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  1. If you have a look in the game, i have the feeling that our hope will come reality soon. 😉 In single player : 1- Run the game 2- Go in Qmb. 3- Select any map. 4- Select an icone with at least 2 planes. 5- Check the list of the allie plane. In multiplayer, the mission builder can select the C47, and we can see that on the plane selection. If you select it, there is a buton with the buy option. Dev, my credit card is ready, i hope that Santa will give us a C47, and that you don't give us a false hope.
  2. Condolences to his family.
  3. Thank you for the C47. 😃 I hope we can fly it sooner, because it will be a great addition to the gameplay of the Ally, which can't drop cannister, paratrooper, unload cargo like the german side do it with the JU52.
  4. Ok, You didn't build it in the right way. - I deleted the Event on plane took off : Do not uset that event when the plane spawn in the air. It's only when plane start on the ground. - I add a timer to activate the first waypoint which is need instead of use the on plane took off event. You can also use in the event on plane spawn, but i prefer using a timer which give me a delay, which is better when you have many planes which spawn. With the timer you are sur that the waypoint is activated after that planes spawn. - In plane properties, i uncheck the boxe plane enable. If you use a spawn, that boxe should be uncheck even if it works if it's checked. But, it's better to uncheck it. - I add a Timer spawn long. I use it to manage the time to spawn the plane from the begining of the mission. For exemple, if i know that AI plane has no need to spawn before 10 minutes, i'm going to set that timer to 10 min. - I Use the Timer Spawn short for the loop. That one will define the time i want to set before the plane will respawn once it has been destroyed. - i add a Timer delete/Spawn which must be shorter that the Timer Spawn short. The goal of that one is to prevent any situation which has not been add in the event plane properties. In that case, i'm sure, that the old group of AI plane has been deleted before a new one spawn. You avoid to spawn a new group with some element from the previous AI group which are always active. I enclose the debug mission. Have a look on the debug group in your mission. If you have any question, ask. AI_Respawn_04_Debug_v1.0.zip
  5. Command Spawn and trigger spawn are the same. I didn't use the right word. Sorry.
  6. I hope too that we can fly it in a near future.
  7. Bonjour Meka, As tu regardé dans cette partie du forum qui liste les escadrilles francophone ? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/45-escadrilles-virtuelles/ Une chose, dans ton profil du forum, tu es localisé en Georgie aux USA, ce qui risque de poser soucis par rapport au décalage horaire. Si tu es vraiment localisé aux USA, précise le car cela va avoir une importance sur vos heures de jeu.
  8. Non, sauf si le patch change les données du msnbin, car il rajoute des choses. Ca arrive de temps en temps.
  9. Already asked several months ago. The number of taxi point is a great limitation with the big airfield on the bodenplate map. But i will ask again. 😉
  10. I didn't try to work on your mission, but i have to be sure that the problem is not your mission. That's why i have to search in several direction, and trying to understand your mission is one of them. I missed that you wrotte about the AI which not have the AI RTB. Anyway, i'm waiting the feedback of Gambit to have another report, but the problem could be greater than we thought, and not exactly the same as we thought.
  11. I read it Jim. I send you some answers after some more tests.
  12. On which map did you work ? I spend some hours on the problem. In your mission, one of the plane has not the setting RTB checked. I found some problem which could be related to the question above. I have to run others tests.
  13. Did you set the taxipath in the airfield properties ?
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