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  1. Sincerely, i don't understand the complain about "long time" flights considering we are in TAW, a dynamic campaign even if is correct the statement about Spitfire & 109 fuel limitation (we need the external fuel tank in this IL2), so we need the classic compromise, and this is fine, but at the same time we need to avoid that TAW could became an arena dogfight. This campaign is perfect (if not dedicate to) for organized Virtual Squadron, so not really a rushed bomb run just to destroy something in a few time, but first of all a well planned mission with your squadron mates, with briefing ecc. ecc., so we don't need to reduce the time of each mission because this would be a nonsense for this type of game. However, now it seems very difficult to play in TAW because of the balancing slots limitation (OVERLIMIT), first of all for the Squadrons with more than 3, 4 pilots.
  2. Really a great present guys, a strategic update for IL2. Well done. Stuka, FW ecc. are really as a new release. Nice fix also for 109, not just only a 4K rework.
  3. Well done, thank you very much Jason for this 4K present by Oyster. Finally a cockpit upgrade! Bravo!
  4. Bump. I bought Tobruk yesterday, and really dont' see the "Fascio Littorio" on the skin is a bit terrible. Actually in Italy IS ALLOWED to show this symbols, because The Italian President Mattarella disbanded the Parliament on the 28/12/2017, therefore the On. Fiano Law has been not discussed in the second Chamber ("Senato della Repubblica"), so all the proposal versus every fascist symbols (approved by the first Chamber "Camera") has been deleted, erased, dismissed so not definitely approved, not confirmed or, in a few words IT DOESN'T EXIST. This symbol is legal in Italy, so please restore it.
  5. Preso con lo sconto di Natale, aspettando il meteo. Ottima impressione sulla Manica, veramente bella, pessima invece su Tobruk. La mappa in questione, a mio avviso, è impresentabile e non semplicemente bruttina. Belli i cockpit dei 109 e del 202, veramente un piacere per gli occhi rispetto all'attuale livello di IL2 BoS ecc. che è veramente di bassa qualità.
  6. If we can't have an upgrade - update of the textures cockpits, give as at least the option (officially) for customized cockpits so we can play also online. 4K cockpit https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/60671-mod-4k-cockpits-for-great-battles-wwii-planes(latest-update-december-11-2020)/ With the last release of Bodenplatte and the incoming Normandy, some cockpits look really poor, a very low quality level compared to the last release. A part the nonsense to don't upgrade at least some texture of the scratched 109 that are the same from the Stalingrad release, this is not more acceptable for a full price release, where we get always the same "copy and past" for 109 and 190. We don't ask for the moon, just please improve these cockpits a bit because they just look terrible today. Lately i've come back to my beloved IL2 after some time with Viper, and im really amazed by the quality level of this sim today (DM, physic, pilot fatigue ecc.), but some cockpits just look terrible, and this poor quality don't justify a full price for people who fly usually Axis, and Axis does mean 109 and 190. Sorry to say this, but really this is not acceptable considering that some textures are the same for all the models, and in the Axis hangar we don't have many models, so really don't spent some time in the upgrade of 109F/G and 190 cockpit textures is really a nonsense. I don't think that the company finance will be ruined reworking some "scratched" textures to the 2020 standard. If this nonsense will going on, at least give us the option for a customized cockpit, officially, so we can play ONLINE with mod posted above. Normandy and Bondenplatte would be more welcome with an upgrade for 109 and 190 to the standard of the AMZING Dora cockpit. Self explained.
  7. We need an official option for "custom cockpit" because, as we know, we can't play online with this amazing cockpits. Actually don't have 4K is a nonsense considering the very low quality of some cockpits in IL2, 109 and 190 first of all.
  8. Very sad to hear this, terrible news really. Thank for your talented work Tom, Blue Skies.
  9. 100% agree. Usually Luftwaffe aircrafts are just only a copy and paste of the original models and cockpits. I understand the policy to reduce resoucers and time (money), but 109 and 190 cockpits need absolutely a restyling to the Dora standard at least.
  10. Absolutely amazing! Petrovich directly from Aces High!
  11. The Italian Parliament has not approved that "simbology" law, promoted by On. Fiano.
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