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    Please Read - A Heads Up on Update 2.006

    What is going to be better with the new renderer ?
  2. =FEW=Friggitotti

    Please Read - A Heads Up on Update 2.006

    No words
  3. Look at this photo, I could fly the plane but the throttle was locked and some of the key options too. To close the game I could only alt+tab.
  4. =FEW=Friggitotti


    Thank youIn the pe-2 which type of turret is better ?
  5. =FEW=Friggitotti


    Thank you
  6. =FEW=Friggitotti


    Hi all, I didn't find anything on the topic so I have done one here: Can anybody explain me the russians' bombs ? Because I can't understand why sometimes at low altitude they doesn't explode. Thank you
  7. =FEW=Friggitotti

    Yak's fuel gauge

    Is there any confortable way to look to the yak's fuel gauge on the Wing ? How do you do it ? Any tips ? Friggitotti
  8. =FEW=Friggitotti


    Si grazie intendevo come rof per quel senso.
  9. =FEW=Friggitotti


    Ciao a tutti, Ho una domanda sul tema skin: oltre a quelle ufficiali e possibile usare altre Skins in multiplayer che siano, come per esempio su rise of Flight, visibili agli altri giocatori ? Friggitotti
  10. =FEW=Friggitotti


    Hi all, I know the great chuck's manual, but are there any other manuals for each plane ? I know the basic Flight op manuale for the f4, is there another manual for the bf-109 ?
  11. =FEW=Friggitotti

    10km aircraft render range and why it is unacceptable.

    I agree with this topic, at 1000 km/h of relative Speed is almost impossible, everyone says that this is for ''realism" but this is a game, your monitor won't ever have the resolution of yours eyes...
  12. =FEW=Friggitotti

    How to unlock Skins ?

    Yes I think you're in right. Lol i spent only 12 euros for this game, are you from rise of Flight ?
  13. =FEW=Friggitotti

    How to unlock Skins ?

    My Skins are locked why ? And I don't have the pe-2 yet
  14. I have bought the il-2 bos standard edition and i have all' the Skins ti unlock, how to do it fast ?
  15. =FEW=Friggitotti


    Another questione is: what are the difference beetwen the yak-1 and the lagg-3 ?