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  1. Your objects help a lot in RoF and you did a very good job. If i remember, dev added your objects to the game. It's the same way, except that the version of 3Ds max is not the same that you use for Rof, and the plugin 3Dsmax is different too. If you want more details, you can contact Genius (the French). He did a 3D mod.
  2. Thank you Alonzo. I don't need the stat part, only the check of the server. Maybe i'll try to run it. What do you call maps is the mission, if i understand ?
  3. I agree with Gambit, but I would like they take time to build all the missing static airplane.
  4. Ca doit se trouver sur le net, mais honnêtement, te fais pas chier avec ça.
  5. Cool. Je suis soulagé que ça te plaise. 🙂 Voilà comment je règlerais les settings graphiques suivant mes préférences qui sont fluides, voir au loin et jolie. Pour gagner, tu pourras baisser la distance de visibilité et Horizon draw distance. Aprés à toi de tester.
  6. Le seul trucà affiner, ce sont les réglages graphique en plus des pressets (low/high/ultra). A quelle résolution joues tu ?
  7. On map Veliki luki square 804. Use the ice lake.
  8. Not really, except if you want running out of fuel. The best airfield is on Veliki luki in square 804. Use the ice lake. For full fuel and bombs, it's the one which is the best in length.
  9. I didn't notice that option. You learn me something. As you said, even if i use a bunch of AI vehicles, it could be one type i don't use.
  10. No, the message server overload is only linked to the tick delay. When the tick delay is over 18 (if i remember), you have the message which is displayed. But you can have the message and your CPU can be à 50%. I never see the CPU of my server at 100%. If you want, put your mission here and i can host it on my server. and we'll see if we have the same problem. (i can't do it now because i need all the resource for beta testing 😉 ) Thx. The goal is to play it even if we are are a small group of player, and the player can choose to activate or not some AI flight. They can use the administrator airfield, or choose planes with a non generic name on some airfield. For example, IA-HS129 will spawn a group of HS 129, and you as a player you can choose to escort them, or follow them in a HS 129. There are many random for fighters. I add too the possibility to relaunch the mission, even if i'm not present. Airfield are close for 3 or 4 minutes at the begining (i don't remember) to avoid player which spawn and fly when there are player which are connecting to the game.
  11. Here is the hardware of my server : i7 4790k @ 4ghz 32 GO ram SSD for the system SSD for the game server Windows 2012 R2 Bandwidth 500 Mbps The server is in a data center. I host some mission with around 100 ground units in 10/20 km square without any problem. We played one of my mission with 40 or 50 human players. What is the bandwidth of the server ? It could be the i5 which has fewer threads than the I7. I join the last version of the mission. From the original version, i add AI in the air, and give the possibility to the player to activate some Ai flight. We played it with the Ai in the air with 10 friends without any problem. PX_Multi_Anapa_Battle_v3.1.zip
  12. Avec plaisir. On se revoit quand tu as monté la carte pour les réglages graphiques. 😉
  13. Alonzo, what is the hardware of your server, because, 30 armored vehicles is very low. I can't say for the ship, because i don't think having a mission with 10 ships.
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