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  1. Sorry, no time to play it. I'm not trolling if you mean this. Question is not 3.201 update or not, but why you did choice for this solution even if (now) optional. Is a totally nonsense considering the new hardcore features we have in the last update, pilot fatigue first of all. The giant static dots, frozen in the sky and visible from long distance, are really not an improvement at all but just only an immersion killer.
  2. This way to spot the enemy must be removed from the sim. Another sim did the same time ago, and it was absolutely unrealistic, and not only. In this way, this IL2 is no more a simulation. I've tested it online (zoom iusse included) and i can only say that's is terrible. Personally i will give it up with IL2 if this way to play will become the standard. Really i don't get the point of this spotting "update". You are confused, you don't have anymore the distance perception, you spot something that seem to be a 747 from very long distance.....ecc. ecc... really horrible, sorry to be rude.
  3. Agree, now the simulation is totally killed, as for the immersion. At this point, icons would be a better choice.
  4. +1 It could be improved, tuned ecc. ecc. but it's really a revolution for the flightsim.
  5. Something about Marshall would be nice.
  6. Online we should have all the same standard software for my opinion. Call it "fair play".
  7. In Italy USA would have almost everything to fly with, medium bomber, heavy bomber, fighters, fighter bombers, recons ecc. ecc., plus the the Mark.VIII and Marauder as different options from Mk.IX or B-25 and A-20. However, i'm quite sure that in the future will see this in IL2, like in this pic. MTO is reserved to DT, but Italy is not MTO, is ITALY. ...these birds versus Red Tail or Cherckertail? Italy would be fantastic for both the side.
  8. That's why i've stated "if" you're a 109 lover. Beeing a 109 lover and an italian too, i'm wainting also for G10, the best Gustav ever.
  9. Yes it does. If you're a 109 lover, it's a must considering it's THE Gustav. We are waiting for G-10.
  10. The problem is the total nonsense of DCS business format and development time. Considering the EXCELLENT (really top-nocht modules) Korean modules by (ex) Belsimtek (F-86 and Mig-15) is really a nonsense we still don't have a Korean map. For my opinion F-86 is one the best module ever seen in a flight sim, and it would be fantastic could fly it in a immersive map, even if only against Mig-15. But this will probably never happen because of the nonsense of DCS. So even if i would prefer Midway or (finally) an Italian theater (Husky or the North), i think Jason & c. could decide also for a Korean option too (may be in the future). The "ten aicrafts" format is not a law, and for sure it can not be a limit in the decision of the "where to go".
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