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  1. Good news, thanks, " I went to this shop and paid £500 for some binoculars. Boy did they see me coming " - Tim Vine
  2. Great news, will pre-order soon, D-Day is a rather important event in WW2! So it needs to be done in Great Battles... ( and the next Tank Commander?!?! ) and the map is ideal for a future Battle Of Britain campaign ( official or unofficial ) Looking forward to this.
  3. Many thanks, just what I was looking for! Regards.
  4. Yes I've never liked the hanger as it stops the feeling of involvement during single player campaigns, and loading the 3D hanger and plane causes a pause of a few seconds and delay. and choosing options on a quick mission has stutters and delays due to the Hanger in the background. I think a random photo/choice of photo would do fine and speed the interface up.
  5. Great news, love the pilots and the 2 updated planes look much better in my opinion, I own ROF but never got into it... I didn't have TrackIr and the 2 (3) wings always got in the way of seeing the enemy aircraft! Can't wait to fly VR in Flying Circus.... when I'm not playing Tank Crew
  6. Best of British luck for the expo and hope there's lots more simmers buying IL2. I always stay at the Flamingo when in Vegas, really annoyed I can't get there this year - a new PC and Oculus Rift came before a holiday!!..
  7. Thanks, The Oculus Rift with flightsims is the one thing that gets me excited!
  8. Yes I understand... the new IL2 is far more complex and makes the old IL2 feel like an arcade game...So in another 10 years the next gen flightsim will make this new IL2 feel like an arcade game?... the future flightsim will be stuck with the same limitations of a few aircraft in the air and a few ground vehicles because any increase in PC power in the next 10 years will be negated by the complexity of the next sim....and on and on and on the cycle goes... that's my point - how can we get out of this cycle of the last 15 years where we cannot recreate big historical air battles because of the limits of the sim engine and/or PC power... is there an answer? As things stand this IL2 will not give us a Battle Of Britain theatre add-on as it can't handle large numbers of aircraft and you cant fly over London as it would hit FPS, it can't give as a defence of the Reich theatre add-on again for the same reasons... So I guess it will be the Mediterranean for the next add-on.. lots of sand and sea and smaller numbers of aircraft and we already have many of the planes used. That will take us to 2018 and then maybe a new engine after that? I mostly play single player and like big immersive campaigns. I will continue to support all the flightsims ....but we can still dream can't we?!
  9. Yes I think the Dev's were always planning to have Moscow fully incorporated into the map.. but the old flightsim engine just can't cope. My point about Moore's law is that the original IL2 came out in 2001? and our PCs are far more powerful since then, so why are we stuck with the same old limitations of a handful of aircraft in the air and a handful of vehicles on the ground...progress? I was expecting more from the 21st Century after 25 years of playing flightsims on Spectrum, C64, Atari ST, Amiga, PCs... But I do understand the Devs are trying their hardest and things take time... I believe that the 3D Virtual headsets will be the making of flightsims and if I were in charge I would be putting all resources into getting IL2 fully working with all headsets, it's a huge missed opportunity that IL2 isn't one of the 20 launch games with Oculus Rift.. they are made for each other. (not that I can afford the Rift just yet!! but I WILL have one ...) yes 2001 and Back to the future movies.. feeling old!
  10. Yes all valid points I know.... it's just annoying that the game is called IL2 Battle Of Moscow (But by the way you can't actually fly over Moscow) as the years roll by and new flightsims appear they all seem to be stuck with the same limitations.. limited numbers of aircraft in the air at any time and limited ground detail/city detail.. all because our PCs can't cope. Moore's law that the power of the average computer processor will double every year seems to never ever translate into bigger better flightsims... I have the original IL2 (3 versions of it) CLoD and IL2 BoS on my PC - which do I fly the most.. yes the original IL2 because apart from the external aircraft detail I just find it more enjoyable and 'fun'.
  11. This sim is starting to remind me of Cliffs Of Dover - it was called that so they didn't have to model to much of dear old Blighty! What was it they called the clipped wing Spitfire V ? - " clipped, cropped and clapped " sounding a lot like IL2! Sorry to moan but I don't like having a city you can't fly over - in the old IL2 you could fly over major cities, another step backwards. bizarre. I still hope 64 bit and virtual headsets and new theatres will mean there's a great future ahead for IL2. (but of course you wont be able to fly over London, Paris or Berlin) A great peaceful Easter to everyone and lots of flying.
  12. The Rift and other virtual headsets are the future... I'm really surprised more people aren't super excited about this for flightsims (and driving sims, and fps games) - its the one thing that I'm really looking forward to.... 3D virtual headsets are the perfect match for flightsims and nothing would show each other's product off better... its a shame 1C/777 couldn't get IL2 bundled with the headset. If only I could afford it! I will find a way to have one in the next 12 months. Happy New Year from super excited Simon!
  13. Glad my campaign is still being played! Can't wait for the P40 to arrive. Hopefully one day I can re-make my historical campaigns on IL2: BoMBoS Simon
  14. Hi all, Sorry to ask, but to confirm - if I'm flying the campaigns or single missions on BoM can I fly the Ju87, HE111 and Yak and Lagg from BoS ? But great news, thank you Devs. Remember when the original IL2 came out it was a few years before we had forgotten battles and Pacific Fighters (and all the rants of all the planes left out of PF!) The new IL2 team are actually getting new stuff out fast, it just doesn't feel like it... Si
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