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  1. EAF_Ribbon

    Yak-7b engine dies during takeoff run??

    Happened to me once, waited to long without pitching up, prop kiss the ground but didn't look bent or damaged. Maybe DM is so good, prop won't get to much damage slightly touching the ground but torque shaft get broken.
  2. EAF_Ribbon

    Need guidance for startup

    BoS is best for MP as others said. Between Kuban and Boddenplate i would go for Kuban, it has very nice variety in it's planeset not to mention amaizing looking map. You have plenty of time to preorder Boddenplate in the next 6-8months and by that time BoK will keep you occupied!
  3. EAF_Ribbon

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    I'm an optimist and i believe in devs! Mostly flying on Finnish server i noticed flak isn't the problem that much as number of planes on the same spot or moving vehicles. Those tank bases or how we call them flak bases don't dip down performance so much as moving tanks, but their problem is that most of the time flak is focused on only one plane at the time.
  4. EAF_Ribbon

    Map Merges Possible?

    I think there is an engine limitation how big map can be so merging maps could be a problem. Don't know anything about it but i think i heard it somewhere in DD's or comments from devs regarding Kuban map. I might be wrong! Also it doesn't make sense to me merging maps, current ones are big enough to burn fuel and get bored doing distance level flight. Map size i believe is also determined on the Battle of X, going far behind enemy lines in a said battle could be pointless due to lack of objectives and historical accuracy. Also we still don't have refuel feature other than finish flight. BoB is not planned in il2GB so far since it's available in CloD so merging it with BoBp map.......even i would love to see it one day, why not!
  5. EAF_Ribbon

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    They have two more studios working and learning on the same engine...... Even they work on different titles as a part of the same platform it should give 1C/777 guys more flexibility and manpower to improve current engine. Just my blind assumption^^^, for a start i would be happy with current performance as long we get hands on PTO.
  6. EAF_Ribbon

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    Yup didn't mean i could sink carrier with single torpedo.....team effort and sinking it should be biggest reward at least in coop and MP! Avoiding flak and enemy fighters and droping torpedo from the right alt and speed while staying alive.....probably the hardest role in Pacific air theatre.
  7. EAF_Ribbon

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    Pacific.................me catatonic, drool is present🤤 Carrying torpedo and sinking capital ship......priceless!
  8. EAF_Ribbon

    No Cockpit?

    Why not if ppl want it, as long it stays out of the servers i fly! It is just an option for me which i won't use, so i don't get others going hard against it.....don't we want bigger community? Sooo; personally NO but if it's going to please others and won't affect BoBp and upcoming PTO development or overall game performance, let them be!
  9. EAF_Ribbon

    Soviet fighter tactics?

    Depending on server you fly, just climb climb climb......don't let axis have their alt advantage. Once you spot the enemy be careful in a dive to not to lose your ailerons with yak. Keep an alt advantage! Similar like with 109! If you are lower than 109 than maintain your speed and climb slowly after him, once he engage you wait till he get closer than go in a turn and he will overshoot you. Decrease the energy advantage gap and wait till he make a mistake, after he overshoot ypu there is a small window of opportunity to aim on him and damage him. You can also drag him down on the deck where your plane have better performance. Once low ypu can easily chase him by managing your rads to gain max speed.
  10. Too late! But it's ok!
  11. EAF_Ribbon

    What plane should I buy?

    Just wait Ju52 masochists start to show up 😜 1. Yak1 s.127 (more available in MP) 2. La5FN
  12. EAF_Ribbon


    Well, i would rather ww2 battles to be covered first.....still lot of them left! Somehow i don't see Korean planeset skill demanding as ww2 planeset.
  13. EAF_Ribbon

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    I'm from Europe (never visited USA either) and still PTO is my no.1 on my list, why; Naval operations! -Takeoff/land on a carrier -sinking ships with torpedos -flying over the vast sea looking for ship trails -Much more rewarding to sink a big ship or a carrier than destroying few tanks. -much more challenge in navigation -those warm waters and islands It's just unique! I don't think it's related to nationality, rather it's different kind of scenario providing variety in il2. And variety is highly recommended in any game or sim.
  14. EAF_Ribbon


    You're my hero! I'll be happy with current number of planes for a start and after they release PTO they can polish engine! Let's think a bit, it's better to add all the complexity to the game and than adjust/polish engine according to it.