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  1. It's not a problem! You need to press the set button once for the central bomb, twice for the wing bomb, or three times for dropping one at a time .. I do this when I start the engine. The real problem for P-47 is that all targets are known to the enemy in advance and they are always waiting for you above the warehouse. Warehouses are fish bait. And fish is P-47. And fishermen just need to wait next to the bait. It's time to add targets that the enemy doesn't know about!
  2. It is a pity that there is no way to have targets such as an unexpected strike, when their side has a target on the map, and the enemy does not see it. Such a target could only hang for 1 or 2 hours .. Possibly a ground attack (against trucks or bridges) deep in enemy territory. Now all the goals that we have are like: I fly to the goal and all opponents know where to wait for me. IMHO, this problem deprives the fan of the P 47 and Hs 129, which did not often meet enemy fighters in flights with bombs
  3. I was on the "COMBAT BOX" server, then on the "EU 1CGS server ... DED with SRS". The radio connects me again to the "COMBAT BOX"! ((. And so i cant connect the radio to "EU 1CGS"
  4. beautiful, impressive and powerful sound of Yak engines for more immersion
  5. I hope in the next BOBP campaign there will be more dispersed ground targets for thunderbolts. We could attack all the bridges and maybe there could be more military single trucks and trains on the roads. Otherwise, there are only a few ground attack zones where it is too easy to found these P 47s. Once I flew on the P 47 for 1.5 hours, trying to climb to an altitude of 5 km.I was running out of fuel and running out of mission time when I managed to reach the industrial zone for bombing. It was a difficult flight with the maximum weight of the bombs. The only defender easily found me on anti-aircraft tracks and I was shot down in 30 seconds)). So we don't have free hunting on the map, and heavy planes like the thunderbolt become too vulnerable. The enemy always knows where you are, just by looking at several zones on the map...
  6. I saw in my account Aircrafts lost 1 I thought it goes to the total
  7. I absolutely agree! I was ready to wait for the resumption of this aircraft even for a week, but the total account of the Allied aircraft undeservedly decreased by 1. My opinion, it is not very correct to consider landing at a friendly airfield and the workable plane lost for the Allied side.
  8. I should have landed in Kachalinskaya, but by mistake landed in Peskovatka. The landing was counted as DITCHED and the plane was lost. But the plane was absolutely serviceable, the engines were running, there was only minor damage from anti-aircraft guns and I could easily get to Kachalinskaya if I knew about the error. Is it possible to change the settings so that such planes are not lost? I have to get the plane back after a while, that's right, but landing on a nearby friendly airfield is not a loss of the plane, as if it were shot down?
  9. aha ha ha)). The first turn will turn the P-47 into Po-2 .. At 8,000 meters, the P-47 is even worse than the Yak-1 when maneuvering. Why could this be? I have no ideas ..
  10. Great missions. It seems that these beautiful missions could be a small Boddenplatte campaign ). Now I look forward to the winter map and the marshal’s mod..
  11. This is not true. I saw server statistics. The Blues have more wins, but the Reds have more hours on the server and more destroyed ground targets.
  12. Will we see the official brown skins for Mustang wings? Glitter can now be seen at a great distance.
  13. Long distances? And to me this map would be more objectives and missions over the water, far out to sea.
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