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  1. I use Bandicam which have 2 mode, one for game and one for the desktop. Using the desktop, you can record the ME.
  2. I confirm for the static FW 190D9 and A20 (already reported), but it's ok for static WillySMB and static tempest. I report the static FW 190d9.
  3. Ok Alonzo, i look that after work tonight.
  4. I'm not sure to understand the crash with group. May you do a video to help me to understand and try to reproduce it, because i didn't detect any crash with groups. Gambit, may you do the same, if you have a process to reproduce a crash.
  5. You don't know what i'm talking about, and how i use it. So yes i use it intensively, but not the 3D view which i used a few time, only to put arf_sign and some object. But i use zoom and movement a lot in 2D mode. I can use the editor for some hours on all the maps, most of the time. I have some crashs, but not so much, and not as i can have in the past. When i work on a heavy mission, and i want to load another one, i always close the editor, and load the other mission, because, i know that loading the second mission can crash the editor. Another thing, i wait that the saving process is finished before doing something else. There is an * in the name of the file on the top of the screen. When you save, and when the save is finished, the sign is not displayed any more. It's suported, but it's not the priority.
  6. Me yes, and i don't have the same amount of crash. But as we already talked, i don't use some features you use a lot.
  7. For each vehicle link A On killed event to timer link to a delete command link to the vehicle.
  8. At that time, i didn't find anything related to RRR which crash the dserver. Maybe, i'll find something with other tests i want to run. I confirm that oil radiator crash the client strangely. The screen is frozen, but you still have access to the menu, and the map when you do a finish mission. You also have teh message of changing side, if you select another airfield. It's only when you select Leave server that your game crash and that you nedd to kill the task . I lost the mouse, and my buddy too. We can reproduce that when we want. We have a process for that, link to the Oil radiator as you wrotte.
  9. Ok, i misunderstood from te begining. I thought that the dserver crashed. For information, i ran some tests (i need to do some others) with another tester yesterday evening, and i can reproduce the problem. I have to work a little bit on a video showing the problem and run other tests before reporting to the dev.
  10. Not sure what you mean? (dserver/player only crashed/haven't seen the server crash) Dserver is the dedicated server. So i understood that some of your player has their game which crashed. For RRR, my first test were with GMC-ccckw. For the next test, i will use GMC-ccckw-fuel
  11. Already reported as a bug a few month ago when i need to delete factory, and discovered that i can't. About the rotation, did you try to rotate them like for vehicle, etc... I think i never try to rotate them. Edit : I rotate the Arf_sign which are block
  12. Thanks. WWdriftwood, if i understand, you have some players who crash when they RRR, and not only the dserver. Is that right ? If yes, was it using the dserver, or in self hosting, or single player ? How many RRR object (GMC) are you using in the same area if you know ? How many player RRR at the same time if you know ?
  13. Because we can't test all the possibilities, and we didn't detect that problem. And, on my server, we didn't crashed it and we are using it. So, as you see, i didn't detect it in the beta, and i didn't detect it in the public version.
  14. Vander, Gambit, i created a topic in the closed forum to investigate why it works on some mission, and not on other one.
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