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  1. @Uufflakke I highly doubt that this is even possible without diving deeply into the code. Way beyond my skills.
  2. I fiddled a bit but I am not sure about this. There is way more to do - every airfield and every building is snow covered by default and needs to be changed.
  3. @LizLemon What "noise texture" do you mean? Cant find one.
  4. @HappyHaddock Since I dont have tank crew, I didnt care about waving gras blades yet and their effect on anything or vice versa. I am not flying THAT low 🙂 But I will put it on the check list. Maybe its worth the effort.
  5. @HappyHaddock I saw this too but couldn't figure out why the higher resolution had not the effect that I expected. Now I know. Thx. It still does look better in my eyes but not as much as I hoped for. And for some reason only the field texture is affected by this blending algorithm. The "wild" grass texture, mainly found in south east of this map, isn't and looks way sharper now. Once you found a solution, please let me know.
  6. Hi guys, this is a texture mod for the Rheinland map. It only includes the summer map for now. I increased the texture resolution (so be aware, if you have only few VRAM). I also increased the number of grain fields, made several color, brightness and contrast adjustments and partially fixed the visable transition between close and far forest rendering. There's more to come. I just uploaded this one for testing purposes and the other seasons might come later. So gimme feedback. download v0.1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1t0oyJwBeGdQa-Rj7mhaqoNKb9bxWXUod Simply extract the archive into the main folder "C:\...\IL-2 Sturmovik\data\graphics..." or into the designated mod folder of JSGME "C:\...\IL-2 Sturmovik\MODS\Rheinland Texture Mod v0.1\data\graphics..."
  7. @rowdyb00t With the adjustments inside the cloud engine the devs decreased the cloud samples for all presets to 64. Maybe this low value causes this. I increased it to 256 and its way better. Yes, its still visable but only in very rare situations under a very shallow angle of sun light. I attached the related lua file, which can be extracted to "C:\...\IL-2 Sturmovik\data\LuaScripts\" Maybe this helps you too, getting rid of these strange waves. But it can affect your performance. If its to heavy for your setup, open the file and change the values for cloud samples to 128 in all 4 presets. Changing the value combined with the extreme preset seem to affect the performance more then before the update. Before the update I could set this value up to 1024 without problems. Now even 512 sometimes causes framerates below 60fps. So this mod should be treated with caution. gpresets_cloudsamples256.zip
  8. As I remember it was a common error a while ago, which can be solved by deleting the update folder followed by repeating the update.
  9. @EAF_Ribbon @=VARP=Tvrdi Sorry guys. No clue about VR and I never had any issue with stuttering but my settings were already the way jason suggested. In GPU control panel let the application decide about vsync. No fast mode or such crap. I think the people are messing around with the nvidia control panel too much anyway. So the best is you leave everything in there at default. And ingame activate vsync, fullscreen on and set your target fps to your monitor refresh rate. Thats what I remember. And btw I still have nvidia driver 436.02. Maybe this fact might be crucial. Edit: Ah. Found it!
  10. @=VARP=Tvrdi As I remember the micro stuttering has already been discussed and clearified what to do.
  11. With "boiling clouds" you mean that flickering and swirling of the clouds? It would be so awesome if we will finally get rid of it without modding anything. So we can enjoy almost perfect clouds in MP too. I said it some time ago and I say it again - without this flickering, the clouds of IL-2 Great Battle Series would be better than any other ingame clouds. By far! Well, at least for now.
  12. @Redeye I dont even know how to make it transparent. The alpha channel of this texture is reserved as a height map. And if I could, it would make fields visable across the hills and mountains, which wouldn't look good anyway. But I think I can recreate both textures (rough grass and fields) and make them match to each other.
  13. First post, under the last pic. "data.zip"
  14. @LLv34_Flanker In my experience the fast mode instead of vsync looked horrible. Small lag but stuttering in many situations. All monitors with 200hz and at least 2560x1080 resolution have gsync or adaptive sync. You should activate it. Since a recent nvidia update, nvidia cards can handle adaptive sync.
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