE lvl!
  15. I'm ok with current values but your statement has sense. Most of us flying il2 like to think of ourself as experienced and capable ww2 pilots so having limits of novice/noob unexperienced pilot is a bit turnoff. So i totally agree with you and think devs should take that in mind. Thanks for the post, now everytime i blackout i'll curse my noob dandelion avatar pilot!
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