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  1. Hello everybody, We'll start this monthly update with a video: As you can see, the team remains busy working towards the v5.0 release and today, we have the exciting news that we are able to release a further patch which addresses more bugs and adds some enhancements. The list of changes is as follows: Fix for 1080Ti cards not loading correct texture mipmaps Revised 4.5 quick missions 109s have now the historically correct two radiator circuits Fiat BR-20 engine control levers numbering texture has the "7" and "6" reversed Bugtracker #759 Spitfire Mk I, Mk Ia, and Mk IIa: Wheel brake lever now animated Bugtracker #556 Extra (wrong) contrails removed Hit to the right water radiator damages the left water radiator Bugtracker #527 Beaufighter cockpit glass glass more transparent for pilot and observer Gladiator enhancements to its external model Hurricane control column chain animation corrected Bugtracker #1045 Enhanced English field textures Disabled 'Anthropomorphic Control' so it is now always off Aircraft of air groups marked as scramble (Full Mission Builder) now start with pre-warmed and running engines. To prevent planes (especially Spitfires and Hurricanes) from already rolling on spawn-in, chocks are initially set and a message is shown in the info window. Black smoke initially emitting from engine disappears immediately on removal of chocks (graphics fix for a later patch) Fixes to enable track record compatibility between game versions Oxygen tank damage now in effect Removed vehicles from plane select listing Smoother grass rendering Weapons/smoke effects revised CR-42 aileron wire animation bug fixed Ju-88 Bottom gunner: annoying moving dot removed from the cockpit Most of the bombs now have skip bomb effects on water (the two types that have not yet are SC 50 and GP 40lbs) Bugtracker #1110 Trim Wheel Animations in the Spitfires fixed Bugtracker #1112 Spitfire MkIIa now with correct, enlarged oil cooler NOTE: 1. As usual, please be sure to delete your cache folder (in your 'Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover' folder) before running the game again. 2. Unfortunately Avast and AVG Antivirus (and only those, belonging to the same company) have repeatedly and falsely considered Cliffs of Dover's Launcher64.exe as a possible virus. There's nothing we currently can do about this. If you are using one of the two and are having trouble starting Cliffs, please set the Launcher64.exe on their whitelist. Sorry for the inconveniences. 3. Make sure to rebind your Prop. pitch Automation key to the new 'Toggle Propeller Pitch Mode' in Control settings if your auto pitch is not working in aircraft with auto pitch... as in Bf109E-4 and Bf-110C models. Anyway, we hope you enjoy it. For and on behalf of Team Fusion Simulations, Bonkin.
  2. Hello everybody and a Happy New Year to you all. This is just a short update to announce that we are releasing a v4.54 patch via Steam today. This is a bug fix and enhancements release (no new content) and although it is a patch, it is a full 8GB download. This is because we are also introducing a new release and patch procedure - which we will use to roll out further patches between now and the release of TF 5.0. The list of fixes and enhancements is as follows: Enhanced grass rendering (Fix for the grass popping up). Fixed parachutes disappearing in the distance. Fixed steam lobby creation. Removed “Jump Points“ aka 'Long Grass Traps' on the airfields. This does not fix the spawn points off the airfields, yet. Bugtracker: #562, #774, #867, #869 Fixed wrong GUI font messing up cursor position and input fields in chat and Full Mission Builder. Implemented radiator over-pressure valve for aircraft with pressurised radiators. Water radiator only vents as long as there's a reserve. Various changes in Blenheim MkIV top gunner cabin animations. Separated sight illumination control for multi-crew aircraft. Smooth lever/switches cockpit animations for Bf110 versions, Blenheim MkIV, BR.20, Tiger Moth, G.50, He 111, Hurricane Mk1, Ju 87B2, Bf 109 versions, Spitfire versions and Su 26. JU88-A1 turrets B and C must now be unlocked with the "Toggle Park Position" key (as with other turrets). Bugtracker: #737 If markings were switched off (in plane options), they no longer show in tracks. Bugtracker: #1009 Smoke tracers. Hurricane MkI FB bomb switch display error when dropping bombs from external view Bugtracker: #1021 Bf 109 trim indicator display and range corrected Bugtracker: #560, #990, #1004 Shaders optimisations We hope you enjoy it. NOTE: - Please be sure to delete your cache file (in your 'Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover' folder) before running the game again. - Some people who are running AVG or AVAST Anti-Virus are having problems with them blocking the game from running. Solutions: Add an exception in the AV program for the 64 bit launcher .exe in the main folder. If you still continue to have problems, then you may need to uninstall the Anti-Virus program, (delete all folders after uninstall), then restart your computer, run the game once, then re-install the Anti-Virus and add the CoD-Blitz launcher .exe to the exceptions before running the game again. Launcher is the file with the blue and red rondel. For and on behalf of Team Fusion Simulations, Bonkin.
  3. Hello everybody, Season's greetings and a very festive "Yo! Ho! Ho!" to you all. I can't believe we're almost at year end again. Does time accelerate as we get older? It certainly seems that way. There is quite a lot to cover this month so I'll get straight on with it. Team We've had some new members join us recently. These are predominantly members with mission building skills who will be using their talents to develop single player missions. Other than that the team numbers remains stable and the motivation high. There are things going on (which I can only tell you about in the new year), which have got many of us, myself included, extremely excited. Schedule Although things are ramping up it is inevitable that at this time of year there will be a natural pause. On the whole, the project maturity is a little short of where it was predicted to be at this point in time, mainly due to the complexities of the import process and the integration between modeller, coder and skin maker required. Progress Map We gave you a sneak preview in the last update which illustrated one part of the map and the terrain elevations. Still lots going on - particularly in texture refinement since North Africa has a larger variety of terrain than some may think. Regrettably, from some of the feedback received, a few people didn't understand what we meant by "alpha" texture. To be clear on this, an "alpha" texture by our definition is a first pass texture which represents, roughly, the terrain texture. It has not undergone a detailed refinement (to look good at any altitude) and does not represent the final look. Aircraft Are mostly complete and either imported or still in the import process, with the following exceptions still in the 3D modelling stage: • Bf-110C Tropical versions (minor air intake changes) • Ju-87B Tropical version (minor air intake changes) • Ju-88A-4/A-5 including Tropical version. • Ju-88C-1/C-2/C-4/C-6 including Tropical version. • Heinkel He-111H-6 • Macchi C-202 Series III and VIII • Wellington IC Effects Audio work (alpha update) is in test. Visual effects are being further refined. AI Alpha work has been in test for a while now. Mostly positive feedback but further refinements are necessary. So now on with a few of your questions from across the different forums, which I've grouped as best I can. As always, forgive me for paraphrasing: General Q1. Any idea on VR support? Yes technically it is possible, but only post v5.0. Our primary focus has to be on releasing v5.0 before we add new capability. Q2. "Desert based Single Player campaigns". Will these campaigns be scripted? Is there going to be a real career mode similar to wings over the Reich or BoX, with newspaper, stats, units history, events etc? A. We will be adding single missions and dynamic campaigns. Q3. Will there be campaigns (if scripted) for planes like Bf110 or Ju87? A. We are aiming to have campaigns for the major aircraft types. Q4. Are you working on improving the graphic settings, e.g. anti-aliasing (MSAA and not FXAA which has a tendency to create lots of shimmering.)? A. Yes. It is something we are working on as part of game engine improvements. Q5. Will some of the original issues and bugs with some of the instruments of the original Clod planes be fixed? A. All the bugs listed in the bugtracker are being looked at and addressed if at all possible. We would encourage all to use it to report bugs or feature requests. Q6. Any plans to improve and simplify the interface, menu or in-game? Yes we will be making changes to the interface menus. Q7. What is up with the textures of the Tobruk area in your last update? A. As stated, they are alpha textures, e.g. a first pass place holder on which to build and refine. The area in question was Derna. If you search for Derna, Libya on Google maps, and go to the satellite view, you will see the area we are showing in the map update. Q8. BOS has implemented rain and condensation in a masterful way. Are you going to do the same? A. Clouds/weather are being looked at and is work in progress. Q9. Are you doing anything with the track recording system so that you can move freely through the recorded track? A. There are no plans to change the track recorder for v5.0. Q10. I understand that getting vehicles to follow roads and cross bridges has so far been an intractable problem. Will having new roads and bridges on a new map make it any easier to solve? A. We have spent some time getting the original developers map making toolset to compile and execute without instability issues. This particular issue lies within the core of the game engine and is not addressed with the fixes to the toolset. Air Q11. Any chance you will be reworking the pilot image more like the new IL2 offerings? A. Not at this time no. Q12. Is Ju52 possible with transport missions from France or Italy? A. No the Ju-52 will not be included. Q13. Will there be a bomb carrying Beaufighter as well? A. Yes, as shown in the September update. The 250lb and 500lb bomb racks for the Mk1C have been completed. Q14. Were you considering making fully clickable cockpit like in DCS? Where you can click on every button and start a plane in realistic way? A. At the moment clickable buttons and moveable controls will be limited to those which are required for inflight operation. Q15. How much of the Wellington's cockpit will be selectable / functional? As artists, we can add "collision" type boxes to any switch/lever we want to allow a mouse click to operate it, as long as we set each pivot point and note how far/what angle that object should move. That is the easier part but is time consuming. Then the developers have to code in the mouse over text for each object as part of the import process to make it actually animate. This is a lot of work. Then those systems have to be integrated with the functionality they link to, e.g. to make sure that switch X actually does what switch X is supposed to do. Everything is dependent on time. For instance, if the team get the formation/nav/landing lights corrected in game, then they have to go through each cockpit and add (if missing) the boxes and pivots, then the developers have to do their work... and so on. In short, we plan for the Wellington to have the same amount of interactive cockpits as existing aircraft, e.g. to match the systems which are already modelled in game. Q16. Will anything be done with the implementation of Force Feedback (FFB) joysticks? A. FFB can be adjusted in the operating system. We are looking at the possibility to dial down some effects. Q17. One of the current real issues that makes the day sky and night sky look so bad is the banding. Are you doing anything about it? A. Short answer is no. Longer answer is that weather will address cloudless skies and this is an are that is being looked at. Sea Q18. Will we see actual sea battles? Or ships will just swim around and wait for players to attack them. Or maybe it will be done more realistic with U-Boats swimming around and sinking some ships? A. Ships will exchange fire if they come into contact with each other and we are looking at changing some of the ship and vehicle routines on engaging in combat. Q19. Why are you spending effort building ships that never passed the Straits of Gibraltar? You need aircraft carriers as well... noting that there are no current combat WW2 flight sims that have carrier ops and that would be a real point of difference, a commercial game changer in fact. A. Our focus in TF 5.0 is Libya and Egypt in 1940-41. The German ships are included in case players wanted to simulate an Operation Sea Lion/Seelowe type of mission on the Channel map in 1940 and represent the types which might have been available. The Royal Navy ships represent the types which were generally available in 1940 at the time of a potential invasion as well as 1940 and 1941 off the Libyan and Egyptian coasts. There were no significant Carrier Ops off the coast of Libya and Egypt so Carriers are not included. The Regia Marina committed very few ships to the Libya area... because they had suffered large defeats at Taranto and Cape Matapan. We have included some Italian types typical of convoy missions and one Heavy Cruiser for some variety. Most of the naval action was in the way of shore bombardment, convoys to and from the ports or harbour defence. We are including a rich variety of models to flesh out the environment as much as we can. There are also much bigger plans, and TFS members, understanding the greater context would rather be productive than idle. In the September update we did say that we would want to introduce Carriers in v6.0. Q20. With all those ships are you going to add ways to sink them? Any updates on torpedoes for example? A. We had mentioned previously there would be no torpedoes for the Beaufighter IC in TF 5.0 as we cannot confirm their use at this point. The following aircraft will however have torpedoes in TF 5.0: (as an option in addition to various bombs) - Heinkel He-111H-6 (dual) - Wellington IC (dual) - Wellington IC will also have many additional bombs added to those present in the original game, including 1000 lb General Purpose and 2000 lb Armour Piercing types. We will also introduce depth charges for various types. The He-115 (AI) will of course, continue to use torpedoes. The German Dive Bomber types will also be effective versus ships as will the Fighter-Bomber types. Players will need to be cautious getting near enemy ships though. AAA will be historical and a single aircraft attacking one of the larger types could be considered as a suicide mission. Teams of aircraft attacking will have much better chances of success. Q21. With those German capital ships, what you really need is a Fairy Swordfish isn't it? A. The Fairey Swordfish is a potential addition in later expansions... but was not really active off Libya and Egypt in 1940-41. It is on the list for v6.0. As always, whether we get to do it depends on all of you. Well I think that is enough for this year so I would like to close this post with a couple of videos and a huge thank you to all of you who continue to support the team and provide us with questions and feedback. The first video is a regular update video but with a bit of a Christmas theme to it. The second is demonstration video which features the Dewoitine D.520 - so that you can see the cockpit work in progress. Please Note: The cockpit in the 2nd video has a small error which will be corrected in the final release version. We wish you all a very merry and peaceful Christmas, and we look forward to the coming months where we can share even more of the incredibly exciting things that are in development as we push forward for a public release of v5.0. Happy New Year everybody. For and on behalf of Team Fusion Simulations, Bonkin.
  4. Hello everybody, Just a short post to allow you to see the gorgeous Fiat CR42 cockpit. It is a simple 1v1 scenario against a Gloster Gladiator which demonstrates the work that has been put into the new cockpit. This isn't in place of a monthly update by the way. As always, thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding. For and on behalf of Team Fusion Simulations, Bonkin.
  5. Hello everybody, Yes I know... its now December and I missed getting you all an update last month. For this I of course offer sincere apologies. I won't trouble you with the details suffice just to say that real work life has been unexpectedly frantic and family comes before anything else, i.e. getting the balance right is key. Contrary to what some may postulate, I am still alive and no, I didn't drop my phone down the toilet again 😄. For the reasons stated above, this is a shorter update than normal but I will continue to answer questions etc. in later updates when things have settled down. Let's start straight away then with a video: As you can see, a lot of work has been done on object modelling for the environment. The new ships we hope to include in TF 5.0 are as follows: German: S-28 E Boat Type VII U-Boat 1936 Type Destroyer Leipzig Class Light Cruiser: KMS Nurnberg Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruiser: KMS Prinz Eugen Deutschland Class Heavy Cruiser: KMS Admiral Scheer Scharnhorst Class Battlecruiser: KMS Scharnhorst Italian: Spica Class Patrol/Destroyer Escort: RM Spica Zara Class Heavy Cruiser: RM Gorizia San Giorgio Class Armoured Cruiser/Tobruk Harbour Defense ship: RM San Giorgio British: Vosper Class MTB Tribal Class Destroyer: HMS Cossack Leander Class Light Cruiser: HMS Ajax Renown Class Battlecruiser: HMS Repulse Revenge Class Battleship: HMS Ramillies Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship: HMS Warspite Merchant Ships: Large Freighter Older Freighter Medium size Coastal Freighter Small Coastal Freighter Hopefully you watched the video before reading to this point because I didn't want to spoil the surprise content. It is very important to stress that the map textures are all in alpha form at the moment. Neither do they include vegetation, grass, shrubs or rock formations - or dust effects for low flight. This is all work in progress and hopefully you can now see that we have solid foundations - all created with the map tool I mentioned in earlier updates. Don't forget either that we are always looking for new members who are interested in working on map development. Coding skills are not necessary, but Photoshop would be helpful. Please get in touch if you think you could help. Other work that is underway right now is the beta testing of the AI changes that have been made. The team is getting valuable feedback from the testers and this is being used to make further refinements. A big thank-you to all who supported the server test. Changes have now been made and we would like to repeat the exercise - so once again we call on your support to help us stress the server. This time it will be on ATAG Server 1 on Saturday December 8th at 1900 GMT for approximately 1 hour. Thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding. For and on behalf of Team Fusion Simulations, Bonkin.
  6. Hello everybody. First off, I need to offer an apology for this update coming out a little later than normal. This is systematic of the fact that we are all volunteers working in our spare time. In my case, I’ve been away from home on a couple of business trips and the timing was just bad. The team produces builds/branches that are called “Mod Enabled Versions” (MEV’s) of the game. These have different features enabled or imported which allow the developers to integrate and test as we go. For me, the MEV which had the content I need to show was available when I was not. There is another part of this involving me being out of touch with everybody because rather stupidly I dropped my phone down the toilet… but that is another story which I won’t go into because it is too embarrassing. So, nonetheless, it is a bit rushed, but here it is.TeamWe welcome another new member to the team this month. He is a New Yorker going by the name of “American” and is a 3D modeller who in the past used to create 3D models for IL2 1946 mods.If you’re wondering why we need more modellers it is because we need the Tobruk environment to be rich and befitting the period. So, whilst existing creations (aircraft) are being imported, we are expanding and improving the number of objects for v5.0. To this end we continue to look for new members who are interested and familiar with WWII Tanks, Vehicles and Ships... with a good background knowledge of specifications and details of weapons and armour. Experience with Blender or 3DMax would be an asset, as well as a knowledge of C# code.If you think you could contribute with these skills we’d love to hear from you. Also, those accepted would be entitled to a share of any revenue.ScheduleThere are some challenges ahead if we are to remain on track to our internal schedule. The import process is a complex one and it would be fair to say it is a bit of bottleneck because it requires specialist knowledge and skills. Morale is good though, and the new content coming into the MEVs is exciting the whole team.ProgressMapI regret that I’m still unable to show you the new map. Work continues but given its importance, the team are understandably sensitive to me showing it too early. What I can say is that being newer to the map team, I had failed to comprehend how hilly parts of the North Africa coastal area actually are. I think there is going to be a lot of fun to be had flying and fighting at low level down the dry watercourses and valleys. Please bear with us on this one.AircraftIn all cases (as stated previously), the flight models continue to be tweaked during test and are not specifically reported on. For the sake of brevity, please see this post:https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/40187-current-status-of-tf-50-tobruk-build/As an aside, here is a video of work in progress on the MC202 cockpit instruments: AIA 2nd release of updates to the AI is in internal testing.EffectsAudio and visual effect updates continue to be worked on and will be shown in future updates. So now on with a few of your questions from across the different forums (again, forgive me for paraphrasing). Note, the best place to post questions for me to find them is always the latest update thread. Some questions have been asked before so if you can’t find the answer to one of your questions please check the previous updates:Q1. Are you fixing Grass tiles so that they no longer pop into view and also default markings so that they no longer appear in replays (trk files)? Also nose art working from the menu and finally AI trucks that can cross bridges?We have built a new version of the grass tiles which displays less popup and we expect with further development there will be improvement on that Alpha.We think we have a solution to the .trk not showing custom skins. This will be tested further before we confirm.AI trucks crossing bridges is a well-known problem for which a fix is currently is eluding us. We continue to work on it (and many other documented issues) for inclusion in future updates.Q2. If TF 5.0 is a commercial success and the development effort can be continued into further updates, will TF 6.0 as well as the carriers be hopefully released before BoX releases a Pacific Theatre?Whether Team Fusion moves on to develop a 'TF 5.5' or 'TF 6.0' is dependent on how successful 'TF 5.0 - Tobruk' is. This is one of the reasons we are taking our time in releasing TF 5.0... we want it to be an exciting and successful release.Q3. Roughly how long does the import process take for an airplane?The import process is a labour-intensive activity which often results in problems being found with the model which require correction. It can therefore go back and forth between the modeller and the integrator several times. The process itself requires every internal and external moving part animation to be handled correctly, establishing correct linkage between the cockpit instruments and the performance model, the damage model to setup correctly for the position of all damageable items and corresponding textures, and finally, the game engine itself to have awareness of the aircraft type, e.g. for the FMB and player missions. In parallel to this we have skinning to do. This requires co-ordination between the modeller and skin maker because the textures have to be mapped into a template the skinner can use. We’re therefore talking about many dozens of manhours.Q4. Any news on the interim patch that is supposed to be released before TF 5.0? Will it address issues with Bf-110 speeds?The 110's had their speeds corrected for Cliffs of Dover Blitz edition. The fastest 110 at altitude is the C-4N. The fastest 110 on the deck is the C-4B. We are working on the patch and will be beta testing in the next month or so.Q5. Are the Mc 200 and SM79 included in the development?No, the Macchi C-200 is very similar in performance to the Fiat G-50 and therefore the Macchi C-202 was a better choice for our limited resources. The Savoia-Marchetti SM-79 was too large a project to be completed for TF 5.0, but we might see it in the future.Q6. Is there any news on a SP career mode?TF 5.0 will include Desert based Single Player campaigns for the major new aircraft.Q7. Any possibility of being able to use custom skins on stationary aircraft as in IL-2 46?We hope to include this option.Q8. Will we ever see clouds more in line with the BoX clouds? How much further can the engine be pushed in the looks department?Extended clouds are one of the goals for TF 5.0.Q9. Will the auto-release mechanism be working with the kurssteuerung in "course" mode?Have you found the reason behind the super annoying aircraft bouncing in mode 22, and will this be corrected in 5.0 ? Will altitude holding of mode 22 be improved so to stop losing 1km altitude before stabilisation? Will the two scales of the gyroscopic compass and the kurssteuerung be tuned to be in line with each other (especially in the heinkel, being off the mark by 15° or so)We are working on solutions for the 'Mode 22' issues.Q10. Any news on the Ai recoding and radio commands would be appreciated (stuff that's been done rather than hope to be done) please?The 2nd rework of the AI changes is in internal testing.Q11. Can we have navigation lights and flares enabled?Navigation lights are already part of the game. We discovered that they had been disabled because the AI had a habit of turning them on at inappropriate times – so it is something that is being looked at. We’ve also done work with landing lights – but turning those on also revealed problems which is why they were turned off in the original release. Overall, we are working on a comprehensive revision of the night graphics. Flares are currently not in our plans.Q12. Is a pre-Christmas release a pipe dream?Announcing Release dates is not TF's responsibility, however in regards to this question, we can provide some information: We probably could have achieved a Christmas release, but this would mean excluding some of the new aircraft types, a reduction in the number of vehicles and ships, less improvements to the code and AI, and a less polished map. For that reason we decided against rushing to complete on this date. Our experience with TF 4.5 told us it is critically important to have a product which is refined and bug free out of the gate. First impressions are important. And clearly, a substantial amount of new content with an exciting new environment will be a major factor in generating player interest. We will freely admit TF 4.5 did not have the impact we had hoped for... we've learned our lesson and will make sure TF 5.0 has much bigger punch!So with that in mind, we continue to work hard on creating this new module, and will have it ready as soon as it is done to a standard which we think the community expects in IL-2 products.Q13. Will Cliffs of Dover and BoX ever become one game?No. The two have completely different game engines. That's pretty much it for this month. As usual I will finish with a short video… And just before I close this months update here are a few extra snippets for you that didn't make it into the video... enjoy! Thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding. For and on behalf of Team Fusion Simulations, Bonkin.
  7. Just to make people aware... I'm late with this month's update because I'm away on business... but it is coming. Apologies
  8. Hello everybody. Time seems to be accelerating so much. It doesn’t seem like more than a week since I put the last update out! The team has been very busy though and there seems to be more going on than I can fit in to a single update. So much so that it may be necessary to start doing a few mid-month updates! So without further ado, let us proceed… Team We welcome two new members to the team this month. Emeren works as a freelancer in the 3D industry and will be working on existing and new 3D models. Daveod06 is a map creator and will be bringing his experience of producing several maps for IL-2 1946 into the map team. To me it feels like there is a certain buzz going on within the team. For so long team members have been working their spare time on various labours of love – but now, much is being shared as we progressively move out of the modelling phase (i.e. stand-alone 3D models and textures), and into an integration phase (i.e. importing the new data items into the game). For many, it is the first time we’re starting to see completed work in all its refinery and there is a lot of positive feedback going on. Schedule We remain on track to our internal schedule and confidence and morale remain high. Progress Map The team continue to stabilise the Map Editor and have done some tremendous work. The all new Tobruk map has been imported into a development build and we’re starting to fly around above it. The sad news is that I’m not going to show it off in this release. Why? Well we want to refine the textures and get some more objects populated on it before we showcase it e.g. airfields and buildings. There is also the matter of the sea… which needs to be changed from mucky English Channel colours to lovely rich Mediterranean blue. Aircraft In all cases, the flight models continue to be tweaked during test and are not therefore specifically reported on. This includes the various Mk variants, e.g. Spitfire VB would cover both the +12 boost and +16 boost types as well as tropical mods. This is the current status: - CR42 cockpit 3D and textures complete. Importing almost complete. - Bf-108 3D and textures complete awaiting import. - Bf-109F-1, 2 & 4 imported and awaiting cockpit texturing re-work. - Spitfire IIa 3D and textures complete, import complete. Internal animation and test in progress. - Spitfire IIb 3D and textures complete, import complete. Internal animation and test in progress. - Spitfire VA 3D and textures complete, import complete. Internal animation and test in progress. - Spitfire VB 3D and textures complete, import complete. Internal animation and test in progress. - P-40B/C Tomahawk 3D modelling almost complete. Texturing phase has started. - P-40E Kittihawk 3D modelling almost complete. Texturing phase has started. - Macchi C-202 cockpit 3D modelling almost complete. - Macchi C-202 external model 3D modelling underway. - Dewoitine D.520 3D and textures complete, import in progress. - Gladiator II completed. - Hurricane IIA 3D modelling and textures complete, awaiting import. - Hurricane IIB 3D modelling and textures complete, awaiting import. - Hurricane IIC 3D modelling and textures complete, awaiting import. - Beaufighter Mk IC awaiting import. - Wellington IA turrets 3D, texture complete and imported. Cockpit/Bombardier positions 3D and textures almost complete, awaiting import. - Wellington IC turrets 3D, texture complete and imported. Cockpit/Bombardier positions 3D and textures almost complete, awaiting import. - Wellington IC external 3D details underway. - Martlet III external, cockpit 3D and texture just about complete, awaiting import. AI Work is underway with re-writing the AI command GUI to fix the errors and mistakes which were there. In addition, work is currently be done on addressing certain AI combat routines. Notable Fixes - Bug #749: Overheated cooling system shouldn't blow the radiator. So now on with a few of your questions from across the different forums (again, forgive me for paraphrasing). Note, the best place to post questions for me to find them is always the latest update thread: Q1. If v5.0 is a success and a v6.0 is planned will there be aircraft carriers? A. We would like to introduce Carriers in TF 6.0 yes, but it does depend on the success of TF 5.0 and whether we can continue our development efforts. Q2. Do you have an idea of the price range? A. Not at this time. Pricing will be determined by 1C. Q3. Can the next update maybe show some new effects and maybe a selection of new aircraft, especially as there are so many to choose from? A. The video updates so far have deliberately been cinematically styled but do take a long time to produce. The video’s will continue to feature new aircraft as they are imported into the game engine but as we approach the testing phase it may not be practical to focus on one aircraft each month. How the PR updates are provided will therefore be re-considered and we will attempt to show more than just one aircraft. From a practical perspective it may be easier to show pictures rather than video for example. Regarding effects, these are always be refined – both for the visual aspects and the graphical overheads. Here are a few images to illustrate work in progress: Q4. Why are you including a Bf-108 Taifun? A. We include the Bf-108 Taifun because it was one of the first test attempts by TF to get new aircraft cockpit into the game prior to us signing with 1C and receiving the source code. Since we had already done the work, it made sense to include the aircraft in TF 5.0. It will stand as an intermediate trainer and can be flown by two people online. In addition, it was used by Rommel as a “Desert Taxi” so could be used for some interesting missions. Q5. Can we have a bigger map area that have a navigation challenge? A. At the moment there is a size limit for maps of approx. 400 km X 400 km. (we may look at increasing this for later maps) The map we are creating for the TF 5.0 "Tobruk" is based around the November 1940 to May 1942 period and covers the major areas where combat occurred. Q6. Pilots in 109s had the option to close the right or left radiator flap manually with a cable down at the right and left leg. Could this ever be an option? A. Pilots flying 109F's will have option to use either manual or auto rads. They will also be able to shut off one rad completely if there is a leak in that rad... this will keep the fluid in the other rad contained. Q7. Any chance of a work in progress video of how the modelling work is done for a ground vehicle/object so people can appreciate how much effort is required in making one from the ground up? A. Certainly. This video shows Yotheguy at work on the Macchi C-202 cockpit. Even though it is sped up it hopefully illustrates just how complex and time consuming this aspect of the work is. Where we don’t have original drawings, additional work is required to determine accurate object measurements and sizes from photos. This is obviously just one part of the development process. A huge amount of effort also goes into ensuring accurate high-fidelity flight models, damage models and ballistics. Q8. Any plans to improve the sound quality? A. Yes, among other improvements, new engine sounds are currently being worked for Daimler Benz, Hispano Suiza, Pratt & Whiney and Allison engines. Also, on the subject of sound, with the introduction of flyable French and Italian aircraft we are also recording new voice packs. Q9. Regarding the movement of the Spit and Hurri on the ground whilst taxying, would it not be important to rectify the existing problems now (and try to instil some confidence in TF5), rather than wait until TF5 I released? A. Doing additional releases does take up additional effort and there is always the question of where we would draw the line. There is much work to be done and our focus needs to be to deliver TF5. As stated previously, we continue to work on the flight models all the way to the point of release to deliver the most accurate simulation we can. Q10. Will future updates to Blitz be free or will it require a purchase of TF5 to get updates? A. To fly the Tobruk map and the new planes will require you to purchase TF5. Patches and fixes made to the core game engine, (for example, improvements to AI behaviour) will be available to existing owners of TF4.5/CoD-Blitz free of charge. Q11. TFS has been promising so much yet nothing seems to be forthcoming. Can we see some improvements to Blitz now – even if it is to show the customer base are being listened to? A. We hope that through these regular updates you can see what the team are working on, but otherwise the response to question 9 also applies to this. Through these updates I do hope to show that the team is listening and responding as best it can. If for example there is something specific you want to see, I can try to capture it and show it within these regular updates. Q12. The law in Germany is changing which means that swastikas are to be allowed. Does this mean that v5.0 will be able to use accurate markings featuring swastikas? A. To ensure the game can maintain an international distribution (e.g. Russia), it is necessary to continue to avoid the use of swastikas in all aircraft markings. Q13. How hard would it be to implement Nvidia Ansel? A. It would need to be assessed. Right now it is not in our planned scope of work. Q14. Have the coding team been able to do any work on Anti-Aliasing options? A. Yes. It is something we are working on as part of game engine improvements. As usual I will finish with a short video… Thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding. For and on behalf of Team Fusion Simulations, Bonkin.
  9. Hey Camm! Shame we didn't get to meet up. Maybe next year eh? Point taken though. I am reading much of the feedback and am already planning what to show next month. Cinematic videos take a long time to produce but may not be the best way to show what progress is being made. The work being done is not all about the new models though... did you see this one for example? https://www.tfbt.nuvturais.de/issues/749#change-3503 Cheers mate.
  10. Hello again everybody. I can't believe it has been a month since my last update. Time is certainly flying by. Sadly we have lost two more of our Battle of Britain veterans since I last wrote. Wg Cdr Tom Neil passed just days before his 98th birthday, followed shortly afterwards by Sqd Ldr Geoffrey Wellum. We also lost the ever-glamorous Mary Ellis, a trail blazer for female aviators and an original member of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), responsible for delivering fighter and bomber aircraft from the factories to the front line. She was 101. A big highlight for those in the UK was the Duxford Flying Legends event - and it was great to be there to meet up with friends and enjoy the sights and sounds of so many warbirds gracing the sky. Unusually for the UK we had some glorious weather as well! I'm looking forward to next year's event already! So for this update let me first start off by thanking you all for your supportive messages - they are all very much appreciated. I'll first provide some details of progress over the last month and then I'll try to answer a few of the questions I have seen being raised across various forums. Team We welcome 69th_Zeb to the team. Zeb is an experienced 3D modeller who's day job is in the aviation industry. In his opening post he joked that he would look forward to polishing fig trees and sandbags. In reality he is hard at work on building assets for the new map. Schedule As was eluded to in my last post, there is an internal schedule the team are working towards but we cannot forecast release dates. Given the progress made, there remains confidence that everything remains on track. It is fair to say that there are challenges in a couple of areas but there is some contingency so in this regard, things are no different to any other task based project. Progress Map The Team has continued to work on the Map Editor in order to get it into a stable development environment. This has not been without problems but it is good to report that the bugs are being fixed and it has been possible to use it to start fixing game map issues. What this means is that the map development process is simplified and no longer requires manual coding, e.g. it will improve the speed of map creation and development. In addition, a huge amount of work has been undertaken to create desert versions of all the ground vehicles and objects. This work maybe doesn't get the credit it deserves but take a look in the FMB at the amount of objects there are and you start to get a feel for the effort that is needed to change the textures and re-colour everything. Here are just a few pictures of some of the objects: Aircraft - CR-42 cockpit import and animation continues and the FM is being refined. - Bf-108 modelling complete and ready for import. - Bf-109F-1,2 & 4 import (with placeholder cockpit and textures) is complete and the FMs are being refined. - Spitfire IIa import is complete. This contains the enlarged oil cooler on the left wing and replaces the old MkIIa model. - Spitfire IIb modelling complete and ready for import. - Spitfire VA modelling complete and ready for import. - Spitfire VB modelling complete and ready for import. - Hurricane IIA modelling complete and ready for import. - Hurricane IIB modelling (including tropical and fighter bomber) complete and ready for import. - Hurricane IIC modelling (including tropical and fighter bomber) complete and ready for import. - Martlet III modelling complete and ready for import. Notable Fixes - Beaufighter cockpits glass problems in fog now fixed. - Blenheim MkIV Late gunner position now load faster in game. - Bug #759: Fiat BR-20 engine control levers numbering texture has the "7" and "6" reversed. - Bug #943: Querqueville airfield aligned incorrectly. So now on with a few of your questions (forgive me for paraphrasing): Q. What is happening with fixes for the Ju88A-1 aircraft systems and controls - will anything be fixed for v5.0? A. At this time we cannot say what will or won't be fixed. As reported last month, we have increased the number of coders in the team and this creates opportunities to address certain issues. We will of course be providing a full list of bugs fixed with the release and expect to continue to address issues in patches. Q. What is happening with Virtual Reality implementation? A. Although some trials have been done in this area to prove the concept, the team recognise that it is not an insignificant amount of work to implement and that therefore, attempting to do it now would only delay the release of v5.0 - which nobody wants. For this reason, it has been decided to defer VR until a v5.X release, e.g. post v5.0. Q. Do you have the option to upload any of your videos in 2K/4K resolution? A. Sorry but not at this time. I often use 4K for capture so that I have better framing options when editing. If I had a new rig then I might consider it. Q. Will anything be done about the time it takes to get a Beaufighter airborne (about 4.5 mins)? A. The engine cooling/overheat modelling for all aircraft will be revised for TF 5.0. Q. Can the excessive movement of the Spit and Hurri on the ground whilst taxying be rectified? A. We continue to revise and edit the FMs of all aircraft all the way up to the point of release. The environment weather effects also have a part to play. At the moment though our focus is on completing 3D modelling and importing. Q. Will a map tool or SDK be available for the community? How can the community be more involved? A. We love to get your feedback (good and bad) because we are committed to making the best simulation we can - so we do want community involvement as much as possible. Expanding the Map Creation Team to allow the map tool to be used for multiple map builds simultaneously is certainly something we will consider post the v5.0 release. Individuals and groups who are interested will be able to approach us at that point. For now we would encourage bugs and feature requests to be made via the BugTracker tool. Also, I will try to answer questions I see in the forums within each monthly update. Note: One area we are working on is new voice recordings. As such we are looking for French nationals who would be interested in lending their voices to the game. See this post for more information and how to get involved: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29475&p=317587#post317587 Q. When will it be ready? A. Unfortunately we just cannot provide a forecast date because we're are a bunch of guys working in our spare time and real life often gets in the way of us doing the stuff we're passionate about. Hopefully with these updates you can start to draw your own conclusions regarding the progress of the project. Work has never stopped. Q. In the pictures of the Bf109-F there were shell cases being ejected during gun firing. I thought the engine mounted guns did not eject cartridges so what is that about? A. This is an integration bug. The MG-151/15mm and MG-151/20mm weapons mounted in the V of the engine did not eject cartridges outside of the aircraft like the MG/FF's on the wings of the 109E. This was because the cartridges could get sucked into the radiator intake and damage it, or into the intercooler. Right now there is an animation below the 109F nose when the gun is fired showing ejected shell casings. This will be resolved as part of the ongoing import work. Well I think that is enough for now. I will leave you with this short video which shows off the team’s early work with the import of the beautiful Bf109F-2. Do remember that this features a placeholder cockpit and textures. The reason for this placeholder is that we decided to import an early version of the 109F cockpit in order to provide some of our new coders with import work, and also to give the FM/DM modelers a chance to get started early with a flying model of the 109F. It has the added advantage of giving the skin makers the opportunity to do their work. This early cockpit version has very much lower resolution textures than we will use in the production release and some of the elements are also missing. Please bear this in mind when watching the video. What people will get in the release version is a cockpit completed to the standards they see in the aircraft currently in 'Blitz'. So why are we showing it then? Well we thought you would be happy to see some progress with one of the most requested types... with the import process underway other aircraft will also be out shortly... these will have completed cockpits. Hopefully it will give you a flavour of the work being done by the team and the commitment that we all have to provide the very best detailed and faithful re-produced products we can. For and on behalf of Team Fusion Simulations, Bonkin.
  11. Hey Mystic. These would be feature requests which are best logged in the Bug Tracker. For video making, I've had some success using TrackIR to capture panning shots. In the software try adjusting the Motion Control settings (speed and smoothness), and then the physical distance between the clip and the sensor before you start filming. Cheers, Bonks.
  12. Hello,I am posting here to introduce myself as your new Team Fusion Simulations public relations person for IL-2 Cliffs of Dover. Some of you know me from ACG and beta testing but for those that don't, I've been an aircraft nut my whole life. I'm married with a couple of teenage kids and live in East Yorkshire England, but I grew up in East Anglia, where my playgrounds included many old USAF airfield bases. As such I feel I have a bit of an affinity with the 8AF and the 100BG in particular. My eyesight was never good enough for the RAF so I learned to fly privately and studied engineering instead. I now work in the defence sector, having spent pretty much my entire career to date working on the many different variants of the Hawk jet. The last thing to probably add is that having been inspired by the 1969 "Battle of Britain" film and a few old b/w classics like "Angels One Five", I also like to make the odd video or two.I would really like to start this update however by offering my sincere thanks to Mysticpuma for the sterling work he did in this role before me. Mystic worked very hard on behalf of the community and I'm sure will be missed by many. It would also be amiss of me not to offer gratitude and thanks to Spiritus Mortem, who temporarily stepped into the PR role whilst I've been getting up to speed on all of the things ongoing. This actually leads me into something that I think needs a mention - attention to detail. I am incredibly impressed at the focus the team puts into making sure things are as accurate as they can be. The team has built up a wealth of material and knowledge regarding everything from factory variants to weapon types, field modifications and performance data. When you set this against the limitations of the game engine and the necessity to understand some very complex code that is not supported by any design documentation, then it can perhaps give you an idea of why it takes a long time to develop and integrate.In the information that follows, you will see that I talk about an "import" process. This is part of bringing any new object into the game engine. The import process involves integrating each of the level of detail (LOD) 3D models and cockpits into the game, and then ensuring that all of the internal and external animations operate correctly. The FM and DM then have to be integrated with the model before any testing can begin. In parallel to this is skin production, which in itself is a complex process because the template textures have to undergo detailed mapping to the 3D model before the artwork can actually begin.To prepare a model for import it needs several things to be completed. In simple terms, the detailed model is created first and then many different versions are created off of it using a reduced number of polygons each time. This is LOD modelling (referred to above) and is necessary because the game engine will select which LOD model to use at distance. In addition, for each model, several different texture layers need to be added, e.g. for damage, transparency, rivets, finish (gloss/matt etc) and weathering. Hopefully this gives some explanation as to the amount of work required for just one object.So anyway, now on with the information you really care about:TeamWe have added a number of new coders in the last few months, they, along with the previous members of this department, are allowing us to double track the importing process, (two aircraft streams) allowing for a dedicated coder for the Map Team, as well as providing man hour effort which can be allocated to other areas in the code which need improvement or bugfixing.ScheduleA contentious issue for many but the truth is that since everybody is a volunteer working in their spare time, it is difficult to forecast release dates.What can be said about the schedule, is that there is one (for v5.0) and that the project is on track. It is not a schedule in the traditional sense, e.g. a Gantt chart with logic links, but rather a list of activities each with a target completion date. I think the key message to take away is that work continues. In fact it has never stopped. Everybody in the team has a passion for the subject matter and wants to see the best release possible, e.g. v5.0 will happen. For me, the really exciting stuff is what is planned for v6.0. Although in all honesty, that will only happen if v5.0 is a commercial success.Progress Bugtracker work A new team member has started some long overdue maintenance work. He has commenced a review all of the reported bugs with the objective of amalgamating where possible and making updates. I have highlighted some changes which I think need to be made to the Bugtracker in order for it to be less confusing. These are a long way down the priority list at this time though. In the meantime, please continue to use it as normal. Map For some time now the team have been working with their own custom built editor which is quite limited and requires a lot of manual inputting and code work. Consequently map development has been slower than expected. On the positive side, there has been a breakthrough in getting the original Maddox Map Editor to build and development effort is focused on getting it into a stable condition. In short, if we can get the original editor to work, (which we are confident we will) then we will save a lot of time and people who don't have a lot of code experience will be able to do the complex map work. AI A code study/analysis of the AI behaviour modelling has been undertaken with the aim of understanding what needs to be changed and how. This has focussed on offensive and defensive manoeuvres, the command system, detection and gunnery. It is considered that improvements can be made in all areas. Work continues but here is an extract of the report: Aircraft Gladiator II Cockpit 3D work and import is complete. The Vokes filter (for use in desert conditions) has also been added to the External model. CR-42 Cockpit 3D work is complete, cockpit import and animation is now underway. External model 3D work for bomb racks also complete. Bf-109E-7/E-7NZ External and Cockpit 3D modelling is nearing completion. Drop tank modelling for the E-7 and F's is complete. The Me109F 3D work is mostly complete and texturing work is now underway (covering F1, F2). Import of an Alpha F-1/F-2 with placeholder Cockpit & Textures is in-game. Ultimately it will have high resolution textures as per the Bf109E. The F-4 3D cockpit/external will take longer due to 3D cockpit differences and the 3D modelling of the underwing gunpods. Wellington IA cockpit, turrets, and bombardier positions 3D work are now complete. Wellington IA/IC front and rear Turret 3D work is complete and imported in game. Wellington IA/IC Cockpit/bombardier positions are now awaiting commencement of the import process following completion of the CR-42 import. Note, the IA and IC had different bombsights so the bombardier positions are different. Wellington IC external model waist gunner positions 3D modelling are awaiting assignment although we are unlikely to expend effort modelling a mannable gunner position as players are unlikely to use it. Hurricane IIA/IIB/IIC (and Trop versions) external 3D modelling is complete and is now being prepared for import. Cockpit 3D modelling requires some details. IID external 3D modelling is underway. Spitfire IIB 'B' wing external 3D modelling is underway and should be completed within the month. Spitfire V external 3D modelling for Trop version is in progress. Due to the differences in the wing there are a huge number of rivets and panel lines to move. Dewoitine D.520 cockpit 3D modelling is almost complete. External model 3D work is nearing completion with the LOD modelling complete. P-40C external 3D modelling is nearing completion. Cockpit underway. P-40E external and cockpit 3D modelling is maturing nicely and not far off being completed. Martlet III external and cockpit 3D modeling is mostly complete and the LOD's have recently been completed. Fixes Online Server 'Lobby' function has been fixed. The intention is to release this as an interim patch. Spitfire DM (wing damage) bug fix will also be included in the above patch. There also will be tweaks to all aircraft DM's. In terms of PR updates I will be aiming for one a month, even if it is just a few words. This will depend on whether there is much I can show or talk about though. There have been some technical break-throughs in certain areas but it wouldn't be right to set expectations when there are still problems to resolve in order to implement them fully.I think that covers the things I can talk about for now. If you want to get in touch with me personally then do PM me in any of the forums I'm registered in. Feel free to say hello on Teamspeak as well. Most often you'll see me on the ACG Teamspeak on a Sunday evening (UK time from 7pm) or sometimes on a Thursday. I can't promise you I'll have answers to your questions but I can listen, record them and put them to the team to use in future updates.Also, if you have the right skills and think you could help then please get in touch. Our prime need is for more people who can do the complex 3D work required to build aircraft, aircraft cockpits, vehicles and ships, using Blender or 3DMax. Those who are interested in building and populating maps are also welcome to submit applications... in this case, Photoshop, some coding knowledge, and a thorough familiarity with the Mission Builder would be the requirements. Those with lesser Blender/3DMax skills could look at creating buildings for the Map department.Finally, here is a short video showcasing a little of the work that is ongoing.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCk6sA6KGjAI hope I can serve you well.For and on behalf of Team Fusion Simulations,Bonkin.
  13. This all started with pushing lego bricks around on a aeronautical chart whilst trying to co-ordinate the movements and intercepts of a number of squadrons. When we realised it would work Donkey stepped up to write the software. Needless to say, it went through a number of iterations before the version you see above. For what it is worth, the video's below show some of that early work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed8kinLQn7g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbzNyi9UR_A
  14. Scratch that. I tried logging out and rebooting my machine. Then it worked. Very odd.
  15. Hi, Thought I'd take advantage of the sale and purchased BoM direct from IL-2 site. My key is activated. When I try and run the game using my account login it takes a long time to do anything - but comes back with "Your connection to Master-Server was temporarily lost. Check your internet connection." I cannot start Offline either because that throws a problem as well. I've opened up the following ports on my router: 443 TCP/UDP. 28000 TCP/UDP & 28100 TCP and I have temporarily disabled by Norton Anti-Virus. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection. Can somebody please advise how I can get the game running? Thanks in advance.
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