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  1. EAF_Ribbon

    carreers concerns

    AI improvements were frequently asked question during Q&A, they did improve it a bit with release of Kuban so i believe next updates will bring more AI improvements over time. As a MP pilot i do fly career sometimes but mostly as a VVS pilot and i can tell setting difficulty to hard those 109 AI fly and aim good (not perfect but good), they don't turn fight and they use energy tactics and climb as their main maneuver skill, while defensive maneuvers could be improved a lot for individual type of planes according to their advantages. Still there is a lot of free room for improvements, as i would like to have some challenging dogfight among mountains. I'm sure we'll see improvements in all aspects of a sim, as we did so far. BoX is taking huge leaps forward despite dev team being small, comparing it to other bigger game developers. This is the only game alongside Arma i do preorder expansions/dlc since KS/preorder era turned to be scam era.
  2. EAF_Ribbon

    An attempt to revive old IL2 wars.

    Closest we have to that is Finnish virtual pilots server, just need some squads organization....maybe some campaign nights! @LLv34_Temuri and Utanamo could add some special objectives/tasks to the current map.
  3. EAF_Ribbon

    Developer Diary, Part 194 - Discussion

    Looks awesome! Can't wait BoBP to be released, so PTO development can start 😎😉
  4. EAF_Ribbon

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Problem was factory and it's tied AF were close to other airfields so axis covered all of them making factory bombrun flights one way ticket.
  5. EAF_Ribbon

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    I wouldn't call it arcadish, i think it's due to map being close to an end (few AF left for one side) so AF are close to each other. Problem for VVS occured when one AF being attacked so switching to another AF didn't help a lot since enemy fighters were covering both AF due to small distance meaning while startup proccedure and takeoff enemy fighters already came form another AF. That's where problem occured. Many factors pops in those situations and being outnumbered is one of them and another one was f4 vs lagg/mig which made situation hopeless. But that's how it is! Having yak as it is now i think situation wouldn't be so easy for axis. But overall in my opinion and playstlye min distance should be 30+km. I'm getting back into sim so i need to adapt to server changes, in short i suck! For Starfire he loves immersive long distance bombing flights (yet not to long), and i get him, sometimes i love too sneaking behind enemy lines and make bomb run than run away. Cheers! Btw new planeset system looks very good!
  6. EAF_Ribbon

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    I think f4 is suitable opponent for yak1 .69, keeping in mind Finnish warfare system where ground objectives are/should be priority (low alt battles). It has decent agility, not as yak but it's climb rate makes it even. What i would suggest is a bit greater distance between airfields, like in the old days on Finnish server so more calculation and tactics can be made. S!
  7. EAF_Ribbon

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Thanks Temuri! I hope now we will see more Red pilots so EAF can go Axis once in a while. We switched to axis few days ago but cos lack of opposition we switched back to allies. I miss flying 190 and 109!
  8. EAF_Ribbon

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    This planeset is far from fair, 109f4 against lagg3 with limited loadout and mig. It's like yak1b vs 109e7. Is this only way axis can win the map? VVS should have yak1 .69 vs f4. For this kind of map and warfare going historical planeset isn't fair given that axis pilots outnumber VVS by 50% at least. And i'm saying this as a pilot who fly both sides. My options are now either flying only axis or not flying on this server at all. Sorry but being outnumbered and in a crap planes against way superb planes is not fun! Cheers!
  9. EAF_Ribbon

    Flight-Sim Expo 2018 Update and Special Thanks!

    Stations look awesome! I'm glad to hear VR is going to be available, those who try it are gonna be blasted. One way trip for them!
  10. EAF_Ribbon

    Fearless Prediction

    PACIFIC, nothing else! All my support to devs lead to them achieve PTO, i don't wan't to wait 6-7years for it, 2year delay is my limit.
  11. EAF_Ribbon

    Very Friendly Fire

    Just think of it that enemy gave you that medal!
  12. EAF_Ribbon

    Developer Diary, Part 191 - Discussion

    Can't wait for beeing a clown in that Circus! Flying Circus preorder when?
  13. EAF_Ribbon

    Battle of Britain for IL2 Great Battles ?

    Yes, right after Pacific theatre!
  14. EAF_Ribbon

    Would you pay for a tech pack?

    I'm sure devs wouldn't charge such feature, if it ever come i expect it'll be free core update for all expansions. But if it would be the case and they charge it, i don't know would i purchase it, maybe, but i wouldn't appreciate it. Maps and planes are things i lay my support on! S!
  15. EAF_Ribbon

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Switch small buildings with biggest ones so spacing will be tighter and problem solved. Each block to contain 2 or 3 big buildings. So still pilot shall need 2,3x250/500kg bombs to close individual block instead of 10bombs.