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  1. Yes it's wrong, even if you think not. You use a trick/walkthrough which is not supported, and which can provide some problems. And after you can report some problems which could never existed if you had respected the way it works. Even if you use it from RoF, that's not the right way. And learning that thing is a very bad idea for users. Most of the user which use that, does not use a copy of the game, and even with a copy, as it's not supported by the dev, you use it at your own risk. Do as you want for yourself, but do not learn that.
  2. It's a very bad idea. Dev doesn't support that trick which can corrupt your mission, and i think increase the crash of the editor. Do as you want, but do not complain if you have problem in using the editor as it shouldn't.
  3. If you talk about realtus, i think you should wait that Il2 is supported, because we are a large number who have it, and who don't use it. Some have sell it. We are still waiting a software from realtus. At the begining we should had some licence of Andre Software, then, they do their own software, but if my memory is good, it's been almost one year. So, if Andree can give us the compatibility, i accept to pay again the software. At that time, do not buy Realtus until the support of Il2 is here.
  4. Thank you for that answer. I hope the support will come sooner (even if i have to buy a licence from you), because i was gonna sell it. So, i'm going to wait a little bit more, but i'm fade up that it picks up dust.
  5. I think there are many chance that they collide the dugouts. Test, but i think you have to draw a path of waypoint if you want to avoid collision.
  6. It's juste for Ai, tank player have collision with tree.
  7. I had that sometimes, a few years ago when i wrotte my briefing (very big) outside the game (in notepad) and did a copy/past.
  8. About vehicles, there are no collision between vehicles and trees. So you can have a begin and an end point which go through the tree.
  9. When i wrotte 4 positions, it's 4 push on a button, not a dial with 4 positions. Button under the axe of the quadrant have two positions. I use the upper position to open, and the down position to close.
  10. It depends of the plane. On IL2, if the radiator of the real plane is on an axe, you can bind it on axe and have a progressive effect, but if it's on some buttons, you can't use axis. The way it works depends of the real plane. For the quadrant, i bind the axis for axis and the button below for the button radiator, except for teh cowl where i put axis on Inner, and button for outer cowl. For exemple : - the water radiator of te BF 110 can be controled only by button, but it has 4 positions if i remember. So you have to use a button and not an axe to control it
  11. Dave, yes you can use it with other joystick in IL2. Here is my configuration : - Force Feedback 2 as joystick - Throttle Warthog for throttle, mixture, pitch and button. - Saitek/logitech quadrant (the one you show) for radiator : water, oil, cowl - Rudder MFG - CH product MFC for button (not used as directx button). - VR insight MS pannel for button and rotary and slider.
  12. Yes, but for all the vehicles, except the train, you don't see it because they aren't in the air. For the train, it takes around 8 minutes to deletes all the parts of the train, and the command Delete doesnt work for the carriage, only for the locomotive.
  13. It's for all the plane, it's link to the delete settings in the plane properties. When a plane is killed, for the game there is a timer (hard code we can't change it) which will delete the plane when it's over. So, when the plane is killed at a high altitude, the plane doesn't have the time to crash in the ground, that the timer is over and it's deleted. It's something we reported, and the timer has been increase. The walkthrough is to untick the delete after death setting in the plane properties, and add an event On killed link to a Timer which is link to a delete command. Then, you have to set the time of the timer. That problem has always existed, but we didn't detect it until the map Rheinland where we fly higher.
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