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  1. The "keyword" is to considere that Italy is not properly MTO but ITALY. An example could be the battle of Rimini where Allied did fight an important tank battle in the WTO, Gothic Line assault. Panthers near Ravenna.
  2. I only hope IL2 could find some resources to improve/upgrade its cockpits...... IL2 definitely need it. Incredible news for the F-16, really a surprise: preorder in May, release this autumn.
  3. Are we going to get a cockpits upgrade, or Dora is just only a "stand alone" release? It would be better if we could have the same standard..... A8 cockpit now does look terrible.
  4. Agree. The Bondenplatte standard quality of the new aircrafts is really very high, just look for ex. to the P-47, stunning. Probably will see a real masterpiece with the Tempest release.
  5. Fantastic 3D models! Finally the Mustang!
  6. Agree. Invulnerable AAA and airfield would be a killer immersion, not realistic at all.
  7. Yes, probably the new update is coming.
  8. First time for me yesterday evening..... It seems that P-40 pilots like kill chutes. Rules don't say nothing about chute killing, so we can't say nothing about chute killers. For somebody war is war, virtual or not virtual ("No mercy in the russian front"). The best answer we can give to these pilots is to win this campaign.
  9. It was just only a test, historically it has never been equipped with 20mm because of poor performances.
  10. Sorry for this but is not a disco but a bad CTD with sound frozen and "blue screen". https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=30962&name=150GCT_Veltro
  11. This is the Mustang DD week.
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