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  1. I am not talking about details. The ingame textures resolution is way to small anyway to get photorealism. I am talking about the color scheme and distribution of colors and elements like fields, untilled area of sand, gras, bushes. These elements should be present and well balanced for a proper look. Looking at your screenshots above make me think its too monotonous. Since the mod is nonprofit, I would even assume you could easily use some satellite photos for further editing. And no, this would not take months of work done by 3 professional designers. It would cost me alone (very non-professional) about 1 or 2 weeks. Watch the aerial photo posted above by No457_Stonehous. Its not a "simple yellow terrain." Tunisia and Algeria are indeed only desert inland but for not at coast regions. For beautys and diversitys sake I would concentrate on these coast regions.
  2. I recommend to use google maps to find a more proper color scheme and the right amount of vegetaion. So I attached a satellite photo of tunisia. And indeed its desertious (is that a word? 😄) but it has very different shades of brown and beige AND its even marbled with small portions of green. I think thats important for a realistic look. Of course at some places its more green and has less fields and at some others vice versa. You will have to find a compromise.
  3. PicksKing

    handy tool

    Actually SSAA means super sampling anti aliasing, which means rendering in a higher resolution und downsampling for your monitor. This is the most effective way of anti aliasing. Unfortunately also the most demanding way for your hardware. The higher brightness of particles seems to be a side effect. So its some kind of incompatability.
  4. @rowdyb00t Is there any version, which doesnt change the atmospheric haze? The clouds are really good but the long range visability is too far and this bluish tint of the vanilla setting looks more realistic to me.
  5. @Semor76 No. Sorry. Shitload of work to do right now.
  6. @sevenless I think a less snowy winter map will come but it takes time. Its even science in itself to find out how much snow is the right amount. 32% of the area? 33%? Hell no 33,568% is too much. Maybe some historical sources containing weather data would be useful. @rowdyb00t One step after the other 🙂 Furthermore there are still a lot of things in my mod, which I am not very pleased with. Too noisy height map, some fake details and so on. A lot room for improvement. Today I occupationally drove a few hours and used the opportunity to gather useful pictures for the another version.
  7. @LizLemon No, no. This is easy to fix. I just wanna say that the non-snowy railways on winter map are not an issue, caused by this mod as jollyjack said, because even the untouched tini-files are referencing to the non-snowy railways, as shown in my previous post.
  8. @LizLemon I think thats what I did. The arras map has its own 49 field textures in landtexturesquality folder now and I assigned them via textures.tini, simply by changing the file path from rheinland_su to arras_sp. But I want to have proof that this works as it should, before I upload buggy stuff. I'll check the railway once again. Thx. Edit: I have the summer railway even if I deactivate mods entirely. I dont think this is caused by the rheinland mod. Here are some lines from the vanilla roadtexture.tini from "landscape_rheinland_wi\roads". RailRoad_Diffuse=graphics/LANDSCAPE_Rheinland_su/Roads/Textures/railroads_512.dds RailRoad_Specular=graphics/LANDSCAPE_Rheinland_su/Roads/Textures/railroadsSpecular_512.dds RailRoad_Emb=graphics/LANDSCAPE_Rheinland_su/Roads/Textures/railroads_512_nasip.dds RailRoad_Ties=graphics/LANDSCAPE_Rheinland_su/Roads/Textures/railroads_512_shpali.dds RailRoad_Rail=graphics/LANDSCAPE_Rheinland_su/Roads/Textures/railroads_512_relsi.dds References to the summer map by default.
  9. Maybe it also fits to the arras map but this is another project for another day. For now I would like to leave the arras map as it is. So would somebody do me a favour and check something for me? just unpack this zip into the mainfolder. it doesnt affect anything else and the rheinland mod may not be uninstalled. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LEyc9-M_SzYAivIueo0ec88qnEHBJtPB Then take a short flight over arras. Check if the vanilla textures are back and let me know. After that, navigate to data\graphics\LANDSCAPE_Arras_sp and delete the landtexturesquality folder and the textures.tini file, if you want the modded arras map back. Done.
  10. A small problem occured. For saving disk space the maps from BoBP, FC and TC are using textures from each other. Those of you who are owning FC might see, that this mod also changes some textures from the Arras map. In this case the field textures. Corrupting files from other maps can be easily avoided but I need a volunteer, who owns the Arras map (which I dont) and makes sure that the arras map isnt going to be a mess. Please PM me. It will not take long.
  11. No problems on my end. Would you post a screenshot?
  12. @Uufflakke I highly doubt that this is even possible without diving deeply into the code. Way beyond my skills.
  13. I fiddled a bit but I am not sure about this. There is way more to do - every airfield and every building is snow covered by default and needs to be changed.
  14. @LizLemon What "noise texture" do you mean? Cant find one.
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