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  1. custom_photo.rar Don't let her distract you to much during flight:)
  2. After i had to reinstall, i had to turn om the photo function again in the plane setting next to where you choose your skin).
  3. My guess is that you have set "No Photo" to "Photo" in the plane settings before flight. Its the third tap, the tap right next to where you can choose your paint scheme. Hope this helps, Wander.
  4. Hi, I had the exact same problem as you. The hotfixes didn't help nor did changing drivers, so last night a decided to completely reinstall the game. Now, after over an hour of testing, i can confidently state that the problem is no more. Hope this makes you happy SirFlappy.
  5. Of course on my machine..., if i were to play on your machine, i would have Z E R O problems now would i. Point is that there are still issues involving AMD cards when using MSAA, so the blanked statement that all graphics corruption on AMD cards have been fixed, is false. The problem as shown in the picture only occurs when using MSAA. With opened canopy if you set Anti-Aliasing to 0 and Canopy Reflections Off press F2 to go outside and go back inside using F1.. and... the outside world still turns black (at least for me)! Btw, i'm running a amd 3900x cpu and a amd 5700xt graphics card.
  6. Except for the grass issue, graphics corruption on AMD cards have NOT been fixed!
  7. 1. Your videocard name, It's a RX 5700 XT 2. You Driver version 20.4.2 3. Have you this weird graphics issue with opened canopy if you set Anti-Aliasing to 0 and Canopy Reflections Off? Yes. It first didn't appeared but when i switched from the outside to the inside again it was like on this screenshot. 4. The grass issue has been fixed , but other problems still remain when using MSAA.
  8. Hi, have you changed the name of the old picture and named the new one customphoto?
  9. I think your plane is trying to mate wit an invisible D7. Just one of those typical hangar hook-ups.
  10. The game for me runs fine at 60fps, but when flying low over buildings it drops to 38-40. It's not the fault of the map you're running, but it's because of my not so new PC. So for me and other people with older PCs, dog fighting low over a large city invokes a drop in frame rate, making the experience far from smooth. The ice lake map runs smooth as butter though.
  11. I believe you have to own BOS to be able to play FC and since you only own FC.....
  12. I've been having a lot of fun on your server, thanks! I do have a couple of suggestions though. First, flying low over Lille creates a massive drop in frame rate for me and probably for many other players too. Second, i think you will attract more players if you mention in the title that the sever runs Flying Circus in normal mode with AI. Thanks again for putting in the effort.
  13. Thanks. Only one photo per plane at a time, so different planes can have different photo's in the game.
  14. I made several cockpit photos of the infamous Dutch femme fatale and spy Mata Hari. As she played both sides, both sides can have her in the cockpit. There are eight photos to choose from. Rename to custom_photo. These were made as described in my topic: Download:Mata Hari.zip
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