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  1. The town looks really good. Compared to the most towns and villages at the eastern front, it looks much more natural and somehow chaotic, in a good way. No pattern or repetitive blocks. The most european towns and cities were never planned on a drafting table but they grew like organisms.
  2. No. The mods must be activated for getting those clouds. That the pity with this mod because you cant use them online. Its not about the gamma. This setting wont help you there. I guess LizLemon got deep into some archives to get these settings. Unfortunately he is not very chatty. Btw, am I the only one who finds these clouds too dark? Just watch clouds which are illuminated by the sun. Its so darn bright that it really hurts and I barely can watch them.
  3. Du meinst sicher diese weitwinklige Kamera. Du kannst in IL-2 die Kameraentfernung (standardmäßig mit W und S) und den Zoom (standardmäßig Mausrad) unabhängig steuern. In diesem Fall hier müsstest du nur die Kamera mit S zurückbewegen und dann etwas mit dem Mausrad hineinzoomen.
  4. P47, maybe. But not the me262. Its more likely that the me262 will be the last one in release schedule. There was a Q&A with frooglesim.
  5. For many people, it might be just another plane but its a sensation to me. There are only two WW2 aircrafts, which I've been waiting for such a damn long time to see them in a state-of-the-art flight sim. The Me262 is one of these two aircrafts.
  6. This is pretty exactly what I am musing about over and over again. I cant imagine that WW2 pilots were silent all the time, until they came close to the operational area. Didnt they do some chit chat to kill time or even calm their nerves? The career mode made a big step into the right way, to create a virtual pilot, who you can identify with. But scripted campaigns have a much bigger potential to create immersion based on characters.
  7. Its maybe my gamma. I put it up, because I like a slightly hazy and misty look. Colors and contrasts are reduced already after a few kilometres. But that bright clouds arent even unrealistic. Clouds, lightened by the sun are indeed very bright and dazzling.
  8. Here is a demonstration video, that shows the advantage over the vanilla settings and how much smoother the modded clouds are. Cloud samples 1024. I posted it in the suggestion section too. Lets hope the developer will integrate it into the sim.
  9. That looks pretty good. Which season are you going to replace? I guess autumn.
  10. Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation: The clouds have this strange flickering and morphing around their edges, while flying by and there is already a solution but its a mod. "coconut", figuered out, that the cloud samples can be adjusted via a lua script. He made a mod out of this, to allow high quality clouds for lower presets. Anyway, it also turned out, that the cloud flickering almost disappears with higher cloud samples of 512 and totally disappears (at least for my eyes) with cloud samples of 1024. It looks great but unfortunately its still a mod so it violates the file integrity, which is obviously bad for multiplayer. My suggestion is, to give the customer the ability to set these high quality clouds (ideally up to 1024) via the regular graphics settings, so that we can use it in multiplayer too. The performance impact seems to be very acceptable to me but of course it needs to be optional for everyone to avoid affecting slower systems, which can not handle it. Benefit: That way the clouds look just awesome! I really mean awesome! I would even say, there are no better looking volumetric clouds in any other game. And that with (I would assume) minimal effort because the technology is already there. It just needs to be activated. Here is a short video to show, how it could look like. It was made with cloud samples of 1024. Remark: This video is a bit brighter than normal, because I raised the ingame gamma. This has nothing to do with the cloud mod. The mod changes only the flickering.
  11. Looks good. Would you share your lua-files with us? Its strange. Few months ago, I didnt see any difference between cloud samples 256 or 1024. But now the known cloud flickering totally disappeared when using 1024. I still have at least 60fps but my graphic card runs a bit hotter than before. Tolerable. I wish the developer would give us the possibility to set up that cloud sample quality via the regular settings menu so we can use it in multiplayer.
  12. I always had all settings on maximum and I still get benefit from this mod. Awesome. I also tried cloud samples of 256 up to 1024 but I am not sure, if there is any difference. Maybe somebody else can say more about that. Anyway, unfortunatly I have to enable mods in options menu. So I have to decide between good clouds OR multiplayer. Too bad but still a good mod. Thank you.
  13. Hey guys, did somebody figure out how to get a setting with two layers of clouds? Cant get them work. Edit: Alright, it seems to be random, wheather the clouds are in one or two layers. Maybe there are some settings, which have a higher chance but its still pretty random.
  14. I love it. Yes I do. I really love it. Not a substantial comment but needed to say it. I... I... really... reeeeeaaaally love it.
  15. Will the moscow map get such an update too? ... one day.
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