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  1. I like the pics of the map. Nice and natural colors and the ground textures look more sharp.
  2. This blooming seems to be connected to HDR by default. So you also can deactivate HDR and its gone. Without changing any config files. Which config file do you mean? I only know the gpresets.cfg in "[...]\data\luaScript". There is a line "post_bloom_enable=true" but I guess a "0" instead of a "false" would break this file.
  3. Weird. I was asked for just 36 planes. And only TWO were german planes.
  4. Your printscreen doesnt show the entire path so it doesnt help. I just downloaded the archive to look into it. Well... LF_Gallahad said in the description, that the archive is ready-to-use in JSGME, which seems to be wrong. There is an additional folder: "...KUBAN\Kuban_W\data\graphics\LANDSCAPE_Kuban_a" Beyond that are all the files, shown in your printscreen. You only need the red marked path. So this should work: 1. deactivate the mod in JSGME 2. get into the archive and then navigate into the folder KUBAN 3. copy/extract the folder Kuban_W to the JSGME mod folder "c:\...\Il-2 Sturmovik\MODS" 4. the new path should be "c:\...\Il-2 Sturmovik\MODS\Kuban_W\data\graphics\LANDSCAPE_Kuban_a" 5. reactivate the mod. Now JSGME should list the mod labeled as "Kuban_W"
  5. Its not easy to do a remote diagnosis but you could start with checking the folder structure. The original folder structure "c:\...\Il-2\data\folder1\folder2\folder3..." must accord to the mod folders "c:\...\Il-2\MODS\*modname*\data\folder1\folder2\folder3..."
  6. I am a bit disappointed that the ta152 isnt that much desired. And in defence of one of the most beautyful planes of ww2: hell, noo! The ta152 is not just another variant of the Fw190Dora ๐Ÿคจ
  7. Maybe this issue is something to put into the suggestion section.
  8. @Celtarcs Its just a combination of the ingame cloud setting heavy or strong or whatever its called and "[MOD] High quality clouds in Low preset". Nothing special. It doesnt change the cloud shaping. Only the sample rate to avoid the flickering. Reshade Only tint (sepia.fx) with a dull blue and a low preset of magicbloom. Thats it. Very subtle effects.
  9. No moscow is not a mess. But some fine tuning might be useful. Funfact. I even asked Jason to let me rework kuban officially. He didnt answer but thats ok. I guess its not that easy to say "Sure why not! I dont even know, who you are but do what you want! Here you got tons of raw data aaaand our sorce code. Can I do anything else for you?" ๐Ÿ˜‚ Its way more complicated and he also might not want to unleash the hell of hundreds of modders, who want to be part of the development. And every smartass modder knows better.
  10. I dont know. Honestly I really like the stalingrad map as it is right now. Not much to do there. After the devs made a huge update for this map some time ago, it looks really realistic to me.
  11. I dont have tank crew so I cant test, what I am doing. But I cast an eye on moscow... maybe. I need muse for something like this. Good. Now I can sleep As it says simply extract it into the main folder. The bold path counts. The light grey part is only for orientation. Maybe someday this mod doesnt work anymore because the devs change something critical. But the original files stay untouched so there shouldnt be any problem. You also could use JSGME. This makes it easier to remove any mod entirely.
  12. I made a short performance stress test. Settings: 2560x1440, graphic maxed out, texture mod, heavy (modded) clouds, reshade (tint, bloom), ingame time lapse. And I still had 99-118fps all the time. The recording pulled it down to >75fps. The fps counter is in the upper right corner. Ignore the video stuttering. Shitty software. Ingame was buttery-smooth. I am sorry to say but I can't reproduce your problem ๐Ÿ˜•
  13. I feared something like this. But after a while I began to think this wont happen. Here's why: The mountains were just made with 5 different textures of 512x512px. So very small! I replaced them with 1K, 2K and 4K textures. And even 4K textures are no big deal. The planes have them and the field textures too. The load is a little bigger for sure but you have a 1080ti with 11GB. Even more than my 2080 and I dont feel anything of a performance drop. Never below 60fps on WQHD. Even not with the cloud mod with a sample of 1024. So the problem might be somewhere else. I'd like to think, that you use a SATA-SSD or NVMe-SSD ๐Ÿ˜‰ But maybe I botched something with a tini-file. @All. Can anybody else in here confirm a significant performance drop?
  14. Unfortunately not. The standard textures are in encrypted archives. The only way I would imagine is to get the modded textures into these archives to bypass the "mod on" mode. Decrypting is easy with the right tool but encrypting back is something else. So I have no clue how to do this and possibly some kind of file integrity check might kick in.
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