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  1. Felt i had to jump in here. First up I love Clostermann’s books. Have read them all including the one about flying in Algeria (The French in Algeria - a whole other can of worms) I still take the big show on long haul flights because it is an easy fun read. The main thing about clostermann was he could write. I think he worked briefly as a journalist? Ive tried other aviation memoirs but so few pilots could write. Geoff Wellum being the exeption. A senior retired officer spoke to me at length about Clostermann some time ago. He too loved his books but took it all with a grain of salt. His father had flown Tempests with Clostermann and he was widely renowned for claiming kills that never happened. Apparently one day he landed and claimed to have downed two FWs. The ground crew questioned how that was possible given he hadn’t fired his guns! He also had a terrible habit of losing his wingman - usually some young kid who he should have been looking after as a priority at that late stage, rather than showboating. Still - great books.
  2. If it goes back to the eastern front I’m out. Sorry, no interest. Pacific please.
  3. Bumfluff


    That’s the F4U-4 Corsair. The four hog. A beast of an aircraft a generation apart from the old corsairs.
  4. I’m not clear where I actually find my promo code?
  5. I’m also having massive difficulties with ping from Australia. is there another way of joining servers other than through the launcher? Would that make a difference?
  6. I’m not talking about trying to get into multiplayer. i mean when I first start the game. get this error every time. i close the error box and try to reconnect and it does. quite odd.
  7. Since the update my game has been quite buggy. everytime I log in on the opening page I get an error message saying I cannot connect to the server. i click again and it works. This happens everytime. I’m also getting a lot of funny changing inputs with my joystick. Slow and changing responses. and terrible NetCode online. i think for me the update broke something
  8. Hoping we get a look at bodenplatte aircraft soon in an update. p51 baby
  9. Australia. logs in on second attempt but first time get a message saying cannot connect to master server
  10. I get 12 to 15 gigs a sec on broadband. as these other guys say - I can no longer join the dogfight server and I’m contsntly getting booted on wings of liberty. didnt have these problems before. also the weird error connection message when I start the game
  11. I’m in Australia and am also having problems logging in. everytime I start the game I get a message saying connection to master server lost. i click it away and then I click again and it works. im also finding many of the multi player servers I could once join are much harder to join. often just boots me had none of these problems before the patch
  12. I have same problem. When I start the game I get an error message every time saying I failed to connect to the master server. i click away that message and hit log in a second time and it works. but I get the error message every time now. multiplayer shows up but I’m having a hard time connecting to anything
  13. Erm - no. Have done my time in single player with this bird. And it's not so easy to find previous threads on fm discussions on the p40.
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