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  1. Hi, have you changed the name of the old picture and named the new one customphoto?
  2. I think your plane is trying to mate wit an invisible D7. Just one of those typical hangar hook-ups.
  3. The game for me runs fine at 60fps, but when flying low over buildings it drops to 38-40. It's not the fault of the map you're running, but it's because of my not so new PC. So for me and other people with older PCs, dog fighting low over a large city invokes a drop in frame rate, making the experience far from smooth. The ice lake map runs smooth as butter though.
  4. I believe you have to own BOS to be able to play FC and since you only own FC.....
  5. I've been having a lot of fun on your server, thanks! I do have a couple of suggestions though. First, flying low over Lille creates a massive drop in frame rate for me and probably for many other players too. Second, i think you will attract more players if you mention in the title that the sever runs Flying Circus in normal mode with AI. Thanks again for putting in the effort.
  6. Thanks. Only one photo per plane at a time, so different planes can have different photo's in the game.
  7. I made several cockpit photos of the infamous Dutch femme fatale and spy Mata Hari. As she played both sides, both sides can have her in the cockpit. There are eight photos to choose from. Rename to custom_photo. These were made as described in my topic: Download:Mata Hari.zip
  8. I made some Betty Boob stickers for in the American P-51 and P-38 using PNG clip art images and the above mentioned method. In case you are a cat lady (you know who you are :), there is a cat too! Don't forget to rename to "custom_photo". For the P-51:p51.zip Tweaked for theP-38:p38.zip
  9. I found that a custom photo for the cockpit can be easily made using Paint and an online file converter. Step one: Open your file (.jpg .png or whatever) in Paint and press on canvas. In my case the picture is 118 by150 pixels. That ratio needs to be 1 to 1, so in this case extend the canvas to the right (somehow that needs to be done to the right), till the picture is 150x150 and thus has a ratio of 1 to 1. In case of a photo that is wider, use crop as long as the ratio you'll get is 1 to 1 and note that there will be a bit cut off on the right side (see end result), so you may need to tweak this. Now save the file. Step two: Now go to www.aconvert.com to convert the file to a .dds. Press browse and open the file and set the target format to DDS and set resize image to "Change with and height". The image size needs to be set to 1024x1024. Now press "convert now" and download the output file. Step three: Open your game folder and go to "\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\graphics\Planes\Me262A\Textures" (in case of the 262). Now delete or rename the file called custom_photo. Copy your newly created .dds file into this folder and name it custom_photo. That's it!
  10. I submitted a ticket three days ago and this was their response: "Hi, We have not made any changes to the data interchange protocol with TrackIR" So they seem to suggest the problem isn't there because of the update. I could play without the roll feature of course, but for me it lessens the feeling of immersion.
  11. I'm having the same issues wit opentrack in BOX. I just tested CLOD and all is fine, so it must have something to do with update 3.0001.
  12. Roll axes work fine when looking forward, but do not work when looking to the sides and are inverted when looking to the back. Hope this will be fixed soon. btw i'm using opentrack.
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