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  1. Looks like a typical, post WW2 US suburb to me. At least at first glance it does... S.
  2. Interesting (if somewhat longish) round-up video by "Hardware Bob Ross" (TechDeals) is up on YT. Doesn't have any benchmark-results yet, but it's pretty informative nonetheless. He does suggest skipping the 20xx generation BTW if you currently already own a high-ish tier 10xx-card. S.
  3. Interesting. What was your handle?
  4. You *kinda* sounded that way though... Have you ever considered that statements like "this place is for the *real* sim-pilots, everyone else is playing Warthunder" is exactly why there aren't enough people in this game to have servers busting at the seams with players? If you want to attract new people to your product/hobby, it's probably not a good idea to deny potential customers certain options/features they've come to expect from a sim. I'll repeat myself by saying that nobody is talking about taking options away from existing players. It's quite the contrary, actually, since we're arguing for more options and further customization. Besides: Icons are in the game already anyway .... it's just that, in their current state, they are far from perfect and could use some tweaking and customizing options to become useful. S.
  5. Says who? Everyone has different tastes and preferences. Lots of people I know who have been flying online sims since the days of Air Warrior or Warbirds wouldn't touch WT with a ten foot pole - but they still would like to have some sort of icons. Besides: Unlike AW, WB or AH, we're not talking about one "main arena" with one set of rules/settings that everyone has to accept. We're talking about a decentralized game where you can choose the server with the settings that suit you best - or run your own server and decide what settings you want. So all people like the OP or myself are asking for are more options - NOT wanting to force icons on players who don't want/need them. Besides, besides: In a game where I can zoom in on objects as if I had bionic eyes, I never quite understood the "realism"-argument. Short-range, minimum-info icons done right are no more unrealistic than flying around with a zoom-lens built into your virtual eyeballs. S.
  6. I just wish I could give IL-2 a test-drive in VR. My last (and only) experience with modern VR was checking out (I think) Warthunder at a con where a buddy had brought his then "early access" Oculus. I remember being impressed with the immersion but I also remember not being able to read most instruments in the cockpit and thinking that I'd probably get a splitting headache after 30 mins with this thing due to the resolution. So for me it'll probably be either 1440p or 4k instead of VR. As awesome as the VR-experience is, I just wouldn't feel comfortable dishing out all that money on a headset and the graphics card I'd need to run it. A bigger, higher res monitor OTOH would come in handy not just in IL-2 but in other games and in day-to-day use of my PC. S.
  7. About 20% ... look for the horizontal bars on the flaps. One bar = 10% of flaps. I usually increase throttle fairly quickly in the 109s. I don't slam it forward, but I don't move it in slo-mo, either. And yes: You want full power during take off. Rule of thumb: Get your power to 100% as quickly as you can without messing things up. In some planes changing power too quickly might damage the engine ... well.. in this game only the P-39, but once we get the 262... ๐Ÿ˜„ Plus if you add too much power too quickly, you might loose control of the plane - especially in the 109 with its narrow landing gear. Not really. Set the water radiator control to "auto" and you're good. The F-2 is pretty well automated, so you don't have to worry about things like prop-pitch, mixture, etc. Hard to diagnose this one, but I'd say you're probably overcompensating on the stick. Plus you might want to check your stick's response curves and make it a bit less sensitive on the Y-axis (elevator control). Also: Have you checked your H-stab trim? It should be set to +1 for take-off. There's a little gauge in front of the flaps- and trim-wheels (left side of the cockpit) that shows your current trim for the H-stab. Here's a text-book start-up/taxi/take-off/landing in the F-2 from Requiem's channel. He pretty much covers everything you need to know.
  8. Still being used like that to this day. A-10 drinking game: Take a drink every time someone mentions smoke in this video.
  9. From the K-4's manual: Item 45 "Halterung fรผr Leuchtpistole" (mount for flare-gun). Also from the manual: 4.: A single barrel flare gun is provided for communication with the ground. It is to be inserted into the mount on the right hand side of the dashboard. Flares are carried by the pilot in his flying suit. S.
  10. Yup. But they did do a Normandy 1944 map. Which probably says something about their view on the marketability of WW2 vs that of Korea. I did have a hard time deciding between BoS and the DCS Dora. I ended up buying both, but that's a different story... ๐Ÿ˜„ But I will say that I view DCS as a completely different beast. I see it more as a flying, interactive, virtual museum. Most of the time I just sit in the Dora, admire the cockpit and just do a start-up, taxi, take-off and landing. S.
  11. Hmm... I guess the "Don't post swastikas"-rule doesn't apply any longer? ๐Ÿค” Anyway... look what youtube just threw my way: S.
  12. I wasn't aware that owls have zoom-lenses built into their eyes. I took it to reference the fact that owls can turn their heads 180ยฐ and look directly behind themselves. Oh well... S.
  13. Not to mention the bionic eyes with built-in zoom.. ๐Ÿ˜„ S.
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