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  1. http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/tpr-thrustmaster-pendular-rudder Thrusmaster TPR : problem very expansive. I replaced my CH pedals with TPR (just go on diet for a few monthes 😁), very happy with this change. Have fun
  2. Hello, I do not use VR but had a similar problem with login screen. Problem was a screen resolution problem that changed after update. I restore correct resolution and things turned ok. May help or not.... Have fun...
  3. Hello, Here a VAP (Voice Attack Profile). It is done for French speakers. As I mostly used the standard key to generate commands it can easily be adapted to English speaking engine. Only difficulties is when I have defined compound statement (example poste [1..12]); pay attention when you change words as these words are used in the programmed part. It is not too difficult to understand what and how to change it. Attached : html documentation file with all the commands (attention column names are incorrect only "spoken command" is correct. vap file : profile to import in VA. Do not forget to train (several times) your speak engine, you will get better result with Voice attack. If this can help... Have fun.IL2BOX_VAP.zip
  4. Hello, For the moment I use CH manager for my ProThrottle, Throttle Quadrant and Mutli Function Panel. I use direct input for the VKB joystick. As I am not playing a lot at this time, I just used a basic config. In a near future I will do a profile based on JS. Have fun.
  5. Hello, May be I do not understand what you want but to map char and a lot of stuff you have "map to keyboard", chained containers or macros. You will find descriptions in documentation. I do not use JS for the moment so I do not use HID Guardian. Best is to ask question on discord : https://discord.gg/szqaJE7 Search for joystick gremlin. Have fun.
  6. Hello, For which devices ? Only for FighterStick ? Nothing for ProThrottle or CH Quadrant ? Thanks
  7. Hello, Even if you try with the first link 'Google doc view link ? Have fun
  8. Hello, Merry Xmas From Simware reseller (AeroFly): Compatible with: Flight Simulator X Prepar3D XPlane 11 Flight Sim World I contacted the reseller (Aerosoft - Europe) and they told me that the throttle quadrant should be compatible with every flight sim. If you go on download page of Hneycomb, you will see some drivers for the mentionned flight sim and not for others. Best thing is to contact Honeycomb directly to see if you need drivers for these other flight sims. Good Luck
  9. Hello, Can also use "Joystick Gremlin" https://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/ But you first have to learn it than use switch mode. Best thing would be to have in game same method as for Rise of Flight. Have fun.
  10. Hello, Thanks again to have taken time to answer my question. I will try your setup. Rem.: I had some troubles to assign relative axis in IL2, this seems ok now. Have a nice week-end
  11. Hello, On my CH Pro-Throttle I use the micro stick as a mouse. Have fun
  12. OK thank for info. How have you done this ? Using them as POV ? OK for MasterMode but how can you do this with gate cont ? Have fun.
  13. Hello, What do you map (keys /axes) on "gate cont" and "master mode" ? What could be there usage in IL2 GB (other than POV) ? Thanks.
  14. Hello, - have you mapped different button for the different mode (i.e. mode 1 :a , mode 2 : g mode 3 : k) ? - have you in program setting tab of your profile in Control Manager set the mode control to "pro throttle" ? I just tried on my setup and mode changing is ok (I tries sending keys to text editor). As sokol said there are malfunctions in Windows 10. Hope it helps
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