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  1. I really reckon the best new market would be Korea. A new mig alley game effectively. The ww2 market is actually pretty busy now and others are doing some things a bit better. Korea would be a bit of a rebrand and a foot in new markets. great aircraft too. All the super props and carriers.
  2. Bizarre - I still get kicked due to high ping with srs on. When off i can join the server fine. I’ll try for help on discord but if anyone has any bright ideas let me know please.
  3. I’m definitely getting kicked with srs on. I turn it off and I can rejoin the server
  4. I get massive ping spikes when I use this. Get kicked off the server every time. I turn it off and I can play no worries
  5. Can I ask which version of the tiffie we will get? for some reason I reckon the car door version looks better.
  6. A B-17 would change everything. Imagine throwing that puppy into the combat box server. Fights at altitude etc.
  7. Great idea. How about some better camo for larked aircraft generally? Most pics you see of late war German aircraft have them parked among trees on autobahns.
  8. Hello gents. Loving the game. As we move into the Normandy battlespace I’d love to see a bit more atmosphere around the drome. from my understanding and from pics I’ve seen the German aircraft were mostly starting up under heavy camouflage - often amongst trees along roadsides or under camouflaged barns. Sometimes I’m in awe of watching all these aircraft start up around me but I reckon a bit more stuff would make it amazing. Cheers
  9. Felt i had to jump in here. First up I love Clostermann’s books. Have read them all including the one about flying in Algeria (The French in Algeria - a whole other can of worms) I still take the big show on long haul flights because it is an easy fun read. The main thing about clostermann was he could write. I think he worked briefly as a journalist? Ive tried other aviation memoirs but so few pilots could write. Geoff Wellum being the exeption. A senior retired officer spoke to me at length about Clostermann some time ago. He too loved his books but took it all with a grain
  10. If it goes back to the eastern front I’m out. Sorry, no interest. Pacific please.
  11. Bumfluff


    That’s the F4U-4 Corsair. The four hog. A beast of an aircraft a generation apart from the old corsairs.
  12. I’m not clear where I actually find my promo code?
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