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  1. Hello everybody, We'll start this monthly update with a video: As you can see, the team remains busy working towards the v5.0 release and today, we have the exciting news that we are able to release a further patch which addresses more bugs and adds some enhancements. The list of changes is as follows: Fix for 1080Ti cards not loading correct texture mipmaps Revised 4.5 quick missions 109s have now the historically correct two radiator circuits Fiat BR-20 engine control levers numbering texture has the "7" and "6" reversed
  2. Hello everybody and a Happy New Year to you all. This is just a short update to announce that we are releasing a v4.54 patch via Steam today. This is a bug fix and enhancements release (no new content) and although it is a patch, it is a full 8GB download. This is because we are also introducing a new release and patch procedure - which we will use to roll out further patches between now and the release of TF 5.0. The list of fixes and enhancements is as follows: Enhanced grass rendering (Fix for the grass popping up). Fixed parachutes disappearing in the di
  3. Hello everybody, Season's greetings and a very festive "Yo! Ho! Ho!" to you all. I can't believe we're almost at year end again. Does time accelerate as we get older? It certainly seems that way. There is quite a lot to cover this month so I'll get straight on with it. Team We've had some new members join us recently. These are predominantly members with mission building skills who will be using their talents to develop single player missions. Other than that the team numbers remains stable and the motivation high. There are things going on (which I can only tell you about in t
  4. Hello everybody, Just a short post to allow you to see the gorgeous Fiat CR42 cockpit. It is a simple 1v1 scenario against a Gloster Gladiator which demonstrates the work that has been put into the new cockpit. This isn't in place of a monthly update by the way. As always, thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding. For and on behalf of Team Fusion Simulations, Bonkin.
  5. Hello everybody, Yes I know... its now December and I missed getting you all an update last month. For this I of course offer sincere apologies. I won't trouble you with the details suffice just to say that real work life has been unexpectedly frantic and family comes before anything else, i.e. getting the balance right is key. Contrary to what some may postulate, I am still alive and no, I didn't drop my phone down the toilet again 😄. For the reasons stated above, this is a shorter update than normal but I will continue to answer questions etc. in later updates when th
  6. Hello everybody. First off, I need to offer an apology for this update coming out a little later than normal. This is systematic of the fact that we are all volunteers working in our spare time. In my case, I’ve been away from home on a couple of business trips and the timing was just bad. The team produces builds/branches that are called “Mod Enabled Versions” (MEV’s) of the game. These have different features enabled or imported which allow the developers to integrate and test as we go. For me, the MEV which had the content I need to show was available when I was not.
  7. Just to make people aware... I'm late with this month's update because I'm away on business... but it is coming. Apologies
  8. Hello everybody. Time seems to be accelerating so much. It doesn’t seem like more than a week since I put the last update out! The team has been very busy though and there seems to be more going on than I can fit in to a single update. So much so that it may be necessary to start doing a few mid-month updates! So without further ado, let us proceed… Team We welcome two new members to the team this month. Emeren works as a freelancer in the 3D industry and will be working on existing and new 3D models. Daveod06 is a map creator and will be bringing his experience of producing s
  9. Hey Camm! Shame we didn't get to meet up. Maybe next year eh? Point taken though. I am reading much of the feedback and am already planning what to show next month. Cinematic videos take a long time to produce but may not be the best way to show what progress is being made. The work being done is not all about the new models though... did you see this one for example? https://www.tfbt.nuvturais.de/issues/749#change-3503 Cheers mate.
  10. Hello again everybody. I can't believe it has been a month since my last update. Time is certainly flying by. Sadly we have lost two more of our Battle of Britain veterans since I last wrote. Wg Cdr Tom Neil passed just days before his 98th birthday, followed shortly afterwards by Sqd Ldr Geoffrey Wellum. We also lost the ever-glamorous Mary Ellis, a trail blazer for female aviators and an original member of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), responsible for delivering fighter and bomber aircraft from the factories to the front line. She was 101. A big highlight for those in the UK
  11. Hey Mystic. These would be feature requests which are best logged in the Bug Tracker. For video making, I've had some success using TrackIR to capture panning shots. In the software try adjusting the Motion Control settings (speed and smoothness), and then the physical distance between the clip and the sensor before you start filming. Cheers, Bonks.
  12. Hello,I am posting here to introduce myself as your new Team Fusion Simulations public relations person for IL-2 Cliffs of Dover. Some of you know me from ACG and beta testing but for those that don't, I've been an aircraft nut my whole life. I'm married with a couple of teenage kids and live in East Yorkshire England, but I grew up in East Anglia, where my playgrounds included many old USAF airfield bases. As such I feel I have a bit of an affinity with the 8AF and the 100BG in particular. My eyesight was never good enough for the RAF so I learned to fly privately and studied engineering inst
  13. This all started with pushing lego bricks around on a aeronautical chart whilst trying to co-ordinate the movements and intercepts of a number of squadrons. When we realised it would work Donkey stepped up to write the software. Needless to say, it went through a number of iterations before the version you see above. For what it is worth, the video's below show some of that early work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed8kinLQn7g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbzNyi9UR_A
  14. Scratch that. I tried logging out and rebooting my machine. Then it worked. Very odd.
  15. Hi, Thought I'd take advantage of the sale and purchased BoM direct from IL-2 site. My key is activated. When I try and run the game using my account login it takes a long time to do anything - but comes back with "Your connection to Master-Server was temporarily lost. Check your internet connection." I cannot start Offline either because that throws a problem as well. I've opened up the following ports on my router: 443 TCP/UDP. 28000 TCP/UDP & 28100 TCP and I have temporarily disabled by Norton Anti-Virus. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection. Can somebo
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