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  1. The resaver change the date only if it works. In your case, it didn't work, so it changes nothing. You can try with your files. There is a problem with the date of your file. Provide us the original files, and maybe we can do something.
  2. I tried, and none of the mission can be open. The 4th and fifth files have some files missing. I can't imagine that all have a problem. May you check the integrity of your hard drive. One thing which is strange, is that all files have their date on the 4th may.
  3. I don't know, i check the template and if there is a change, i update my mission.
  4. I suggest you to use the new loop effect. It has a better visual effect (no stop), and it's easier to use it in the editor.
  5. For Rheinland map, there is a new template with railway that you have to import.
  6. I'll do the same suggestion from Gambit. Another solution could be using a timer. You estimate the playtime on the target, and when the timer is off, it activate the RTB waypoint. In that case, those who don't have anymore bombs can continue to straffe. But, you can have some plane which come back with bombs. There is no way to break a link between leader and wingmen.
  7. No, you're understanding is fine. The mission is in 2 files. The .mission, and the .msnbin. Those 2 files contain the mission. But the size of the files are different. That's why we use only the msnbin for dedicated server. For dedicated server, we use all the file and we delete the .mission. By default, the .mission is load. It gives 2 advantages : 1 - The loading of the mission is quicker for clients. 2 - You have less data to upload to all player.
  8. I think you you talk about differents files. msnbin are smaller than .mission
  9. Oui il y a des objets invisibles, et c'est chiant. Quand on en trouve, on les rapporte, mais c'est trés dure de trouver l'endroit. Pour cela, il faut faire un track, c’est le seul moyen de pouvoir arriver à aider pour retrouver l'endroit. Mais c’est un travail de fourmi.
  10. Check in both directory, steam install, and other one. The editor keep in memory the last directory used. Even, if the editor is run from another location.
  11. Beebop, it seems there is a bug with paratrooper. They don't drop, or as you described, they drop after many flight over the drop point. I did a report last friday.
  12. It has always be like that. More the mission is complex, more the size of the mission file is bigger. Vaudoo, i can't open it too. Do you have the original version, if yes put them here but not in rar. Use zip file using windows. I know that zip file works without problem with mission.
  13. You can keep an older version of the game using copy/past of your install directory.
  14. That what i used when i say several version. 😉 Do you have another version of your mission ?
  15. Like Jim, i can't open the mission. I tried with several versions, but i have a mission error when i try to load it.
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