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  1. Hi, Nice idea. Thanks for information. Keep sending it 😀 Have fun.
  2. Hello, Great job. When will you reload the campaign ? Thanks
  3. Hello, Merci beaucoup. Nice icons for IL2. It will spare me a lot of work . What do you mean by next level ? Be Happy.
  4. Hello, Pas mal... Nice icons. Could you share your profiles and or icons ? Have fun. P.S. Here some of my trials PPS : Profiles are binary files so I am not sure I could use it. IcoStreamDeck.zip
  5. Hello, Would you mind sharing info about your work (this will help me and perhaps other users as official data are scarce). Thank for helping
  6. Hi, Merci pour ces infos. Thanks for information. I will order one Stramdeck and sure ask for help. A bientôt
  7. Hello, Ici (mais déjà connu peut-être) http://www.checksix-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=283&t=199529 at least to ask for. How do you use this device with IL2 ? I am also interested by the links. I do not have the device but I am interested in it. Found this : https://www.elgato.com/fr/gaming/stream-deck-xl Have fun
  8. Hello, "Note: To fly this campaign, you must have the 4th map of the serie: Battle of Bodenplatte". Should be you must have bought "battle of bodenplatte (pre order for the moment)" (I do not have the bodenplatte map neither). Thanks a lot for your appreciated work 👍
  9. Hello, Nice job. Thanks for this helpfull info. Have fun
  10. Hello, Control Manager Device x appears when CH manager is running (and remaps devices to Control Manager Device). Have fun (even in these "difficult" moments.
  11. Here one I cleaned to keep only PT. Load it through CH Manager.Only_PT.zip
  12. Hello, You can ask questions here : https://discordapp.com/channels/438688364359581707/528501166385135636 See documentation for JG: https://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/interface/ look at "Mode manager" and "mode switching". Have fun
  13. Hello, You can define several modes with JG (like Sokol said). But this is not the CH modes (switched with one button on CH Hotas), so leds are not changing as per CH manager. On former (now closed) CH Hangar, there was a thread on Windows 10 and CH manager. There was a lot of problems for some owners and none for others. Be Happy.
  14. Hello, It is better to define your own map. You will get used to CH manager. If you want to use CH manager. Better is to use Joystick Gremlin (or another stick programming software). On my system ,I kept CHmanager for calibrating purpose. You can keep CH manager with any other program. No problem. Have fun
  15. "If I install this (or any other programming software for the throttle), do I have to uninstall CH Manager first? " No. You can even use both together (but not on the same device - at least for the moment). CH manager is not mandatory to use your CH-throttle (but then you only have dx-buttons). What do you mean by profile ? Is that a CH map ?
  16. Hello, If you really want to program your device you could try : https://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/ CHmanager is a great tool for CH hotas. Unfortunatly it has not evolved as the hardware (robust one but a little bit outdated). I am sad that CH has not renewed her devices. Have fun.
  17. Hello, JG new release... https://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/download Have Fun.
  18. Hello, Game reads subdir in Mission folder. Example: If it is what you asked. Have fun
  19. Hello, It is not possible to install PWCG in another folder than main BattleOfX directory. Could it be possible to add an option to install PWCG in another directory than in the main game directory ? an option to create a sub dir for mission in <BOX_ROOTDIR>\data\Missions ? Just some ideas (not at all necessary to appreciate your apprecated tool). Best Regards
  20. You is right "two weeks etc..." is a pure IL2ism Olegish language 😊
  21. Hello, I use Joystick Gremlin to map some physical devices to a virtual vJoy. If I define only one vJoy (virtual), then I can use it in IL2. If I add a second vJoy, then IL2 does not recognize vJoy devices anymore. See files attached : devices.txt : configuration recognized wrong2vjoy_devices.txt -> problem in IL2 with both virtual Joystick. What can I do to solve this problem (if possible). Any clue or advice for a solution is welcome. Best regards devices.txt wrong2vjoy_devices.txt
  22. Hello, New release of this tool to configure any hotas : https://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/download/ Attention, some anti viruses falsely detect a trojan . See explanation here : """ Yeah sadly the tool I'm using to turn the python code into an executable appears to be triggering some anti virus tools due to how it behaves I think. For fun I tried to look at what a minimal example would result in, as far as virus detection goes. Turns out the following code: if __name__ == "__main__": print("Hello World") turned into an executable manages to trigger many anti virus tools https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/09b3ee6b3514775ff0f35b347315c66006dd688be99470a3f7e1f7c57ea047d3/detection which I sadly can't do much about. In the past had happened as well so I'm hoping that the virus scanner vendors will update their heuristics over time to not trigger on the behaviour of the tool I use to create executable. """ Happy Christmas. Have fun
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