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  1. @EAF_Ribbon @=VARP=Tvrdi Sorry guys. No clue about VR and I never had any issue with stuttering but my settings were already the way jason suggested. In GPU control panel let the application decide about vsync. No fast mode or such crap. I think the people are messing around with the nvidia control panel too much anyway. So the best is you leave everything in there at default. And ingame activate vsync, fullscreen on and set your target fps to your monitor refresh rate. Thats what I remember. And btw I still have nvidia driver 436.02. Maybe this fact might be crucial. Edit: Ah. Found it!
  2. @=VARP=Tvrdi As I remember the micro stuttering has already been discussed and clearified what to do.
  3. With "boiling clouds" you mean that flickering and swirling of the clouds? It would be so awesome if we will finally get rid of it without modding anything. So we can enjoy almost perfect clouds in MP too. I said it some time ago and I say it again - without this flickering, the clouds of IL-2 Great Battle Series would be better than any other ingame clouds. By far! Well, at least for now.
  4. @Redeye I dont even know how to make it transparent. The alpha channel of this texture is reserved as a height map. And if I could, it would make fields visable across the hills and mountains, which wouldn't look good anyway. But I think I can recreate both textures (rough grass and fields) and make them match to each other.
  5. First post, under the last pic. "data.zip"
  6. @LLv34_Flanker In my experience the fast mode instead of vsync looked horrible. Small lag but stuttering in many situations. All monitors with 200hz and at least 2560x1080 resolution have gsync or adaptive sync. You should activate it. Since a recent nvidia update, nvidia cards can handle adaptive sync.
  7. PicksKing

    clouds mod ?

    Just to clearify. With "cotton balls" I meant CoD. You would really prefer such 2d textures instead of volumetric clouds? I mean they do look good... for 2011, when the game was released but nowadays volumetric clouds are state of the art. The devs should only increase the cloud samples by default to get rid of that weird flickering.
  8. PicksKing

    clouds mod ?

    You mean these levitating cotton balls? 🙂
  9. @LizLemon Oh hell no! I hope this is only temporary and all related textures get in the same map folder. But at least I can change the path by editing the texture.tini for now, without screwing up the Prokhorovka map. @Redeye Thank you. I already searched for historical aerial photography on NCAP and got some ideas, how I could make the rheinland look even better than it already does. But we need to wait until BoBP left the beta status.
  10. @Semor76 Actually yes. But I there isnt much to do. The vanilla textures are already in my taste. Only a few tweaks in color and contrasts. And of course we have to wait until all seasons have been released.
  11. Hi guys, I need to find the root folder of a specific texture, namely some kind of grasland texture, which crosses the overall field texture in some places. Especially the wooded south east. Watch the attached screenshot. I searched the entire rheinland texture folder but couldnt find it. @LizLemon? Are you there? 🙂
  12. In the same folder, when you copy the files manually. "C:\...\IL-2 Sturmovik\data\graphics"
  13. Standard settings in nvidia control panel should be fine. So keep it and get into the ingame settings. 1. Check your resolution. Should be 1920x1080 at least. 2. Then check the anitaliasing. Try 2x or 4x to fix this.
  14. Could somebody post some screenshots of the Arras map please? Not here of course but in screenshot section of this forum. I am considering to buy Flying Circus but would like to see more first and there are not much screenshots out there already.
  15. About arras I am not sure but the rheinland map will get early spring, autumn and winter with later updates.
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