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  1. Is this why planes sink into ground on the Rheinland and Arras maps? Is that going to be fixed? No, you can have that problem on any map when you move an object. The object keep ythe original altitude when you put it on the map. So if you move it on another position, it could be higher or lower. He's to the mission builder to use the buton Set on ground.
  2. I have more check to run. I discover that the problem is fixed in single mode (except for one plane), but maybe not in multiplayer.
  3. I checked all the AI (not on the public version) and only one is still bug (report has been done). So, the problem should be fixed in the next update.
  4. Ok. I checked with 109 G2, and i confirm that there is a bug. It starts its engine but do not move. I have to test in other version, and if i have the same result, i will report the problem. @GSHWK_Houndstone_Hawk : Which 109 did you use ?
  5. Copy that, but i have no much time. I want to investigate about what i MP you. But as i see, the problem is with the 109, i can quickly adapt my test mission. I'll try to check that tonight.
  6. I don't imagine, i did it several times. That the way it works. The main problem with that is to manage the turn. You have to do sub group to help you.
  7. Ok, i ran some tests (not on the public version) yesterday evening (but i didn't have time to report the result), and i don't have any problem when the plane flight is set fine. I have the problem, but the cause was that the 2 objects didn''t spot the target at the same time. Once the plane flight was right, i didn't have any problem. May you post your test mission. If i found something strange, yes i report it as a tester. Even if they already know, i report everithing with all the details i can, like above wher i found something else which can help the dev to find the solution quickly.
  8. Un PC récent, tu ne cherches pas, c'est windows 10. Tu auras plus de chance de trouver des drivers pour win 10, et ces derniers seront optimisés pour du matériel récent. Il n'y a plus rien de développé pour win 8.1 donc à terme de potentiels problèmes. Il faut juste que tu mettes un délais d'application des mises à jour pour éviter les mises à jour foireuses. mais ça, c'est une règle avec tous les windows.
  9. It works, but until when. The rule is one waypoint by object when you use spawn. sometimes it will works, and sometimes not, as a beta tester which did like you discovered it until i said him that it's not how it works. It gives more works if you don't use groups. With groups, you dis one group you duplicate to achieve the number of object you want.
  10. Activate = Can use group of plane and command formation Spawn = plane as single unit with each plane must have their own waypoint, can't use the command formation. You have to simulate the formation by the location of each plane. With spawn, you can have one spawn for several plane, but you must have one waypoint by plane.
  11. Yep that's fine, but carefull for plane in the air. A timer too high can be a problem because your plane do as they want, and you can have some plane which bump other one. 😉
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