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  1. If testers have access to new rendering they can easily scale down grey in alpha channel and see is old mirroring still possible, and post some screenshots here!
  2. Those are Fly-by-wire driven, it's software makes it safer to avoid excessive force on flight surfaces and help pilot to have smooth control and inside plane structural and aerodynamic limits. Stability is over maneuverability on those big birds. Anyone knows did B29 used hydraulic driven controls? From that vid it seems soo, going pure mehanical controls i guess pilot would need to be Popey to fly B29!
  3. B25/26 cockpit would be more than fine since we can't have this; Look how low authority ailerons have, that would be an interesting go-around!
  4. Out of reaction points! +1πŸ’™πŸ†β¬†οΈπŸ” I hope they won't model chubby copilot, not quite spacey cockpit in there!
  5. Yeah clouds have their problems but flying between two layer of clouds is by far the most impressive visual experience in il2!
  6. AI gunner is often much more useful than human gunner, it's spotting is flawless and gunnery almost perfect. My MP gunner is locked for AI only! For bombardier pit ofcourse it's a bomber so it must be player manned, i don't see problem there since all bombers use same bombsight ingame. I see decent number of ppl going bomber role in MP, especially squads, on both sides and more after A20 was released. B25 is popular bomber so i don't doubt in it's sales success. It's not just focus on B25 as collector plane sales, having it ingame sure affects overall perspective on game. You don't want a space sim with only small ships ingame, ppl want to fly bigger ships or at least destroy them. I also think he111 gave huge contribution to this game, even for hardcore fighter pilots being as target. Btw He111 cockpit made me to buy VR! All other bombers in game have fighter-ish cockpit so having such bomber on allied side will give feel of wider game scope, which is heavily underratted! If we get collector B25, i'll know what to gift for Christmass to my squadmates
  7. Glassnose yeah but more important immersion wise is that cockpit and to have copilot by your side! Ju52 aside it will be first bomber giving feel of bigger plane cos of copilot seat....something that is really missing in this sim since we can't have four engine bombers. I too really don't care will there be player manned turret positions, make them AI only!
  8. As soon yaks get released it would be nice to read B25 (collector) preorder announcement!
  9. They hired a dedicated AI dev and AI is improving a lot lately. FM is improving since release so i don't see why not improve graphics engine which will benefit not just skin reflections but other visuals too, immersion wise. Goal should be to improve all aspects of game as time goes on!
  10. You can't compare today's ww2 warbirds from someones collection which are vax polished and given special treatment before airshows by groud crew with those back in ww2. Military just don't do that! I think leveling down grey tones in aplha channel and you'll still have that shiny mirror look after new rendering drops in. Shouldn't be much work as reworking them from scratch! Thanks @ICDP, welcome improvement and does look better! I already redone current alpha channels for p51,p38 and p47 to avoid excessive mirroring and wet look so i guess stock alpha channel will be just fine when new rendering drops in. Maybe custom alpha channel for camo p51/38/47 will need tweak!
  11. This guy needs to be perma banned! Shooting friendlies on purpose over friendly airbase. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/5429434/?tour=59
  12. Can't wait for BoN Channel map on Finnish.....2years to go πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…
  13. Go in il2 store and check your profile, on right side in red sqare section there is promo code subsection. Copy 50% discount promo code and apply it on BoBp purchase.
  14. In order to support the delay i've preordered BoN πŸ˜‰
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